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Best Executive MBA Programs 2024

Executives looking to level up their skills and credentials to move further up the ladder may want to consider an Executive MBA (EMBA) program. These programs are designed with the working professional in mind and can open up opportunities and connections not available otherwise. For even more flexibility, many top business schools offer online EMBA programs as well.

Ranking Methodology

College Consensus uses a consensus methodology for our rankings. By combining the results of the five most respected MBA ranking systems, our consensus ranking provides a more comprehensive and holistic picture of each program’s reputation and quality than any one rankings system can on its own.

For this ranking of the top EMBA programs we combined the results of the following MBA evaluations:

Ranking scores for each program were averaged and placed on a 100-point scale to produce Consensus Scores and the final ranking order.

Summary: Top 10 Executive MBA Programs

RankSchoolAccreditationLengthCostConsensus Score
1.University of Chicago – Booth School of BusinessAACSB21 mos$210,500100
2.Northwestern University – Kellogg School of ManagementAACSB24 mos$231,17499.08
3.Columbia University – Columbia Business SchoolAACSB20 mos$239,88096.80
4.Massachussetts Institute of Technology – Sloan School of ManagementAACSB20 mos$228,30095.74
5.Yale University – School of ManagementAACSB22 mos$216,83092.92
6.Cornell University – SC Johnson School of BusinessAACSB22 mos$186,51092.35
7.University of California, Berkeley – Haas School of BusinessAACSB22 mos$205,89792.06
8.New York University – Leonard N. Stern School of BusinessAACSB22 mos$219,50089.65
9.University of California, Los Angeles – Anderson School of ManagementAACSB22 mos$183,55287.01
10.University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill – Kenan Flagler Business SchoolAACSB24 mos$99,00082.63
Source: Official program websites and AACSB (April 2024)

The leading executive MBA program is offered at the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago. Booth’s Executive MBA is a graduate business degree for working professionals. It is like a traditional MBA. The EMBA Program teaches students the business skills to advance in their careers. Executives who are further along in their careers will enjoy the curriculum. At Booth, EMBA students earn the same credential as other MBA programs.

Chicago Booth is different from ordinary business schools. It is the first United States business school to maintain campuses on three continents. EMBA students have access to the same courses and distinguished Chicago Booth instructors. There is a lot to love about this executive MBA program.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University provides one of the nation’s best executive MBA programs. Enrolling in Kellogg’s Executive MBA Program is a significant investment. Enrolled students learn in the company of the world’s most prominent executives. They develop new frameworks for solving business issues while broadening their global network.

Executive MBA students develop alongside high-caliber peers. There is a diversity of experience and expertise. Classmates provide invaluable perspectives on universal business issues. Building lifelong connections will help graduate students define their future as high-impact leaders. You can be at the forefront of innovation. The business school is constantly adding new offerings and locations to the curriculum. This Executive MBA qualifies as a STEM-designated field of study. The excellent on-campus EMBA is worth a second look.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

An excellent executive MBA program is at Columbia University’s Business School. This world-class EMBA education helps leaders develop while staying connected to a dynamic business environment. Enrolled students study with renowned professors and prominent practitioners. They build skills to complement their experience and learn unique perspectives from a diverse set of classmates. The core EMBA curriculum explores big-picture business and entrepreneurial dreams. Electives in this program offer deep insights into multiple industries and functional business areas.

Graduate students can create an academic experience that fits their goals. Executive MBA students pursue the same degree as full-time students. They all benefit from the same high-level coursework with the same professors. Program leaders offer several program options to balance career, studies, and life schedules. This stellar executive MBA is worth its weight in gold.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Sloan School of Management features an executive MBA program. The MIT Executive MBA is a rigorous executive-schedule graduate degree. The twenty-month program is for mid-career executives poised at pivotal places in their careers. Enrolled students enjoy exposure to advanced management practices and applied learning projects. Graduates emerge with a broader perspective and the tools needed to increase their executive impact.

The MIT EMBA program allows students to join an elite forum for innovation and leadership. Graduate students develop an edge in their management capabilities while building a lifetime network. MIT Sloan School of Management develops its MBA students into principled, innovative leaders. These professionals improve the world and generate ideas that advance management practice. Enrolled executive MBA students enjoy access to a top-shelf curriculum and seasoned instructors.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Yale University’s School of Management features an excellent executive MBA. You can strengthen your leadership capabilities while learning to lead organizations that make a real difference. The business community needs broad-minded leaders across all sectors. These professionals rely on knowledge, energy, and capability to seize opportunities. Properly trained graduate students lead change for individuals, organizations, and communities.

The Yale MBA for Executives program combines the rigor of an integrated core curriculum and leadership development program with leadership study. Enrolled students can specialize in an area at the nexus of society and business. Asset Management, Healthcare, and Sustainability are included specializations. EMBA students attend classes every other weekend for nearly two years. Graduate students can advance their careers while building leadership skills at the highest levels. Yale hits a home run with this executive MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business offers an executive MBA. This Ivy League Executive MBA is perfect for working professionals. Pursuing a part-time executive MBA means implementing what you’re learning immediately while watching an investment in yourself pay off in real time.

Cornell’s Graduate School of Management features three executive MBA degrees. The School’s innovative executive MBA is for ambitious leaders across industries, sectors, and job functions. They want to advance their careers without putting them on hold. All three EMBA options differ in content. All degrees feature close-knit cohorts and immersive learning experiences. Executive MBA students also gain access to a rigorous, real-world curriculum delivered by a world-class faculty. Personalized career coaching means business students get unparalleled networking opportunities. Tomorrow’s business leaders get training within this on-campus EMBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of California, Berkeley’s Haas School of Business offers an excellent executive MBA. All enrolled students study with top instructors and earn the same Berkeley MBA degree as in the acclaimed Full-time and Evening & Weekend MBA programs. EMBA students graduate in 22 months.

This popular degree is featured on campus and on a schedule that respects the rest of enrolled students’ lives. Graduate students learn collaboratively. They build on their record of success to continue becoming leaders they’d want to follow. EMBA students learn on a vibrant university campus with accomplished, authentic, and invested colleagues. Business students prepare for their next move and more. They build important skills and relationships that position them for a lifetime of professional growth. Graduate students wanting professional development will appreciate this EMBA degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University features one of the nation’s best executive MBA programs. This EMBA program is for experienced working professionals seeking to cultivate their business acumen and expansive networks further. Program designers infused a work-life balance into the curriculum. Executive students can earn their degree in 22 months. Classes are held every other week, on Fridays and Saturdays. Enrolled students maximize their time at work and home.

EMBA students earn 60 credits by completing the coursework and attending scheduled classes. Graduate students strengthen their foundation and tailor their learning with diverse electives. The program features an option to specialize in up to three areas of study. All enrolled students participate in a hands-on Global Study Tour. This executive MBA program is one of the best you can choose.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Anderson School of Management at the University of California, Los Angeles, offers an executive MBA. The UCLA Anderson Executive MBA students learn and network with peers who inspire them. The program’s greatest strength is the accomplished and talented executives in every EMBA cohort. All classes are delivered on weekends with flexible scheduling. EMBA students achieve more than they ever thought possible in 22 months.

UCLA Anderson EMBA has developed a schedule offering that allows on-campus students to have an enriching MBA experience while balancing demanding careers. The monthly schedule empowers learners to stay connected with classmates and the Anderson community. Executive MBA students put business concepts into practice in this stellar degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Kenan-Flagler Business School at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill offers an excellent executive MBA. Graduate students choosing this program can accelerate their careers, develop their business and leadership acumen, and expand their professional networks. The coursework is delivered through once-a-week, on-campus classes. UNC’s top-ranked, STEM-designated Evening Executive MBA bolsters unparalleled value and convenience.

Executive MBA students expand their leadership skills and accelerate their careers. The Evening EMBA program is convenient and affordable. This degree is top-ranked when it comes to delivering value. Program designers are world-class instructors. The dynamic program design reflects a dedication to student outcomes. UNC’s Evening Executive MBA stands above other local programs for the value, credibility, and recognition it offers to North Carolina professionals. This executive MBA will direct your career forward.

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Consensus Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

Explore our featured online programs to find the right match for you today.

The University of Texas at Austin’s McCombs School of Business offers one of the nation’s best executive MBA programs. Graduate students can earn their Executive MBA from the McCombs School of Business in less than two years. The business degree begins in August. All students meet for in-person classes one weekend each month. There are several EMBA immersions in major U.S. markets outside Austin and one week-long Global immersion.

This cohort-based, executive-focused curriculum emphasizes leadership, strategy, and analytics. Enrolled students’ journeys through the McCombs Executive MBA Program empower them with the necessary business knowledge and modern research. Program graduates maximize their impact as leaders. World-renowned instructors teach courses. The curriculum is designed for executives. EMBA students open the door to endless opportunities. All business students desiring an excellent executive MBA are welcome to apply.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Washington’s Michael G. Foster School of Business has an executive MBA program. Enrolled students learn the language of business, develop leadership skills, and contribute to strategic roles. The Executive MBA program at Washington’s Foster School of Business is a nationally ranked and work-compatible program. It provides a rigorous and collaborative learning environment with highly experienced professionals from many industries.

Foster’s 21-month program offers benefits to today’s on-campus EMBA students. The coursework is relevant. Program graduates enjoy better decision-making, improved managerial skills, and leadership abilities to help solve real-world business and organizational issues. A highly experienced cohort of learners, along with a team-driven approach to learning, benefits EMBA students. They build diverse and enduring networks and friendships. This EMBA has a lot going for it.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice University features an executive MBA. This Executive MBA curriculum focuses on integrated and experiential learning. Program leaders open and close each academic year with a five-day intensive that targets the development of an executive mindset. First-year executive students follow a set core curriculum. Second-year students select electives from over 100 options.

Rice offers leadership and strategy executive forums focused on building an executive mindset. This program develops leaders with core courses in functional areas. A network of like-minded classmates enhances it. The experience is capped with an international trip focused on leading a global firm. Earning an Executive MBA at Rice Business will help professionals become the leaders they are meant to be. This program is one of the nation’s best executive MBA degrees.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania offers an excellent executive MBA. Executive MBA programs are designed for students who are further along in their careers. EMBA students often continue working full-time while in business school. Schedules vary among programs. Most offer part-time formats like weekend classes. Wharton EMBA students earn the identical MBA degree as full-time MBA students.

The value of an Executive MBA includes access to a world-renowned brand and the most prominent business school faculty. This comprehensive curriculum includes over 200 electives and four majors. Graduate students enjoy an immersive, residential experience with over 700 contact hours and six terms of study. Students looking for international study will appreciate the fourteen Global Modular Courses and several destinations for Global Business Week. The program’s Executive Career Coaching features exclusive leadership coaching and dedicated entrepreneurial programs. This well-equipped EMBA trains tomorrow’s executives.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University features one of the nation’s best executive MBA programs. This degree is top-ranked in the D.C. region. The flexible Executive MBA delivers the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to create meaningful change. Georgetown has a vibrant D.C. campus. It provides unrivaled access to global leaders across industries. Enrolled EMBA students enjoy opportunities to engage with renowned faculty and research centers focused on the future of business.

This 21-month EMBA is customizable. Electives are aligned to students’ particular interests. The program’s format balances flexibility with a collaborative community. In-person classes are on campus monthly with additional week-long residencies. This EMBA also includes two international residencies. Convenient online synchronous courses are also held throughout the program. This on-campus executive MBA would be an asset to anyone’s resume.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

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Washington University in St. Louis has an executive MBA at the Olin Business School. Students enrolled in the EMBA program broaden their ability to balance theory and data with principles and outcomes. Business students expand their global fluency. They apply what they learn in real time. The curriculum trains them to know which problems require attention and which solutions will do the best.

Leadership development is embedded in all program components. Every course, project, and residency is top-notch. Program leaders emphasize assessments and leadership coaching with certified trainers. Graduates have access to these professionals after the program ends. This program is for individuals balancing long work hours, frequent travel, and active lifestyles. Enrolled students attend classes once a month. This executive MBA deserves all the accolades it gets.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University offers an excellent executive MBA. The Vanderbilt Executive MBA features a solid foundation in leadership and strategy in the program’s first year. Second-year students choose between the Executive Edge Track and the Global Immersion Track.

Vanderbilt’s Executive Edge Track immerses students in the high-level work of business leaders. The Global Immersion Track integrates learners into an international cohort. It prepares them to take on cross-border assignments. Vanderbilt Executive MBA has a holistic approach to the admissions process. It ensures admission experts take the time to get to know applicants’ unique goals. Program leaders walk executive MBA students through the entire application process, from research to test prep. This Full-time EMBA program is an incredible degree.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Georgia Institute of Technology’s Scheller College of Business delivers one of the nation’s best executive MBA programs. Enrolled students advance their careers and personal growth. They balance work and life with Georgia Tech Scheller’s weekend Executive MBA program. The curriculum allows on-campus students to prepare for leadership in the real world, focusing on Global Business and Management of Technology.

All classes are held on Friday evenings and Saturdays. The Executive MBA Leadership Academy develops transformative leaders. All Executive MBA students can participate in the Academy. Activities include skills assessments, leadership-focused assignments, and executive coaching. EMBA students create a Personalized Leadership Development Plan (PLDP). It helps students become exceptional leaders for their organizations and communities. This well-rounded executive MBA will be the crown jewel in your resume.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College of Business features an executive MBA. Graduate students can transform their potential into high performance with the Executive MBA from the Broad College of Business. EMBA students can rise to the C-suite in their current company or explore new horizons. Broad’s 20-month Executive MBA program gives on-campus students the tools, knowledge, and skills they need to advance their careers.

The Traditional Executive MBA is an in-person program meeting every other weekend in Troy or East Lansing. Michigan State’s Executive MBA Flex is a hybrid format meeting in-person one weekend each month in East Lansing and online. This MBA Flex program combines professional and personal flexibility with team-oriented sessions. There are many reasons to pursue this convenient executive MBA.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame offers an executive MBA. Some enrolled students are seeking greater responsibilities in their current career path. Executive MBA students also consider transitioning to a new one. The Notre Dame Global EMBA helps professionals rise to the global challenges of today’s interconnected business world.

The newly designed Notre Dame Global EMBA starts where the Notre Dame EMBA left off. The Global Executive MBA is perfect for working professionals. It is offered through a 22-month program that meets on the Notre Dame campus monthly in person. Graduate students come with various backgrounds and management experience. Most bring more than ten years of professional experience. Mendoza leaders train tomorrow’s business leaders.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

Explore our featured online programs to find the right match for you today.

One of the nation’s best EMBA programs is featured at the Goizueta Business School at Emory University. Executive MBA students develop the leadership skills to forge their paths and build their legacies. Program leaders guide graduate students in brushing up on business foundations. They explore business strategy concepts that apply to various industries. The curriculum is delivered in a future-focused atmosphere.

This executive MBA prioritizes hands-on practice, immersive learning, and immediate feedback. Enrolled on-campus learners cultivate the knowledge needed to excel and the confidence to implement it. The business school provides many specializations, offering a customizable education experience. There is no GMAT required. The Goizueta executive MBA program teaches relevant business methods for today’s business world. The world is evolving, and so should executive business leadership. This best EMBA offers a lot.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University provides an executive MBA. The BYU Marriott Executive MBA program’s goal is to train complete leaders. Program leaders educate students in three ways—mind, heart, and spirit. Enrolled students gain knowledge of the best business practices through the core classes. After their second year, all students travel on a required two-week foreign business excursion. EMBA students choose from trips to India, Asia, Europe, or the Middle East.

BYU Marriott’s EMBA gives students chances to gather an understanding of the world around them. The program features networking opportunities with the thousands of alums who have gone before. Students explore different cultures and serve classmates throughout the program. This EMBA will propel your career forward.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

An executive MBA program is at the University of Maryland, College Park’s Robert H. Smith School of Business. This STEM-designated Executive MBA develops sharp business acumen, strategic decision-making, and the chance to leverage emerging technologies. The program gathers accomplished executives to exchange insights, foster relationships, and gain a holistic understanding of business challenges through diverse perspectives.

Maryland College Park’s program is perfect for high-potential leaders on a trajectory toward substantial leadership. C-suite professionals seeking to enhance their readiness for executive responsibilities will thrive in this EMBA. Qualified applicants have at least eight years of progressive professional experience and at least three years of management experience. This on-campus executive MBA at the Robert H. Smith School of Business is a winner.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management features an executive MBA. Program architects know EMBA students need a relevant curriculum. This degree features real-world significance students can apply on Monday morning. There are integrated emerging technologies throughout this curriculum to advance one’s education as advanced as today’s global economy.

UT Dallas built an EMBA that shows students shared value that maximizes the potential of emerging markets through a network of NGOs, companies, and government. Enrolled students work one-on-one with International Coaching Federation-certified executive coaches to create parallel paths to success. This Executive MBA will raise your technical skills. The refinement of executive soft skills is needed to complement any leadership capacity. The Jindal School of Management’s executive MBA is worth every penny.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

Texas A&M University’s Mays Business School features an executive MBA. This program’s comprehensive business education prepares industry experts to lead with confidence. Benefitting from experiential learning and a cohort of experienced peers, this education reflects real work experience. Enrolled students keep their day jobs. The degree concludes with a capstone project.

Mays Business School’s top instructors bring their expertise directly to EMBA students in Houston, TX. These professionals educate and equip students for global economic shifts. Application requirements include ten years of work experience and seven years of managerial experience. A complete admission package includes a resume, transcripts, and an essay. Mays Business School’s Executive MBA curriculum is designed to mimic business patterns. This EMBA will set you up for future success.

MBA Website

Consensus Score

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Why Should I Consider an Executive MBA Degree?

There are several reasons to consider investing in an executive MBA degree. A full-time Master of Business Administration program is a demanding, life-consuming experience. It typically takes about two years to complete. Your essential MBA degrees involve 30-60 credit hours of coursework. A part-time MBA program provides some flexibility but can take three to five years to complete. For some graduate students, these are great options.

An Executive MBA provides a much-needed middle ground for C-suite leaders. Most EMBA programs are two-year, 36-to-40-hour programs. They are structured to fit around executives’ active lives, demands, and families.

Many top-notch programs nationwide combine online and on-campus learning for a blended experience. While online degree programs offer flexibility and convenience, there are several compelling reasons why a student might choose to pursue an on-campus, immersive degree program.

On-campus EMBA degree programs offer a unique and enriching educational experience that goes beyond what can be achieved online. The opportunities for immersive learning, access to resources, networking, personal development, mentorship, and collaborative learning make on-campus programs compelling options for students seeking a comprehensive and interactive educational journey.

Recommended Online MBA Programs

Explore our featured online programs to find the right match for you today.

Let’s take a look at some of the other positive attributes of a top EMBA program.


Financial pay off
Leadership boost
Learning opportunities
Enhanced networking
Broadened perspective


Upfront costs
Time commitment
Career disruption
Limited specializations
Travel requirements

An Executive MBA Financially Pays Off

The Executive MBA Council reports that pursuing an executive MBA in 2018 was worth nearly a 15% increase in salary and bonuses. Exit interviews with graduate students have shown yearly compensation increases of over ten to 14.6 percent for almost a decade.

While it is important to note that salary growth is influenced by various factors such as industry, location, experience, and market conditions, an EMBA program can equip students with the skills, network, and opportunities that have the potential to contribute to salary increases and overall career advancement.

Top U.S. CEO Salaries

Stephen SchwarzmanBlackstone$253,000,000
Sundar PichaiAlphabet$226,000,000
Stephen ScherrHertz$182,000,000
Barry McCarthyPeloton$168,000,000
Michael RapinoLive Nation$139,000,000
Safra CatzOracle$138,000,000
Douglas IngramSarepta Therapeutics$125,000,000
Bill ReadyPinterest$123,000,000
Kiwi CamaraCS Disco$110,000,000
Tim CookApple$99,000,000
Data from CNBC

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An Executive MBA Will Boost Your Leadership Game

EMBA graduates can be better compensated because they bring higher value to their organizations. EMBA Council interviews reveal that graduates improved their leadership, decision-making, and critical thinking skills. Those who completed the program gained better insight into economic factors impacting businesses and financial and accounting acuity.

A quality Executive MBA program develops your skills as an upper-level leader. You can design and cast a vision while developing and executing strategy. EMBA students become better leaders of individuals, departments, divisions, teams, and organizations. These degree programs teach graduate students to accurately analyze information, improve decision-making and problem-solving skills, and develop communications skills. Executive MBA students thrive by informing, inspiring, and motivating.

These are the types of skills leaders need at the executive level. EMBA students go on to lead as entrepreneurs with a small but fast-moving team and owner-operators of small businesses. Successful business leaders may serve as directors of nonprofits or executives in a large national or global enterprise.

An Executive MBA Helps You Learn from Others

EMBA programs worth their salt bring together leaders with similar interests and diverse backgrounds. Graduate students with less experience benefit from older students’ knowledge and know-how. More senior students appreciate how younger business leaders think.

Some elite business schools have 50 unique companies represented in a typical class. There may be a range from Fortune 100 companies to the armed forces to nonprofits. The diversity of backgrounds and experiences creates an optimal perspective to learn. EMBA students benefit from each other and form connections that give year after year.

An Executive MBA Enhances Your Network

The relationships created in an EMBA program live on beyond graduation. EMBA programs draw business leaders from the same region. It’s convenient for these professionals to stay connected in person and contact each other when facing challenges and new opportunities.

An Executive MBA Broadens Perspectives

Beyond learning from the experiences of other students, a solid EMBA program with a study abroad component expands your global awareness. The experience many EMBA students enjoy the most is the study abroad. Going to Asia or other regions around the world and learning how people do things differently broadens your horizons.

An Executive MBA Can Be Attained Without Losing an Arm and a Leg

The advertised price of an EMBA can be shocking. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business launched the first executive MBA program eighty years ago. Today, the business school charges nearly $200,000 in tuition and fees for the North American EMBA program. This may look more attractive to some compared to the over $205,000 for other degree programs.

Thankfully, this tuition price is at the top end of the price spectrum. U.S. News & World Report states the average in-state tuition for a full-time MBA is closer to $40,000. Many graduate students qualify for merit scholarships or financial aid. These resources reduce out-of-pocket expenses.

Consider if an Executive MBA is Right for You

Here are additional questions to consider:

  • Does the program fit your personal and professional goals? 
  • Do you have the time and resources to commit to it? 
  • Will your family support your education?
  • Do you have the writing chops to master the admissions essay? 
  • Do you possess the math skills for the program’s quantitative components? 
  • Are you passionate enough to power through the challenging times? 

Answering these questions will help prospective EMBA students make an informed decision that will move them toward the next step in the EMBA process.

Hopefully, these reasons make an Executive MBA sound appealing. The next step is to do your homework. Research business schools that are AACSB accredited and see what they offer. Take time for some self-reflection. Ensure you are up to the challenge that comes with a quality program.

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