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The MBA is still among the most popular graduate degrees in the United States. And for good reason. According to a study by the Center on Education and the Workforce, “[T]he majority of business programs lead to median earnings that are roughly 10 times graduates’ debt payments two years after program completion.” The return on investment for an MBA from a top program continues to be high.

The Nation’s Best MBA Programs

But not all MBA programs are the same. Reputation and quality differ, along with ROI. With so many MBA programs now available, identifying the very best programs has never been more challenging, or important. That’s where the College Consensus ranking of the Best MBA Programs for 2024 can help.

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Unlike other MBA rankings, College Consensus uses a consensus methodology in determining where each program lines up. Because of every ranking system has inherent biases and limitations unique to it, we combine the results of the five most respected MBA ranking systems to provide a more holistic view of where a program stands in the MBA ecosystem.

We gathered ranking scores from the following MBA rankings:

Scores for each individual program were then averaged and placed on a 100-point scale to find the ranking order and Consensus Score. The result is a unique meta-ranking of the Best MBA programs from around the country.

Summary: Top 10 MBA Programs for 2024

RankSchoolAccreditationLengthAnnual CostConsensus Score
1.Harvard University – Harvard Business SchoolAACSB2 years$149,820100
2.University of Chicago – Booth School of BusinessAACSB2 years$161,92299.87
3.Stanford University – Graduate School of BusinessAACSB2 years$130,74699.73
4.Northwestern University – Kellog School of ManagementAACSB2 years$120,43298.95
5.Columbia University – Columbia Business SchoolAACSB2 years$127,05896.67
6.Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of ManagementAACSB2 years$125,48995.62
7.Dartmouth College – Tuck School of BusinessAACSB2 years$130,23794.75
8.Yale University – School of ManagementAACSB2 years$119,11092.80
9.Cornell University – SC Johnson College of BusinessAACSB2 years$107,21192.23
10.University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of BusinessAACSB2 years$124,04191.95
Source: Official program websites (April 2024)

25 Best MBA Programs for 2024

One of the nation’s best MBA programs is offered at the Harvard Business School at Harvard University. The two-year, full-time MBA features a general management curriculum. It is focused on real-world practice. HBS graduate students join a global community that promotes lifelong learning.

This degree features career support alongside peers and staff who will challenge. They will cheer you on as you find and accelerate your career path. The curriculum features case method courses, FIELD projects, and tech simulations. This best MBA includes introspective exercises and more. Enrolled students discover their potential and leave a more inspiring leader than they thought possible. There is a lot to love about this MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago provides one of the nation’s best MBA programs. Risk-takers will love enrolling at Chicago Booth. Graduate students who believe in challenging the status quo will find their place. The business school wants learners who dream big and want to do big things.

Enrolled students enjoy access to cocurricular opportunities in the community. The Booth MBA opens doors and empowers students. They turn their bold thinking into real-world impact. Program graduates are ready to launch their lifelong journey of learning and discovery. The robust Booth network supports them. This excellent on-campus MBA is worth a second look.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

An excellent MBA program is at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business. The Stanford GSB program, on campus in the heart of Silicon Valley, is a one-of-a-kind MBA. It has redefined the business school experience. Enrolled students are pushed and challenged by best-in-class instructors. Classmates support them in an environment unlike anywhere else on Earth.

The key to the Stanford classroom is collaboration, not competition. On-campus MBA students work closely with classmates worldwide and of all different backgrounds. Classes are held against the backdrop of beautiful California days. Many graduate students become life-long mentors, collaborators, and friends. This stellar MBA is worth its weight in gold.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management features a top MBA program. This Full-Time MBA Program offers several distinct options for earning the credential. Each provides extensive possibilities for achieving personal, professional, and academic goals. Whichever concentration students choose, they develop as people and learn how to start growth in any organization.

This Full-Time MBA leaves students with a broad-based, agile skill set. They are prepared to lead confidently in unprecedented issues and substantial opportunities. On-campus MBA students enrolled in this program will thrive. Graduate students will enjoy access to a top-shelf curriculum and seasoned instructors.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Columbia University’s Columbia Business School features an excellent MBA. The Columbia MBA prepares business students today to lead in tomorrow’s rapidly evolving business world. This program’s comprehensive and forward-looking curriculum constructs the foundation for success in business fields. Enrolled students form deep insights into specific industries.

The business school’s curriculum features unmatched access to business as it unfolds. A vital community of diverse thinkers leads this MBA. Graduates leave the program informed, adaptive, and prepared to solve real-world business issues with innovative solutions. Columbia University hits a home run with this excellent MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management offers an MBA. MIT Sloan School of Management develops principled, innovative leaders. These business managers make the world a better place. They generate ideas that advance management practices. MIT Sloan cares about invention. This ideology includes making ideas matter. Sloan leaders unlock tomorrow’s most complex challenges.

The full-time, two-year MBA prepares leaders to leave their mark in business. This curriculum provides the intellectual discovery and expert guidance you’d expect from MIT. Students enjoy the flexibility to customize coursework to their goals. Tomorrow’s business leaders find excellent training within this on-campus MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Dartmouth College’s Tuck School of Business offers an excellent MBA. Every element of the academic experience at Tuck is student-centric. The curriculum features team-based project work with experiential and global learning opportunities. This prestigious degree includes case-based courses, independent study, and Research-to-Practice Seminars. It is designed to push students further than they think possible.

Rigorous self-analysis is at the core of the business school’s approach to leadership development. This MBA combines feedback from coworkers and fellow students with peer coaching. Students gain knowledge that the traditional case teaching method does not provide. Graduate students needing opportunities for professional development will appreciate this degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Yale School of Management at Yale University features one of the nation’s best MBA programs. Everything program leaders do is motivated by their mission to educate leaders for society and business. Enrolled students develop skills and vision. They contribute to the bottom line and the big picture in whatever leadership roles they pursue.

Year one is the core curriculum. It is the first step toward becoming a leader impacting business and society. The first-year core courses are planned to build students’ understanding of the entire organization. Year two includes electives. Enrolled students tailor their second year by taking courses from SOM. This program is one of the best you can choose.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University offers a prestigious MBA. The nation has no other full-time MBA quite like the Johnson School. It is led by a world-class faculty and supported by industry-leading practitioners. The curriculum is packed with immersion opportunities. The one-of-a-kind approach to graduate business education empowers students to make an impact.

Business professionals looking to enhance their careers and switch to a new one will want to consider this program. The Johnson School’s STEM-designated residential MBA prepares tomorrow’s business leaders for what’s next. Enrolled students put business concepts into practice throughout this stellar degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley, offers an excellent MBA. Graduate students put new ideas to work and move organizations forward. On-campus learners inventively, responsibly, and measurably grow in their skills and knowledge. This degree features the people, places, and pursuits that challenge and energize their thinking. MBA students can plug into highly personalized services and deep connections.

Berkeley Haas leaders build fluency in business fundamentals, influencing confident leadership decisions. MBA students hone values that give decisions a larger context. Program graduates can move teams and organizations from vision to reality. This degree will propel your career forward.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business offers one of the nation’s best MBA programs. This prestigious full-time, top-ranked MBA helps graduate students grow into new types of leaders. Graduates holding the degree are equipped to change the business world. They are ready to make an impact on the world itself.

The curriculum helps MBA students develop sharp skills in analyzing issues. Enrolled students form open minds to appreciate different perspectives. Program leaders foster new ways of working based on abilities to draw out the strength in others. MBA students leave Fuqua leaders who inspire organizations to do better while doing their best. All candidates desiring an excellent MBA are welcome to apply.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business has a respected MBA program. The Darden experience includes the hallmarks of collaboration and teamwork. A critical part of the First-Year experience and the case method is working with a learning team. This group of five to six students spans the different First-Year sections. Program leaders support students to understand and work through each case.

All MBA students stay with their learning team in their First-Year section throughout the core curriculum. They further strengthen their relationships with their peers and sharpen their communication skills. Learning with their cohort allows students to dive deeper into case discussions. This MBA has a lot going for it.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University features a reputable MBA. Enrolled students immerse themselves in successful early-stage technology companies in NYC. They study the founding vision, funding path, and value creation model. MBA students also assess how the organization’s metrics are connected to its priorities and growth.

Program leaders guide the students as they work in partnerships to solve their most critical branding issues. Graduate students learn global branding concepts and frameworks and valuable consulting skills. The curriculum includes managing complex projects and enhancing team dynamics. It is clear that this program is one of the nation’s best MBA degrees.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, offers an excellent MBA. This award-winning curriculum leads students to create an impact at their career destination. Prestigious alumni in leadership positions remember the business fundamentals they gained in their first year at UCLA Anderson. This robust set of tools leads MBA students into a more experiential and flexible curriculum in their second year.

The on-campus MBA includes a real-world master’s thesis to give students unparalleled access to organizations regionally and globally. This program is where skill and learning will culminate. This well-equipped MBA trains tomorrow’s business leaders.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill features one of the nation’s best MBA programs. This on-campus MBA transforms students into strategic, data-driven leaders who make an impact at every phase of their careers. UNC’s MBA is consistently ranked among the world’s best degrees. The renowned faculty features world-class researchers and expert teachers.

This on-campus program features a future-forward and customizable curriculum. The challenging and diverse learning environment makes for a tailored leadership development program. UNC’s career services team is dedicated to graduate students’ long-term success. This on-campus MBA would be an asset to any professional’s resume.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Texas at Austin has a top MBA from the McCombs School of Business. The Full-Time MBA experience at McCombs allows students to immerse themselves in learning and exploration. Enrolled students develop meaningful relationships with classmates. MBA students take classes at Rowling Hall on the UT at Austin campus.

The flexible curriculum allows learners to specialize in one of over twenty concentrations. Fourteen of the program’s specializations are STEM certified. The Full-Time MBA core curriculum prepares students to build, manage, and lead enterprises. After core classes, the student’s curriculum is up to them. Seventy percent of this coursework is self-selected. This MBA is a gem.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington offers an excellent MBA. Foster School of Business students enjoy Seattle amenities. The city has a thriving business community, from Starbucks, Amazon, Microsoft, and T-Mobile to start-ups. The solid connection between the city and business school results in a cutting-edge curriculum.

World-class faculty and industry leaders lead this on-campus program. Enrolled students gain access to hands-on learning opportunities, including internships and consulting projects. MBA students use a dedicated Career Management office. There are close ties to iconic companies. Foster’s Full-time MBA program is an incredible degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Rice University’s Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business delivers one of the nation’s best MBA programs. The program’s campus is in the heart of Houston. It is known as one of the nation’s most diverse MBA programs. You can personalize your education by choosing from more than 100 electives, extracurricular activities, networking events, and clubs.

Current college students can secure their spot a few years ahead of time through Rice’s Deferred Enrollment program. Five years is the average work experience of enrolled students. The experience range is two to eight years. You can graduate in two years while taking a standard class schedule of Monday through Thursday courses. This well-rounded MBA will be a bright spot on your resume.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School features a highly-esteemed MBA. Learning teams and cohorts provide catalysts for insights, collaboration, and a lifelong network. Fellow students are a comprehensive support system to help MBA students make the most of their academic experience. The MBA details are crafted for the best possible experience. Everyone’s experience is unique. All students bring expertise to the group by helping those with differing experiences and backgrounds learn from each other.

Professional advisors offer academic guidance, student life engagement, and career management. The team of advisors is available to engage with MBA students. There are many reasons to pursue this stellar MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University offers a respected MBA program. The Georgetown MBA has a curriculum that prepares students for the global stage. On-campus students enjoy unrivaled access that only Washington, DC, offers. This program is the perfect launchpad for discovering a business leader’s strengths.

Graduate students can access an engaging faculty by gaining hands-on consulting knowledge through the Global Business Experience. MBA students build their network of over 200,000 alums. They receive individualized support from the MBA Career Center. Program leaders accept students with experience across industries and functions. The diversity of thought allows for thought-provoking conversations. McDonough leaders train tomorrow’s business leaders.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

One of the nation’s best MBA programs is featured at the Olin Business School at the Washington University in St. Louis. The WashU MBA trains students to become new kinds of leaders. On-campus learners gain access to global immersion experience destinations like Washington, DC, Europe, and Asia. There are options for a STEM MBA and STEM-designated dual programs at the same time as the MBA. Career platforms focus on students’ Finance, Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management education.

Stress on experiential learning puts classroom lessons into practice. An entrepreneurial mindset bolsters the curriculum. Students can prepare themselves to tackle the most significant issues of the day. This best MBA offers a lot.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University provides a top MBA. The Vanderbilt MBA curriculum offers graduate students the core business classes they need to succeed. Enrolled graduate students enjoy the flexibility to customize the curriculum through emphases, concentrations, and specializations. They develop the subject matter expertise to catapult or change their careers.

The Vanderbilt MBA holds a holistic approach to the admissions process. Program leaders take the time to get to know MBA students and their unique goals. Career advisors walk on-campus learners through the entire application process. This MBA program helps to build tomorrow’s business leaders.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

A prestigious MBA program is at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller College of Business. This on-campus program takes 22 months to complete. Graduates of the degree are prepared to accelerate their careers in a tech-savvy, digital-first world. The curriculum features lessons on solving complex challenges, gaining analytical skills, and taking a job to new heights.

Enrolled students enjoy top-ranked career services. MBA students can find career paths within ever-evolving landscapes with Jones MBA Career Center guidance. There is a small student-to-advisor ratio. All MBA students get personalized services tailored to their needs. This on-campus MBA at Scheller College of Business is a winner.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business features a highly-acclaimed MBA. This full-time MBA enjoys STEM status. Enrolled students build their futures with the aid of seasoned instructors and a top-shelf curriculum. The rigorous yet flexible curriculum develops creative problem-solving, team collaboration, and global adeptness.

World-class instructors challenge learners to develop creative solutions to today’s business realities. There is a team-focused learning environment. By the end of the program, graduates are ready to lead and manage on day one of their post-MBA jobs. The STEM MBA curriculum option is within the Full-Time MBA program. On-campus MBA students will want to check out Michigan State offers.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Michigan’s Stephen M. Ross School of Business features a reputable MBA. Full-time MBA students work through real business issues alongside one of the nation’s most talented, highly skilled cohorts. The rigorous, two-year residential program is in Ann Arbor. The MBA is rooted in collaboration, is packed with action-based learning experiences, and offers unparalleled networking opportunities.

The average age of a Michigan MBA student is 27, with at least five years of professional working experience. This two-year Michigan Ross MBA opens doors to desirable employers. Program leaders help MBA students reach their career goals and make an impact right away. This MBA will set you up for future success.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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You’re considering the pros and cons of getting an MBA. While it’s worth it, you still have questions about the graduate program’s benefits and process. Here are some common questions potential business school students have regarding an MBA.

What Are The Benefits of an MBA?

MBA Programs

There are some incredible MBA programs for business professionals ready to take their careers to the next level. But what are the real benefits of earning this time-tested business credential?

Pursuing an on-campus MBA program shows the world you are commitment to learning, improving, and transferring skills that will help an organization succeed. Additionally, business professionals with MBA degrees under their belts feel a strong confidence in their marketability. They can draw on a wealth of information that makes a difference in the boardroom and during creative thinking sessions. Are you a recent college grad or a professional considering what excelling in business can mean for your career or family? You are in a prime position to make a move based on the advantages an MBA provides to graduate students. 

MBA Students Gain a Greater Awareness of the Global Market

Earning an MBA degree puts on-campus students in close contact with worldwide classmates. Top MBA programs in the U.S. are full of international students. Thinking about what you can learn from professionals from other cultures and experiences is incredible. As an MBA student, you can expect to expand your knowledge of worldwide industries. 

MBA Students Improve Their Communication Skills

Effective communication is a bedrock skill required for business professionals to thrive. Communication is considered a “soft skill.” “Hard skills” may include constructing a P&L model. Learning what it takes to be a good communicator is no less valuable in leadership. An MBA program helps hone written and verbal communication skills. With these tools in your quiver, you can successfully convey concepts to diverse people at unique levels of an organization. Your perspective and communication skills will ensure everyone can work together toward the company’s common goal. 

MBA Students Expand Their Professional Networks

Earning an MBA degree can make you part of a global network of hundreds of thousands of alums. Some business schools and universities feature alum organizations worldwide. Imagine having access to respected and accomplished professionals you would not have otherwise had a chance to know. 

Being part of a broader community has its advantages. Professors impressed with your work ethic can write glowing reviews and reference letters. Many MBA programs feature internships and volunteer opportunities that result in job offers. Get ready to build relationships with other business professionals in the classroom and beyond.

MBA Students Enjoy Increased Job Opportunities

We live in a highly competitive job market. An advanced degree like the MBA helps set an applicant apart from the competition. Careers in energy, consumer products, and start-ups await those with this respected academic credential.

An MBA is an asset in any industry. Employers look to hire or promote candidates with MBA degrees. These well-trained workers have skills in finance and marketing that others in an organization need to gain. MBA students hit the ground running with initiatives and ideas as they help their companies increase profits. 

MBA Students Learn Better Time Management

Striving for an MBA degree requires managing extracurriculars coexisting with a robust course load. Graduate students also juggle personal and professional pursuits. Setting a schedule for MBA completion means managing time effectively. Healthy time management is an in-demand skill among employers. It is also a valuable life skill.


Grow Global Perspective
Improve Communication Skills
Expand Professional Network
Increase Job Opportunities
Learn Better Time Management


Financial Investment
Time Commitment
Challenge of Career Change
Saturated Job Market
No Guarantee of Success

How Will an MBA Help My Career?

An MBA enhances your marketability as a professional. It increases the quality and quantity of job offers. Over 90% of top business school MBA graduates are offered full-time positions.

An MBA helps you build business leadership skills and a professional network. No one should go it alone. There is much to be learned from successful businesspeople. Your alum group as an MBA will prove invaluable for future business opportunities.

How Can an MBA Improve My Salary?

One of the sought-after benefits of getting an MBA is increased earning potential. Why get an MBA? The median annual salary of a Wharton MBA graduate was $150,000 in 2019. Graduates from that prestigious business school enjoy some of the highest amounts among MBA programs. Graduate students in business completing an MBA can expect to make much more than those lacking the advanced degree. 

What Will I Really Learn?

Professionals within an MBA program learn business fundamentals. Their coursework includes lessons on analytical skills, leadership, communication, problem-solving, and critical thinking. The first year is usually spent on the core curriculum. This involves topics like finance and economics. As you go further into the curriculum, an MBA balances the core with lessons focusing on marketing, accounting, ethics, finance, and macro/microeconomics. 

MBA programs may offer specializations, allowing students to learn more about a specific business area. Electives help build leadership skills. Students learn how to network. There are student conference opportunities and advanced student cohorts. The second year may include these concentration courses and end with a capstone project.

How Can I Individualize My MBA?

There’s more to an MBA degree than the advanced degree’s content. Many top-shelf business schools include multiple MBA majors and advanced business certificate programs. Imagine going deeper with a certificate in Organizational Effectiveness, Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, or Health Care Management. Students whose interests do not fit into one of a business school’s existing majors can often craft an individualized MBA major tailored to their interdisciplinary path of study.

Highest Paying MBA Specializations

SpecializationAverage Salary
Operations Management$113k
Management Information Systems$109k
International Business$102k
Supply Chain Management$93k
Project Management$87k
Business Data Analysis$84k
Data from

What Can I Expect to Pay for an MBA?

The cost for two-year MBA programs varies. You will be surprised at the affordable price of these business training programs. Students can find programs ranging from under $10,000 to well over $100,000. You may opt for a room and board on-campus program. Managing expenses and finding creative ways to lower living expenses can make an MBA cost considerably less. Veterans and active military members are eligible for additional awards and benefits that offset tuition costs. Exceptional students also qualify for fellowship programs and scholarships. 

When is the Right Time to get an MBA?

There is no right or wrong time to pursue an MBA degree. Timing is dependent on the individual. Many MBA students have between three to eight years of professional experience. Most typically, they have five years of work under their belts.

You can expect the application process to be at different times of the year with various processes. Some business schools support a rolling application process. This is true of many online programs.

On-Campus or Online MBA?

Any MBA program will open new doors for you. An on-campus MBA comes with several advantages. The business education credential has boosted professional careers for many years. Today, the nation’s best business schools uphold that reputation. They lead the way with innovative coursework. Curriculums include research surrounding IT management, global finance, alternative investments, and groundbreaking avenues in finance. Beyond reputation, there are other reasons to choose an on-campus MBA. 

Extensive Access to Seasoned Instructors

On-campus MBA students can build relationships with their instructors as they sit under their daily teaching. Many advances have been made in distance learning over the years. But nothing beats the interaction enjoyed by being in the same room together. On-campus students gain a broader, more interconnected exposure to business issues and how they impact the global economy. 

Team Spirit

MBA students have the same access to university perks that others enjoy. Online students can work through an identical curriculum to students attending building classes. Distance learners do not eat in the cafeteria, walk the manicured lawns, or feel the energy at sporting events. MBA students can take part in many extracurricular activities. On-campus students feel pride in what it means to be a part of what happens on the ground level. 

Set the Stage for Lifelong Learning

The lessons learned while earning an MBA degree extend beyond graduate students’ time in the classroom. An MBA features a world-class business education. American universities offer best-in-class career resources for MBA students and alum. Students enjoy support at all stages throughout their careers as they stay connected to their business school.

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