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Best No-GMAT Online MBA Programs 2020
Top Consensus Ranked Online MBA Programs Not Requiring GMAT or GRE

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College Consensus Best No GMAT Online MBA

Are you looking for a respected, accredited online MBA program that doesn’t require the GMAT or GRE? Our consensus ranking of the top No-GMAT online MBA programs for 2020 utilizes our unique aggregate ranking system to show you the top-rated online MBA programs with no GMAT or GRE requirement. We promise you won’t find a more comprehensive ranking of no-GMAT online MBA degrees anywhere.

No-GMAT/GRE Online MBA Programs

For decades, the GMAT (Graduate Management Admissions Test) has been used by business schools to help them forecast a candidate’s success in their programs. These business schools have asked candidates to take and then report test scores as part of the application process. Today, more and more business schools are minimizing the need for MBA applicants to report GRE and GMAT test scores during the application process, and they are relying on other indicating factors. This is excellent news for students who are disadvantaged in regards to preparing for and taking placement tests.

Graduate education is a substantial financial and time commitment. One less required fee and one less thing to prep for is a welcomed relief for many students. Our ranking of the Best no-GMAT Online MBA Programs will help you find the most accessible online MBA programs available.

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Ranking Methodology

For our consensus ranking of the top No-GMAT Online MBA programs, we started with a comprehensive list of all the online MBA degree programs that do not require a GMAT or GRE score during their MBA application process. We then ranked them by combining each program’s rating from the five most respected MBA program ranking systems: U.S. News and World ReportForbesThe Economist, The Financial Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek. The ranks from each list were converted to scores on a 100-point scale, weighted equally, and then averaged. These scores were then placed on a 100-point scale for the Consensus Score listed below each program.


Carnegie Mellon University
Tepper School of Business

Carnegie Mellon University delivers an online hybrid MBA with no GMAT requirement at the Tepper School of Business. This STEM-designated, hybrid, part-time online MBA uniquely gives students the online convenience of studying from anywhere. Through an unmatched focus on analytics, strategic decision-making, and leadership development, the MBA curriculum prepares distance learners for long and successful careers as agile leaders in a world driven by technological advancements and innovation. Like its full-time program, this online MBA degree features the same faculty and curriculum. It is the same Tepper MBA with no compromising. The online MBA provides the same curriculum focused on analytics and leadership taught in weekly live sessions by the Tepper School of Business faculty who also teach full-time students. Enrolled students can expect to spend time with faculty and classmates during Access Weekends, which occur six times a year in different locations. Distance learners will enroll in classes with the instructors who will teach them all semester. This no-GMAT degree has been hailed by U.S. News & World Report as one of the best in the nation.

Consensus Score


University of Southern California
Marshall School of Business

The University of Southern California delivers a top no-GMAT online MBA through the Marshall School of Business. This bold program features a legacy of helping business leaders take their careers to new heights. As demand for the online MBA continues to grow among working professionals, the USC online MBA welcomes students and graduates into the greater Trojan family that is nearly 400,000 members strong. The program’s coursework provides students with the rigor and camaraderie they usually expect of a traditional MBA program. The experience pairs a comprehensive curriculum with powerful virtual tools. Every course within the 51-credit hour degree is designed specifically for an online format and led by several instructors within the Marshall faculty. Each course uses contemporary, real-world situations to help graduate students develop skills that today’s employers expect of executive-level leaders. Skills garnered include decision-making through metrics, effective virtual and remote collaboration, and efficient communication.

Consensus Score


Southern Methodist University
Cox School of Business

The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University offers an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. SMU’s business school mission is to equip students with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to become successful business leaders in an evolving business world. Through learning experiences based on a model of action and solutions, distance learners will gain the acumen, confidence, and interpersonal skills they will need to address real-world challenges and issues boldly. Cox School of Business students are adaptable, innovative professionals who want to be a part of cross-functional teams to analyze problems critically and succinctly communicate data perspectives. Online students will experience the same energy, rigor, and community as students in the school’s on-campus programs. Graduates of the program attain an identical diploma while benefiting from the flexibility of working full-time while maintaining commitments off-campus and across the globe. No matter where online MBA students are, they will be an integral part of the Cox network.

Consensus Score


Boston University
Questrom School of Business

A no-GMAT online MBA is offered at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. By partnering with the leading online learning platform edX, Questrom can now deliver a top-notch, rigorous, and engaging 100% online MBA. Students enrolled in the program should expect to graduate in as little as two years. The degree was designed from the ground up with today’s global online learner in mind. It is rooted in insights gained from over 3,000 international industry working professionals. The BU Questrom online MBA delivers an innovative curriculum that centers on the themes that drive today’s modern business. It was designed and produced by the same world-class instructors who teach in the business school’s top-ranked, on-campus MBA programs. This online MBA will allow graduate students the chance to advance critical abilities needed to make leadership decisions in the evolving global business ecosystem. Online MBA students will be part of a learning community that’s genuinely global, including an outstanding staff in Boston and an international network of over 50,000 Questrom alumni.

Consensus Score


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Haslam School of Business

The Haslam College of Business at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Students enrolled in this degree complete the online MBA while continuing to work by fusing interactive online lessons with four residence periods consisting of eight days each. The program’s curriculum is based on extensive research addressing what physicians need from an MBA. A customized organizational action plan and strategic assignments are designed for significant ROI and immediate impact. Graduate students seeking this degree can expect to refine their leadership skills by developing a customized plan using meaningful course content on leadership skills with their dedicated coach. Haslam College of Business alumni network includes over 700 physicians from all 50 states and 11 foreign countries. Alumni across the board rely on each other as a resource to acquire new perspectives and broaden their professional networks. Participants are expected to complete all requirements of the PEMBA in a single year. The average time commitment is estimated to be 24 hours each week for studying and assignments.

Consensus Score


University of Utah
David Eccles School of Business

A no-GMAT online MBA is available at the David Eccles School of Business at the University of Utah. Working professionals understand that an MBA degree will set them apart and give them a genuine edge to succeed in their careers. Many graduate students leading in the workforce need a program that will work around their active schedules. Accredited by the AACSB International, the David Eccles School of Business online MBA offers distance learners the same quality as the business school’s highly ranked part-time MBA program. Whether they travel for work or prefer learning from a remote location, this curriculum fits around the student’s schedule. Factors that set Utah’s online MBA above the rest include an asynchronous, online curriculum that is 24/7 accessible, three semester starts per year with no prerequisites, and the knowledge that all skills gained in the online classroom make an immediate and dynamic impact on one’s career.

Consensus Score


William & Mary
Raymond A. Mason School of Business

An online MBA is offered at William & Mary’s Raymond A. Mason School of Business. Business school leaders understand that it takes a true revolutionary to lead well in today’s organizations. The complex, global issues that define contemporary business are resistant to conventional solutions. Only the most resourceful and flexibly minded professionals can address them to prepare their team for success. William & Mary’s online MBA program found at the Raymond A. Mason School of Business equips students with essential business understanding. It builds the dynamic mindset needed to lead in today’s challenging and rapidly evolving business environment. This top-ranked online MBA features no GMAT scores during the application process. Benefits of this degree include a comprehensive 49-credit curriculum, a class size of less than 25, a course term of fewer than eight weeks, and one on-campus residency that gives distance learners the chance to meet and network with course instructors and fellow students.

Consensus Score


Babson College
F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business

A no-GMAT online MBA is currently available at the F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business at Babson College. This part-time MBA is designed with professionals’ work/life balance in mind. Enrolled students can expect to build an entrepreneurial mindset, hone strategic management skills, and develop a global network needed to excel professionally. Graduate students looking to advance in their current careers or pivot to new ones can choose courses that align with their career goals or explore new topics. Part-time MBA students have access to courses in all formats, including in-person daytime or evening classes, electives abroad, blended/hybrid, entirely online, or weekend intensives. The maximum flexibility of this degree means that courses are offered in a full range of part-time formats. Students enjoy the freedom to switch them up to accommodate life milestones and rev up or slow down their schedules to make the online MBA fit an active lifestyle.

Consensus Score


North Carolina State University
Poole College of Management

The Poole College of Management at North Carolina State University offers an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. NC State’s Professional Online MBA is AACSB International-accredited. This program is listed as an affordable and robust investment in a professional’s future that can be customized to accommodate an active lifestyle. Graduate students can log into classes when and where they like and satisfy all program requirements online. Distance learners with access to the university’s campus can enjoy taking some face-to-face courses in Raleigh or Research Triangle Park (RTP). Graduate students enrolled in the online MBA have equal access to the same award-winning instructors as on-site students. Built with optimal flexibility in mind, the online MBA program equips students with one of the best values in management education currently available. Students have the option between an Accelerated or Flexible program format to earn their degree in 21 months or up to 6 years. Start times each year include the fall or spring semester.

Consensus Score


University of Miami
Herbert Business School

The University of Miami provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement through the Herbert Business School. This 42-credit hour degree is designed for those students looking to complete a first-class MBA program without enrolling in an on-campus program as a full-time student. The online program takes the best of the University of Miami’s traditional curriculum and adapts it to an accessible online format. All courses are delivered by the same high-caliber faculty members that lead students through on-campus coursework. Graduate students can expect to graduate between 24 and 28 months. There is no GMAT requirement during the application process. Incoming students are encouraged by the business school to apply for scholarships, as there are opportunities for financial assistance from several different sources. MBA options include a Professional MBA with 42 credits, an MBA with a Corporate Finance specialization of 47 credits, an MBA with a concentration in Decision Making of 47 credits, and the MBA with an Accounting Practice focus of 51 credits.

Consensus Score


Northeastern University
D’Amore-Mckim School of Business

The D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Business school leaders know that many graduate school candidates are seasoned business professionals with the foundational understanding to hold their own in the global business field. These professionals also know when it is time to gain online MBA-level expertise to unlock new opportunities for growth in their organizations and careers. Graduate students enrolled in this high-powered online MBA should be prepared to do both with the Online Master of Business Administration from Northeastern University. Designed for active executives, the D’Amore-McKim School of Business online MBA immerses distance learners in all functional areas of business enterprise. The 50-credit program’s rigorous, experiential curriculum challenges students to put classroom education to the test and helps connect academic theory to real-world functionality. Students take two years to complete this degree and do not need to report a GMAT score during the application process.

Consensus Score


University of Arizona
Eller College of Management

The Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona currently features an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Program designers have created a degree that provides the perfect blend of academic excellence and format adaptability. The business school offers six start dates each year and allows students to finish at whatever pace works for them. Graduate students with a margin of time can satisfy all program requirements in as few as 14 months. Students with more demanding professional and personal needs can take up to two and a half years to graduate. Graduates of this online MBA that features no GMAT requirement can rest assured they will be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge they need to uphold the Eller reputation in the business world. There are currently six areas of concentration for graduate students to choose from, including Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Finance, Health Care Management, Privacy and Security, and Management and Organizations.

Consensus Score


Howard University
School of Business

The School of Business at Howard University provides an elite no-GMAT online MBA. This esteemed program draws upon the legacy of one of the nation’s top business schools. The online EMBA program has been designed to enhance working professionals’ development with the technical abilities needed to build and fortify their positions in senior leadership and affect organizational change across a multitude of business environments. Designed and delivered by its award-winning staff, the EMBA gives graduate students the framework to direct data-based business analyses, make informed decisions, and lead high-performing teams through organizational change. Besides being exposed to high-level business curriculum and topics, distance learners will also gain an applied knowledge of finance, management, accounting, and innovative business practices through the Strategic Management Capstone and international experience. Graduates of the EMBA program are prepared to lead in a global marketplace among the corporate elite. The program’s flexible online format addresses specific competencies while connecting students to Howard University’s extensive network of alumni and corporate partners.

Consensus Score


Pepperdine University
Graziadio Business School

Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. The curriculum within this stellar degree fuses education in leadership, strategy, and technology to set up graduate students for success in today’s global marketplace. Enrolled graduate students will have the chance to solve real-world business issues for brands like Coca-Cola and Adobe through the Graziadio Business School’s Education to Business program. Distance Learners will also have the opportunity to accommodate their degree with one of four specializations in leadership, marketing, finance, and digital innovation. Students looking for an accelerated format will appreciate the 20-month time frame offered by the business school. The business school’s admissions office does not ask for a GMAT or GRE score during the acceptance process. Students will learn about subjects, including leadership development, business tech, strategic management, organizational behavior, regulatory issues, profitability, financial management, and operations and systems. Students get the chance to collaborate with Pepperdine’s corporate partners like Boeing, Farmers Insurance, AEG, and Kaiser Permanente.

Consensus Score


Syracuse University
Martin J. Whitman School of Management

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. This degree has been shaping the future of business through distance learning since 2015. Syracuse’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management is one of the nation’s leaders in education innovation for over 100 years. At a time when business acumen and agility are vital, Syracuse Online Business is daily preparing the next generation of business managers. The business school is currently accepting applications for all future cohorts. No GMAT is required for MBA applicants. The online MBA curriculum consists of 54 credits that students can satisfy in as few as 24 months. Core courses cover subjects like data analysis, organizational leadership, accounting, economics, and finance. A range of electives is available to graduate students in areas that include project management, Lean Six Sigma, entrepreneurship, and marketing research. The 36-credit hour degree from Syracuse consists of 36-credit hours of core courses, 15 elective credits, and three domestic or global residency credits.

Consensus Score


University of Oklahoma
Michael F. Price College of Business

The Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma provides an online EMBA with no GMAT requirement. This convenient online degree is a unique opportunity to be exposed to a top-tier business curriculum that revolves around the challenges and issues facing today’s energy industry. Courses within the program include Energy Policy and Regulations, Energy and Environment I, Economics of the Energy Value Chain and Technology & Innovation, Supply Chain Management, Accounting I, Financial Markets and Securities, Derivatives and Energy Trading, and Quantitative Methods and Models. Through the Executive MBA in Energy, graduate students have access to resources previously available to only senior staff in major organizations. The Michael F. Price College of Business’ goal is to give students an undeniable advantage during the program as they enjoy direct exposure to executive career coaching that benefits both the student and employer. Through workshops, group facilitation, and individual coaching, EMBA students will experience direction, purpose, and clarity as they address their most pressing issues.

Consensus Score


University of Denver
Daniels College of Business

The Daniels College of Business at the University of Denver provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. This 60-credit online program offers distance learners the chance to seek one of four high-powered specializations within the program’s curriculum. Besides the excellent online material, students can learn from the real-world experiences of two in-person domestic or global immersions. For added flexibility and convenience, the Daniels College of Business offers incoming students four start times each year. The business school helps purpose-driven working professionals develop the skills to start and lead ethical, sustainable organizations. Denver’s accommodating online format enables students to earn an acclaimed business degree while supporting the community, pursuing personal goals, and propelling a career forward. To meet today’s industry needs, the Daniels College of Business employs a practical management learning model known as The Daniels Difference. The comprehensive online MBA program stresses developing leadership skills and solving real-world business challenges.

Consensus Score


Rochester Institute of Technology
Saunders College of Business

A no-GMAT online EMBA is currently available at the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology. The business school’s Online Executive MBA is designed specifically for mid-to-upper-level professionals who want to hone their leadership and business skills to enhance their performance, assume more responsibilities, and effectively position their careers for greater success. From Saunders College of Business surveys and industry research, the business school is aware that executive MBA students need more than a simple transfer of management and business theory and concepts; they require a high level of engagement with instructors and their peers. The opportunity to compete, discuss, argue, and collaborate with other seasoned leaders on strategic and topical issues and projects is a crucial feature of a strong EMBA program that directly and immediately applies to one’s professional development. The RIT EMBA has been designed to deliver exactly these experiences.

Consensus Score


University of Cincinnati
Carl H. Lindner College of Business

The University of Cincinnati offers a no-GMAT online MBA at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. This AACSB-International accredited online degree allows students to advance their careers on their schedules and be tailored to fit their unique lifestyles. Students are empowered to login to classes when and where they like and complete the entire program online in just one calendar year. Online learners have the option to take in-person coursework at UC’s Uptown Campus. Carl H. Lindner College of Business’s unique and comprehensive program fuses a mixture of scholastic, research-intensive learning with real-world situations that prepare distance learners with the needed skills to tackle today’s business problems. The program is led by the same award-winning staff that oversees on-site classes, and the online MBA is often ranked as one of the nation’s best programs for its value. Students lacking the GMAT will be pleased to know the University of Cincinnati does not require incoming students to report the placement test score.

Consensus Score


University of Kansas
School of Business

The School of Business at the University of Kansas provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. With a stellar curriculum that explores the growing opportunities and issues of being a global leader, this online MBA will help graduate students succeed in today’s developing marketplace. Distance learners can expect to learn from the same respected and renowned faculty as the on-campus programs and delve into solutions to today’s economic and social business challenges. Students wanting to gain momentum in their current careers, interested in becoming forward-thinking business leaders, or desiring to enter the business world with an advanced degree that enables greater mobility, need to consider this online MBA from the University of Kansas School of Business. The online program structure is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding of today’s top business topics. Course subjects can be applied in a variety of professional settings and focus on developing in-demand skill sets. There is no GMAT required for this program.

Consensus Score


American University
Kogod School of Business

A no-GMAT online MBA is featured at American University’s Kogod School of Business. The 48-credit hour online program is specifically designed for mid-career professionals wanting to learn strategic management and communication skills that they will need to advance into leadership roles. The Kogod School of Business situates itself in an inclusive and forward-thinking posture to business education by prioritizing diversity and recognizing that 21st-century development requires a global perspective. The curriculum focuses on foundational business practices. The business school leverages its geographical advantage of thriving within its Washington, DC location. Students get the opportunity to create new connections within the United States capital during frequent in-person immersions. Core courses within the degree include Business Fundamentals, Business Law, Ethics, and Governance, Financial Accounting, Managerial Economics, Financial Management, Managerial Accounting and Operations Management, and Management of Organization and Human Capital. Program requirements include 48 credits, 13 core courses, two electives, and two in-person immersions.

Consensus Score


University of Louisville
College of Business

An online MBA with no GMAT requirement is currently available at the University of Louisville’s College of Business. Program designers have designed this top-notch MBA as the perfect fit for working professionals interested in advancing their careers, broaden their global business mindsets, and distinguishing themselves from the competition in the workplace. This 45-credit hour degree is more than a typical MBA program. Created by the College of Business at the University of Louisville, the splendid MBA equips distance learners with proven leadership skills, business theories, and practices that make leaders more productive and engaged business professionals. With relevant electives, an optional international study abroad program, and certificate courses in Distilled Spirits Business or Franchise Management, graduate students can specialize in their degree and stand out in today’s modern business market. To show support for its potential students during this global pandemic, the College of Business at the University of Louisville elects to waive the GMAT requirement for all incoming students of the online MBA program until further notice.

Consensus Score


University of Southern Mississippi
College of Business and Economic Development

The College of Business & Economic Development at the University of Southern Mississippi provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Graduate students interested in becoming business people, entrepreneurs, or only looking to advance their current careers will want to note the exciting programs offered at Southern Miss. Earning the 100% online Master’s in Business Administration can help students achieve their career goals while they enjoy the convenient benefits of a flexible and affordable program. The College of Business & Economic Development even offers classes in an accelerated eight-week format. This fully online business program equips students with advanced knowledge of business while making them more marketable and competitive. The AACSB International accredits an MBA at the University of Southern Mississippi. U.S. News and World Report has recognized the program as one of its top 200 “Best Part-Time MBA Programs.” Students can enroll in this excellent online degree without submitting a GMAT or GRE.

Consensus Score


Suffolk University
Sawyer Business School

The Sawyer Business School at Suffolk University provides a no-GMAT online MBA. This stellar degree is accredited by the AACSB and is designed to immerse graduate students in real-world leadership. Course instructors utilize a hands-on and highly interactive approach to teaching that develops the critical leadership and business skills that distance learners will need to build a lasting career in global business. Throughout the 36-51 credit hour program, students will participate in live interactive learning sessions with leaders and professionals from premier organizations in Boston and across the globe. Graduate students can expect to experience firsthand what it is like to communicate, collaborate, and create actionable steps to real issues from top-ranked institutions. Students enrolled in this no-GMAT program don’t just learn about business; they become part of it. The Sawyer Business School world-class faculty facilitate a student’s growth as a comprehensive professional. Students can expect to be mentored for the realities of business today.

Consensus Score


Pace University
Lubin School of Business

An online EMBA with no GMAT requirement is currently available at the Lubin School of Business at Pace University. Pace’s Executive MBA is offered as an experiential, project-based MBA intended for professionals with at least five years of professional or managerial experience. The degree uses a combination of online and classroom learning and offers experience working with real institutions. Students will build skills in leadership, communication, and critical thinking. Graduates of the program will gain an understanding of the issues of the current business environment. The 20-month program includes a fall intake each year, 54 credits, and a hybrid learning format consisting of nine, six-credit modules that fuse weekend residencies every ten weeks. Online learning support is offered to students. Weekend residencies in New York City are spaced out every ten weeks. A total of 10 weekends (or 30 days face-to-face) in 20 months is a part of this program’s structure.

Consensus Score

Business schools across the country are currently removing many of the barriers that kept potential graduate students from pursuing an MBA program in the past. Issues like the cost of higher education and a strict on-campus format are being rethought completely. Some are even revamping a candidate’s application process as they strive for higher accessibility. One crucial way that business schools across the nation are making it more straightforward for students to enter into programs is by offering No-GMAT Online MBA programs.

As many already know, tests have been a required part of a student’s life for many years before deciding to consider a program like the online MBA. From elementary education on, students are expected to perform at a certain level on all state-mandated and standardized exams before being able to promote to the next grade level. Unfortunately, many of the nation’s students are at a disadvantage when it comes to these tests. As a result, many programs are leaning more heavily on other critical components of a student’s application, including essay submissions, interviews with business school staff, statements of intent, undergraduate GPA, and letters of recommendation, to estimate a student’s future success rate in an online MBA program.

More schools are utilizing this favorable tendency to put less pressure on a potential graduate student who may struggle to perform well in standardized tests yet will prove herself to be a solid performer in a business school’s program. Some business schools provide a GMAT/GRE waiver for incoming students with a minimum number of years of professional experience. Other programs have removed the GMAT requirement from their list of admissions requirements altogether. Before discussing the advantages of researching a program that has removed a GMAT or GRE requirement from its application process, it is essential to understand what the GMAT is and how it was created.

What is the GMAT and how was it created?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) was created in 1953. A group of the top business schools in the United States cooperated with Educational Testing Service officials to develop a standardized test for graduate business degree program admissions. Over many years, the GMAT has been used by thousands of business schools to screen millions of program candidates to ensure that a student and a degree are a good fit for one another. In the late 1990s, the GMAT was made available online and then enjoyed even more enormous popularity. The exam typically takes three hours and thirty minutes to complete and is divided into the four areas of Integrated Reasoning, Verbal, Quantitative, and Analytical Writing. The verbal reading section helps to evaluate a student’s reading comprehension and editing abilities. The test’s quantitative reasoning section determines a student’s mathematical skills while the integrated reasoning section shows off a student’s knowledge in analyzing and interpreting data. Lastly, the analytical writing section measures one’s communication and critical thinking skills.

Why is the GMAT no longer an essential requirement for some MBAs?

While the GMAT is still a trusted standardized exam for many business schools, more business schools are deciding to offer their applicants GMAT waivers or strike the GMAT requirement from their admissions requirements altogether. There are two crucial reasons why more business schools are making this shift.

A reason the GMAT is less used than in previous years is that business schools are looking for various ways to stay competitive amongst each other when being considered by potential graduate students. Southern Methodist University, located in Dallas, Texas, features some excellent characteristics within its 100% online MBA, including a GMAT exemption for Fall 2020 through Spring 2021 applicants. Graduate students pursuing a degree from SMU’s Cox School of Business are not required to prepare for, pay for, and then take another test to be accepted.

Many business schools are choosing to downplay the role of the GMAT and pay more attention to a program candidate’s previous GPA, work experience, letters of recommendation, academic accomplishments, and other essential factors. This priority helps students save valuable money and time by not needing to schedule the GMAT. The test has been reported by U.S. News & World Report to require between 80 and 90 hours of study time.

What does a candidate need for a no-GMAT online MBA application?

The GMAT continues to reveal itself as less of a priority for many top business schools across the nation. Other essential application elements will show if a student is a stable fit for a program like the online MBA. An online application is the first thing a candidate will complete when initiating the acceptance process into an online MBA program. An application will include vital questions to answer, and each is placed within to help show business school leaders that the graduate student can communicate well in a written format. While communication as a whole continues to head in the technical direction, quality writing skills are still valued and taught within higher education.

Necessary materials requested by admissions representatives of business schools will typically include all transcripts from previously attended colleges and universities, letters of recommendation from employers and previous educators, a current resume, and a statement of intent or long-essay responses. Many business schools will require that applicants have between two and five years of work experience before attempting to complete a rigorous program like the online MBA. Professional experience can speak volumes about a student’s ability to manage time well, prioritize assignments, balance a schedule, and operate as a self-motivator. Each of these application components, when fully assembled, give business school leaders a good idea if the potential student and program are a good fit for each other.

The online MBA is an excellent degree choice for graduate students looking to make a difference in business leadership. While distance learners seeking these degrees will be tested throughout their academic and professional careers, thanks to some forward-thinking business schools, a GMAT may no longer be on the list of required tests they will be responsible for.