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AACSB, Middle States Commission on Higher Education

The Columbia Business School at Columbia University offers a prestigious Ivy League education that has attracted high achieving business students since its establishment in 1916. Throughout its century of operation, 13 alumni or professors have been the recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics. Columbia holds elite membership in the Ten School Diversity Alliance, in efforts to achieve a more diverse business student population throughout the business world. The professors are also able to offer a global perspective since 60% either lived or worked abroad.


Earning a business degree from Columbia will give you the skills, knowledge, and social connections to truly impact the world. Columbia Business School only offers graduate degrees, but undergraduate students can begin their pathway to success by enhancing their liberal arts degree with a special concentration in Business Management. Only 45 students are accepted into this highly competitive Business Management annually. The curriculum consists of one financial and two managerial core courses and two electives. Innovative elective options include Introduction to Cultural Psychology, Venturing to Change the World, and Mistake, Misconduct, Disaster.

Columbia graduate students who earn an MBA or Executive MBA are highly valued in the global business community. The two-year MBA allows students the flexibility to gain in-depth knowledge in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Family Business Program, Finance, Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management, Leadership and Ethics, Management, Marketing, Media and Technology, Private Equity, Real Estate, Retail and Luxury Goods, Social Enterprise, or Value Investing. The EMBA offers four scheduling options, making it possible for even the busiest professionals to set aside time to earn this transformative degree. A Full-time option is available Monday through Friday, but for those who spend their weekdays in the office, they can attend only Saturday classes weekly, or every other week on both Friday and Saturday. Students who live further away, but want the prestige of a Columbia degree and access to New York, can attend five to six-day blocks once a month. Master of Science degrees are also available in Accounting and Fundamental Analysis, Financial Economics, and Marketing Science. The Ph.D. degree is a full-time, five-year program that will invigorate students to make scholarly contributions to academia in the area of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Management, Marketing, or Decision, Risk, and Operations.

Student Life

The Mendelson Center for Undergraduate Business Initiatives allows students to collaborate with faculty on research, as well as learn from them through the lecture series and mentoring. Undergraduate students are also encouraged to attend industry panels and networking events with MBA students.

Columbia Business School also offers over 100 unique clubs specifically for business students, such as CBS Gourmet for foodies, Cluster Q to support the LGBTQ community, and Co-ed Flag Football and Golf Club for athletes. Volunteer opportunities abound through Community Career and Money Skills, the Harlem Tutorial Program, and the Social Enterprise Club. Students can network with like-minded peers through membership in a career-oriented organization, like the Venture Capital Club, Technology Business Group, Media Management Association, or the Small Business Consulting Organization.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?