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AACSB, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

The undergraduate program at the Culverhouse College of Business was launched in 1919 by the school’s first dean, Lee Bidgood. The graduate program began in 1924. Bidgood Hall was the first business school building on campus. It was completed in 1929. Through the years, Bidgood Hall has grown and is now a central feature of a technologically integrated, three-building business complex in the middle of the University of Alabama’s campus. The College of Business offers degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. The AACSB-International has continuously accredited culverhouse since 1929. There are currently over 9,000 students enrolled at the school.


The Culverhouse College of Business currently offers ten specialized master’s programs, including degrees in accounting, tax accounting, operations management, applied statistics, business analytics, marketing, economics, finance, management, and management information systems. The University of Alabama’s business school has also been offering a graduate-level specialization in Business Analytics for nearly twenty years. Culverhouse is one of the first business schools in the country to provide such a program. It also features a dedicated Master’s of Science in Business Analytics. The business school’s Innovative STEM Path to The MBA program began in 2011, and the CREATE Path to the MBA was introduced in 2016. These degrees are the only programs of their kind in the United States. Students in the Creative fields of study or STEM can earn an MBA by adding just one additional year of study while taking business honors courses starting their first year at Alabama.

The Culverhouse College of Business offers graduate-level specialization in Business Analytics since 2002. One of the first business schools in the nation to provide such a program, plus a dedicated Master’s of Science in Business Analytics.

Student Life

High-quality advising is a priority of the business school. It fosters a partnership between the business student and advisor. Each advisor employed by the business school engages in an ongoing process to understand and meet the student’s individual academic needs. As a student accepts overall responsibility for their higher education, the Culverhouse College of Business advisors make a commitment to help students through utilization of University resources and personal interaction to develop a custom plan based on their academic goals.

An excellent program now available to students at the university business school is Bama Bound. The new student orientation program is required of all new freshmen, international, and transfer students. Bama Bound facilitates the transition for newcomers and transfers undergraduate students by giving them the information they need to ensure success within the Capstone. Students get the opportunity to learn about the University and services offered to students, academic programs, and the process of course enrollment.

Online Programs

Since 1944, the University of Alabama’s full-time MBA program has been educating leaders in the business world. The Manderson MBA degree is strategically designed to bridge the gap between pre-professional learners and leaders in tomorrow’s workforce through networking, experiential learning, service opportunities, and professional development. The business school currently offers an MBA as its exclusive online degree. Online students can choose a concentration in Business Analytics, Supply Chain Operations Management, Financial Risk, Finance, and Strategy.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?