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The Best No-GMAT Online MBA Programs 2023 Top 25 Consensus Ranked Online MBAs not Requiring GMAT Scores

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Tammie Cagle is a writer, editor, entrepreneur, and certified academic life coach. Tammie received her bachelor’s degree from Texas A & M University-College Station and her MBA from Marylhurst University.

The mission of any School of Business worth its salt is to equip business leaders with the knowledge, skills, and experience they need to emerge as successful leaders in a changing world. One way that business school’s increase accessibility to tomorrow’s leaders is by offering No-GMAT Online MBA Programs. The Graduate Management Admission Test is intended to reveal an applicant’s forecasted success in an MBA program. Today, many business schools forgo the GMAT test requirement and lean on other components of a candidate’s application. The online format and elimination of the GMAT or GRE standardized test, is the ultimate accessibility framework available today.

The Nation’s Best No-GMAT Online MBA Programs

Online MBA students learn to navigate complicated problems and communicate data insights with diverse, collaborative cohorts. This process begins when business school candidates complete their business school applications. One component you may not deal with when applying to business school is the GMAT. No-GMAT Online MBA programs feature rigorous, immersive curriculums, just like other MBA degrees. These No-GMAT Online MBA students experience the same energy, rigor, and community and enjoy a more flexible admissions process. Top No-GMAT Online MBA Programs increase students’ ROI with the elimination of time and cost of GMAT and GRE prep and tests.

We have compiled a ranking of the nation’s best online MBA degree programs that do not require GMAT scores during the application process. We hope it will help you in your search for a high-quality Online MBA degree.

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This 2023 consensus ranking of the top No-GMAT Online MBA programs is a comprehensive list of all the most prestigious Online MBA degree programs in the nation that do not require GMAT scores or automatically waive the requirement.

The ranking order for this list was compiled by the averaged scores from leading ranking systems. Ranking data was sourced from Bloomberg BusinessweekU.S. News and World Report, ForbesThe Economist, and The Financial Times. Scores were placed on a 100-point scale to reveal the Consensus Score.

The 40 Best No-GMAT Online MBA Programs

An online MBA with no GMAT requirement is available at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. This excellent program equips business leaders with time-tested, forward-thinking knowledge and skills. Graduates can advance their careers and their respective industries. USC is a world-renowned university with an influential presence in Los Angeles, California. This program is built to give MBA students opportunities.

Marshall students experience the rigor and camaraderie they expect from a top Online MBA program. The program’s virtual delivery is suited for working professionals desiring flexibility without compromises. An industry-informed curriculum and intentional course modality place USC Marshall’s program as the best no-GMAT Online MBA in the United States.

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The University of Washington features an online MBA with no GMAT requirement at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. The program’s three-to-five-day on-campus session each quarter ensures networking opportunities. Online classes provide the flexibility distance learners need to earn an MBA on their schedule. Washington’s Hybrid MBA curriculum builds a solid foundation in business essentials.

Students enhance their degrees with MBA elective courses. This work-compatible MBA features evidence-based issues. Students can learn concepts one day and apply them at work the following day. Foster’s world-class MBA instructors deliver this degree. Course content is grounded in executive management, strategy, and leadership principles. This no-GMAT MBA will surely put the knowledge and skills MBA students learn into practice.

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The Goizueta Business School at Emory University features an exemplary online EMBA with an optional GMAT. This Executive MBA features lessons on business foundations. Enrolled students go deep into business strategy concepts. This material applies to a broad range of industries. Business students learn from experts and trade ideas with peers in the classroom. They also dive into learning immersions like global study trips, policy trips to D.C., and executive skills workshops in Atlanta.

EMBA students complete the degree in 18 months. It culminates in an EMBA that’ll take graduate students higher, further, and beyond. Enrolled students don’t worry about geography or travel commitments. Earning a top-ranked Executive MBA has never been more enjoyable.

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An online MBA with no GMAT requirement is available at Penn State’s Smeal College of Business. Enrolled students learn to manage high-performance teams strategically. They also solve complex, real-world business issues. This no-GMAT MBA features over 25 concentrations to choose from. Graduate students can customize this top-ranked online MBA to suit their unique career goals.

Online MBA students learn when it’s right for them. The program includes flexible, asynchronous online courses. Distance learners meet deadlines by doing work when it’s most convenient. They can attend optional synchronous online meetings for real-time engagement. This is a stellar program in advanced business topics. Graduate students won’t have to put anything on hold.

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The University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business offers an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Many working professionals must balance work, life, and school commitments. UF MBA provides these business leaders the tools to succeed in all areas of their lives while earning the credential.

MBA students don’t have to be on campus daily to receive a well-rounded, rich MBA education. Florida’s 16-month option is an accelerated program for those with an undergraduate degree in business. They need to have graduated in the last seven years. This program is one of the quickest ways to get an MBA at UF. Warrington’s no-GMAT online MBA is easily a top-five program.

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An online MBA with an optional GMAT is available at the Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis. WashU Olin’s online MBA degree is grounded in core MBA fundamentals. It further frames all elective and required courses through a digitally driven business landscape. As advances like big data and the Internet of Things continue to redefine products and services, a new MBA is required.

WashU’s degree is for those wanting to be digitally literate leaders. MBA students use technology as a strategy as they make an impact. The progressive curriculum is part of WashU Olin’s Values-Based, Data Driven framework. This no-GMAT online MBA deserves a second look.

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An online MBA with an optional GMAT is offered at Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business. This program is perfect for those traveling for work or who prefer learning whenever and wherever it’s convenient. The W. P. Carey Online MBA offers students the flexibility and quality they need.

The AACSB accredits Arizona State’s online MBA. It is a highly ranked MBA, like the full-time and part-time programs. The online MBA features the same curriculum and is taught by the exact same instructors. Students can start in January, May, or August. Most enrolled graduate students take one course at a time over a five-week term. This no-GMAT program is superb.

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Boston University’s Questrom School of Business offers an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Students can complete the MBA degree in as little as two years. The high-quality, rigorous, and engaging MBA is entirely online. Questrom’s program is developed and delivered by world-class instructors who administer the top-ranked, on-campus MBA program.

Boston’s Online MBA allows students to advance critical capabilities. These skills are needed to make management decisions in the complicated global business ecosystem. Distance learners can access student success specialists and the BU online job board. Graduates of the no-GMAT MBA are invited to Boston to receive their degrees and attend commencement ceremonies. This is a top-tier online MBA.

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The Terry College of Business at the University of Georgia provides an excellent online MBA with an optional GMAT. Students will discover a rigorous and dynamic business education. The program’s flexibility allows students to maintain their personal and work life. All courses are delivered 100% online. Business leaders can advance their careers on their time.

Georgia’s AACSB-accredited Online MBA degree maintains excellence and dependability. The prestigious Professional MBA degree features a format that works. The University of Georgia’s Online MBA program requires 20 hours of commitment per week. It can be completed part-time in less than two years. Distance learners will love the 100% online and asynchronous class structure. It offers the best in convenience and flexibility.

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The University of Maryland, College Park, provides an online MBA with an optional GMAT at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. This excellent online MBA offers flexibility. It provides the same academic rigor as the business school’s internationally recognized on-campus MBA program. Enrolled students hone their leadership abilities. They develop high-level communication and analytical skills.

The curriculum helps learners gain valuable expertise in vital areas of business operations. Graduate students learn about accounting, information systems, marketing, finance, and supply chain management. Smith’s online MBA focuses on modern, data-centric strategies and skills. It creates an educational experience with real-world value.

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The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University provides an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Graduate students seeking this program can stand out in their careers with a world-class MBA. It is perfect for experienced working professionals. Program designers modeled it on the nationally recognized residential program.

SMU’s Online MBA allows candidates to pursue a competitive MBA without putting careers on hold. The Cox Online MBA is a rigorous program led by renowned instructors. It is centered on collaboration and analytics. Students enjoy experiential learning through live, online classes. MBA students ready for a quality degree will thrive in this program.

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The School of Business at George Washington University currently features an online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Its Washington, D.C. location highly influences the business school’s Online Master of Business Administration. Private, public, and NGO sectors meet and interact in that environment. Enrolled students can take advantage of institutional and professional relationships in the area. Program leaders give distance-learning students opportunities to immerse themselves in optional four-day residency courses in D.C.

This high-quality degree benefits from class projects and digital course materials. Online students have access to live learning opportunities and co-curricular experiences. It is clear why this no-GMAT online MBA at George Washington University is one of the best in the nation.

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The Raymond A. Mason School of Business at William & Mary provides an excellent online MBA with no required GMAT. Everyone knows that effective leadership in today’s business requires tenacity and creativity. Business leaders need to be excellent problem solvers. The complex, global issues that define contemporary business do not respond to conventional solutions.

The Online MBA program at Mason School of Business imparts essential business knowledge. It builds the dynamic mindset needed to lead in today’s challenging and rapidly evolving business environment. MBA students looking for a no-GMAT program that prepares them for a high-quality career need to look no further.

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The University of Miami’s Herbert Business School provides an excellent online MBA with no required GMAT. This stellar program reflects the uniquely multicultural and future-focused perspective of Miami. The online MBA program from the University of Miami Herbert Business School empowers students. They can transform global business and build deep connections within a thriving ecosystem without putting their careers on hold.

This online MBA is designed to help MBAs build strong connections with classmates and instructors through live online classes, asynchronous coursework, and in-person learning experiences. There are excellent networking events. This advanced business degree with no GMAT boasts advantages one won’t find anywhere else.

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Babson College’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business features a solid online MBA with no GMAT requirement. Enrolled students uncover their full entrepreneurial leadership potential at Babson. Entrepreneurial leaders are sought after across all industries and all levels of an organization. Influential business leaders possess the courage to confront complex issues. Their drive to create both economic and social value is remarkable.

F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business’s Part-Time Flex MBA teaches students how to practice this type of leadership and inspire those around them to become risk managers, exceptional uncertainty navigators, and skilled ambiguity explorers. This no-GMAT degree is designed to fit working professionals’ goals.

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The Neeley School of Business at TCU provides an online MBA with a GMAT waiver. TCU’s evening-only format can be earned on campus or remotely from anywhere a solid internet connection is available. This stellar program is ideal for working professionals. They can keep doing their jobs while preparing for whatever comes next.

Enrolled students learn solid business principles with insight into the local and global challenges and opportunities for careers in energy. They can graduate in less than two years from an AAPL-accredited university. This program is for those who already have a seat at the table or those looking for a way into a leadership role. TCU’s Energy online MBA gives students the credibility they need to get in and move up.

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A top online MBA is delivered at North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management. Poole’s AACSB International-accredited program is powerful and affordable. It is an investment in the future that students can customize to fit their lifestyles. Distance learners can log into classes when and where they like. They can complete the entire program online, with the chance to take face-to-face courses in Raleigh.

This no-GMAT program is STEM-designated with curriculum strengths. It focuses on business analytics, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Enrolled students can customize their degrees and differentiate themselves on the market by completing a certificate program. North Carolina State University has knocked it out of the park with this no-GMAT business degree.

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Consensus Score

The Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University provides a top online MBA with a GMAT waiver. Pepperdine’s excellent curriculum fuses education in strategy, technology, and values-driven leadership. It empowers students to drive meaningful change at work and in the world.

Online MBA students solve real-world business issues for brands like Coca-Cola and Adobe through the business school’s Education to Business program. They focus their degrees on one of seven concentrations. Graziadio Business School students are prepared for today’s business as they are transformed into professionals leading with integrity and driving innovation. This no-GMAT degree is an excellent choice for students qualified for elite business leadership.

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A top online MBA with a GMAT waiver is available at the University of Colorado Boulder’s Leeds School of Business. Business students can gain a top-ranked education and robust network—all while balancing their career and personal commitments. Colorado’s Hybrid MBA features the flexibility of remote coursework during the work week. All enrolled students have access to a solid cohort experience and classroom instruction on Saturdays.

Online MBA students get the same curriculum as the business school’s highly acclaimed Evening MBA program. Program leaders provide stellar enhanced virtual instruction in short videos that can be viewed anywhere and anytime. The Leeds Hybrid MBA gives distance learners an exceptional opportunity with no GMAT requirement.

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The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University features a top-notch online MBA with a GMAT waiver. This online MBA is a healthcare-focused program. Top-ranked Weatherhead School of Management designed it for working healthcare professionals wanting to develop evidence-based business management skills. These MBA students desire to become leaders in the field.

The program provides a comprehensive understanding of business strategy, finance, and accounting in the healthcare industry. MBA students graduate with skills to execute changes in the healthcare system for individuals and society. Online students in the healthcare-focused MBA program experience a 50/50 blend of self-paced and live virtual coursework. This no-GMAT program at Case Western Reserve delivers.

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Recommended Online MBA Programs

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The Hankamer School of Business at Baylor provides an MBA with no GMAT requirement. The Baylor online MBA program is perfect for working professionals desiring high education standards nestled within a flexible schedule. Enrolled students can seamlessly integrate courses into their daily routine while earning an MBA from a nationally acclaimed institution, no matter their location.

MBA students can choose from specializations in Cybersecurity, Executive Communication, Marketing, Global Trade, and Supply Chain Management. These concentrations allow learners to sharpen their knowledge in a focused area. The business school also features a General MBA for broad-based management learning. Pursuing the degree online will enable students to balance personal and professional goals. Baylor’s no-GMAT program is excellent.

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An exemplary MBA with no GMAT requirement is featured at the University of Denver’s Daniels College of Business. The business school’s MBA@Denver is perfect for professionals committed to tackling real-world business issues in today’s workplace. Program leaders work to ensure the MBA fits students’ personal and professional schedules by featuring class start dates four times each year. Students may enroll in January, March, June, or September.

All degree requirements can be satisfied in just 21 months. The Daniels College of Business is constantly innovating to help working professionals lead organizations into the future. This flexible online MBA program allows students to earn an acclaimed business degree.

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Consensus Score

An MBA with an optional GMAT is delivered at Northeastern University’s D’Amore-McKim School of Business. Business professionals working in business today face growing social responsibility and competitive challenges. This program features an advanced design centered on experience-powered learning. Northeastern’s online MBA program develops knowledge, effectiveness, and leadership capabilities more than traditional online MBAs.

Completion of this program translates into powerful impact, capabilities, and confidence. It positions graduates for career acceleration. D’Amore-McKim School of Business is setting a higher standard in its online MBA world so learners can set a higher standard in the business world. Graduates of this no-GMAT degree can establish themselves as agents of innovation within any organization.

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The Kogod School of Business at American University provides an excellent online MBA with no GMAT requirement. MBA@American is a distance degree designed for mid-career professionals wanting to learn strategic management and communication skills. These acquired skills and knowledge will help business leaders advance into leadership roles.

Program designers take an inclusive and forward-thinking approach to business education. They prioritize diversity and recognize that 21st-century development relies on a global perspective. The curriculum emphasizes foundational business practices. It takes advantage of Kogod’s Washington, D.C., location by allowing MBA students to create new connections within the capital city during in-person immersions. This no-GMAT program is perfect for distance learners.

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An online MBA with no GMAT requirement is available at the University of Arizona’s Eller College of Management. The Eller Online MBA program features a perfect combination of academic excellence and course schedule adaptability. The program provides six start date options per year for active professionals. It allows graduate students to finish at any pace that works for them. MBAs can complete their degree in over a year or as many as two and a half years.

Online students will finish with the knowledge and skills that uphold the Eller reputation in the business world. This no-GMAT MBA at the University of Arizona cannot be beaten.

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Rochester Institute of Technology features a no GMAT online MBA at the Saunders College of Business. The business school’s online Executive MBA is perfect for mid-to-upper-level professionals wanting to hone their leadership and business skills. Distance learners can enhance their performance, prepare for more significant responsibilities, and position themselves for future opportunities.

Program architects understand that executive MBA students need more than a simple transfer of management, business theory, and concepts. These elite graduate students need a high level of engagement with instructors and their peers. The chance to discuss, compete and collaborate with managers is essential. This online EMBA delivers the goods.

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Consensus Score

The University of Massachusetts Amherst offers an excellent online MBA program with no GMAT at the Isenberg School of Management. Isenberg’s online MBA is the perfect program for professionals ready to be leaders in their industry. This program combines the quality curriculum of an on-campus Master of Business Administration program with an online program’s flexibility.

Distance learners will appreciate the online MBA’s quality learning focus. The curriculum is tailored to working professionals’ schedules and timetables. This program is highly adaptable to one’s needs and schedule and can be taken 100% online. Applicants wanting to bypass the GMAT may qualify for a waiver. This distance degree is an excellent choice.

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Consensus Score

Bentley University’s McCallum Graduate School of Business offers an online MBA program with no GMAT requirement. Program designers know that professionals shouldn’t put everything on hold to take their careers to the next level. Bentley University created a fast online MBA program designed to transform careers in less than two years.

Bentley’s accelerated distance degree is fast and streamlined. The curated curriculum features a leadership concentration. MBA instructors take the guesswork out of course selection. Students focus on one course at a time. This online MBA features a GMAT waiver and can be completed without sacrificing your job, family, or life.

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Consensus Score

Syracuse University features one of the nation’s best no-GMAT online MBA programs at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. The curriculum is built to reflect real-world business trends. It is continually updated to adapt to the changing business landscape. Enrolled students gain the skills to be influential leaders and tackle tomorrow’s business issues. Students at the beginning of their careers and seasoned professionals benefit.

The online MBA at Syracuse will bring graduate students’ career goals within reach soon. They have access to increased knowledge, leadership opportunities, and an expanded professional network. This no GMAT online MBA is worth a second look.

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Consensus Score

The University of Connecticut offers one of the nation’s best no-GMAT online MBA programs at the School of Business. UConn’s online MBA is customizable. The 42-credit graduate degree program is perfect for students wanting an elite MBA. The School of Business is a top-ranked, accredited institution employing world-renowned instructors. Distance learners take classes from home and wherever their active lives take them.

All classes within this no GMAT program are offered entirely online. The distance degree combines asynchronous courses and synchronous online learning with three hours per week of live coursework. All students take classes as members of a close-knit cohort or individually at their own pace. UConn’s online MBA is an excellent choice.

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Consensus Score

Distance learners will discover an online MBA program with no GMAT at the University of Missouri’s Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. This signature program has been redesigned to ensure it continues to serve talented students. It meets the business world’s demands for career-ready graduates and leads the way in business education.

Crosby MBA students enjoy global access to award-winning Mizzou instructors. They can earn their MBAs at a pace that fits their schedules. The 100% online Crosby MBA has flexible enrollment options for those wanting to pursue their graduate degree part-time. Students can also enroll full-time in this excellent no GMAT online MBA.

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Consensus Score

Stevens Institute of Technology delivers one of the nation’s best online MBA programs with no GMAT at the School of Business. The AACSB accredits the online MBA at Stevens. This program combines business knowledge with analytics and technology. Distance learners can excel in today’s data-centric world. Industry-leading instructors engage with top-tier organizations. This part-time online program offers leadership development, career services, and two on-site immersions in New York City.

Online MBA students build their foundational managerial toolkit. They also acquire analytical and quantitative tools to solve complex issues. The curriculum includes lessons on enhanced data literacy and analytics to make data-driven decisions. This no GMAT online MBA is one of the best.

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Consensus Score

Two online MBA programs with no GMAT is available at Auburn University’s Raymond J. Harbert College of Business. Auburn’s MBA programs are some of the nation’s oldest and most respected degrees in the country. Their Executive MBA program offers an admissions process without a GMAT requirement. In lieu of the scores, applicants for the EMBA and Physicians EMBA participate in an interview.

Auburn’s two EMBA programs offer courses in a blended format. The course curriculum is provided as online learning. Then students get to meet face-to-face during on-campus residencies. Working executives and physicians can balance life’s demands while earning their advanced business degrees. Auburn’s distance degree makes students feel connected to their professors and peers. Auburn’s EMBA programs with no GMAT are hard to beat.

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Consensus Score

Florida International University features an online MBA program with no GMAT at the Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business. FIU is known for its leadership in business education. Its highly-esteemed faculty offers the Professional MBA (PMBA) Online. This degree is considered one of the nation’s best by respected ranking entities.

FIU’s business school is a pioneer in online instruction. The Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business has over twenty years of experience in distance learning. Graduate students receive an exceptional online experience and education. The PMBA Online program is flexible and robust for ambitious students wanting to advance their careers or business.

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Consensus Score

The E. J. Ourso College of Business at Louisiana State University offers one of the nation’s best online MBA programs with no GMAT. LSU Online’s Flores Master of Business Administration encourages experienced professionals to become business leaders. This enterprising track of the Flores MBA Program features a comprehensive curriculum. It strengthens leadership, management, and problem-solving skills.

LSU’s MBA offers a flexible pathway to meet our student’s career goals. Students can curate a program specific to their interests. Each degree features a required core, a customized core, and a set of electives. Specializations in Emerging Technology, Data Analytics, or Healthcare Management are available. This no GMAT degree is stellar.

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Consensus Score

The University of Cincinnati offers an online MBA program with no GMAT at the Carl H. Lindner College of Business. This unique and comprehensive program blends academic, research-intensive learning with real-world experiences. Graduate students are prepared with the skills needed to tackle today’s business issues. Distance learners gain strategic leadership and decision-making skills.

The curriculum exposes students to core accounting, marketing, economics, finance, IT, leadership, operations management, and business analytics skills. Enrolling in online classes means distance learners log on when their schedule allows. This program can be completed in a year. Local learners can take in-person courses at UC’s Uptown Campus. Versatility is the name of the game with this excellent online no GMAT MBA.

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Consensus Score

Clemson University’s College of Business offers an online MBA with no GMAT. Business leaders can accelerate their careers with Clemson’s part-time online MBA. This program is tailored for professionals with two years of work experience. These graduate students can earn more in their current roles or change careers.

Program leaders have adapted the on-campus Corporate MBA curriculum. The online platform lets professionals seeking a leap forward take flexible online MBA courses. Enrolled students can join live classes through video conferencing. They can participate fully or ask questions anytime and watch recordings later. This no-GMAT MBA is where your path to management begins.

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Consensus Score

North Carolina A&T State University features one of the nation’s best online MBA programs with no GMAT at the College of Business and Economics. This program builds a class of students who engage collaboratively as a community of learners. The curriculum encourages students to strive for excellence in research, scholarship, community engagement, and creative expression.
Program architects are committed to structuring a professional graduate business degree that provides a thorough understanding of fundamental business essentials.

Distance learners study economics, marketing, accounting, finance, and management. Core courses are followed by an intensive study in business concentrations, including Accounting, Supply Chain Management, General Management, or Human Resource Management. This excellent online MBA offers qualifying candidates a GMAT waiver.

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Consensus Score

One of the nation’s best online MBA programs with no GMAT is available at Oklahoma State University’s Spears School of Business. OSU’s online MBA is one of the nation’s highest-ranked, most affordable programs. It is designed for motivated, full-time working professionals. Distance learners can actively engage with instructors and fellow students.

All online courses are taught by full-time faculty in the Spears School of Business who instruct on campus. OSU’s program provides flexibility for students. It offers a same high level of academic excellence. The Spears School of Business believes students should have access to high-quality, affordable education. This no GMAT online MBA is no exception.

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Consensus Score

The University of Delaware offers one of the nation’s best online MBA programs with no GMAT at the Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics. Innovative analytic tools and industry insights drive this distance degree. Enrolled students are prepared to succeed in executive leadership roles. The online program offers six concentrations.

Business students have access to specialized majors and electives. The fully online course format means students can study anywhere at any time. This flexible program is ideal for active business professionals driven to succeed in MBA careers. The no GMAT program offers personalized advising and career coaches. Do yourself a favor and investigate this excellent online MBA.

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Consensus Score

What is the GMAT?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is an assessment used by many business schools to evaluate applicants for MBA programs. It is a computer-adaptive test that measures a person’s analytical, quantitative, and verbal skills. Over the course of about three hours, students will traverse four sections in this computer-based test:

  • the Analytical Writing Assessment section,
  • the Quantitative section,
  • the Verbal section, and
  • the Integrated Reasoning section.

For students who excel in studying and taking standardized tests, this is a great way to make an impact in an application. For students who do not take standardized tests well or don’t have the time or money to take the GMAT, this admissions requirement could be a huge hurdle.

Why Should I Look for No-GMAT MBA Programs?

The quick answer on why to look at no-GMAT MBA programs is time and money. Students tend to take two to six months to study for the GMAT. This timetable could set students back a whole year to send in an application.

And not only does the GMAT exam cost several hundred dollars, but test prep can also get pretty pricey as well. Between classes, tutors, books, and apps, it is easy to see the dollars rising.

But beyond time and money, some students cannot perform well on standardized tests. This can happen for many reasons. But those that fall into this group could be at a significant disadvantage when applying to schools that require scores.

For those who don’t have the time to take the GMAT or don’t feel confident about their score, there are several no-GMAT online MBA programs available. These programs are designed for busy professionals who want to earn an MBA without having to take the GMAT exam.

No GMAT? No Problem!

There is promising news for working professionals interested in applying to Online MBA programs. Many of the nation’s best Online MBA programs are adjusting their testing requirements. Some admissions departments are offering qualified applicants placement test waivers, while others are deleting the need entirely from their application process.

Many professionals believe their experience speaks to their management skills and would like to skip tests. Some applicants think they might have better luck with the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) instead of the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). These business school candidates will be happy to hear most top MBA programs no longer sustain GMAT-only test score requirements. Some top schools in Fortune’s ranking of the best online MBA programs feature “flexible” GMAT requirements. These programs accept GMAT or GRE test scores.

It’s typical for online, part-time, and executive MBA programs to skip GMAT scores for applicants. Today, a substantial number of full-time programs have even dropped this requirement. The top-ranked schools indicate a broad trend in MBA admissions policies. This trend started before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been expedited in the past two years.

The Most Prestigious No-GMAT Online MBA Programs

These are some of the most prestigious Online MBA programs that offer admissions with no GMAT requirement. Let’s take a look at their Consensus Scores.

SchoolConsensus Score
University of Southern California100.00
University of Washington95.77
Emory University94.03
Penn State77.65
University of Florida76.05
Washington University in St. Louis75.48
Arizona State University71.35
Boston University70.26
University of Georgia68.25
University of Maryland, College Park66.75
Southern Methodist University60.36
George Washington University52.01
William & Mary45.58
University of Miami40.99
Babson College40.05
Texas Christian University39.69
North Carolina State University37.50
Pepperdine University28.79
University of Colorado Boulder27.22
Case Western Reserve University25.99
Baylor University25.49
University of Denver22.90
Northeastern University21.14
American University20.90
University of Arizona16.24
Rochester Institute of Technology15.40
University of Massachusetts Amherst15.12
Bentley University14.55
Syracuse University14.37
University of Connecticut13.44
University of Missouri12.54
Stevens Institute of Technology10.64
Auburn University10.08
Florida International University9.91
Louisiana State University8.39
University of Cincinnati8.39
Clemson University7.46
North Carolina A&T State University7.46
Oklahoma State University7.46
University of Delaware6.34
The Consensus Score for each program was calculated from ranking data sourced from Bloomberg Businessweek, U.S. News and World Report, Forbes, The Economist, and The Financial Times.

Does the GMAT Inhibit Diversity?

The nation’s best business schools strive for diversity in their incoming cohorts. This diversity includes both the personal and professional backgrounds of their candidates. Maintaining a GMAT requirement can limit the type of students who apply. The GMAT requirement can limit applicants based on finances, location, and those with other standardize test taking barriers.

Is the GMAT the Key to Showcasing Analytic Abilities?

Remembered that most top-ranked MBA programs require students to be analytical and data-driven. Top online MBA programs are interested in attracting people who can handle the quantitative gymnastics that are inherent to the curriculum. Through the admissions process, applicants must demonstrate they can accomplish the quantitative coursework.

Depending on the distance degree they are applying for, some online MBA students may opt for submitting GRE scores. They may choose to go with the Executive Assessment to prove quantitative aptitude. But some seasoned applicants may point to their stellar job experience as evidence of their abilities instead of standardized test scores.

If the GMAT isn’t the Answer, What Can I Lean on for B-School Applications?

There was a time when virtually every online MBA program in the nation required its incoming students to take the GMAT or GRE. Candidates would check which test, or tests, the business schools on their list accepted and would prepare to take the GMAT or GRE. These tests can be taken multiple times. Business schools generally accept your most recent score.

Many factors work into the equation for acceptance. Low scores will almost always keep a business school candidate from being accepted into an MBA. But excellent test scores don’t automatically get applicants into the school of their choice. So, if the GMAT isn’t the key to admission, what can students work on?

Focusing Your Energy on Other Application Components:

  • Undergraduate Transcript
  • Resume
  • Essays
  • Interview
  • Letters of Recommendation

How do Undergraduate Transcripts Affect Admissions?

Many business schools are more interested in one’s junior and senior year grades than an applicant’s overall GPA. Your college or university’s academic reputation and the difficulty of the programs students work through are significant factors in evaluating the breadth and depth of undergraduate transcripts.

Discerning business schools will look closely at students’ performance in quantitative courses like statistics, calculus, and microeconomics. There is a quantitative nature in many MBA courses. Admissions representatives feel that those classes are good indicators of future success in grad school. MBA candidates lacking quantitative courses as undergraduates should consider taking some before they apply. Applicants who performed poorly in these classes may also choose to retake them.

How do Résumés Affect Admissions?

Most b-school applicants have between four-to-ten years of substantial professional experience. Résumés are evaluated to see how these professionals measure up to each other. Online MBA candidates should include as much information about their accomplishments as possible. They need to highlight what team experience they have and their leadership capabilities.

A robust resume will also include the finer points of quantifiable results of completed projects. These may consist of

  • what revenue was earned,
  • what work hours were saved,
  • what deliverables were reached, and
  • other relevant metrics.

Listing community service and other notable activities will work to show admissions representatives that a candidate has well-rounded academic, professional, and personal experience.

How do Essays Affect Admissions?

A well-crafted MBA essay provides a window into who the professional is as a person. Essays must work together to present a compelling and consistent picture of who you are and what you can bring to the table. Admissions representatives are looking for students who are

  • well-rounded,
  • engaging, and
  • likely to make a contribution to the program, in and out of the classroom.

Business school essay topics vary. You can expect to be asked to describe a personal learning experience. You may be asked to explain how you plan to bring diversity to the class. You will also need to write about your reasons for pursuing an MBA at the business school.

How do Interviews Affect Admissions?

Business schools use the MBA interview to find out about you beyond the grades and scores. Some use them to screen all applicants. Others use them to evaluate applicants in the “possibly” pile.

It would help if you acted quickly to schedule interviews. Admissions representatives lack the time and staff to interview all candidates. You want to avoid having your application decision delayed. If several months go by, your resume could get placed in a more competitive round. This result can happen if your interview is scheduled late in the filing period.

How do Letters of Recommendation Affect Admissions?

Admissions departments use recommendation letters to reinforce and support what they’re noticing in the rest of your application. Schools will request a professional or academic reference. Academic references should be people who can evaluate your performance in educational environments. It’s preferable to ask an instructor or mentor who knows you instead of a famous instructor who only knows your name.

For professional references, seek out professionals and academics who can evaluate your performance on multiple levels. A personal or specific letter from a middle manager serves you better than an impersonal one from an organization’s CEO.

Advise your recommendation writers on themes and qualities you are highlighting in your application. Ask them to include real-life examples of your performance to develop their points. As with interviews, early preparation is vital. Ensure you are giving your recommenders enough time to draft a thoughtful letter. Do not spring deadlines on them without advance warning.

The Takeaway

Spending time on these components of your online MBA program application will reap many benefits. Business school admissions experts will be looking over these resources if they do not require the GMAT or other placement test scores during the application process. It is important that you have these documents professionally written and submitted as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of admission into a top No-GMAT Online MBA.

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