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AACSB, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

The Rutgers Business School is the renown business school that connects the universities at Rutgers University-Newark and Rutgers University-New Brunswick. Every year the schools is gaining more and more recognition, consistently listed in rankings and reviews from The Financial Times, U.S. News and World Report, and Bloomberg Businessweek. The business school carries esteemed AACSB accreditation, a reflection of their commitment to teaching the most up to date, and high-quality business courses possible. 


Undergraduates can earn their Bachelor’s of Science in Accounting, Business Analytics and Information Technology, Management, Finance, Marketing, Management Science and Information Systems, or Supply Chain and Marketing Science. There are 15 diverse Master’s options covering the areas of business administration, accounting, the business of fashion, financial analysis, and much more. Those who desire a broader range of study may also participate in dual degrees with relevantly paired subjects such as the Accelerated B.A. or B.S. with MBA in Professional Accounting, Doctor of Medicine with MBA, Doctor of Pharmacy with MBA, or Doctor of Pharmacy with MBA.

Student Life

Rutgers is a part of an expansive global alumni network of over 40,000. In addition to past students, those involved in the business program at Rutgers also benefit from specialized corporate partnerships that are made possible by the school’s close proximity to New York City. The campus is just a short train ride away from NYC, making both work and fun outings easily accessible.

On-campus services, such as the Office of Mentoring Programs, give undergraduate students access to an array of mentoring programs that are designed to help students transition into successful and responsible business professionals. Individuals who are accepted into the program will have one-on-one relationships with business professionals who are committed to helping them grow. Industry partners also get access to students who have the opportunity to show their worth as future employees. Programs such as TeamUp, Women BUILD, and Helpful Executives-in-Reach as serve as additional networking outlets for those in the business programs. Even high school students can begin their higher education journey at Rutgers through the RBS Prep Pre-College Enrichment program, Business Student Transition at Rutgers group, and NextUP. NextUP is a one-day college exploratory program designed to give high school freshmen and sophomores of under-represented backgrounds an in-person view of the opportunities available within the business world, as well as share the college admissions and financial aid process.

Online Programs

A Master’s of Science in Digital Marketing, Master’s of Accountancy in Government Accounting, and Master’s of Science in Supply Chain Management can all be completed 100% online through the Rutgers School of Business. The programs have no GMAT or GRE requirements and can begin soon after the application process is completed.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?