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If you have asked yourself – Why get a degree in business? – you are not alone.

The answer – an online business or management degree offers tremendous flexibility. This is because the managerial and business-related skills learned in a business or management academic degree program apply to most businesses – despite the nature of the business. 

Most Popular Schools with Online Business & Management Degree Programs

Top Careers With a Business Degree

CareerEmploymentAverage SalaryProjected Job Growth
Medical and Health Services Managers394,910$115,16017.6%
Computer and Information Research Scientists30,780$127,46016.5%
Financial Managers654,790$147,53016%
Social and Community Service Managers156,460$72,90013%
Computer and Information Systems Managers433,960$156,39011.3%
Agents and Business Managers of Artists, Performers, and Athletes17,060$97,17010.4%
Marketing Managers263,680$149,2008.1%
Public Relations and Fundraising Managers79,160$132,6307.8%
Arbitrators, Mediators, and Conciliators6,090$73,7207.8%
Administrative Services and Facilities Managers307,280$106,5507.3%
Source: 2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Most Affordable Online Business & Management Degree Programs

What Can You Do with an Online Business and Management Degree?

So, if a business or management degree’s versatility is what makes it appealing to you, the next step is to determine what jobs can you get with a business degree. But first, look into how to get a business degree, and then search what jobs you can get with a business degree.

In other words, it is important to learn how to get a degree in business before deciding upon the business program you wish to enroll in. As you consider your business degree options, be sure to answer these types of questions  –

Fortunately, the academic community has also developed many distance learning business or management degree programs from which to choose. If you have a serious and focused interest in learning how to get a business degree online or what jobs you can get with a business degree earned online, focus on these questions –

  • What jobs can you get with a degree in business if it is earned entirely online?
  • What jobs can you get with a business degree if you prefer to work remotely?
  • What jobs can a business degree get you if you want to work in sports management?
  • What jobs can you get with a degree in business that is involved in the health care industry?

Additionally, it is important to consider the salary and compensation when researching what jobs you can get with a business degree.

  • What jobs can you get with a business degree, and what can you expect for a starting salary?
  • What jobs can a business degree get you if you want to earn a six-figure salary?

Degree Types – Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral

Online Associate’s Degrees in Business and Management

Online associates degrees in business management are typically offered through vocational or technical schools, community colleges, and even some universities. Students can choose to attend classes offered by an on-campus or online associate’s degree in business and will generally be required to complete a two-year program that includes 60-semester credits to graduate.

Graduates who have earned an online associates degree in business will complete coursework as follows –

  • Finance
  • Business Analytics
  • Functional Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Investment Analysis, to name a few.

Earning an online associate’s degree in business will open entry-level job opportunities as administrative assistants, auditing clerks, bookkeeping assistants, personal bankers, and payroll clerks, to name a few.

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Business and Management

If you have considered earning an associate’s degree in business or management, it is also a worthwhile endeavor to consider the many bachelor of business online degrees as well. As you continue your research, be certain to answer questions related to the online bachelor of business degrees –

  • Will a bachelor of business administration online degree be viewed similarly to a degree earned on-campus?
  • Our bachelor of business online degrees more affordable than their on-campus counterpart?
  • Do the curriculums for an online bachelor of business degree differ from degrees earned in more traditional classes?

Those who earn a bachelor degree in business online or on-campus will soon discover that this more elevated degree creates additional career opportunities. And while most bachelor of business administration online degree options require about four years to complete, there are online bachelor of business degrees that offer students methods to accelerate the attainment of the online bachelor of business degree.

Choosing to earn an on-campus or online bachelors in business degree is a great choice because not only are job opportunities more plentiful, starting salaries for those who hold a bachelor degree in business online.

Coursework for those studying to earn their online bachelor degrees in business will typically include these courses that explore business fundamentals like –

  • Business Management
  • Business Ethics
  • Business Law
  • Team Development
  • Organizational Behavior, to name a few.

A few examples of the jobs available to those who hold an online bachelors in business degree are as follows–

  • A sales manager.
  • A financial analyst.
  • An account manager.
  • A marketing manager. 

Online Masters Degrees in Business and Management

Students & professionals who earn an on-campus or an online masters in business administration typically place their business career into overdrive. Earning an MBA – a master of business administration online or on-campus opens up some very dynamic and rewarding career opportunities.

Your career’s exact direction after you have earned your master in business administration online will be contingent upon the concentration or academic track chosen when completing the online master of business administration degree program.

Those who earn their master in business administration online will find their online master of business administration (MBA) degree will allow your career (and salary!) to grow quickly. Here are a few types of jobs and some of the many career options for those who hold a master in business administration online.

  • Business Operations Manager – an operations manager who holds an online master of business administration degree is responsible for managing a business’ supply chain efficiency through regular evaluation and analysis.
  • Market Research Analyst – many market researchers, begin their careers by earning an on-campus or online Masters in Business Administration (MBA) degree as they need the skills to properly analyze market conditions to discern product offerings and pricing points. Market research is often a subspecialty of many master of business administration online or on-campus programs. 
  • Marketing Manager –  responsible for understanding consumer demand for a company’s products and services and for locating new markets to generate additional sales.
  • Human Resource Manager – responsible for the coordination of the administrative tasks involved in the management of staff and workers. Typically, human resource managers earn on on-campus or online masters in business administration degree to secure these managerial jobs.

Online Doctorate Degrees in Business/Management

Those who choose to earn their on-campus or online business PhD will explore how a business operates within the larger marketplace and in relation to the fickle movement of consumer behavior. Those seeking a doctorate level program can select from –

  • A PhD in business online or on-campus that is customizable.
  • Online Doctor of Business Administration programs or  DBA programs online.
  • Online DBA programs with predefined academic tracks.

Those who earn their business PhD online or on-campus possess refined math and economic skills that are critical to the efficient operation of new and existing businesses and government agencies. Those who earn their online business PhD are often prepared and qualified for upper level managerial positions across industries.

Business Careers with a Doctorate in Business

Below, please review a partial list of those available careers to applicants who have earned their Doctor of Business Administration DBA programs online or on-campus.

Financial Managers

Financial professionals who hold an online PhD in business degree possess the skills and knowledge required to manage a business’s resources effectively. Additionally, financial managers with a degree earned from one of the many DBA online programs are tasked with the responsibility of assessing ways to increase profitability.

College Professors – Postsecondary Business Teachers

Most college professors who specialize in management or business hold a business PhD online degree as postsecondary educators are typically required to at or earning their PhD in business online or on campus. Educators at this level train the next generation of business leaders by teaching them how to think critically and innovatively. Additionally, those who have earned a degree from one of the many quality DBA online programs will have also met sophisticated research levels.

Management/Business Analysts

Business professionals who have graduated from one of the online DBA programs and wish to work in human resources should apply for positions as a business/management analyst. Management analysts seek to solve problems and evoke positive change through innovative solutions.

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts who have earned an on-campus or online PhD in business apply sophisticated economic methodologies to ensure a company remains profitable and operates within the confines of the law.


The process of accreditation plays an essential function in the educational systems in the United States as it ensures schools and the programs offered remain accountable to the students they serve.  Simply put, accreditation acts as a quality assurance process in which neutral parties assess a school’s operations and services against pre-established standards.

There are two fundamental categories of accreditation in the United States. They are shown below. 

Regional Accreditation

The United States Department of Education operates six regional oversight agencies across the United States, which is responsible for regionally accrediting state-funded and nonprofit schools.  

Academic degree programs can voluntarily seek accreditation from a specialized accreditation organization.

Specialized Business School Accreditation

Specialized accreditation is typically performed by industry-sanction oversight agencies. As you consider the many available business school programs, it is critical to confirm if the chosen program is offered with business school accreditation.

If you have looked into any business program, you have likely seen these acronyms related to business school accreditation – AACSB, ACBSP, and IACBE. So, what does AACSB accredited mean? And, Is AACSB accreditation important, and are there IACBE accredited schools?


The AACSB – the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) is headquartered in Tampa, FL, but operates internationally in Singapore & Amsterdam. The AACSB accreditation standards are recognized as the gold standard in business school accreditation.  With regard to AACSB accreditation standards, the ethical integrity of the school is of utmost importance.

The IACBE (The International Accreditation Council for Business Education) is another accrediting agency that accredits quality business programs.


One of the ways to advance one’s career is to choose to earn on-campus or online business certifications that offer specialized training. Fortunately, the business realm offers professionals a variety of business certificates online and on-campus. In fact, many professional organizations offer a certificate in business online program through its membership benefits.

There are many different online business certificates and business certifications online options from which to choose. Consider the following on-campus or online certificates in business options. Many of these online business certificates and online business certifications are a prudent way to help your resume stand out against the competition –

  • Project Management Professional (PMP) is one of the industry-recognized business certificates online dedicated strictly to property management. Project Management online certificates in business are available by many schools.
  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) – this certificate in business online program is offered by the IIBA – the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) and is one of several other online certificates in business offered by the IIBA.
  • Professional Certificate in Team Leadership – this is one of the business certifications online available from the Chartered Institute for IT that is available across the globe. The exam for this certificate in business online can be taken at any Pearson Vue.
  • Salesforce – as one of the most popular customer relationship management systems, Salesforce now specifically look for Salesforce online business certifications when hiring. Among the business certifications online offered are Salesforce Developer, Administrator, Consultant, and Marketer.
  • HubSpot Inbound Marketing – many businesses rely heavily on telemarketing – both inbound and outbound. These business certificates online are offered at no cost.

The online business certificates noted above include some of the most well-known online certificate in business available. The reality is that adding any of these business certificates online or on-campus is helpful to any professional.

College Scholarships for Business Students

Having enough money to attend college is often one of the biggest obstacles students face when deciding which school to attend. However, there are many scholarships for business students designed to help defray school costs. If you have a serious interest in educating yourself about available business scholarships for college students or scholarships for graduate students in business, the good news, there are many from which to choose.

Consider a few examples of the many scholarships for business students and the various scholarships for business graduate students shown below –

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