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Executives considering an Executive MBA program factor commitment, time, and expense. To be sure you’re making the right decision, it is critical to arm yourself with what to expect within an Executive MBA. Executives, leaders, and managers are looking for the right EMBA program. These Best Executive MBA Programs include the most prestigious degrees in the nation.

The Best Executive MBA Programs in the Nation

An EMBA is an Executive Master of Business Administration. It is an advanced business degree that develops executive-level leadership skills and knowledge. Executive MBA curricula cover many business practices, including finance, accounting, marketing, and project management. Most Executive MBA programs center on analysis and strategy.

There are many places to pursue your Executive MBA. Here are some of the most prestigious Executive MBA programs available in the country.

Recommended Online MBA Programs

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This ranking of the 2022 Top Online Executive MBA programs is a consensus ranking combining data from five top MBA ranking systems. By integrating data from The Economist,  U.S. News and World ReportThe Financial TimesForbes, and Bloomberg Businessweek, executives get the best view of the top Executive MBA programs from the best business schools. All ranking data was averaged and placed on a 100-point scale to find ranking order and Consensus Score.

The University of Michigan features the nation’s top Executive MBA program at the Stephen M. Ross School of Business. They can expect to merge as stronger leaders, prepared to shatter convention, drive innovation, and inspire others.

The program’s curriculum challenges students to think on an executive level and transforms how they view business. While Ross School of Business students can position themselves for success, they can also gain next-level skills and knowledge as they prepare to increase their impact in their current roles, expedite their career progression, and enact exponential change in their organizations.

Throughout the two-year Ross School of Business Executive MBA, graduate students gain the skills they need to lead multiple types of organizations. The curriculum is designed for senior leaders, builds on their experience, and shows students how to apply it to larger, more substantial environments. Ross School of Business students gain foundational elements with twelve core courses, including Strategic Thinking, Competitive Analysis, and Business Analytics and Statistics for Executives. This stellar Executive MBA  at the Ross School of Business leads the pack.

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New York University features an Executive MBA at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. This high-level Executive MBA program is designed for experienced working professionals who want to cultivate their expansive business acumen and exceptional networks.

The business school promises to deliver a customized education that fuses rigor in the classroom with engagement in the workplace to broaden perspectives as it changes mindsets. New York University’s Stern School of Business leadership promotes disruptive thinking and encourages experimentation to facilitate value.

Graduate students can earn their degree in less than two years with classes meeting twice a month, on Fridays and Saturdays, to maximize their time at work and home. All New York University Executive MBA students earn sixty credits by attending scheduled classes and completing the required coursework. The New York University Stern Executive MBA features many benefits that will keep graduate students connected and involved.

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The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill features an exemplary Executive MBA. UNC’s Weekend Executive MBA is a transformative leadership experience designed so current and future executives can attend class with minimal disruption to their work and family life—wherever they may live in the country.

Whether they want to take the quickest path to advance in their current company, pivot roles or industries, land a global position, or launch a new enterprise, this STEM-designated Weekend Executive MBA allows graduate students to customize coursework to suit their unique objectives.

This EMBA program also features distraction-free weekend residences, custom-fit leadership development, and ongoing career coaching. From the first day of class, enrolled students develop individualized management skills they can apply at work immediately. This excellent Executive MBA helps leaders define and realize their career goals.

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An Executive MBA is available at the University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business. Graduate students wanting to understand business language, develop management skills, and move on to more strategic roles will want to look at this Executive MBA program at the University of Washington. This nationally ranked, career-compatible program provides a rigorous yet collaborative learning atmosphere with highly experienced professionals from a slew of industries.

The coursework within this 21-month program is immediately relevant as it results in improved decision making, enhanced managerial skills, and better leadership abilities to help solve real-world organizational and business issues. The powerful combination of an experienced cohort of learners and a team-driven attitude to learning drive students to create and nurture diverse networks and relationships that endure. What is not to love about this stellar Executive MBA?

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Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business offers an Executive MBA. Students can also earn a dual Executive MBA degree through a partnership between the Kelley School of Business and the Sungkyunkwan University SKK GSB. This innovative collaboration between Kelley School and Korea’s Graduate School of Business at Sungkyunkwan University is the perfect option for “pre-executives” as it focuses on integrated business skills executives and CEOs need to manage global challenges.

This custom curriculum is recognized as the first premium executive training program in Korea. The EMBA program features 18 months of weekend courses with zero career interruption. Enrolled students receive two MBA degrees from both innovative business schools.

This dual degree Executive MBA program is taught in English by Kelley and SKK GSB faculty and emphasizes effective communication, negotiation, and ethics. This cross-cultural program is perfect for today’s executive leaders.

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An Executive MBA is available at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Executive MBA students at Booth are given excellent opportunities to advance in their careers while earning their MBAs from one of the world’s best business schools. Whether they opt to attend classes on campus in Chicago, London, or China, they learn from an award-winning Booth School of Business faculty and become members of an elite global, collaborative community. Booth students sharpen their analytical skills and become prepared to lead boldly with confidence.

Booth School of Business candidates who explore other top Executive MBA programs often discover that Chicago Booth is unique. It is the only business school in the nation that maintains campuses on three continents. Whichever campus they choose, students have access to the same distinguished Chicago Booth faculty. While all students apply to a primary campus (whether in the U.S, England, or China), all Executive MBA students take classes at each global campus during international session weeks. There is simply a lot to love about this Executive MBA program.

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An Executive MBA is offered at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. This Executive MBA program is designed to give working professionals the chance to earn an advanced business degree without affecting their careers.

Students are exposed to the fundamentals of business during year one. The second year is customized, with graduate students taking three advanced business courses based on relationships between business and geopolitics and seven electives.

They are equally committed to students as mentors beyond the classroom. This group of experts and educators understand the intricacies of international business and deliver valuable insights to Executive MBA students. A solid curriculum and a seasoned staff combine to create one excellent EMBA program.

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An Executive MBA program is currently available at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The Kellogg School of Management is in the business of enhancing the development of world-class leaders and experienced professionals. Northwestern University Executive MBA students develop new frameworks for solving challenging business issues. Business school leaders believe that its top-tier Northwestern University Executive MBA Program exists as one of the best investments a graduate student can make for the future.

Enrolled students grow alongside their Kellogg School of Management peers as they learn with and from high-caliber classmates who possess diverse experiences and global expertise. The lifelong connections built, coupled with solid career support, will help students define their futures as high-impact leaders.

Another advantage this Northwestern University degree features is access to the Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA Global Network. It facilitates cross-cultural collaboration with business students from seven campuses worldwide. This top-tier Kellogg School of Management Executive MBA program is worth a second look.

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The Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University provides an exemplary Executive MBA. Vanderbilt’s Executive MBA program features a solid foundation in strategy and leadership in the program’s first year.

Within their second year, students choose between specialized tracks. The Executive Edge Track immerses learners in the high-level work of business leaders. At the same time, the Global Immersion Track integrates them into an international cohort and equips them to take on cross-cultural assignments.

Vanderbilt University’s Executive MBA has a holistic approach to the acceptance process. Admissions experts are on call to walk all applicants through the entire process of researching, prepping for entrance exams, and getting ready for the first day of class. Apply-it-now experiences that reinforce the knowledge gained by putting it to work right away are built into the core curriculum. Besides Vanderbilt University’s stellar curriculum, students also benefit from its supportive alumni network that stays with them for life.

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Georgia Institute of Technology provides an Executive MBA through the Scheller College of Business. This advanced degree has a lot to offer today’s business students as it prepares them to lead in a global economy constantly affected by emerging technologies.

Georgia Tech’s Executive MBA program acts as a catalyst for graduate students’ career advancement and personal growth. The 17-month, on-campus full-time degree features Friday evening and Saturday class meetings on select weekends, allowing professionals to balance life, work, and a high-powered MBA experience.

Unlike traditional full-time MBAs designed for less experienced professionals, this Executive MBA program includes a global, more nuanced view of business while sharing advanced leadership skills. Most candidates accepted into the Executive MBA program have between ten and fifteen years of professional work experience. Executive MBA course schedules can accommodate demanding careers. This Executive MBA from Georgia Tech checks all the right boxes for a top-ten program.

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The Yale School of Management provides a prestigious Executive MBA for business leaders. This Executive MBA program combines the rigor of an integrated core curriculum and leadership development format with advanced study in a predetermined area at the nexus of society and business: healthcare, sustainability, or asset management.

Executive MBA students explore new research and theories about leadership in the classroom, hone leadership skills in the business school’s Leadership Development Curriculum, and master abilities in a series of tangible workshops specially designed for students in this Executive MBA program. Each of the degree’s focus areas connects students to leading experts throughout Yale University. This program in executive business leadership is worth its weight in gold.

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The SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University currently features an Executive MBA. Cornell offers four Executive MBA programs, three of which award dual degrees. Each executive MBA features a unique classroom experience and curriculum that meets the needs of graduate students employed full-time.

Cornell’s Executive MBA Metro NY program delivers an amazing community, delivery format, and network. Classes are held every other weekend with a Saturday night activity in NYC that promotes immersive experiences.

The business school program’s curriculum deals with global business, general management, innovation, and new ventures. These topics apply to any job function or industry. With a start date each July, this program runs for 22 months and includes an international immersion study residency and four additional sessions in Ithaca, New York. It is no wonder why this Executive MBA at Cornell is one of the best in the nation.

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The University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management provides an excellent Executive MBA. The personalized two-year Carlson Executive MBA program at Minnesota lets learners share the classroom with Executive MBA peers who are all leaders from diverse backgrounds. Their unique professional experiences empower the Carlson School’s Executive MBA educational environment and provide the foundation for lasting networks of Executive MBA relationships that will endure long after the program ends.

In addition to the program’s academic focus, which supplements professional experience, enrolled students get to know their classmates through its cohort model. They begin, proceed through, and complete the program in a predetermined group of Executive MBA students. Executive MBA students join a cohort of experienced professionals that spans dozens of industries. From getting course books to enrolling in classes, the Carlson School’s Executive MBA program is here there to help business leaders succeed.

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Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business provides an exemplary Executive MBA program. Enrolled students have the chance to transform their high potential into high performance with this Executive MBA from Broad. What separates the Broad Executive MBA from the pack is its unique team-based approach, convenient schedule, world-class faculty, and robust curriculum.

Business school students get a reputable, AACSB-accredited education within an integrated program that reports an exceptional ROI. This top-shelf Executive MBA will challenge assumptions, expand insight, and develop graduate students into better leaders.

The Broad Executive MBA’s world-class instructors are nothing short of exceptional. The program’s leaders consist primarily of full-time Broad faculty who are leading experts in their fields. This advanced business program offers features one won’t find anywhere else.

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The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business features an exemplary Executive MBA. Enrolled students can accept the challenge of greater responsibilities within their current career paths or branch out in new directions, confident in their abilities to lead with integrity. This Executive MBA program is highly ranked in the nation by U.S. News & World Report.

It has been customized for the needs of working professionals and structured as a two-year program that meets in the classroom once a month in person at Notre Dame. It is marketed as an authentic MBA program that features an authentic Notre Dame education.

All Executive MBA students enter the program with a wide range of backgrounds and management experience. Most incoming students bring more than a decade of professional experience as business owners, chief officers, and managers. Notre Dame students in this Executive MBA enjoy a values-based leadership, collaborative environment, and a phenomenal alumni network.

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The Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University provides an Executive MBA. The overall goal of BYU Marriott’s Executive MBA is to train complete and competent business leaders. Business school leaders educate MBA students in the three significant areas of heart, mind, and spirit. Throughout this rigorous Executive MBA, business students acquire a solid understanding of best business practices through robust core courses.

During their second term, students select electives that dive deeper into topics and subjects of personal and professional interest. In the spring of the second year, all graduate students travel on a two-week foreign business adventure and have trips to the Middle East, Asia, Europe, or India.

This Executive MBA provides students with opportunities to access greater understandings of the world around them. BYU is positioned to provide business students with more than a secular degree. The university ties principles of the gospel of Jesus Christ into business education. Marriott believes that nurturing the heart, mind, and spirit creates complete business leaders.

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A top Executive MBA program is delivered at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Classes meet twice monthly on weekends from 9 am to 4:30 pm on the University Park Campus in Los Angeles. All Southern California Executive MBA students receive a world-class executive education, learn from Marshall’s leading instructors, join the prestigious Trojan Network, and earn their MBA degree in less than two years.

Unlike traditional advanced programs that present a curriculum through discrete courses and expect learners to remember and integrate these lessons individually, the Marshall Executive MBA program continuously exposes graduate students to unique aspects of the functional business areas. All courses are delivered within the context of a timeless theme that is pertinent to any industry or organization. This Executive MBA focuses on greater flexibility to remain current with the modern business environment. Marshall has knocked it out of the park with this stellar business degree.

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The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University provides a top Executive MBA program. Through an exemplary business curriculum delivered by world-renowned instructors, the W. P. Carey School of Business Executive MBA will expand executives’ leadership skills and help them immediately impact their organizations. Throughout the Arizona State University’s two-year program, graduate students develop strategic perspectives and learn how policies shape business decisions and how organizations half a world away can impact their industries.

Arizona State University’s optional Business of Healthcare emphasis covers care quality while specializing in lower provider and consumer costs. Designed for leaders in the healthcare sector, this concentration deepens one’s understanding of supply chain, economic, data and technology, and organizational issues of healthcare.

Based on the quality of its students and graduates, and Wm. Polk Carey’s initial gift to the business school, the W. P. Carey Foundation, has contributed $15 million in career services, giving Arizona State University Executive MBA students more resources and tools to further their leadership and careers. This STEM-designated degree at the Carey School of Business is an excellent choice.

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A top Executive MBA program is currently available at Ohio State University’s Max M. Fisher College of Business. Fisher’s nationally ranked Executive MBA program is the perfect degree for experienced professionals who want to grow as well-rounded and principled leaders.

This curriculum equips students with versatile skillsets to make high-level strategic decisions. Fisher’s cohort-based program allows students to begin and end their journeys with peers from diverse sets of backgrounds, industries, and types of organizations.

Business school leaders have evolved this program to include three integrated elements: experiential learning, academic curriculum, and executive coaching. These components provide a comprehensive and holistic experience while featuring minimal disruption to an executive’s active life. This educational approach is both team-based and individual as it creates solid leaders through storytelling, lectures, and a leadership experience. Ohio State’s Executive MBA is research-based, transformative, and intellectually rigorous.

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The McCombs School of Business at the University of Texas at Austin features a top-notch Executive MBA. This Texas MBA is marketed as more than a graduate degree – it’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience that starts in Austin and moves worldwide. During an executive’s journey, she will learn and work alongside classmates from every walk of life—her unique perspectives melding with others to create true innovation.

All Executive MBA students take classes in cutting-edge facilities where they are inspired and challenged by some of the most elite students in the world. They also learn directly from the most distinguished instructors. And they do it all in Austin, Texas—the nation’s top city for entrepreneurship and innovation.

The dynamic and collaborative culture of this Executive MBA program is by design. McCombs leaders are committed to delivering a world-class business education grounded in open dialogue and teamwork. When graduate students eventually leave campus to enter their new careers, they are equipped with diverse perspectives and insights. The Executive MBA at UT Austin is an incredible program.

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The Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland, College Park, provides an Executive MBA. Maryland’s Robert H. Smith School of Business wants to prepare graduate students to lead fearlessly. With all classes beginning in January, the Smith Executive MBA centers on personalized executive training to hone the leadership skills senior executives need. Whether they are rising through the ranks, transitioning careers, or making the world a better place — it all starts with a Smith EMBA.

This EMBA program at Smith School of Business integrates systems thinking into an academically rigorous curriculum based on the realities of the marketplace. Maryland’s 17-month executive MBA program is perfect for executives with eight to ten years of professional experience and three years of management experience.

The business school prides itself on producing hard-working, analytical, resourceful, innovative, and passionate graduates. Graduates of this Executive MBA can expect to manage complex issues, find entrepreneurial solutions, and succeed.

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An exemplary Executive MBA is featured at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. This Executive MBA is the perfect fit for high-ranking business leaders wanting to earn their MBA that features a management-focused curriculum.

The Executive format includes four weekend residencies (Saturday and Sunday) in Gainesville per term. The time commitment estimate is between ten and fifteen hours each week. With a 21-month commitment, executives can return to their everyday lives quickly with their MBA in hand.

Qualified candidates for this Executive MBA must have at least eight years of professional work experience combined with leadership and management experience. As a result of the advanced level of Executive MBA students, subjects for classroom discussion originate from a strategic viewpoint. This excellent degree is intentionally designed to make graduate students more impactful leaders in their industry.

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An Executive MBA is delivered at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business. This stellar program has a lot to offer as it helps graduate students implement new insights immediately at their places of work. Besides being equipped to dive deep into the psychology of leadership, they grow as strategic decision-makers and communicators, gain tools that boost team performance, understand the financials that make up their organizations, and learn from theory and current issues. Enrolled students also immerse themselves in international business with relevant insights.

Program designers have strategically designed this Executive MBA for active high-level professionals interested in building soft skills while learning business complexities. Wisconsin’s curriculum is customized for executives and organizational leaders wanting to pair soft-skill courses with challenging ones. Courses are delivered in a cohort structure which allows students to learn in a structured, lockstep delivery format. This incredible program prepares graduate students for strategic business management.

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The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University provides an excellent Executive MBA. Designed for experienced leaders and executives, this top-ranked Executive MBA program attracts graduate students from all industries and broadens their perspectives along with their networks. The average work experience for enrolled students is 17 years.

While students take two years to complete this degree, they also spend every other Friday and Saturday on campus in Houston, Texas. The business school program opens and closes each academic year with a five-day intensive that targets the development of executive mindsets.

All Executive MBA students are led through a core curriculum in their first year, then choose from many electives in their second term. The business school leadership’s priority is to develop leaders with courses in functional areas, enhanced by a network of like-minded learners and capped with an overseas residency focused on creating the skillset needed to lead a global firm. The Jones Graduate School of Business encourages potential students to complete its resume pre-assessment to see if the Executive MBA program is the right choice.

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A top Executive MBA is currently available at the Paul Merage School of Business at the University of California, Irvine. Program architects understand that from blockchain to IoT and AI to 5G, business strategies enabled by digital technology can propel companies ahead of the competition. Business leaders trained as creative, strategic thinkers are in demand.

Merage’s 21-month MBA for Executives (EMBA) program brings students and instructors together every third weekend. It is an impactful and immersive experience that prepares students to lead the way in the digital world.

The Merage School is one of the top business schools in the country. It maximizes programs’ return on investment by capitalizing on valuable peer networks and skills relevant to the modern marketplace as they earn prestigious credentials to accelerate their careers. Enrolled students dedicate between 15 and 20 hours per week to course content in addition to time in the classroom. This exemplary Executive MBA equips business leaders for success.

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Executives wanting to earn an advanced business degree without disrupting their careers may discover that an Executive MBA program may be the right fit. However, not all EMBA programs are created equal. Thankfully, there are many options among on-campus and online programs when it comes to curriculum offerings, schedules, rigor, and content delivery. The critical thing to do is find an Executive MBA that checks all the boxes of your professional and personal needs.

An EMBA Program’s Academic Rigor

One of the essential variables while considering an EMBA program is rigor.

Essential questions to ask when evaluating programs:

  • An Executive MBA’s Format and Program Structure : Does the program require students to travel to a campus for class on weekends, or is it a commuter-friendly program primarily for local students? Are there any international residencies included in the program’s curriculum?
  • An Executive MBA’s Core Courses : Do EMBA students have the same class requirements for graduation as their MBA counterparts?
  • An Executive MBA’s Elective Choices : Do EMBA students have as much access to elective courses as MBA students? What types of specializations can executive MBA students choose from?

Executive MBA students will do well to find a business school that places the same academic rigor and access to resources that traditional MBA students enjoy. Both programs should require high admissions standards, include the same rigorous curriculum, and confer the same reputable degree. The structure and delivery of the programs should be the only differences to meet the needs of unique students.

An EMBA Program’s Admissions Requirements

Another significant characteristic to evaluate when considering an Executive MBA is the competitiveness of the program. You can get an idea of this factor by looking into a business school’s admissions requirements. Here are some valuable questions to answer:

  • Does the business school require incoming students to report standardized test scores like the GRE, GMAT, or Executive Assessment?
  • How many years of professional work experience are most students bringing to the program?
  • How is past academic performance measured?
  • Do program candidates need to have management experience to qualify for admission?
  • Does the business school require graduate students to continue working full-time while they pursue their Executive MBA?
  • What percentage of students in the program hold post-graduate degrees?
  • Where are Executive MBA students coming from? Is this a regional program, or are professionals coming from across the nation or the world?

It is good to look at multiple programs and business schools to get a better idea of what is typically required and where it is best to apply based on your test scores and experience.

Why It’s Important to Consider Cost When Researching EMBA Programs

Tuition is always a substantial consideration when researching Executive MBA programs. Make sure to look at what the tuition entails, the length of the program, and how those factors compare to other programs on your list.

Some executive MBA students will qualify for financial sponsorship through their employer. This relationship serves both employee and employer. The graduate student receives quality training, which companies benefits from. Some organizations offer formal tuition reimbursement programs. Others are willing to pay for a portion of an EMBA’s tuition in addition to any time off needed to attend classes or residencies within an EMBA program. Business school students should consider financial aid options like:

  • scholarships,
  • grants, and
  • loans that may be available.

How to Choose an Executive MBA Program That Will Assist You in Reaching Your Career Goals

It is vital to consider your career goals when determining whether an Executive MBA program is right for you. Make sure that the curriculum is designed to help you achieve those goals or open new opportunities in the future.

For example, if you desire to start a business, note the entrepreneurship courses and programs offered to graduate students. If you see yourself transitioning into a new field, make sure there are courses offered and an alumni network in that field. With the time and energy that an Executive MBA demands, you need to choose a business school to propel you to your goal.

Find Out Who is Teaching What

When looking into Executive MBA programs, consider who is instructing the executive MBA students. Does the business school bring in junior faculty or lecturers? Do the same instructors who teach the full-time MBA courses lead EMBA students? Ensure that all EMBA courses are led by top faculty who hold the appropriate credentials to help ensure you reach your career goals.

Discover What Tools are at Your Disposal

Whether you hope to transition to something new or move up in your organization, you’ll want to ensure that the Executive MBA program you’re attracted to features enough career resources. Look into the level of career coaching business students have access to and the types of career programming offered by faculty. It is always a bonus if these resources are provided after graduation.

One of the best types of programs you can find takes a holistic approach to career management. Finding a degree that includes an Executive MBA student’s career coaching throughout a career is a mark of a solid and thoughtful business school because the focus should never be on the next job but instead on a career’s trajectory over the long term.

Finally, when considering any business school that offers an Executive MBA program, make sure to interview current and former students. Attending a business school event is a great way to connect with a program. Look at your immediate network to see if anyone holds an Executive MBA program. When you start visiting campuses, attend classes, and meeting students for coffee, ask them what the program is really like. That is one of the best ways to get a sense of a program’s community and learning environment. Ultimately, the most crucial variable is how a program can be the right fit for you.

Other Business Schools to Pay Attention to:

University of Pennsylvania Wharton School
Pepperdine University Graziadio Business School
Columbia University Columbia Business School
Duke University Fuqua School of Business
University of California, Berkeley Haas School of Business
Georgetown University McDonough School of Business
Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management

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