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Best Online Doctorate in Business Administration Program 2019

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A Doctorate in Business Administration is a terminal degree that will often include cutting-edge research opportunities for students and access to some of the sharpest minds in business education. Many students that choose the path of a DBA have completed an undergraduate business degree, followed that up with a Master of Science in Management or an MBA, and have also logged countless hours in business leadership. Because of this extensive professional experience, the hands-down best way to pursue a DBA is by finding a high-quality online Doctorate in Business Administration program.

One of the most important reasons to consider a DBA is that graduates will stand out from the pack of MBA students competing for the same jobs. In an MBA saturated job market, DBA graduates will be more attractive to potential hiring organizations, especially when it comes to executive positions like chief officers and vice presidents.

Potential DBA students might deliberate between this degree and a PhD. One of the most significant differences between a PhD and a DBA is the practical training that DBA students receive. While PhD holders typically pursue positions as researchers and professors, DBA holders go on to lead corporations and organizations that produce technology, goods, and services. Some of the most successful leaders in the modern global marketplace have pursued this important degree in business.

One of the most important reasons to consider an online DBA is the ability to pursue this exciting degree without putting careers on hold. Many of the nation’s best online DBA programs also feature no campus visits throughout the coursework, adding an excellent layer of convenience. Some DBA programs are hybrid degrees which allow students to take the majority of courses online and couple the curriculum with classroom visits. On campus visits enable students to network with professors and peers.

Some of the most prestigious business schools across the country now offer these convenient and rewarding degrees that will be a real asset to a business professional’s leadership future. These programs vary in cost from over $100,000 in tuition to just over $25,000. Professionals with an online DBA will be competently equipped to lead in government organizations, nonprofits, the healthcare industry, and in education, which provides an excellent return on investment.

Here are some of the very best online Doctorate in Business Administration programs currently offered in the United States.


Because affordability, convenience, and prestige are three of the most important factors when choosing an online degree, this is the roadmap we used when researching the top online Doctorate in Business Administration degrees.

Affordability (33%): Each online DBA program was evaluated upon its base tuition cost, detailed on each degree or university website. The base tuition was calculated for the whole program, excluding fees or books. This data was inverted and placed on a 100-point scale. This final score is the affordability score.

Convenience (33%): Each degree was ranked upon if it has a GMAT/GRE requirement during the application process and if it can be completed 100% online. Degrees with no GMAT/GRE score requirement received full marks. Programs with no residency requirement receive full marks, and those that have any on-campus requirement get half marks. Each online DBA had an online format score and GMAT score, which was averaged to make the Convenience Score.

Reputation (33%): Information on each school was collected from prestigious ranking lists: the Times Higher Education Best Universities for Business Degrees Ranking, the US News and World Report Best Business Schools Ranking, the Bloomberg Businessweek Best B-Schools Ranking, and the CEO Magazine DBA List. The rankings were converted to scores on a 100-point scale, which were then averaged to find a balanced consensus on each online DBA’s reputation.


Trident University
Glenn R. Jones College of Business

Trident University International logo from websiteTrident University provides an online Doctor of Business Administration Glenn R. Jones College of Business. This is the perfect online DBA for business professionals aspiring to achieve positions as consultants and executives within public and private organizations. All courses and assignments within this 36-48-hour program are delivered online with no campus visits needed. The goals of this program include an online DBA student being proficient in building his master’s level skills and knowledge to include an educational and career-focused advantage. Distance learners can expect to strategically form organizational relationships and hone their craft as it pertains to improving business process and outcomes. Qualifying students with the proper academic experience and credentials can waive the GMAT requirement during the application process. This online DBA not only presents the distance learner with one of the very best curriculums in this ranking, but it is also the most affordable degree listed. Trident University currently maintains a student body of nearly 7,000.

Affordability Score: 100.00
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


California Southern University
School of Business

California Southern University from websiteAn online Doctor of Business Administration is delivered at the School of Business at California Southern University. The ACBSP accredits this excellent online DBA that is featured as the second-most affordable program in this ranking. Speaking of savings, there is no GRE or GMAT requirement listed for program applicants, which saves students time and money when getting started in the degree. All coursework within this 60-credit hour degree is delivered 100% online, which translates into a very convenient format with no residencies taking place on the Costa Mesa, California campus of California Southern University. Students pursuing this degree will be well-equipped for senior leadership roles within a spectrum organizational types and sizes including government, nonprofit, public, and private organizations. Courses within this degree include Advanced Measurement and Statistics for Business, Ethnography of Corporate Culture, and Leadership, Ethics and Corporate Governance. California Southern University was founded in 1976 and today provides associate through doctoral programs to traditional on campus and online students.

Affordability Score: 95.75
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of the Cumberlands
Plaster Graduate School of Business

University of the Cumberlands logo from websiteThe Plaster Graduate School of Business at the University of the Cumberlands delivers an online Doctor of Business Administration. This online DBA is one of the lowest-priced programs in this ranking and offers extreme value for the level of quality contained within. Candidates interested in this program will want to contact the admissions office for a full list of admissions requirements. There is no GMAT or GRE test score submission included in the acceptance process, which saves applicants time and money when betting accepted into this online DBA. Assembled as a 66-credit hour degree, the program is divided between core courses, strategic focus courses, and the professional research done at the conclusion of the degree. Core courses include Information Technology Importance in Strategic Planning, The Change Process, Managerial Ethics and Social Responsibility, Strategic Thinking, Decision-Making, and Innovation. The University of the Cumberlands is home of the Patriots and began offering excellent degree plans for students in 1889 when it was established as Williamsburg Institute.

Affordability Score: 95.53
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Wilmington University
College of Business

wilmington university logo 9737Wilmington University delivers an online Doctor of Business Administration at the College of Business. Working professionals in the arenas of education, leadership, consulting, and management will all benefit from this stellar 54-semester credit hour program offered by the College of Business at Wilmington. The International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education grants this DBA its business accreditation. Distance learners can expect to graduate with this degree in just three years using the business school’s preferred schedule of coursework. All classes can be taken online, or a hybrid experience can be planned as well. The school offers face-to-face learning at campuses in Brandywine and the Wilson Graduate Center in New Castle, Delaware. The 54-credit hours of the degree are split between 24-program core course credits, 21 common core credits, and nine dissertation or research project requirements. There is a specific course sequence in this program and classes include Experiential Learning: Leadership Issues, Ethics in Business and Management, Advanced Seminar in Managerial Finance and Accounting, Organizational Strategy and Policy, and Advanced Marketing Management.

Affordability Score: 94.69
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Westcliff University
College of Business

Westcliff University logo from websiteThe College of Business at Westcliff University offers an online Doctor of Business Administration. With an attractive tuition rate, less than the average from this list, this 60-credit hour DBA is within the top-five of this ranking in affordability. Students have the convenient option of taking all courses online or experiencing a hybrid format with classroom sessions combined with distance learning. There are no required residencies associated with this degree at Westcliff University. The optimal candidate for this online Doctor of Business Administration is one who has already completed a master’s degree like the MBA and is desiring to further develop his practical and theoretical knowledge and understanding of the essential principles that govern global business. This online program centers on leadership skills and advanced decision making as well as an in-depth understanding of theory and applied research. Doctoral students have the opportunity to explore and discern issues facing business today. These problems presented in the program include corporate social responsibility, managing change, and globalization.

Affordability Score: 94.41
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Liberty University
School of Business

Liberty University logo from websiteAn online Doctor of Business Administrationis provided by the School of Business at Liberty University. Candidates for this program who have acquired the proper academic experience can transfer up to 15-credit hours of coursework into this exemplary DBA program. All coursework for this degree is delivered 100% online. Students are not required to visit the campus in Lynchburg, Virginia during the application process or throughout the entirety of the program, which offers an excellent degree of convenience for the distance learner. Courses for this online DBA are offered within eight-week terms, and start dates are offered on a regular basis throughout the calendar year. There are a number of high-quality concentrations that accompany the online Doctor of Business Administration including Project Management, Leadership, Accounting, Information Systems, Strategic Media and Digital Content, Marketing, and Supply Chain Management and Logistics. This 60-credit hour Doctor of Business Administration is just one of the excellent distance degrees currently offered at Liberty University.

Affordability Score: 91.06
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Bellevue University
College of Business

Bellevue University logo from websiteBellevue University’s College of Business delivers an online Doctorate of Business Administration. With a tuition rate under the average for this list, this well-crafted DBA has a lot going for it. Besides a 100% online course delivery structure, the business school does not require program candidates to submit a GMAT or GRE test score during the application process. The program creators at the College of Business have zeroed in on issues that modern business leaders deal with and have designed a program to tackle problems with creative solutions. In place of a typical dissertation, students within this degree will complete a research-based doctoral project which will aid a professional in developing as a thought leader and expert in a particular arena of business. All aspects of this stellar online DBA can be completed in just three years. Besides a robust curriculum, program designers have built in two-week sabbaths at the end of each course to allow doctoral students the chance to recharge and see to life demands outside of academia.

Affordability Score: 89.38
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Trevecca Nazarene University

Trevecca Nazarene University logo from websiteAn online Doctor of Business Administrationis offered at Trevecca Nazarene University. Doctoral students can expect to complete all requirements for this degree in just 32 months. The business school requires no GMAT or GRE test scores, adding to the program’s convenience. All classes offered within this DBA feature class sizes of less than 20 students allowing more quality interaction. There are three tracks offered within this online DBA, including Consulting & Coaching, Enterprise Leadership & Management, and Higher Education. Core courses within the 60-credit hour degree include Introduction to Applied Business Research Analytics, Applied Business Research Principles and Practices, Current Topics in Marketing, Introduction to Doctoral Business Studies, Current Topics in Management and Leadership, and Current Topics in Business Strategy. The business school puts high regard on business leaders utilizing creativity and an entrepreneurial approach to business leadership. Trevecca Nazarene University is located in Nashville, Tennessee and currently oversees a student enrollment of over 3,600.

Affordability Score: 88.87
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Franklin University
Ross College of Business

Franklin University logo from websiteThe Ross College of Business at Franklin University delivers an online Doctor of Business Administration. With tuition less than the average from this list, this excellent DBA is competitively priced and is one the value-minded doctoral student will not want to pass up. The business school has structured this program to include two years of classwork, followed by a year of preparing a dissertation. Preliminary work towards the dissertation begins at the start of the program allowing students greater confidence that their dissertations will be of high value. Doctoral students with transferable credit have the option of transferring up to 24-credit hours of qualifying coursework into this 100% online Doctor of Business Administration. The 58-hours of this online DBA consist of 16 research core credits, 20 major area credits, 12 elective credits, and 10 hours of dissertation requirements. Development of Management Theory Practice, Organizational Behavior, Culture & Effectiveness, Organizational Theory, Change Management & Organizational Development, Ethics & Social Responsibility, and Organizational Performance Analysis are all included within the program’s curriculum.

Affordability Score: 87.79
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of the Incarnate Word
School of Professional Studies

school of professional studies university of the incarnate word logo 138788The School of Professional Studies at the University of the Incarnate Word offers an online Doctor of Business Administration. This program features 15 courses within an online and residency format. With limited residency requirements and campus visits needed by the DBA student, there is an extreme amount of flexibility and convenience which allows the doctoral student the chance to continue working within her current position with no professional disturbance. The residency hours needed within this degree include credit hours of face-to-face instruction and project time, which allows students to benefit significantly from the business school’s seasoned instructors. The 45-hour degree includes such courses as Business Ethics, Qualitative Research, Corporate Financial Decision-Making & Value Creation, Quantitative Research & Analysis, Business Operations & Process Improvement, and Writing for Publication & Presentation. This high-powered Doctor of Business Administration is just one of the top-shelf degrees currently offered at the University of the Incarnate Word.

Affordability Score: 86.59
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Johnson & Wales University
College of Online Education

Johnson Wales University logo from websiteJohnson & Wales University offers an online Doctor of Business Administration at the College of Online Education. The benefits of this 54-credit hour program are evident from the word “go” as there are no GMAT or GRE test score requirements during the acceptance process and all coursework assignments within the program are provided 100% online. The curriculum writers for this program centered on the important business leadership themes of critical-thinking, advanced research, and analytical development and practice when setting a course for how tomorrow’s executive leaders will be trained in the many aspects of global business management. Students within this program are encouraged to think creatively and critically when addressing ethical issues of organizational sustainability and growth. Online DBA students take just one course at a time, and each class is offered within an eight-week context. Typically, graduates will complete all program requirements in just three years. The dissertation preparation for this stellar degree begins after a student’s first year.

Affordability Score: 85.92
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Florida International University
Chapman Graduate School of Business

Florida International University logoFlorida International University delivers a Doctor of Business Administration through the Chapman Graduate School of Business. One highlight of this exceptional degree includes an online curriculum delivery with several on-campus residencies required throughout the duration of the degree. These short residencies allow DBA students to grow their professional network by having valuable face to face time with courses instructors, business school staff, and fellow students. Most students who get accepted into this program complete all course requirements within three years. This Doctor of Business Administration consists of 72-credit hours and will prepare executive-level leaders with the tools they need to work within private and public sector organizations. The programs residencies include an initial three-day stint at the program’s orientation and then four two-day residencies that take place on Fridays and Saturdays once a month during each semester. Courses within the online DBA include Qualitative Research Methods, Marketing and Behavioral Theory, International Business Theory and Practice, and Analysis of Corporate Policy.

Affordability Score: 71.84
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 70.97


Saint Leo University
Donald R. Tapia College of Business

saint leo university online saint leo university logo 130133Saint Leo University provides an online Doctor of Business Administration at the Donald R. Tapia College of Business. All courses within this stellar 57-credit hour degree are provided online with zero residencies for DBA students. Applicants working through the acceptance process will also enjoy no GMAT or GRE request by the business school. This saves time and money as many business school candidates spend the better part of a year preparing for placement tests, and these exams charge a fee. Analytics for Decision Making, Global Leadership and Ethics, Doctoral Success Lab, Applied Research, and Consulting Practicum are just a few of the top-shelf courses the Donald R. Tapia College of Business has prepared for its online Doctor of Business Administration students. The themes of critical analysis, research, and data application skills are all presented throughout this degree’s curriculum. While the business school does require applicants to submit a $500 Commitment Tuition Deposit during the application process, this fee goes toward the overall tuition fees once a student is accepted into the program.

Affordability Score: 81.89
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Northcentral University
School of Business

Northcentral University logo from websiteThe School of Business at Northcentral University delivers an online Doctor of Business Administration. The business school has structured this program to include sixteen courses that make up its 48-credit hours of content. This DBA is delivered at a competitive tuition rate and is well-accredited by the prestigious ACBSP. As for convenience, the School of Business delivers the entirety of this Doctor of Business Administration through a 100% online format meaning students do not have to visit the campus in San Diego, California at any time during the program’s duration. There are no GRE or GMAT requirements asked of program candidates during the application process. This program centers on equipping senior leadership professionals with high-level training. There has been a special emphasis placed on the application of business theory and research that results in developing and executing strategies for solving issues organizations face in today’s business climate. Students within this program enjoy weekly course start times and can expect to graduate in just 39 months.

Affordability Score: 81.71
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Baker College
College of Business

baker college online logo 129685An online Doctor of Business Administration is offered at Baker College’s College of Business. Program creators note it has been developed to give online DBA students the tools they will need to be critical thinkers and solve issues at the highest levels of business leadership. The educators at the College of Business have years of experience and will utilize the teaching components of seminars, research papers, classes, professional residencies, and the final dissertation to impart knowledge and skills pertaining to management techniques and high-level business theories. Doctor of Business Administration students will be led through a fantastic curriculum throughout this program, including classes like The Scholar Practitioner, Doctoral Writing and Literature Review, Leading 21st Century Organizations, Managing in a World-Wide Context, Knowledge Management and Information Systems, Quality Improvement and Organizational Change, and Corporate and Personal Ethics. The 16-credit hours of dissertation work include a two-part course o=n dissertation preparation and a six-part dissertation activity class grouping.

Affordability Score: 79.21
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Alliant International University
California School of Management & Leadership

Alliant International University logo from wikipediaThe California School of Management & Leadership at Alliant International University delivers an online Doctorate in Business Administration. The business school offers the chance for incoming students of this degree to qualify for a $25,000 Founder’s Grant as the program celebrates the first cohort group of the new online DBA. This high-quality distance degree covers all needed topics from collaborative research to advanced statistics with a particular emphasis on quantitative analysis and technology. Courses for this degree can be found on campus or online with a hybrid experience available to those students with the option of being able to travel to the school’s campus. The first two years of the program include working through the coursework while the final one or two years is for dissertation research. Classes are delivered in an eight-week term. Foundations and Critical Issues in Global Business, Global Change Management, Foundations of Research, Research Scholars Community, and Cross Cultural Management and Global Issues are some of the courses provided within this DBA.

Affordability Score: 77.65
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


New England College of Business

New England College of Business logo from websiteAn excellent Doctor of Business Administration can be found at the New England College of Business. The university is proud to deliver this program that represents the apex of academic qualification in the nation. New England College of Business’ online Doctor of Business Administration in Quality Systems Management has been created to apply theory to real-world business practice and train students in how to advance knowledge to solve business issues using evidence-based data and theory. Online DBA students work as practitioner-scholars who will go on to qualify for top-level executive positions in the business world or serve in university teaching positions. Research Methodologies and Scholarly Writing, Business Research and Application, Organizational Leadership, Quality Systems and Project Management, and Business Analytics and Strategic Decision Making are all high-quality courses offered within this excellent DBA in Quality Systems Management. The program is divided between 30 credit hours of common core requirements, 18 credits of program core requirements, and 12 credits of dissertation requirements.

Affordability Score: 74.89
Convenience Score: 100.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Florida
Warrington College of Business

University of Florida logo.svgThe Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida provides a Doctor of Business Administration. By completing this stellar online DBA program, a distance learner will acquire the essential credentials needed to obtain executive positions. Some graduates of this program go on to become influential thought leaders at highly-respected universities and become published writers in their field’s peer-reviewed journals. Other graduates may choose to take the knowledge and skills they attained during the Doctor of Business Administration at the University of Florida and apply their knowledge to benefit successful companies and organizations of all sizes. Well-educated executives with proven analytical skills are in demand now more than ever. Their ability to lead businesses with strategies rooted in dependable research principles can be the deciding factor on if a company sinks or thrives. Some of the participants of this degree covet engaging with businesses yet want to avoid the daily grind of working with the same staff day after day and choose instead to become consultants. This DBA will prepare working professionals for satisfying careers as consultants as well.

Affordability Score: 43.22
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00


University of Wisconsin Whitewater
College of Business and Economics

University of Wisconsin Whitewater logoThe College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater offers a Doctorate of Business Administration. The online DBA is a practitioner-oriented program with a curriculum centered on integrating business functions, including accounting, information technology, finance, marketing, and management. Doctoral students desiring to go into teaching or consulting should look into this high-quality distance degree. Most DBA students complete this degree in just three years. The University of Wisconsin-Whitewater offers one of just six AACSB-International accredited DBA programs in the nation. This degree is a professional doctorate that allows students to curate in-depth expertise in a specific arena of business. The Doctorate of Business Administration will provide distance learners with the necessary preparation they will need to contribute to organizational effectiveness through required coursework and constant interaction with practitioners at the top of their fields. Part of this stellar program includes students completing a dissertation that results in business practice.

Affordability Score: 57.53
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 63.08


Indiana Wesleyan University
DeVoe School of Business

Indiana Wesleyan University logo from websiteIndiana Wesleyan University provides an online Doctor of Business Administration at the DeVoe School of Business. This incredible distance DBA prepares doctoral students for satisfying careers in business education, business leadership, and consulting. The curriculum for this degree has been crafted over the years and designed to aid students in creating new knowledge and skills currently needed in the global marketplace. Strategies for complex business problems and advanced change management are at the heart of this degree that typically takes three years to complete. The problem-based learning model that marks this program is unique to DeVoe School of Business, and one exciting feature of the degree is a doctoral project in place of a dissertation. The business school’s staff is committed to equipping students with the tools they will need to integrate forward-thinking, team-based business practices into a student’s leadership potential. Graduates will go on to develop a worldview that will enrich their personal and professional lives.

Affordability Score: 93.52
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Grand Canyon University
College of Doctoral Studies

Grand Canyon University logo from website e1561491529208Grand Canyon University delivers a Doctor of Business Administration with an Emphasis in Management at the College of Doctoral Studies. Most of this degree’s material is delivered through an online format, but students are given the unique opportunity to work with fellow students and course instructors in the context of two or three residencies which last five days each. These residencies are offered at key intervals and take place on the university’s campus in Phoenix, Arizona. The DBA at Grand Canyon University requires no GMAT or GRE test score submission during the application process, which saves a student time and money when applying. The ACBSP accredits this stellar DBA program. The 60-credit hour program is delivered within eight-week terms. Courses within this degree include Introduction to Advanced Graduate Studies and Scholarship, Emerging Issues in Financial Management, Management Theory in a Global Economy, Designing Organizational Structures, Foundations for Research, Contemporary Business Law, Analysis for Existing Research, and The Sustainable Future.

Affordability Score: 90.17
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


University of Missouri-St. Louis
College of Business Administration

University of Missouri St. Louis logo from website e1556306077118An online Doctor of Business Administration is provided at the University of Missouri-St. Louis’ College of Business Administration. The AACSB-International grants the business school its business accreditation. Doctor of Business Administration students move through the program’s coursework in a cohort structure and then meet face-to-face on the school’s campus in Saint Louis, Missouri one weekend a month for short residency opportunities. These included residencies allow distance learners to collaborate and engage with faculty and students. These relationships often develop to the point of future collaboration and business connections that benefit working professionals at the executive level. There is no GRE or GMAT requirement of candidates interested in this program. This online degree holds the distinction as the first and only DBA program in Missouri accredited by the AACSB-International that offers research concentrations in every area of business administration. The optimal candidate for this degree is one with 10-20 years of management experience and who has achieved an MBA or similar degree.

Affordability Score: 53.06
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 63.08


Jacksonville University
Davis College of Business

masters online programs jacksonville university logo 190148Jacksonville University’s Davis College of Business provides a Doctor of Business Administration. This program is known as the Davis DBA and has been designed as a rigorous academic venture that equips students with research methodology and analytical tools to solve many of the issues that affect modern business. C-level executives, business consultants, college professors, and, policymakers can all benefit from this stellar online DBA. Students can commute in for the short residencies which are held on the school’s campus in Jacksonville, Florida. These residencies take place on Fridays and Saturdays once a month. The business school does not list a GMAT or GRE test score submission during the acceptance process. Recognition for this DBA includes a nod from CEO Magazine as one of the top 40 DBA programs in the country. All course instructors of this degree hold PhDs in their fields. The three years it takes to complete this program is divided between two years of coursework and a final year of dissertation work.

Affordability Score: 50.82
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 63.08


California Baptist University
Online and Professional Studies Department

California Baptist University logoThe Online and Professional Studies Department at California Baptist University offers an online Doctor of Business Administration. This program is one of the more-affordable degrees in our ranking. The Online and Professional Studies department does include short residencies throughout this degree at key intervals that allow the student to stay connected to professors and other students they will be networking with for the duration of the program. The 50-unit degree can be completed in as quickly as three years, including the dissertation assignment. The program utilizes a cohort structure throughout the coursework and within the dissertation assignment. Each course is delivered within an eight-week format. Courses within this Doctor of Business Administration include Foundations of Organization and Management, Ethics in Organizations and Management, Applying Economic Theory to Business, Financial Analysis for Decision Making, Quantitative Research Methods, Strategic Management, and Topics in Human Resource Management. California Baptist University got its start in 1950 and today oversees a student body of over 9,940.

Affordability Score: 86.70
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00


Phoenix University
School of Advanced Studies

University of Phoenix logo from websiteAn online Doctor of Business Administration is provided by the School of Advanced Studies at Phoenix University. The elite business school has designed this 62-credit hour program so DBA students can become experts in business subject matter, design and oversee research studies, solve organizational issues, strategize over work environments for growth and success, and bring innovative business concepts to the industry. Students typically take four years to complete this degree. The format of the degree includes eight-week long classes taken one a time. The ACBSP accredits this Doctor of Business Administration that is moderately priced among other degrees in this ranking. Most of the coursework provided in this high-quality program is delivered online, yet some residencies are offered at the school’s campus in Phoenix, Arizona. These included residencies allow DBA students to network with other students in their cohorts and gain valuable face time with instructors and business school staff.

Affordability Score: 82.70
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 0.00

What kind of position am I qualified for after pursuing an online DBA?

There are a plethora of reasons why one would choose to attain a Doctor of Business Administration. There is a great opportunity to lead real change as executive leadership within an organization, and a DBA can help a leader on the road to a C-suite position. A DBA is also a great way to grow your personal network in business leadership. And as with other higher education degrees, there is a personal fulfillment experienced and a wealth of knowledge to be had within a prestigious online DBA degree.

Most students pursuing a DBA are looking for a satisfying position in executive leadership, which allows them to exercise a broad scope of leadership, and a DBA can demand an attractive salary. Here are a few popular careers of those who hold an online Doctorate in Business Administration

C-Level Officer

This position rank includes CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, and CMOs, among others. This executive level of leadership is one of the most powerful positions in business, and also the most lucrative. These leaders are responsible for overseeing an organization and making decisions that affect the entire entity.


An analyst is responsible for assessing a brand or corporation’s strengths and weaknesses and helping an organization’s leaders make wise decisions for the future. A consultant is sometimes brought in when there is an issue that needs solving. A consultant will often help the group form a strategy for overcoming a problem or developing future plans to become more sustainable and successful. Both analysts and consultants are typically used as contract experts who are hired on a temporary basis or kept on retainer.

College Professor

While most people who hold a terminal degree in a field and want to be educators may have pursued a PhD, DBA students may still find themselves with a desire to teach others about the intricacies of business leadership. DBA holders are well-qualified to write curriculum and help design educational programs at multiple levels.

No matter what position students may seek out, a program like an online DBA is an excellent degree to consider as it allows a doctoral student the flexibility of working on a degree without having to make campus visits on a regular basis.

What are the major differences between a PhD and a DBA?

There are some very important differences and similarities between the PhD and the DBA. Both programs are terminal degrees, meaning scholars do not continue on for another degree after completing these. Both programs require an extensive amount of research and study. Perhaps the easiest way to understand the difference between these two degrees is to consider the two different paths that a doctoral student will take and what the end goal will be.

A PhD student will most likely go on to work in academia as a professor, educational program/curriculum writer, or researcher. This degree can be a very smart move for a student who wants to teach at a specific school or who has built a strong network of professionals that includes educators and professors.

While a DBA student may also end up in some field of education, they are also highly qualified for executive leadership within many types of organizations like government and nonprofits, and within the public and private sectors. Put plainly, a DBA focuses on theoretical knowledge and how it is used in a real-world business practice. Decision makers who want to make a difference at the highest level in business are prime candidates for a degree like an online Doctorate in Business Administration.