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Business degrees continue to be a prime choice among undergraduate students. Pursuing one of the top online bachelor’s in business degree programs is a convenient choice. It offers undergraduate students a high level of versatility once they graduate with a diploma in hand. Every organization and industry relies on business principles to succeed. They also depend on the expertise of business majors to help them plan, organize, maintain, and grow. The demand for business students is high. A bachelor’s in business degree at one of the best online undergraduate business schools in the country is excellent. It offers tons of earning potential.

The Best Online Business Schools in the Nation

Suppose you are starting to research what career and educational path you should pursue. You may want to learn more about what it takes to earn a top online undergraduate business degree. While pursuing this degree in a traditional, on-campus format may appeal to some, it’s essential to understand your options. An online business degree from a top business school can offer the same level of educational excellence and business know-how. It’s flexible format allows students to pursue their education while gaining professional experience. Here is a ranking of twenty-five of the top online undergraduate business programs currently available.

Recommended Online Bachelor’s in Business Degrees

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This 2022 ranking of the Best Online Undergraduate Business Programs is a consensus ranking. This ranking pulls data from multiple sources. It finds the top distance-based bachelor’s programs from the top business schools in the country. Data was sourced from three leading ranking systems: 

Times Higher Education 
Quacquarelli Symonds 
U.S. News and World Report 

All data was weighted equally, averaged, and placed on a 100-point scale to reveal a school’s Consensus Score.

Top online business degrees are available at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Program architects understand that an exceptional education goes beyond academic disciplines; it teaches students to do good while doing well, challenges them, inspires them, and makes it possible to turn their dreams into reality. This is the kind of education undergraduate distance learners receive right now — rather than another application and two years from now — with direct admission to ASU’s business school. Being accepted into a direct-admit business school maximizes a future business leader’s ability to customize her education and keeps her on track to graduate in four years.

When thinking of business as a machine, you can see how solid performance relies on complex pieces seamlessly working together — just as an organization’s success depends on well-led business operations. The W. P. Carey degree in business prepares online learners to effectively lead people, finances, and risk for all types of organizations. It is no wonder this online undergraduate program is the best in the nation.

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The University of Wisconsin-Madison features an online undergraduate business program at the Wisconsin School of Business. Program designers understand that sometimes the lines we draw in our lives may keep us from finding the forward path. So, they began thinking differently and designed a degree program for wherever undergrads are in life and the world. This flexible online format fits the modern business student’s life—around her goals, ambitions, work, and family. Dedicated advisors, coaches, and mentors help distance learners remove barriers, borders, and boundaries throughout their student journey.

Wisconsin’s degree is perfect for undergrads with some college credits and will prepare them for dynamic careers in growing industries. UW–Madison takes great pride in its quality and high ranking. All online students have access to award-winning faculty, outstanding peers, and respected staff. Over ten thousand degrees are awarded each year through the University so students can be sure they are maximizing their academic potential at the Wisconsin School of Business. This degree is certain to put the skills and knowledge business students learn into practice.

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The Warrington College of Business, through the University of Florida, features exemplary online business degrees. UF Online offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration. These online business degrees expose undergraduate students to some of the nation’s most respected professors and elite coursework within the internationally recognized Warrington College of Business. Both programs provide a background in various business disciplines while preparing distance learners for a wide array of business careers or the next step in graduate school education.

Flexibility and convenience are highlighted within this 100% online program that allows undergraduate students the chance to take several courses that work best for them each semester. Courses at Warrington include Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Business Statistics, International Business, Business Law, Business Finance, and Operations Management. As this is one of their fully online programs, enrolled students can take exams and watch lectures at any location. This excellent online business program aids business leaders in realizing their career potential.

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An online undergraduate business program is available at Georgia State University’s J. Mack Robinson College of Business. All distance learning material has been developed and is presented by Robinson faculty and instructors. Just like their on-campus counterparts, online students enjoy one-to-one access to program instructors. Distance learners receive the same high-quality education as traditional students and are encouraged to walk in the University’s graduation ceremony upon satisfying all program requirements.

Since all courses are asynchronous, enrolled business students can hold down internships, part-time, or full-time jobs while pursuing their degrees. Distance learners can also tailor their coursework and schedules to meet their personal and professional goals. Electives covering topics like management, international business, and hospitality are available. While the program does not require undergraduate students to travel to the campus in Atlanta for instruction, some students may be required to take an exam or attend an orientation at Georgia State. Undergraduate business students won’t have to put a thing in their lives on hold when choosing this degree.

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The University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management is known for their top online business administration degree programs. Program architects understand that smooth-running business careers operate on broad knowledge and application of data analysis, critical thinking, and global business trend applications. Eller’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration meets that need through a solid foundation of all business specialties. Major courses include innovation, marketing analytics, financial accounting, human resources, real estate, project management, and economics of business decisions.

Arizona’s dynamic faculty, instructors, and high-quality student peers empower the course experience, which stands out from mediocre business degrees with access to real-world projects. Combining a broad analytical framework and applied projects within the curriculum appeals to students and future employers. Courses within the online undergraduate business program include Business Communications, Innovation Principles and Environments, Project Management, Intro to Marketing, Organizational Behavior & Management, Human Resources Management, Intro to Finance, and Marketing Analytics. It is clear to see why Eller’s undergrad degree is easily a top-five program.

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Recommended Online Bachelor's in Business Programs

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An online undergraduate business program is available at the Fox School of Business at Temple University. Program leaders at Fox equip students with the tools they need to transform into empowered leaders and business professionals through professional development services, quality education, and dynamic community engagement opportunities. Online students enrolled in the undergraduate business program at Fox School interact with leaders of industry and academia, become involved in professional development programs, and enjoy access to internships. They also take classes that inform their business etiquette, ethics, and professionalism.

The undergraduate program Temple’s business school blends academic preparation with real-world skills, so graduates can hit the ground running in their careers and shine for future employers. This undergraduate program is designed to fit the student’s life and help her succeed. No matter which delivery mode they choose—online, in-person, or a combination of the two —all students are supported by Fox’s expertise in online education, knowledge-creating staff, and superb student resources.

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Online business degree programs are offered at Washington State University’s Carson College of Business. Washington State Global Campus’ high-demand undergraduate degree is offered 100% online. It combines the flexibility and convenience of distance learning with the stellar reputation and high-quality academics you would come to expect from WSU. As Global Campus students, undergrads earn the same diploma, with the same respect and prestige, as all WSU alumni. Regardless of the campus they choose, all WSU students are validated members of the Washington State Cougar community, with all the pride and advantages it entails. Speaking of prestige, U.S. News & World Report ranks WSU’s Global Campus as one of the nation’s top online undergraduate programs for business students.

WSU’s online undergraduate business program centers around a well-rounded curriculum designed to prepare distance learners to launch or further their careers as professional managers. These business students are equipped with how to anticipate change, motivate people, and improve the structure, planning, and operation of organizations. Potential students will want to contact the business school for more information about this incredible program.

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An online undergraduate business program is currently available at the University of Illinois at Chicago’s College of Business Administration. The online BBA program at UIC Business allows distance learners the convenience to finish their business degree at a research-based, top-ranked, AACSB-accredited business school. Undergrads can select either on-campus or online-based tracks to meet their academic preferences. The College of Business Administration’s Bachelor of Business Administration completion program helps business students complete a general business degree that meets their academic goals.

Students receive a well-rounded sixty-one-credit hour curriculum which includes all aspects of business operations. This online business administration degree completion program includes a challenging variety of courses intended to give students a well-rounded foundation in all business operation aspects. The program is intended to develop a business leader’s problem solving, leadership, critical thinking, and other skills that she can use on the job today, as well as set a foundation for lifelong learning.

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The Muma College of Business at the University of South Florida provides excellent online business degrees. This online baccalaureate program in accountancy aims to provide distance learners with business and accounting knowledge that will serve as a foundation for careers in government, nonprofit organizations, public accountancy, and government. According to USF Muma College of Business leaders, the business world is integral to the classroom.

USF’s undergraduate curriculum provides excellent opportunities to bridge practice and theory, just as business students’ surroundings offer part-time jobs, internships, and cooperative education experiences applicable to students’ career goals. The two resources in bridging theory and practice embedded into the curriculum are the Business & Workplace Skills and Best Practices Certificate through Sandler Inc and the Citizen Data Science Certificate. All students can major in accounting, global business, business advertising, finance, supply chain management, personal finance, marketing, or several other options. This degree offers so much to today’s business undergrad.

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Florida International University provides an online undergraduate business program through their College of Business. This online Bachelor of Business Administration degree equips students to solve problems, think critically, and lead confidently. The broad-based program teaches valuable business fundamentals across industries and environments both in the U.S. and worldwide.

Distance learners are exposed to how goods and services are created, financed, and marketed and the impact of external forces on effective business. The basics of accounting and quantitative methods are also part of this distance degree’s curriculum. Enrolled students also enjoy an introduction to organizational theory, communication, and leadership decision-making. The BBA features the choice of majors in Business Analytics, Management, Finance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, International Business, Information Systems, and Logistics and Supply Chain Management. The business school’s Student Learning Center is available to online business students admitted to the College. Hands down, this is an excellent undergraduate degree for today’s remote learners.

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George Mason University
School of Business

The George Mason University School of Business provides an online undergraduate business program. This Bachelor of Science concentrating in Management prepares distance learners to take management, entrepreneurial, and leadership roles in the public and private sectors. Mason Online’s business degree program is comprehensive in its approach as students learn skills like strategic thinking, motivating and managing internationally diverse workforces, crafting and leading teams, negotiating successfully, and instating planned change in organizations.

The Management specialization is the perfect fit for students with an interest in business. The curriculum allows students to understand each field of business better while developing their leadership skills. Students earn academic credit by taking accounting, business leadership, marketing, finance, and information systems and operations management coursework. The AACSB-International accredits George Mason’s School of Business. Business students are granted access to employers throughout the world, as well as a robust alumni network. These are just a few reasons why this degree is an excellent investment in one’s education.

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Drexel University
Bennett S. LeBow College of Business

The Drexel’s Bennett S. LeBow College of Business currently features prestigious online business degree programs. Drexel’s online BS in Business Administration provides distance learners with a foundational knowledge of business operation and practices. This online program offered by LeBow is a degree completion program with impeccable accreditation through AACSB International. The accrediting entity exists as a business school’s highest standard of achievement worldwide.

Drexel’s online business administration program features a broad business education that introduces undergraduate students to all functional business areas as they build quantitative knowledge and develop an understanding of skills essential to modern global business. The Business Administration curriculum includes courses designed to teach students to consider and communicate ideas effectively by understanding the social, legal, and economic systems in which business operates. Drexel University offers online programs focusing on helping undergrads build a deep, well-rounded foundational knowledge of the business world.

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Iowa State University
Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business

The Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University provides an excellent online undergraduate business program. This online BBA program is perfect for distance learners who have some prior college experience. It is aimed at working professionals who have earned at least 45 college credits. By enrolling in Ivy’s business administration program, undergraduate students can balance full-time employment and other personal commitments while working through a four-year business degree.

Enrolled students in this program are exposed to the foundations of all areas in business as they take twenty-seven credits of business core courses. They then select twenty-one credits of required and elective upper-level courses in the business administration major. Those courses develop specialized knowledge in business areas to align with distance learners’ personal and professional interests. There is an emphasis on leadership skills and critical management. Undergraduate business students looking for a program that prepares them for careers in innovative and established industries need to look no further.

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University of Missouri
Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business

The University of Missouri’s Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business provides excellent online business degree programs. A degree in business administration from MU gives working professionals and nontraditional students easy access to a highly competitive degree. Business school leaders have designed this program for good motivators, team players, decision-makers, innovators, and strategists. The official name for this program is the online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

The University of Missouri proudly offers this program for distance learners as a bachelor’s degree through the Trulaske College of Business. Students lacking the opportunity of meeting for coursework on the school’s campus will be glad to know that 100% of all program aspects are delivered through distance learning. All students need to experience this program is reliable internet access and a drive to be a solid business leader. This stellar program is backed by accreditation through the Higher Learning Commission and the AACSB-International. This online undergraduate business degree features advantages you won’t find anywhere else.

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University of Massachusetts Amherst
Isenberg School of Management

The University of Massachusetts Amherst’s Isenberg School of Management features a solid online undergraduate business program. Leaders at Isenberg are committed to ensuring their online students graduate with the competitive business skills needed for success – fusing innovative technology with courses that simulate real-world business experiences. The business school’s undergraduate curriculum includes core business knowledge and perspectives that embrace the worldwide economy, socially responsible and sustainable decision-making, and interdisciplinary lessons in entrepreneurship, science, the humanities, technology, and mathematics.

The business school’s Bachelor of Business Administration features major options in operations & information management, accounting, finance, management, and marketing. Isenberg’s Bachelor of Science features a hospitality & tourism management major. In addition to the major field of study courses, all Isenberg students take a set of core business courses in accounting, corporate finance, management communications, marketing fundamentals, and business information systems. Designed to fit a working professionals’ lifestyle, this program has it all.

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Recommended Online Bachelor's in Business Programs

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Oklahoma State University
Spears School of Business

Oklahoma State’s Spears School of Business provides a top online bachelor’s degree program. The business school offers its online program as an alternative way to earn a high-powered degree. Program designers believe that all students deserve access to high-quality, affordable education, regardless of their location or schedule. Online courses are available 24/7 and feature multimedia content with virtual activities that promote student collaboration. The general business degree is perfect for students interested in the many aspects of the business world but need to maintain flexibility while exploring degree options and offerings found at Spears School of Business.

OSU’s undergraduate business program is available worldwide; from discussions and lectures to submitting assignments, all students need is an internet connection and the necessary discipline. This business degree provides the skills required for students to pursue careers in law, consulting, public office, account representation, personnel recruiting, and small business. This program combines rigorous academics with real-world learning you won’t want to pass up.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

Consensus Score


University of Houston
C.T. Bauer College of Business

Top online business administration degree programs are delivered through the University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business. The online BBA degree from Bauer College of Business is designed to give distance learners the education they want, with the flexibility and convenience they need. The 100% online program offers five business majors, with an experiential learning model delivered by the same outstanding instructors that on-campus students enjoy.

Business students learn the theory, then test and prove theories through real-world experiences, all presented virtually. Online students can make valuable academic and social connections that will help them grow professionally and personally with access to advising, academic support, and leadership programs. Bauer offers options for two online delivery tracks. Many online courses are provided in real-time, letting undergrads interact with their instructors and fellow students. Other online courses feature offline lessons and coursework so that students can fit their learning into their schedules. U of H has hit a home run with this high-powered business degree.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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University of Arkansas
Sam M. Walton College of Business

The Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas provides an online undergraduate business program. Students enrolled in this undergraduate program gain an excellent foundation in essential business skills. They earn an undergrad in General Business from an accredited, top-ranked business school recognized by employers nationwide and beyond. Coursework includes finance, accounting, economics, information systems, management, marketing, supply chain management, and retail.

Undergrads can complete all four years of study or apply any previously earned college credit (like an associate degree) to complete this online undergraduate degree. U.S. News and World Report dubs the Walton College of Business one of the Top 30 Public Business Schools. Earning an online undergraduate business degree from Walton College will open doors to career opportunities and give graduates an edge in today’s competitive business environment. The flexible online format features a traditional 15-week fall and spring term schedule. This degree is an excellent choice.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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University of Kentucky
Gatton College of Business and Economics

An online undergraduate business program is currently available at the University of Kentucky’s Gatton College of Business and Economics. Graduates of Gatton’s online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a specialization in General Business possess a broad foundational understanding of business concepts. These online students are prepared to contribute to the success of organizations and businesses worldwide. The flexible online schedule means undergrads can complete their coursework when it’s convenient for them – and get credit for the work they’ve already done.

Upon completing this degree, graduates identify business opportunities and issues, apply standard techniques from across business disciplines to find solutions, make ethical decisions, and effectively communicate verbally and in written form. All enrolled students choose from a variety of electives to customize their experience. Instructors also expose students to the supporting skills of critical thinking, ethical decision-making, communication, and analytical skills that can help them stand out in the employment market. This 100% online program holds a comprehensive business education that applies to a wide variety of industries.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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Colorado State University
College of Business

The College of Business at Colorado State University features top-notch online business degree programs. Program designers realize that business professionals are vital to the organizations they serve by utilizing their business acumen, communication skills, and accounting expertise to support financial record keeping, budgeting, and strategic decision-making. Undergraduate distance learners who are detail-oriented people with the drive to learn, earning the College of Business’s business administration degree focusing on accounting is an excellent way to gain valuable skills that can open various career business opportunities.

This online degree has been designed from the ground up for individuals with a Business Associate of Arts from a Colorado community college. It allows students to study at Castle Rock’s Sturm Collaboration Campus while earning their bachelor’s degree from Colorado State University. Combining a blend of online and in-person courses, the AACSB-accredited program gives undergrads the chance to graduate from CSU’s College of Business and earn the same diploma as CSU – Fort Collins campus students.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

Consensus Score


Auburn University
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

Auburn’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business provides an online bachelor’s degree program for tomorrow’s business leaders. Auburn’s online program offers the same exceptional curriculum, resources, and instructors as its on-campus options. In addition, the business school’s unique approach to online education allows distance learners to feel as connected to their peers and professors as if they were there in person together. The online student learning platform includes peer-to-peer collaboration, discussions with professors, and live-stream classroom lectures, so business students feel like they have seats in the classroom.

Whether they desire to change career paths, enhance their marketability, meet requirements for the CPA exam, or finish their degree online, the Harbert College of Business offers the program that suits their needs. As a degree completion program, the BSBA Online is best-suited for students who have already procured credits towards their degree and are looking to transfer into the flexibility and convenience of distance learning.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

Consensus Score


Florida Atlantic University
College of Business

Exemplary online business programs are featured at Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business. FAU allows undergraduate students to complete the entirety of their Bachelor of Business Administration Degree 100% online. The program exists as a fully online curriculum offering a specialization in Marketing, Accounting, Management, and Hospitality & Tourism Management.

Online business administration students have the exact prerequisites and pre-business core courses as their on-campus counterparts and are subject to the same admissions standards. Once accepted into this upper-division program, all degree requirements can be satisfied in a minimum of two years. All lower-division coursework requirements must be met before admission into the OBBA program. Online students also enjoy full access to advisors, instructors, and all on-campus events as they are also connected to the University as on-campus students. Online BBA graduates are encouraged to walk across the stage at graduation with fellow OBBA and on-campus majors. FAU’s online undergraduate degree program has a lot going for it.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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Louisiana State University
E.J. Ourso College of Business

Online business degree programs are delivered through Louisiana State University’s E. J. Ourso College of Business. Bachelor’s programs include a Business Analytics degree and a General Business degree with an emphasis in HR Management. The Business Analytics program prepares distance learners to gather, document, analyze, and monitor information to help improve business products and streamline business processes. Graduates holding this degree will be well-positioned to start careers as business analysts, data scientists, and market research analysts.

LSU’s General Business, focusing on HR Management, prepares graduates to contribute to an organization’s human resource management department. Enrolled students can learn quantitative and non-quantitative position evaluation methods as they gain an in-depth understanding of human resource policy implementation, wage structure, incentive plans, and employee compensation issues at an organization’s strategic level. These graduates can work as human resources managers, compensation analysts, or employee relations managers. Graduates of this online undergraduate business program can establish themselves as leaders within any organization.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

Consensus Score


Old Dominion University
Strome College of Business

The Strome College of Business at Old Dominion University provides an excellent online bachelor’s degree program. Within the business school’s undergraduate business administration online program, distance learners work through core business courses as they focus their studies on a major. Available majors include Risk Management & Insurance, Accounting, Business Analytics, Economics, Real Estate, Finance, Information Systems & Technology, Management, and Marketing. Students completing this program graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration.

ODU’s business school is one of only 700 schools in the U.S. and Canada to have earned accreditation on the graduate and undergraduate levels by the AACSB and the International Association for Management Education. Distance learners interested in pursuing Online MBA programs or MPA programs can earn graduate credits while they complete their ODU bachelor’s degree. This online undergraduate business program offers a stellar opportunity for distance learners.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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Ohio University
College of Business

Top business online programs are available at Ohio University’s College of Business. Ohio’s Bachelor of Science in Applied Management prepares undergrads to supervise people, motivate employees, and effectively make significant decisions that will lead to an organization’s success. Business students learn to assess business risk, develop leadership and supervisor skills, understand competitive challenges, improve verbal and written communication skills, learn accounting and strategic planning skills, and gain hands-on experience developing business strategy.

This online undergrad program is the perfect fit for students who have completed a two-year program from an accredited community college, technical college, or regional campus. Undergraduate business students seeking to further their education by completing this baccalaureate degree can also consider moving into the business school’s MBA, one of the best Online MBA programs in the nation. All online students can complete their degree on their schedule through asynchronous coursework and flexible advising. Some enrolled undergrads take a full load and finish the degree accelerated, while others seamlessly fit it into their active lives and careers. This degree packs a punch.

Online Undergraduate Business Program Website

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The National Center for Education Statistics states that of all the programs undergraduate students can pursue at colleges and universities, business beats out all others in popularity.

The career track includes over 350,000 undergrad business graduates and nearly 200,000 graduating with a graduate-level degree each year. Business is desired by many wanting to leave a mark on the world with their career choice. So why does business continue to outshine all other fields when online undergraduate students decide where to point their educational ambitions? Here are some of the reasons why:

The Business Field is Growing

Between the ten years of 2016 and 2026, a 10 percent growth is expected within business and financial operations positions, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), with an anticipated 770,000+ jobs coming to market during these ten years.

The BLS indicates this rate is “faster than average for all occupations.” The average rate of growth for development is closer to seven percent. This fact is excellent for business students because it will result in more job openings over the next few years.

An Online Business Degree Gives Workers the Chance to Work in Various Roles and Settings

With a business degree, employees can work within a spectrum of workplace roles. For example, distance learners who earn their degrees in business can work in the finance or accounting department of a business or within human resources, public administration, or marketing.

Business school grads can also work in a multitude of settings with a time-tested business degree. It may look like working in an office building or could involve spending days in a healthcare setting. Business majors run hospitals, private practices, or another type of medical practices. Business majors often take positions in international business settings. This opens the door for exciting travel opportunities to unique destinations worldwide.

Online Business Undergrads Develop In-Demand Skills

Business majors continue to be highly sought after and prized by organizations and employers of all shapes and sizes. This is because they receive a specialized leadership education. It is centered on developing organizational and management skills. Online undergraduate business programs run students through courses like:

  • Budgeting and Finance for Organizations
  • Fundamentals of Management and Leadership
  • Business and Professional Communications
  • Public Communications
  • Human Resource Management
  • Analytical and Persuasive Writing
  • Critical Thinking

Business graduates can expect to gain the top skills that employers desire in new hires. Soft skills that business majors hone during their education include:

  • adaptability
  • leadership skills
  • communication
  • self-management

These skills improve various organizations and industries. They are valued in all business fields.

An Online Undergraduate Business Degree Increases Earning Potential

Pursuing an online BS in Business/Business Administration can provide significant earning potential. Additionally, the job outlook for business sector careers is very healthy. For example, employment opportunities in Finance Management should grow by 17% by 2030, which is faster than average. On average, these jobs pay between $117,000 and $154,000 annually. Similarly, Marketing Management positions are expected to grow by 10% over the next ten years. Marketing managers earn salaries between $90,000 and $150,930, depending on their levels of experience. Both positions require an undergraduate degree in business. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the wide variety of available jobs for graduates with a business degree.

The Online Undergraduate Business Program Can Jettison a Career

Professionals looking to further their careers as soon as possible discover truths. One being an online undergraduate business program is an obvious solution. Many online business degrees feature accelerated options for distance learners and career-oriented students. An online BS in Business gives students the broad business knowledge they need to be successful in the business world. They also get the chance to complete a degree at a faster pace than a traditional four-year degree program. Students can complete an online BS in Business in two or three years. Many programs feature eight-week accelerated terms. Some students bring completed coursework into a program.

Traditional business education has changed radically, mainly due to the pandemic. Being physically present is not the only option for students. Online platforms for learning have become a mainstay in every college and university in the nation. These platforms give business students the chance to share media files and notes. They also give instructors a place to share presentations, study aids, and additional reading materials. In many ways, online education now provides students with more resources than traditional, in-person learning.

Online Business Students Enjoy Flexibility and Affordability

Online education allows undergrads to study from anywhere at any time. There’s no need to hassle with the commute to the classroom, and there’s no rigid schedule to follow. If you need to work while pursuing your education, you’re able to. If you have family matters, you’ll enjoy the flexibility you need to devote time there. Online undergraduate business programs may also be more affordable. There is no cost of living or dorm fees when studying online. Distance courses also allow students to share study resources. They can use digital versions for textbooks, saving substantial funds.

Online education provides high-quality education, even from a distance. According to a 2018 report, online students believe their online experiences are comparable, if not better, than on-campus education. Online classes tend to be smaller in size, which gives students more face time with their instructors.

It is easy to see that pursuing an undergraduate business degree has never been easier. Earning an online education provides students with excellent features. They enjoy the flexibility they need to finish their degrees at their pace to receive an affordable education. More than ever, it’s possible to gain an online undergraduate business degree without sacrificing a quality education. Want to set yourself up for an exciting and lucrative career in business? Consider a top online undergraduate business program.

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