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While looking for the right Online MBA program, some students might look for the cheapest MBA degree or the online program that has the highest post-graduate salaries. But how about the ones with the best combination of the two? Enter the Best Value Online MBA Programs. Finding the best value Online MBA programs, or the Online MBA programs with the best return on investment (ROI), can be arduous. Prospective students must weigh the costs of an Online MBA program with the projected salary after graduation. The good news is that we have done the work for you. We have found the top Online MBA programs and balanced their price and graduate salaries to help you find the best bang for your buck.

Best Value Online MBA Programs in the Nation

This ranking of the Best Value Online MBA programs highlights degrees from all over the country. These top programs come from public and private schools with large and small student populations. Each of these Online MBA degrees is accredited and hails from top business schools from around the nation. Base tuition prices range from under $8,000 to almost $50,000 for the MBA, and graduate salaries range from $50,000 to over $100,000 per year. It is true that the MBA stands as the pinnacle of business leadership training, and the online version gives unmatched accessibility and value, but this Best Value Online MBA Ranking shows that excellence and value can go hand in hand.

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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To find the 2022 Best Value Online MBA programs, we started with our list of top Online MBA programs from U.S. NewsForbesThe Financial TimesBloomberg Businessweek, and The Economist. Then to find the ranking order of this list, we calculated each degree’s Return on Investment (ROI). In the business world, ROI equals the (Current Value of Investment – Cost of Investment) / Cost of Investment. Thus, to find the Best Value Online MBA programs, we calculated the (business school average base salary – base tuition cost) / base tuition cost. The average base salary for each business school used in our calculation was collected from U.S. News and World Report. The base tuition cost was collected from each online MBA’s website.

Each Online MBA is listed with an ROI Score. The ROI Score is based upon the calculated ROI for each MBA in relation to the others in this list.

The nation’s best value online MBA is available at Louisiana Tech University. This MBA aims to offer an educational experience in management and business at the graduate level. It is designed to provide breadth in exposure to basic business disciplines and facilitate the application of knowledge of the disciplines to the management of innovation. It is an interdepartmental and interdisciplinary degree program offered by the Graduate Division and the College of Business’s academic departments. International issues and ethical concerns are emphasized throughout the curriculum. This Professional MBA is delivered 100% online and makes learning convenient for graduate students who cannot attend a consistent class schedule. Enrolled distance learners receive a graduate degree from a highly regarded, nationally ranked research institution at a competitive price. The curriculum for this Professional Online MBA mirrors Louisiana Tech’s Traditional MBA. This best value online MBA has what it takes.

ROI Score

West Texas A&M University features a best value online MBA. The distance program features various options for graduate students seeking a professional business degree from a distinguished program with AACSB accreditation. The online MBA at West Texas A&M University has been recognized by TFE Times as the only regional program in the Southwest with a top 100 ranking. The MBA program offers five concentrations and is available with fully online asynchronous courses to meet the degree requirements. Business students that do not wish to complete their entire program online may complete some classes on campus in addition to the online format. This excellent MBA program is designed for full-time employed professionals and allows up to six years for completion to complement distance learners’ work-life balance. Most enrolled students complete the program in twenty-four months. Students choose their course load each term within five semesters each year. Online MBA students have the option to earn a general MBA or can specialize in one of five areas, including Healthcare Management, Marketing, Computer Information Systems, Procurement Management, or Management. This best value degree will put the knowledge and skills MBA students gain into practice.

ROI Score

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth features an outstanding best value online MBA. Business school leaders understand that the key to an excellent business program is finding a degree that is affordable, exceptional, and flexible to fit goals, budgets, and timelines. They have designed a degree they believe is the right fit for today’s business leader. The Charlton online MBA is responsive to the evolving demands of the global, technology-driven economy. It is taught by leading business academics and seasoned industry professionals. This advanced degree also offers distance learners the option to specialize in specific areas, including accounting, business analytics, finance, supply chain management, and information systems. Well-qualified applicants can submit a GMAT waiver and enter the program without taking the placement test. The AACSB International accredits the UMassD Charlton School of Business. This accreditation stands as the highest international accreditation standard for business schools. This best value online MBA helps graduate students realize their career goals.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is available at North Carolina A&T State University. The business school’s staff, faculty, and administrators are committed to the excellence of their graduate studies and great success in their future professional careers. Ambitious and talented graduate students who see opportunity in every challenge will enjoy success in the student-centered and business-mentored environment that North Carolina A&T State University fosters. No matter what life may carve out for them, MBA students can count on courses designed to propel them into the future with the passion and transferrable skills to excel in their careers. Program architects understand that the cornerstone of achieving success is a business leader’s commitment to and passion for an elite standard of excellence. The business school seeks discovery-driven individuals who have a passion for collaboration and lifelong learning. With this stellar business program, distance learners won’t have to put anything in their lives on hold.

ROI Score

Oklahoma State University offers a best value online MBA. This online MBA at OSU is one of the nation’s highest-ranked, most affordable accredited programs. It has been specifically designed for motivated, full-time active professionals wanting to engage with instructors and fellow students actively. All courses are led by the same full-time professors in the Spears School of Business who teach on the Stillwater campus. OSU’s program features maximum flexibility for distance learners while offering the same level of academic excellence found at the business school. The Spears School of Business offers this 100% online program as an alternative way to earn a business degree. It believes that students should have access to a high-quality, affordable education regardless of their location or schedule. Online courses are available at graduate students’ convenience and are designed with virtual activities and multimedia content that promote student collaboration. This 33-credit hour online MBA is a top-five best value.

ROI Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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A best value online MBA is available at Boston University. This degree is perfect for ambitious, curious, and self-motivated working professionals ready to advance their careers. Graduate students eager to take a fresh look at the factors that make businesses thrive will benefit from it. Program architects understand that business leaders have busy lives, and they are looking for the accessibility and convenience of a fully online program. It is designed from day one with the global online learner in mind. It is also rooted in insights gleaned from over 3,000 international industry professionals. The BU Questrom online MBA features an innovative curriculum that centers on the themes that drive business in the 21st century. Completed in as little as twenty-four months, this engaging, high-quality, and rigorous MBA is 100% online. It is developed and delivered by world-class instructors in the business school’s top-ranked, on-campus MBA program. This best value online MBA will allow distance learners to advance their critical capabilities required to make leadership decisions in the complex global business ecosystem.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is offered at Mississippi State University. All incoming students of this top-shelf program must take a set of essential business course prerequisites before enrolling in core courses. Students must complete the introductory business courses or submit transcripts from other universities that carry equivalent courses with a “B” grade or better. The business school offers survey courses online in place of many bachelor’s prerequisites, designed for non-business students. Courses included in this program’s curriculum include Financial Accounting, Survey of Accounting, Business Statistical Methods II, Statistical Analysis for Business Decisions, Financial Management, Principles of Microeconomics, and Management Info-Systems. Mississippi State’s accredited 30-hour online MBA program offers distance learners an affordable and flexible opportunity to participate in well-designed courses focused on finance, accounting, management, and marketing. Future MBA students interested in this best value online degree should contact the admissions department at MSU for more information.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is currently available at Marshall University. This exciting degree program is designed for graduate students looking to complete a first-class MBA education without succumbing to a full-time, on-campus program. The program structure takes the best of Marshall University’s on-campus curriculum and transforms it into an online format. All courses are taught by the same high-quality faculty members who teach at the school’s physical campus. It will help prepare distance learners for career achievement and advancement. With a focus placed on applying theory into real-world application, our graduates can meet the global marketplace’s current needs and challenging demands. The program equips business students to polish their problem-solving, management, critical thinking, and communication skills. The faculty of this online MBA program is composed of instructors with educational backgrounds and experience in business administration, law, accounting, finance, management, MIS, marketing, economics, communications, and organizational behavior. This top-tier best value online MBA program is worth a second look.

ROI Score

The University of South Dakota provides an excellent best value online MBA. The program produces leaders for business, government, and industry. Program designers encourage graduate students interested in teaching and an aptitude for an academic career to take their work to the doctoral level. The program emphasizes problem-solving, decision-making, and understanding the role of business in society while developing social responsibility and leadership ability. Distance learners looking for high quality, remarkably affordable online MBA program should consider choosing USD’s excellent graduate degree. The Business Analytics specialization prepares MBA students to analyze and utilize data to strengthen business decision-making procedures. The distinctive program features a tight integration of the technology and science underlying business analytics with solving business issues in economics, operations management, finance, sales, and marketing. Equipped with this knowledge, MBA graduates lead organizations while strengthening their competitive position, achieving operational efficiency, and developing innovative products that anticipate far-reaching trends in the marketplace. This best value degree offers a lot.

ROI Score

The University of Massachusetts Amherst provides a best value online MBA. This stellar degree is the perfect program for working professionals looking to influence and direct their industry. Coursework can be taken entirely online. Suppose enrolled students live in the Massachusetts area. In that case, they can complement their online learning with in-person classes, engaging with staff and colleagues at one of the university’s satellite locations in Shrewsbury and Boston. GMAT/GRE waivers are available for incoming students who qualify. The rigorous curriculum is as challenging as it is relevant. Graduate students in the online MBA program can add expertise to their degrees with one of the business school’s five focus areas. Each emphasis area includes an additional nine credits of elective courses that equip distance learners with the skills and knowledge that can make career-boosting impacts. The best value University of Massachusetts Amherst online MBA is the right program for today’s remote learners.

ROI Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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The University of North Texas provides a best value online MBA. The business school’s online MBA with a concentration in Strategic Management provides distance learners the broad exposure to skills needed for managing any organization. Strategic Management involves establishing the direction, strategies, and comprehensive policies that all firms follow to accomplish their objectives. This knowledge is vital for the sustainable growth of businesses and the nation’s economy. Career opportunities after distance learners complete the online MBA program through the Department of Management are numerous. UNT’s online MBA concentrating on strategic management sustains growth and development from two perspectives. Graduates who have an established career path will discover the strategic management concentration provides them with the opportunity to gain the broader and general perspective needed for promotion to leading managerial roles. Working professionals preparing for the business world will appreciate how the MBA concentration in strategic management is an excellent foundation for additional career opportunities.

ROI Score

Appalachian State University currently features a best value online MBA. Enrolled students enhance their marketability increase their business position opportunities with Appalachian State University’s online Master of Business Administration. Program architects challenge incoming students each term to dive into this 36-hour App State Online MBA and discover what it takes to make their mark on the business world. Throughout this program, Appalachian instructors connect students to practically and theoretically apply themselves to gain a well-rounded business education and push their careers forward with the skills employers desire. Graduates are equipped with a core set of competencies including analytical and critical thinking skills, functional business knowledge, leadership and teamwork skills, responsiveness to domestic and global business environments, appreciate diversity, multiculturalism, ethical and legal responsibilities, professional development, and communication skills. It is clear to see why this online MBA at Appalachian State University is one of the best in the nation.

ROI Score

Clark Atlanta University provides an excellent best value online MBA. This stellar program opens doors for graduate students seeking professional careers in corporations in the areas of marketing, accounting, finance, and information systems. The Business School prepares distance learners to fill leadership roles through its robust curriculum, innovative program, and supportive environment while providing the opportunity for its students to market themselves by allowing Fortune 500 companies to recruit at the School of Business. The demonstrated success of MBA students who have graduated from CAU attracts companies to revisit the school annually. Leaders at Clark Atlanta University have designed a practical, affordable program that meets professionals’ needs and is on target with the evolving job requirements for new MBAs. The best value program is specifically developed for working professionals astute enough to recognize the need for advanced business education, ambitious enough to want to be tomorrow’s corporate leader, and tenacious enough to attend school while continuing to work.

ROI Score

SUNY Oswego provides an excellent best value online MBA. This program provides the skills, knowledge, and confidence graduate students need to lead in today’s diverse and global industries. The online MBA features respected and award-winning instructors who stress practical problem-solving scenarios throughout the coursework that constantly evolves with today’s modern business trends. In its last career survey of MBA students, over 30% were promoted while enrolled in the online MBA program. Another 20% of business school students were promoted after receiving their MBA at their current employer or new positions. SUNY Oswego’s flexible curriculum includes an elective focus. It allows graduate students to fuse their passions with the foundational coursework. The built-in adaptability focuses on what distance learners need to succeed based on their scheduling demands and backgrounds. Program designers understand their students’ lifestyles and schedules vary greatly. They offer convenient online and location options for MBA students.

ROI Score

The University of Colorado Denver features a solid best value online MBA. This Professional MBA provides built-in flexibility for graduate students to explore their interests while still giving them a solid business foundation applicable to all industries and disciplines. Distance learners can also customize their MBA by taking elective hours to complete a specialization. With twelve hours of electives, MBA students can choose from over 100 electives to hone their skills. Program highlights include access to downtown Denver locations to business leaders and experiences, available professional and career development opportunities every week through career fairs, guest speakers, panel events, and exclusive internship opportunities. Students also enjoy the flexibility and convenience of taking classes in the business school’s downtown location or online. The fifteen specialization options give online learners a way to customize their degree to their interests. MBA students have access to the business school’s Business Career Connections team for life. Designed to streamline working professionals’ goals, this best value online MBA has it all.

ROI Score

The University of South Carolina provides a best value online MBA. Now more than any time in history, an MBA is a way to progress in business. Whether they seek advancement within a company, a career change, or the opportunity to launch their own business, a comprehensive MBA education is the best way to get there. The Professional online MBA at the University of South Carolina offers a flexible format designed for professionals from all industry backgrounds looking to gain the connections and skills needed to distinguish themselves in the marketplace and achieve higher professional impact and success levels. Darla Moore School of Business instructors teaches all classes in the Professional MBA program. Two-way video conferencing technology offers interaction between students and teachers at all PMBA classroom locations. Over two years, enrolled students master the hard and soft skills needed for business success, regardless of their aspirations. This best value program combines rigorous academics with a quality education you won’t want to pass on.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is delivered at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Enrolled students learn how to solve problems innovatively, ethically, globally, and sustainably to impact their current organizations. All courses are presented online with no set class times or on-campus requirements in the evenings. The forty-five-credit-hour program requires no GMAT/GRE or prerequisite courses. Available program specializations include Business Analytics, Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Finance, Information Technology, International Business, and Marketing. Distance learners can customize the curriculum to meet their needs, whether they have years of experience, are early in their careers, or have no professional work experience before entering the program. The best value program includes year-round courses, including summers. Students with less than five years of work experience start with Basecamp, a three-day orientation centered on the demands of graduate school and professional workplace expectations. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro has knocked it out of the park with this best value business degree.

ROI Score

La Salle University provides one of the top best value online MBA programs in the nation. Earning a Master of Business Administration degree online from La Salle prepares business leaders for various management positions across the growing business spectrum. The curriculum in La Salle’s online MBA focuses on applying business concepts and theory to real-world scenarios. It is presented in a flexible and convenient format that meets professionals’ needs of balancing family and job obligations. Enrolled students have the chance to develop lasting collaborative relationships with instructors and peers that are the trademark of the Lasallian Business experience. With a history that exceeds more than forty years and 5,000 program alumni, the La Salle MBA exists near the top of U.S. News & World Report’s Short List of full-time MBAs whose graduates are likely to be employed within three months of completion. This best value degree is an excellent choice.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is currently available at the University of Florida. Balancing life, work, and school commitments is essential for working professional students. UF MBA provides enrolled students with the tools to succeed in all areas of their lives while earning their MBA. Business students don’t have to be on campus daily to get a well-rounded, robust MBA experience. This 16-month online MBA exists as an accelerated program perfect for those with a bachelor’s degree in business and who graduated in the last seven years. This format is one of the quickest ways to get an MBA at UF. Graduate students enrolled in UF’s Outreach Engineering Management program are eligible for this accelerated option. Students with less academic time may want to consider then two-year online program. The 24-month option utilizes course materials developed by the same faculty that have helped UF MBA at Warrington College of Business attain national prominence. This is an optimal program for business leaders.

ROI Score

West Virginia University features a top-notch best value online MBA. U.S. News and World Report has recognized West Virginia’s nationally ranked Online Hybrid MBA as one of the top 50 in the country. It allows enrolled students to maintain momentum in their careers while also pursuing a graduate degree in business. Program requirements can be satisfied in 21 months while distance learners work full time and take flexible online classes. The program will result in a substantive return on students’ investment by allowing them to enhance their business management expertise and position themselves for career advancement while learning from top experts in their fields at this Carnegie Research Level 1, land-grant institution. With West Virginia’s prescriptive study plan, thirty-seven credit hours are completed over a twenty-four-month period. Typically, eight credit hours are taken every fall and spring semester, and four to seven credit hours are completed each summer semester. Enrolled students master business principles while receiving a quality business education without compromising.

ROI Score

The University of Cincinnati provides a best value online MBA. This distance degree is a unique and comprehensive program that combines academic, research-intensive learning with real-world learning to prepare business leaders with the skills needed to tackle today’s current business issues. Enrolled students gain strategic leadership and problem-solving skills and core skills in marketing, accounting, economics, finance, information technology, leadership, operations management, and business analytics. All program requirements can be completed in a year, with the option to take on-campus courses at UC’s Uptown Campus. MBA students can customize their MBA program online to fit their specific career goals by choosing from twelve credit hours of electives. The University of Cincinnati’s online certificate/concentration offerings include Marketing, Health Care Finance, Health Care Administration, Health Care Operations, Health Care Policy and Regulation, Corporate Taxation, and Individual Taxation. This program brings a unique education philosophy to online students, offering active professionals the chance to earn a remarkable degree virtually anywhere on the planet.

ROI Score

An exemplary best value online MBA is featured at the University of Texas at Dallas. This degree’s entire curriculum can be completed through distance learning with exams administered in various ways – uploaded via email, embedded in courses, or proctored through a testing center – with the understanding that enrolled students may reside anywhere in the world. The business school features numerous national and international testing locations. UT Dallas’s Master of Business Administration is designed as a fifty-three semester-credit-hours degree program at the Naveen Jindal School of Management that prepares distance learners to think, plan and create business solutions by utilizing solid analytical problem-solving skills, strategic planning, and team-oriented approaches. Graduate students ready to gain momentum in their current careers, who are interested in becoming forward-thinking business leaders, or prepared to enter the business world with an advanced business degree will discover this online MBA can provide the opportunity they need.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is delivered at the University of Kansas. With a curriculum that delves into the evolving opportunities and issues of being a global leader, the School of Business online MBA can help distance learners succeed in today’s growing marketplace. Online students learn from the same respected and renowned faculty as the on-campus programs and explore solutions to today’s economic and social business issues. Whether they want to gain momentum in their current career, they are interested in becoming forward-thinking business leaders, or they want to enter the business world with a more advanced degree that enables greater mobility, this online MBA from the University of Kansas can provide the opportunity they need. This online MBA is ideal for all kinds of students, including busy parents, working business professionals, individuals with personal responsibilities keeping them from attending school on campus, and graduate students who prefer online coursework over classroom education. Graduates of this elite degree establish themselves as agents of innovation within any organization.

ROI Score

Florida State University provides an excellent best value online MBA. The Florida State MBA is designed for actively working professionals with professional experience and individuals who have demonstrated leadership and excellence in their previous academic work and have completed a significant internship or other work experience. Program admission is competitive, and all applicants must have an undergraduate degree from a regionally accredited college or university. While previous coursework in business is not required, all applicants are expected to have a working knowledge of accounting, economics, finance, statistics, calculus, and management principles. Distance learners take classes led by the same world-renowned instructors who teach on campus. These program leaders are recognized leaders in their fields of research. FSU’s online MBA program is flexible and affordable, thus ideal for business executives on the go and mobile military personnel. Lessons learned are immediately applied at work. This best value program offers a lot for distance learners.

ROI Score

A best value online MBA is available at the University of Houston. Like its campus-based Professional MBA program, this online MBA gives distance learners access to the most customizable curriculum in the state. With many specializations to choose from, enrolled students have the chance to hone their skills in a specific area of business to set themselves apart from the competition. Most students complete all program requirements in two years. The business school provides incoming students with a 24-month pathway to completion chart to help them plan their academic schedule. Graduate students looking to take the program over a longer period can work with the Bauer MBA program office to arrange a schedule that fits their needs. While the program is forty-eight credit hours, students must complete twenty-one core credit hours and twenty-seven elective credit hours. All courses vary from 1.5 to three credit hours each. This MBA at the University of Houston is offers top value.

ROI Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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There are several educational options for graduate students dedicated to pursuing a career in business. Your degree of choice may well be based upon one’s personal circumstances, but whatever the situation, the most vital decision one will make is selecting a business school. The due diligence in making this big decision might rely less on having all the answers, but more on asking the right questions.

Here are some questions to ask yourself as you decide which business school to attend:

Does the business school offer the degree I want? (MBA, MAcc, EMBA, etc.)
Do I consider their programs best value degrees?
Are the business school’s graduates able to land the types of jobs I would like to land myself? (The school’s Office of Career Services can often provide detailed statistics that speak into this area.)
Is the curriculum as narrowly or broadly focused (or as flexible) as I would prefer?
Is the class schedule flexible and convenient enough for me to meet my other commitments?
Will I have appropriate access to accommodations and resources (media centers, libraries, support staff, etc.) that my on-campus counterparts enjoy?
Do the b-school’s most robust areas of study align with my aspirations and motivations?
What are the unique acceptance requirements for the program and do I struggle to fulfill them?
What learning environment do I work most effectively within?
Do I thrive within large lectures with more independent learning, or do I perform best in discussion-based and small group environments?

Here are More Questions to Seek Answers for When Considering a Best Value Program:

Is the business school known for the high quality of its graduates and programs? (Rankings lists can help researchers determine this factor. Although, a business school can still have a stellar reputation even if it is not highly ranked.)
Has the staff and faculty pursued extensive education? Are the head faculty members considered to be leaders and innovators in their respective fields?
Are the class sizes small and intimate or large and generalized? Can I expect to have a real relationship with my instructors? What is the student-to-teacher ratio?
Are the instructors committed to teaching? Can I expect to set up appointments with teachers outside of class?
What classes, learning opportunities, and extracurriculars are available to online students?
Does the business school maintain a Career Placement office that actively assists graduates in finding internships and positions after graduation?
What types of academic support—career services, tutors, access to professors, mentorship programs, internships—are offered and will they help me succeed?

Here are some culture-related questions to help develop business school preferences:

Do you prefer an urban, suburban, big, or small experience?
Do you enjoy a high level of social engagement, or do you prefer less distraction?
Would you be most comfortable attending a business school near where you currently live, or are you ready to explore a new region, whether abroad or domestic?
Are you looking for a different or similar peer experience than you received as an undergraduate?
Are you motivated and inspired by competitive environments, or do you prefer to work collaboratively in groups or cohorts?
Does the language they use and the ethos they portray align with what I am looking for in my advanced business education?

Here are some tuition and expense-related questions to influence business school preferences:

Are you responsible for covering the cost of business school yourself, or do you have assistance?
When do you expect to generate a positive return on investment for your online MBA investment?
Which non-monetary benefits do you believe pursuing an online MBA will provide, and how do these factor into your ROI expectations?
Are you currently responsible for undergraduate education debt or other substantial debt? Do you qualify for financial aid of any kind?

Here are some career-related questions to help determine what type of graduate degree to pursue:

What are your initial and ultimate career goals?
Are you looking to specialize in a particular business area, switch direction, or develop your existing education and knowledge?
Do you already work in the professional world? If not, do you need more support with launching your career?
Can you describe your dream career?
Are there any industries or organizations you’re interested in?
Where do you picture yourself working after business school?

Keys to Evaluating a Best Value Business School

-Begin this process by thoroughly reading through school websites or promotional material. Use the tools provided on their sites to browse through their accommodations, resources, and features. Some business schools provide live chat opportunities during preselected hours to answer any specific questions you may have pertaining to program particulars, tuition, curriculum, and policies and procedures. Take the time to read about their programs and request information from the b-school. It is always a good idea to become familiar with the curriculum of the program you’re interested in pursuing. You can then consult the b-school’s catalog and study the relevant course descriptions.

-When the time is right, take a road trip and visit the school or attend an online course. Sit in on some classes and get a better sense of what the overall spirit of the business school and faculty are like. Take the time to talk with students and instructors. Casual conversations and formal interviews will go a long way in getting questions answered. Business school representatives can provide you with the names of MBA graduates who will speak candidly about the business school, its programs, and what to expect from a best value Online MBA.

-If you know which organizations you’re interested in working for, attempt to get some interviews with them and read through their websites to discover what business schools and types of programs they tend to hire from.

Choosing a business school and Online MBA starts with a time of self-introspection and reflection. While factors like popularity and rank of a business school can play an essential role, fit ultimately comes down to one’s unique needs and wants. Therefore, start by asking yourself pointed questions to unlock true and in-depth preferences. Only then can you create personalized criteria to weigh the fit of various MBA programs to find the best value online MBA that will serve you and your career.

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Ready to start your journey?