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The University of Arkansas’s AACSB-accredited Sam M. Walton College of Business is named after a man who created an innovative and unique retail business plan in 1962 when he opened the first Wal-Mart. He gave $50 million from the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation to the university to establish the College of Business in 1998. He was a visionary who acquired outstanding success, and the College of Business aspires to honor his legacy through their educational programs. Placing importance on excellence, professionalism, innovation, collegiality, diversity, and global perspective, students can reach their goals with confidence.


There are two undergraduate paths to choose from which are the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in International Business. Both of these degree paths offer majors in Accounting, Economics, Management, Marketing, Retail, and Supply Chain Management. Graduate students can obtain a Masters in Business Administration, an Executive MBA, a Healthcare Executive MBA, and a Masters in Accountancy, Information Systems, or Economics. Doctoral students can major in the same subjects as the bachelors programs, except there is no General Business Ph.D. major. The Ph.D. programs target the development of teaching and research skills in Ph.D. students. 

Student Life

The Doctoral Training Seminars, the Center for Teaching Effectiveness and Faculty Development, the Behavioral Research Lab, and the fact that large corporation headquarters surround the university are all priceless assets. 

The College of Business has been assisting business students since 1926 and now has over 6,100 students enrolled. The business campus has four buildings in which everything regarding the College of Business takes place. From classrooms, offices, departments, centers, to Career Services, an auditorium that seats 300 people, and the Arkansas Business Hall of Fame, this campus allows for successful preparedness for the future.

Walton College has many annual scholarships they can offer to incoming freshman, undergraduate, and transfer students. First-year students have the unique advantage of being a part of the Business Living Learning Community, where they live, volunteer, connect, and socialize with other business students. An excellent resource for students is the Summer Study Abroad programs, where students travel to countries like Belize, Brazil, China, Ghana, Ireland, Israel, Mozambique, and Vietnam. International Internships can also highly qualify students to get noticed by employers. Outreach centers are a tremendous asset to Walton College as they provide research, support, and guidance for students, faculty, staff, and the business community in a variety of ways. Their outreach and research centers include centers that provide economic education and research, a center for excellence in retailing, a financial institute, the Supply Chain Management Research Center, and the Small Business and Technology Development Center. The Office for Strategic Information & Effectiveness exists to assist students, faculty, staff, and programs with making decisions based on data and analytics.

Online Programs

Online degree options include Bachelors in Accounting, Supply Chain Management, or General Business and a Masters in Operational Management. The eMBAs are offered in the hybrid format.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?