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The Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago shares this world-renowned university’s core values and desires to shape the student body’s distinctive intellectual culture. Chicago Booth leadership always questions, tests ideas, and seeks proof. The business school’s extraordinarily active approach to leadership and business translates into new ideas and cutting-edge solutions. Nine of the Booth School of Business faculty members have won Nobel Prizes in their areas of expertise.

The business school claims an unmatched faculty while maintaining open enrollment, degree, and custom programs offered on three of the earth’s continents. A global body of over 50,000 accomplished alumni currently exists. The business school nurtures strong and growing corporate relationships that give students a wealth of lifelong leadership opportunities.

Since the Booth School of Business’s inception in 1898, it has produced leaders with ideas that shape the world of business. Today, the business school is committed to empowering bold thinkers and inquisitive minds to dig deep, discover more, and shape the future.


Students enrolled in the business school’s multiple programs are encouraged to build a robust multidisciplinary framework of business leadership. Booth leadership believes a lifetime of impact begins with a firm grounding in core principles of business, finance, and management, including specialized courses in accounting, statistics, and human psychology. A quality curriculum is one that gives students tools to form the foundation of an education that will bolster industry and help students skillfully navigate every economy. The programs delivered by the business school are designed to equip students with the intellectual freedom to explore their unique interests and build on their passions to achieve personal and professional markers of success. Degrees currently offered include a full-time MBA, Evening MBA, or weekend MBA in Chicago, an Executive MBA in Chicago, Hong Kong, or London, or a Ph.D.

Student Life

The business school provides its students with learning opportunities and ways to connect outside of the classroom. The business school features a Civics Scholars program. Chicago Booth also brings together a global network of curious minds in the mutual pursuit of deeper understanding. A “Back to Booth” program creates new opportunities for former students and alumni to build on their expertise and continually lead in a rapidly changing global marketplace. Booth graduates and former students value the influence their professional education has had on their careers. The business school’s fundamental, data-driven philosophy of education provides the framework to competitively position students for success.

Online Programs

The University of Chicago features a rich history of innovation in education. Chicago Booth takes the effectiveness of continued studies beyond the traditional classroom. Building on the business school’s in-class offerings, it has embraced the new online classroom forum to provide distance learners with expanded access to programming in the global community. An award-winning faculty lead all online classes. The Booth School of Business now offers Executive Education degrees in online and blended-learning formats. A distance degree with a 100% online format includes the Chicago Booth Certified Investment Management Analyst Education Program and Leading with Data and Analytics. Programs soon to be released in 2020 include Cybersecurity for Executives, Financial Foundations, and Investment Management.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?