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Best MBA Admissions Consulting Firms 2024 Top Admissions Con­sul­tants for MBA Students

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Tammie Cagle is a writer, editor, entrepreneur, and certified academic life coach. Tammie received her bachelor’s degree from Texas A & M University-College Station and her MBA from Marylhurst University.
Best MBA Admissions

While the admissions process to top MBA programs can be stressful, prospective students do not have to navigate the process on their own. There are many experienced and helpful MBA Admissions Consulting Firms that can provide business school candidates with helpful information to guide them with applications, essay writing, and even placement tests. But top MBA Admissions Consultants don’t just help in the minute details; they can help students see the big picture. Students can gain a lot of advice on how their long-term professional goals should influence their MBA prospects. Top consulting firms help MBA students connect their why and their how when seeking an MBA acceptance letter.

Best MBA Admissions Consulting Firms

Free websites, resources, and personal relationships cannot provide advantages that can only be gleaned from working with a competent advisor. MBA applicants will discover that a good advisor will offer leadership, analytical skills, editing ability, objectivity, practical judgment, and emotional intelligence. They can also serve as collaborative team members who provide encouragement and emotional support when needed.


To find the Best MBA Admissions Consulting Firms for 2024 we researched the leading consulting firms helping MBA students get into the MBA programs of their dreams. We reviewed rankings and reviews from trusted MBA sources like Poets & Quants, the Graduate Management Admissions Council, MBA Insights, Crush the GRE, the San Diego Magazine, the Exam Strategist, and the Accounting Institute for Success. We then identified the consensus top firms in the nation. Each firm received a star rating based on the number of sources in which they were positively reviewed (i.e. 5 positive reviews=5 stars). Firms with the same star rating are listed in alphabetical order.

Featured MBA Admission ConsultantsAdmissionadoVeritas Prep/Varsity TutorsStacy Blackman Consulting
Full-Service Package Price $3,250$2,650$7,300
Free ConsultationCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.
1-on-1 optionsCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.
Financing OptionsXXX
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Here are the nation’s Best MBA Admissions Consulting Firms.

Stacy Blackman Consulting’s process begins with accurately matching clients and consultants based on goals, histories, and needs. Some consultants have a sweet spot for accountants, while others excel with non-traditional applicants. Just like its clients, Blackman consultants’ backgrounds and perspectives vary. All clients are matched with someone who believes in their candidacy and is excited to work with them. Clients can review bios before they are paired and speak with potential consultants to feel completely comfortable. The MBA admission consulting firm doesn’t begin an engagement or accept payment until clients think they have been paired with the perfect match.

Stacy Blackman Consulting adheres to the “All-In” philosophy. Going All-In means clients are saying yes to making their hopes a reality. Going All-In puts them on the path to having the future they deserve. Going All-In means MBA students believing in themselves, their talent, and their potential.


Applying to a top MBA program can be overwhelming. Business school candidates want to gain acceptance to a top MBA program that will prepare them for successful business futures. However, you may be wondering if you have what it takes to get accepted to a prestigious business school. Therefore, Accepted specializes in MBA admissions. Its MBA admissions consulting experts can guide graduate school hopefuls through the MBA admissions process and help them create the most robust possible application.

Accepted’s comprehensive package includes school ranking evaluation, essay strategy, resume critique, editing of all essays, letters of recommendation guidance, decision counseling, interview prep, final application review, and waitlist support. This entity’s staff collectively has over half a century of admissions experience, and they are more than happy to share that with their clients. To start the process, candidates submit a resume and academic information, and then Accepted matches clients with one of its consultants. The team discusses matters like options, personal background, goals, community service, extracurricular activities, and concerns and weaknesses with the consultant who guides the application process. This best of the best admission consulting firm is an excellent choice for tomorrow’s MBA students.


Scores of competitive applicants come to Admissionado with incredible profiles, stories, and potential. But often, when organizational leaders hear them describe what they consider their best-selling points are, there is a fundamental misalignment with what admissions teams are desiring. There is no guarantee that candidates who “have the right stuff” can communicate it well enough for admissions representatives to see it as a good fit for their MBA programs.

Admissionado helps clients make their case legible and convincing, so their future success feels enticing and bankable. MBA programs are looking for future success. Knowing which traits to communicate and how to sell them is what makes Admissionado’s approach to MBA admissions consulting elite. Its team of MBA admissions consultants improves chances of acceptance. The 98% client success rate does not lie. Since they understand what motivates admissions committees, Admissionado representatives help bring clients’ most salient virtues to the gatekeepers’ attention. This admission consulting firm is remarkable.


mbaMission realizes MBA candidates have questions as they prepare to apply to their target business schools. What are their chances of being admitted? How can they differentiate themselves from other applicants? What is the best way to showcase their accomplishments while mitigating their weaknesses? Potential clients can start getting answers to all their questions by taking advantage of mbaMission’s free 30-minute consultation with an expert from its Senior Consultant team.

No matter where MBA candidates are in the application process, mbaMission can provide clients with actionable feedback that will help them improve their MBA applications. They need to provide some basic information about their candidacy upload their resumes, and mbaMission will contact clients within one business day to schedule a free half-hour consultation. Clients should think of their free consultation as an initial half-hour meeting with an expert admissions consultant. What they discuss during the session is ultimately up to them—whether it is a profile evaluation to identify school selection, strengths, and weaknesses, reapplication strategies, or anything else entirely. This admission consulting firm has it all.


MBA Exchange was founded in 1996, so it has overseen years of admissions cycles for MBA students as an organization. While the competition has only increased through the years, the fundamental goal remains unaltered: convincing the admissions committees that clients are more motivated, better qualified, and more valuable than the individuals competing against them for a seat in a high-quality MBA program.

Leaders at the admission consulting firm believe that when business school applicants reach a certain age, they add one vital dimension to their arsenals of weaponry: context. The same can be said for admissions consulting firms as MBA Exchange realizes how valuable context is to proper analysis. So, it prioritizes, cultivates, and harnesses it through internal training and discussions into an ever-improving service that gets results. Clients of this service can expect a one-on-one mentorship experience and the best in MBA admissions consulting.


Leaders at Fortuna Admissions focus on goal development, candidacy positioning, and interview coaching. Designed to guide clients carefully through the entire application process, Fortuna Admissions MBA packages draw on its team’s industry experience as Directors and Associate Directors of Admissions at the best business schools worldwide. It recommends its Comprehensive Package or Premium Package Upgrade services for the highest impact. The Comprehensive Package includes working with a dedicated Expert Coach throughout the process, with input from its resume specialist and a mid-point review of clients’ entire application by a former Admissions Director.

Fortuna Coaches have led from senior positions at the nation’s best MBA programs. They are uniquely qualified to help MBA candidates maximize their chances of gaining a coveted place in an elite business school. Clients choose the Premium Package Upgrade to get the extensive support of Fortuna’s complete Comprehensive MBA Package plus help from a former Admissions Director. Fortuna leaders work with clients and expert coaches on application strategy development and conduct a full review of all MBA application materials at both first and final draft stages. This admission consulting firm has a lot to offer.


MBA Prep School clients beat the MBA admissions odds annually because the admission consulting firm has assembled a squad of the best MBA admissions experts in the industry. This entity exists to help its clients develop their application strategy and story by creating MBA applications that result in admissions interview invitations and acceptance letters from the world’s elite business schools.

MBA Prep School’s admissions consulting services are designed to strengthen an applicant’s MBA candidacy in all the areas that MBA admissions officers care about. Clients can partner with MBA application experts to perfect their MBA recommendation letters, essays, résumé, and admissions interview approaches. Wharton, Stanford, Harvard, and other elite MBA programs want the best and brightest worldwide. MBA Prep School admissions consultants identify the exact things that will set an MBA application apart from other candidates. From there, it takes clients through a proven program that will make them the strongest MBA candidate they can be. Each season, over 85% of MBA Prep School clients are admitted to one of their top-choice business schools.


Stratus Admissions Counseling is a top-notch admissions counseling firm committed to helping future MBA students achieve their dreams of going to business school and earning an excellent business degree. Stratus has helped thousands of clients from more than 50 countries with its unique team-based approach. The admission consulting firm’s expert counselors are graduates of MIT, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, Duke, and other respected top universities.

Stratus operates as a dedicated team, working on all aspects of its clients’ applications. Program leaders believe that every applicant deserves a unique and personalized approach, efficiently developed and strategically designed to make their application stand out among the thousands of others worldwide. Before clients begin working on their applications, they discuss their profile and plans with a Strategist who helps them develop a personalized application strategy. Primary Counselors then look at the big picture of clients’ candidacy and work directly with them on everything from brainstorming to interview preparation and essay development. Stratus Admissions Counseling is an excellent choice for tomorrow’s MBA students.


Many business school applicants discover that the MBA application process is riddled with time-consuming and complex hoops to jump through. ARINGO exists to help candidates produce the best results. It offers services, including school selection to develop submission strategies, writing submission documents including resumes, letters of recommendation, essays, and school interview preparation.

Thanks to ARINGO’s proven process, over 90% of ARINGO clients have enjoyed acceptance into at least one business school of their choice, and thanks to the top-notch applications, they often receive scholarships. But how does ARINGO consistently achieve the best results in business education? ARINGO’s process includes personal guidance from a Senior Consultant and additional support from its team of experts, comprised of graduates and ex-admission team members of the nation’s leading MBA programs. ARINGO also employs career coaches and experienced writers. Its process is tailored to each candidate according to her needs. Rather than a single strategy for all, all clients are considered on their own merits to create distinct, top-notch applications.


Menlo Coaching markets itself as a professional MBA admissions consulting firm that brings out the very best in its clients. This experienced and knowledgeable MBA admissions consulting team helps candidates push for more, find their voice, and tell their stories in the most compelling way possible.

Organization leaders realize it is natural to have blind spots when considering strengths and weaknesses. Business school applicants may also doubt that admissions officers at their target programs are interested in what you have to say. The MBA admissions consultants at Menlo are experts at getting their clients through that. Whether they think their experience is too traditional or not traditional enough, this consulting team will help clients present an honest, strategically crafted profile that maximizes their chances of admission into their target MBA program. Applicants lacking an MBA network may find it challenging to figure out where to start and what they might be missing. Menlo will help its clients gain access to high-quality MBA programs.


Leaders at Personal MBA Coach take the time to get to know each client personally as they go through the journey together. It all starts with a deep analysis of the MBA prospect’s background, identifying objectives, and thoroughly developing the client’s personal story. This admission consulting firm’s no-nonsense approach ensures nothing falls through the cracks. Its feedback is honest, immediate, and non-sugar coated.

Personal MBA Coach has built a reputation as an entity that pushes its clients hard, and the work pays off. Former clients have gained acceptance into every elite business school in the world, including Harvard Business School, Darden, Stanford GSB, Wharton, MIT Sloan, Chicago Booth, Kellogg, Columbia Business School, Cornell Johnson, Berkeley Haas, Dartmouth Tuck, Yale SOM, Michigan Ross, Duke Fuqua, and more. This entity reports a success rate of over 95%. It works with applicants applying to full-time, Executive, and part-time MBA programs.


Avanti Prep’s services combine key elements of the MBA application process in a way that most effectively and comprehensively meets clients’ needs. The brand’s hourly services can be easily applied to any part of the application process — no matter where business school prospects are in their MBA journey. Avanti Prep helps students prepare for their interviews with thorough school-specific mock interviews and question-by-question coaching-and-feedback sessions that are proven to help.

Program leaders combine an unparalleled level of personal care, commitment, and attention to detail with experience across MBA admissions, messaging, coaching, storytelling, and writing – all to unlock and deliver the best from its clients. Former clients of Avanti Prep have shared glowing reviews within their experiences and success stories. Clients have been awarded significant scholarships to top schools and admission to MBA programs throughout the nation’s best. In recent years, program leaders have met with thousands of applicants worldwide. Every applicant has a story to tell and unique challenges to overcome in gaining admission to their dream MBA programs. Avanti Prep is here to help.


Gatehouse Admissions exists as a boutique admissions firm that employs elite MBA admissions experts. This firm takes pride in its team members’ compassion, caliber, and coaching skills. Its consultants have earned MBAs from three of the nation’s most competitive business schools: Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard Business School (HBS), and the Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB). Gatehouse leaders believe that the key to effectively coaching clients through an MBA’s application process—let alone a top-ranked one—lies in successfully navigating it oneself.

As MBAs, company leaders are driven, ambitious, and focused on reaching Gatehouse’s singular goal: its clients’ acceptance into their target business schools. As coaches, they are passionate about helping others understand and realize their potential. Gatehouse clients benefit not only from its having already walked the path they are just now beginning but also from its relentless and collaborative focus on ensuring that its processes, tools, and insights are the industry’s best.


Ivy Groupe is an industry-leading boutique MBA admissions consulting firm that, since its inception, has successfully guided clients as they gain entry to elite MBA programs. Ivy Groupe’s mission is to help MBA prospects tell their story to business schools so they can impact the world and achieve their dreams. At the core of its work with clients is a priority of authenticity – this is sourced from a deep-rooted belief that every client who applies to business school has a unique story to tell.

Business school students desiring to stand out need to be true to themselves. If they want to differentiate themselves, they need to approach the application process with their hearts. If they’re going to be memorable, their human element must be revealed. Admissions experts at Ivy Groupe dig deep to unearth clients’ unique attributes and use that as the foundation to help them develop and connect the dots in their stories. Utilizing proven strategies, MBA consultants at Ivy Groupe work closely with MBA prospects to help them stand out and achieve their ultimate goal – acceptance to dream business schools.


MBA Admit’s credentials are impressive. The admission consulting firm brings over twenty-five years of advising experience, inside exposure to Harvard admissions, and top-shelf writing skills perfected at Oxford and Harvard. This company is led by a team of advisors who are MBA graduates of Yale School of Management, Harvard Business School, Columbia Business School, Wharton, and Stanford Business School. They also possess top business experience through Morgan Stanley and McKinsey & Company.

The results speak for themselves as over 95% of MBA Admit’s comprehensive clients earned admission to one of their top three targeted schools. Additionally, many clients received unsolicited scholarships to their ultimate business schools. All MBA clients work directly with President Dr. Shel Watts, a Harvard College and Oxford University graduate. By working with clients at MBA, Dr. Shel Watts draws on Harvard’s admissions experience. This admission consulting firm is worth a second look.


Alex Leventhal leads prep MBA. He has been an MBA Admissions consultant for nearly twenty years. As one of the most experienced professionals in this industry, he has helped hundreds of MBA applicants gain acceptance into a highly ranked MBA program. Before addressing essays, Alex interviews clients to help them identify their qualities and stories. These are the ingredients to winning essays and successful behavioral interviewing, as admissions committees look for a compelling mix of achievements, emotion, industry vision, and character-driven choices. Admissions essays map out these important stories and insights.

The recommendation letters, resume, and interviewing strategy will complement the overall positioning. Hence, the MBA programs see candidates as inspiring, consistent people and not a primary aggregate of GPAs, test scores, and job descriptions. Over many years of helping clients, Prep MBA has developed a knowledge management system of resumes and essays compiled from successful applications to the very best schools in the nation. Prep MBA is one of the best admission consulting firms out there.


The experts at Square One Prep understand applying to business schools can feel overwhelming. They make the time candidates spend on apps rewarding. Square One Prep’s client reviews reflect that fact. Its clients are from all types of professions and worldwide. Over half of its customers are from outside the U.S. While all business school candidates have application challenges, they, too, have unique stories to tell. Square One Prep leaders have an unmatched team and approach to guiding customers to success. Business school applicants can take a deep breath and relax.

Business schools teach that diverse teams develop the most impactful solutions. Square One Prep’s diverse team ensures clients craft the most impactful applications. This admissions consulting firm is one of the most diverse among admissions organizations. The team is the most rigorous and hands-on. It is comprised of advisors, career narrative experts, and former MBA admissions officers. Square One Prep will lead the way to MBA admissions success.


Vantage Point MBA clients partner with the entity because its process works. The admission consulting firm’s consultants work with an average of only four clients at a time (the lowest ratio in the industry). This is Vantage Point MBA’s passion: it personally invests in each person it works with, and its firm only works with a limited number of clients annually, so it can give them all the time, attention, and guidance they need to be competitive.

This firm provides hourly services, comprehensive packages, and Amplify packages. Comprehensive Packages include everything and as much time as clients need to apply to the number of schools they select. Vantage Point MBA admissions consultants walk clients through each stage of the process, ensuring they optimize their chances of success at each step. Amplify Packages are designed for future MBA students seeking support with specific aspects of the application process. Whichever package you choose, Vantage Point MBA has a lot to offer.


Admissions Gateway started as a passion project. The organization’s founder, Rajdeep, applied to many business schools without gaining admission. The following year, he gained acceptance to his five top schools. His story laid the foundation of the Admissions Gateway counseling approach. It exists to provide top-quality and affordable consulting services. The organization has been in business for over a decade. It has three consultants on P&Q and two part-time admissions experts on staff.

This organization works with applicants from over twenty-five countries. Admissions Gateway helps them apply to the top 15 U.S. business schools and the top five European schools. This company stresses engagement. It has a high-touch model and invests much time in understanding its applicants’ life stories. All work is performed one-on-one through conversation instead of email exchange. Admissions Gateway enjoys a 99% track record in seeing re-applicants succeed. This statistic is a high measure of quality. Reach out to Admissions Gateway and see how they can help you reach your goals.


Admit Advantage covers all elements of the MBA application process. It helps future business students figure out the why, perfect the interviews, and go beyond what other organizations provide. It provides business school services with a customized admissions strategy. All customers receive a bespoke application strategy leveraging their experiences, aspirations, and decisions for success. After talking to other firms, you will discover this is a different approach. At the same time, others use formulas that are different from Admit Advantage’s style. Program leaders want business school candidates to get admitted and succeed once they get there.

Admit Advantage has a proven track record. Alum of the nation’s most competitive business schools include Chicago (Booth), Harvard, and Northwestern (Kellogg). Program leaders have assisted clients for over ten years to enter business programs. The firm’s step-by-step approach means candidates can take their time and give representatives much information during a free consultation. Candidates ready to get going quicker can reach out with an expedited process. This MBA admissions consultant is a good one.


Amerasia is a boutique provider of MBA graduate admissions consulting services. Leaders within this organization advise professionals interested in applying to top-tier MBA programs worldwide. The entity also partners with high school students and their families when they apply to top undergraduate universities in the United States. Amerasia Consulting Group’s Full Engagement Service is a complete MBA admission consulting service for top MBA program candidates.

Clients can get started by initial scheduling consultations. Services provided include essay coaching. Clients, with their consultants, go through unlimited editing drafts of each essay. Resume building results in a business school resume prepared to maintain a consistent client message. Recommendation coaching includes guidance on generating effective letters of recommendation. Other parts of the service include mock interviewing, waitlist guidance, financial aid help, acceptance and resignation planning, and a review of the final submission package. All Full Engagement programs are led by expert admissions consultants who serve as managers during the client life cycle. Amerasia offers a lot of services at a good value.


ApplicantLab is an admissions consulting firm that works through an online platform providing expert guidance for business school applicants to elite MBA programs at an affordable price, thus leveling the playing field of business education. ApplicantLab was created by Maria Wich-Vila, a Harvard Business School alum with a decade-plus of admissions consulting experience. Maria condensed her years of expertise into an easy-to-use tool to help future business school students put their best foot forward in business school applications.

This program is the perfect fit for applicants who work long hours and need late-night advice as hourly consultants might not be there when clients need them. However, ApplicantLab’s on-demand app lets clients get the direction they need on their schedules, day or night. The admission consulting firm has helped hundreds of clients get into the top MBA school of their dreams. Whatever their educational background, work experience, or industry, chances are — ApplicantLab has helped them get into business school.


ARLee Consulting offers end-to-end MBA admissions coaching to help future MBAs get accepted to their dream schools. The successful admission consulting firm was established in 2017 by Alex Ruiz Lee after he spent five years as a successful independent admissions consultant. Ruiz is a non-traditional HR Executive Director with a background in Management Consulting and Technology. He holds an MBA from INSEAD and is the former Director and Head of HR of Samsung’s most significant subsidiaries worldwide. Ruiz’s experience gives him an edge over many admissions consultants as he started coaching applicants after completing his MBA.

ARLee specializes in MBA, Executive MBA (EMBA), and other graduate programs. Interested business school students can reach out to ARLee for a free evaluation of their profile and a detailed discussion about their future. Program leaders can guide clients and be there for them throughout the entire application process. Counselors are available via phone, Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, and other communication platforms for questions and concerns. This top-notch admission consulting firm has all bases covered.


The admissions experts at Career Protocol help ambitious leaders achieve their dreams. They are Career Coaches who help people ready for business school fulfill their potential. The firm uses its knowledge and experience to mentor customers with a shared goal: making the world better through kindness, purpose, and joy. Career Protocol teaches that it’s “the route to being happy at work and beyond!” The organization’s mission is to help business school candidates leave a distinctive, lasting, and positive mark on the world through their careers.

Career Protocol’s Founder is Angela Guido. The firm’s CEO is Vanessa Guido. They share a passion for helping others and are dedicated to achieving their goals. They have over four decades of mentoring and professional coaching experience. They approach projects with patience and kindness. This organization’s mission is to help people transform their careers and embrace the best version of themselves—contact Career Protocol when you are serious about business school.


‘Holistic’ and ‘Specialist’ are the two terms that describe the approach taken by Experts’ Global. Clients work with a team of specialist Mentors, including an Advising Mentor and a Writing Mentor. These professionals define the theme of application and choice of schools, then guide in preparing impactful and impeccable essays. An Applications Mentor then helps the client fill out the online application, resumes, and recommendation letters. Interview Mentors help with rigorous interview preparations.

This program’s result is an authentic, holistic admissions direction that leads to a smooth experience with robust results. Before they enroll, clients get an exhaustive profile evaluation conducted. They receive a Guarantee Statement of the Least Possible Admits and Scholarships. In the unlikely scenario that the Guarantee Statement needs to be met despite their due cooperation, the client’s fee is refunded. Experts’Global is one of the best admissions consultant firms in the nation.


MBA and Beyond is an admission consulting firm that functions as a strategic partner in one’s MBA admissions journey, from planning to execution of essays, letters of recommendation, CVs, and interview preparation. MBA counselors are alumni of top-shelf business schools like Wharton, INSEAD, and Stanford. MBA and Beyond’s counselors are experts at helping business school candidates start their MBA admissions adventure with a purpose.

Brand leaders believe every MBA applicant is unique and has a particular purpose with her graduate degree in business. The MBA admissions consulting extensive process guarantees that all applications are 100% unique, even if candidates belong to overrepresented pools. MBA and Beyond counselors invest many hours in understanding the uniqueness of clients’ profiles and mapping out their journeys. The admission consulting firm works with a limited number of applicants in each application cycle. It believes in quality over quantity.


myEssayReview is a dedicated, affordable, personalized consulting service for B-school and MBA applicants. Poonam Tandon is the organization’s founder. She has three decades of experience as an Indian English teacher in the U.S. Tandon founded myEssayReview in 2011. She provides highly personalized and dedicated consulting services to tomorrow’s business leaders. Poonam is a PhD in English. She has supported hundreds of students getting accepted into top MBA, EMBA, and other U.S. Masters programs. She has also helped business school students in Europe, Canada, and Asia.

Poonam is a full-time consultant. She works directly with each client to maintain the quality she is known for. myEssayReview works with only six clients at a time. For over a decade, Poonam has achieved success with her students. Ninety percent of her students have been accepted into their top 20 B-schools. Many students have received scholarships from prestigious schools internationally. myEssayReview will help you create a stellar application to get into business school.


Sam Weeks Consulting is a boutique business school admissions consultancy firm. It offers top-quality MBA application support to ambitious and determined applicants. The organization provides honest resume reviews, quality essay editing, helpful mock interviews, and personalized GMAT tutoring. Admissions experts at Sam Weeks work with clients live through Zoom. They edit shared Google docs to avoid emailing edits back and forth. Throughout the consulting process, advisors and clients get to know each other. They form layers of the candidate’s story and work to generate the most powerful content.

The experts at Sam Weeks Consulting provide excellent MBA admissions support. Clients choosing the “3 School” package receive all services, which include unlimited essay editing and four mock interviews. A complete fee is only charged if clients receive interview offers. The “1 School” package includes all services with unlimited essay editing and four mock interviews. Clients are billed only after receiving an interview offer. Sam Weeks Consulting is a top-notch admissions consultant.


Sia Admissions offers its future MBA student clients expert guidance that helps them know what to do and how to do it every step of the way. Making clients’ goals its priority is why Sia leaders are as much a partner as a coach. The admission consulting firm aims to help business school candidates discover, develop, craft, and manage their entire application process. As such, Sia Admissions put together a personalized game-plan that removes all the guesswork, so its clients can move forward into the MBA program of their dreams.

Students are encouraged to nurture their strengths to target a school that will pay future dividends. It aims to help b-school candidates succeed long-term. Sia Admissions is purposeful in assisting clients to select programs that meet their aspirational requirements and are nurturing environments that will empower MBA students for future business success long-term. Clients can expect to stand out as they craft the narrative that gets them accepted.


Education experts in the U.S. and U.K. founded the Red Pen. Admission experts understand the confusion and misconceptions that arise while navigating global MBA programs. The Red Pen bridges the knowledge gap in the MBA education systems. Its goal is to empower B-school candidates with information about international MBA education opportunities. It guides candidates through the complex admissions process. TRP MBA specialists and consultants focus on helping clients find business schools with MBA programs that align with their backgrounds, financial situations, aspirations, and academic achievements.

Admissions experts at The Red Pen work to understand their applicants to provide personalized guidance throughout the college search and application process. They ensure the best fit. Namita Mehta and Dr. Kimberly Wright Dixit lead T.R.P. A talented team of over 100 members possesses a combined experience of seventy years. Consultants are from diverse backgrounds and life experiences. Reach out to The Red Pen and see what they can do for you.


While college admissions departments continue adapting to new realities, standing out among the competition is more important than ever. That’s where Varsity Tutors can help. Each member of its team has years of experience on top-tier admissions committees. Using its detailed Profile Review, Varsity Tutors experts match students with the right experts for their unique needs. The firm’s Comprehensive Package puts invaluable resources in clients’ hands and unmatched expertise on their side.

Varsity Tutors’ packages include a dedicated consultant who works with candidates on every aspect of their applications. Financial aid specialists help maximize clients’ financial aid opportunities. There is a final application review by a top team of admissions experts. Students also get guidance crafting compelling narratives that stand out and a timeline to help manage schedules and deadlines. Candidates seeking college admissions advice should try one of the large or small group classes of Varsity Tutors. This is an excellent admissions consulting firm.

Featured MBA Admission ConsultantsAdmissionadoVeritas Prep/Varsity TutorsStacy Blackman Consulting
Full-Service Package Price $3,250$2,650$7,300
Free ConsultationCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.
1-on-1 optionsCheck mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.Check mark, Wingdings font, character code 254 decimal.
Financing OptionsXXX
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Special Awards

After researching all the top MBA Admissions Consulting Firms, there are a few organizations that really stand out and deserve special acknowledgment.


Most Affordable

The Affordability of the top Admissions Consulting Firms generally runs from a few thousand dollars to almost ten thousand. This is because intentional one-on-one expert services demand top dollar, especially when the ROI is so significant, as with a top MBA degree. But there are a few organizations that stand out for offering top services at affordable prices.

  • MBA Admit stands out as having the most affordable comprehensive package. Their affordable basic package offers strategy sessions, essay brainstorming, essay editing, resume feedback, and phone and email support. All this is offered at the most affordable price.
  • The ApplicantLab offers application support that everyone can afford. While the ApplicantLab does not offer one-on-one support, they have curated a service from years of consulting. Their tips and guidance are the perfect place for students who are not able to afford thousands of dollars.

Most Services

Admissions Consulting Firms are known for the comprehensive packages that support students. These packages are extensive but also expensive. They are a big commitment. What about the students who are not ready or not able to commit to a huge package? There are organizations that go above and beyond to offer students opportunities on their own terms.

  • MBA Exchange is the MBA admissions consulting firm that goes above and beyond with its offerings. They not only offer comprehensive packages but an a la carte list of 17 services! This allows students to pick and choose what they need, can commit time to, and afford.

Highest Client Success Rate

MBA Admissions Consulting Firms have a complicated view of success rates (and guarantees, but we will get into that below). Let us be clear: success rates cannot give students a comparative view of success in using services versus those without. It cannot give a percentage chance into a particular target school. But if done well, what it can give is a view of consulting firms meeting individual goals that they set out to meet.

  • Experts’Global touts a very bold success rate of 100%. But if you look at their account of the success, it is not fickle or superficial. In their words: “We know, beforehand, what we are promising to our students and whether we will be able to deliver the same. Every time a student adheres to our mentoring and recommendations, results follow.” They are thoughtful in what they offer, taking into account the student and their goals, and then they are clear about the expectations of the student.

Best Guarantee

Offering a guarantee in the world of MBA Admissions Consulting is a controversial topic. Let’s be clear: no one is going to guarantee that a student will get into any particular business school. There are just too many factors at play, which is why most organizations do not offer one. But then you find MBA Admissions Consulting Firms that are able to offer a guarantee for applicants to stand on.

  • Stratus Admissions Counseling is a firm that stands out with a great guarantee. Again, while they do not make admissions promises that they can’t keep, they guarantee their investment and commitment in each student’s life. This means students who work with them with four applications can know that if they don’t gain an acceptance to one of those four schools, Stratus will work with them with two more schools at no extra cost!

Most Freebies

If you are new to the world of MBA Admissions Consulting Firms, let me be the one to give you the good news: most of these organizations on this list offer a myriad of free resources. Resources include e-books, podcasts, tips, essay examples, cheat sheets, and more. It is a treasure trove.

  • Varsity Tutors is the organization that stands out in this category. While there are so many great freebies to consider, Varsity Tutors is the only one that offers free live classes! Taking a live class can give so much breadth and depth to every topic. Do you need to work on your writing skills? Do you need an overview of financial accounting before your MBA? Do you need to work on your communication before an interview? Varsity Tutors has more than just a video or a tip; they offer free live courses with knowledgeable instructors.

Notable Admissions Consultants

This whole ranking is based on the top MBA Admissions Consulting Firms available. But did you know that there are actually individual consultants that garner attention?


Best Accessibility

It is no secret that the business world in America tends to not only advance but also tailor their practices to the dominant culture. This shows itself through advantages based on gender, race, ability, and sexuality, among other things. The only proof needed is the homogeneity that can be seen at the top. It is important that business schools and organizations that feed into business schools, like admissions consultants, be aware and make advances in DEI.

  • ARINGO was the MBA Admissions Consulting Firm that stood out in this category. ARINGO offers a Listen to Page Feature on many of their pages. This feature is an important bridge in accessibility. It could be easily overlooked, but it stands out as the only firm offering this service on its website. It reminds me that while things might seem simple, it still takes intentionality. Offering a feature like this isn’t an accident. It is a deliberate action to break down walls.

Top Reasons for Working with an MBA Consulting Firm

Business school prospects applying for an MBA have probably heard of MBA consultant firms.
MBA consulting firms are professional organizations that understand the MBA application process in-depth. They are in the business of helping MBA candidates develop solid strategies that give them a better chance of being accepted into their choice MBA programs. Three critical ways MBA consultants can help include:

  • Developing Application Strategies
  • Creating Strategies for Essays
  • Helping Prepare for Interviews

Developing Application Strategies

Once you have decided an MBA is the next step in your career path, you will want to take the time to form an educated MBA application strategy. This well-constructed game plan will help you obtain your goals as effectively as possible. One of the first needs you’ll address is school selection: strategically deciding on which schools to apply to while keeping in mind how your experience and measurables compare to other business school candidates (in other words, how “competitive” your application will be within each program).

Deciding on how many programs to apply to is vital

The number of business schools you should target depends on how essential it is to begin an MBA program next year. Some candidates, who are early in their careers, choose to apply to one to three dream schools, knowing that they’ll be content working full-time for another year (thereby continuing to enhance their MBA candidacies) if not selected.

If your priority is to start a program as soon as possible, consider applying to up to seven schools. There will always be elements of unpredictability in the admissions process. Even if your background soars well above the class profile at your target schools, never bank on being admitted to any given program. Applying to a more significant number of programs is the best way to ensure that you can start an MBA on your preferred timeline.

Factors to consider when deciding where to apply:

MBA programs are perfect for facilitating career growth. This might look like some graduate students pivoting into a new job function or industry. Others are interested in accelerating along their current professional trajectories or launching new ventures. Whatever your plan, an MBA program’s employment potential is a great place to start as you compare schools and decide where to apply.

Business school candidates may find it valuable to categorize schools into three divisions: reach, realistic, and safety schools.

Reach schools are those where a GPA or GMAT score, or other elements of a student’s profile, may lie below that of currently enrolled students. Realistic schools are programs where a candidate’s credentials are like those of enrolled graduate students. Safety schools are those where one’s credentials stand out compared to those of enrolled students. Applying to one or two schools in each division will help position future MBA students to get into the best possible school their qualifications will allow.

Creating Strategies for Essays

Business school admissions representatives consider more than just candidates’ GMAT scores and GPA —they want to know who they are and why they belong in their programs. An MBA essay is the best chance to sell the student behind the résumé. They should tell the story of business school applicants while creating a comprehensive picture of who they are, what they’ve done, and what they bring to the table.

Here are some quick MBA essay tips to keep in mind when initiating the writing process:

  • When writing an unforgettable MBA application essay, remember to communicate yourself as an assertive, proactive leader in the making. Business schools shine the most radiantly when their students are go-getters chomping on the bit of decision-making and problem-solving.
  • List specific reasons you would be an excellent fit for each program. The stock statement of “I am the ideal applicant for this MBA” won’t convince anyone on the admission committee to run you to the top of the admit pile.
  • Infuse your writing with passion and heart. Admissions reps want to know what excites and inspires you. If you bring some pizzazz into your admission process, they’ll welcome a similar enthusiasm in the classroom.

Helping Prepare for Interviews

Many top-shelf business schools place significance on a candidate’s admissions interview. An applicant who communicates with charisma and gravitas stands a better chance to be accepted into a prestigious MBA program than someone who lacks both qualities. B-school admissions officers have gone on record to use interviews to measure whether an applicant has personality traits that benefit future executives, such as sincerity, clarity, self-awareness, and humility. Here are three strategies MBA hopefuls who want to make a substantial impression during their interviews can implement:

Exercise Your Memory Before the Interview

If it’s been a minute since you researched B-schools, it will be worth your time to review and recall the learned material. Look back over the research you have done on the business school to understand why it was a good fit and how you will contribute as a member of the academic community. This information is drawn from the experiences you had visiting class and interviewing current students and alumni.

Prepare to Answer Challenging Questions

No business school candidates want to be caught flat-footed by an unexpected question. MBA hopefuls need to spend time brainstorming questions that they might be asked and consider the best answers to those questions. They should anticipate and prepare for provocative questions about ethical dilemmas, past experiences, personal weaknesses, and open-ended questions about identity. Candidates should prepare diplomatic yet truthful responses to any questions about moments when they interacted with an ineffective boss and what they learned about leadership after them.

Be Confident

Anyone receiving an invitation to an MBA admissions interview should be flattered since invitations are usually reserved for competitive candidates. The opportunity to interview means you have a shot at acceptance. Focus on your strengths and when asked about your weaknesses, be self-critical while reinforcing your belief in yourself. Being arrogant or ostentatious during an interview is not the way to go, but being overly self-critical and lacking self-belief is a significant error.

While the factors of this article on the reasons one should pursue an MBA consulting firm can vary when considering individual candidates, one thing remains: candidates should only apply to schools they would be happy to attend. There’s no value in applying to a business school to get an acceptance letter if the MBA program doesn’t position them to accomplish post-MBA career goals. There are some excellent programs out there. Find the one that works for you, and don’t forget to ask for help.

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