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The 1-year MBA is the perfect program for business students who want to pursue an advanced graduate degree quickly. Have you ever heard the old adage that time is money? Pursing one of the fastest MBA programs has a direct correlation to cost and return. Students in a 1-year MBA program only have tuition fees for one year instead of two. Graduates from 1-year MBA programs reap the benefits after one year instead of two. But students need to know they do not have to sacrifice time for quality. Finding the fastest and best MBA programs is the foundation of our Best 1-Year MBA Programs Ranking for 2022. These programs are not only allowing students to graduate in a year or less, they are also hailing from the top business schools in the country.

One-Year MBA Programs

After spending four or five years studying to earn an undergraduate degree, the idea of jumping back into school to live the student life again may not sound ideal. Professionals love the prospect of having an MBA, and they want to advance their careers and achieve their goals. Therefore, many business schools, both online and traditional, currently feature accelerated MBA programs. One-year MBA programs give graduate students the chance to enroll in school in the fall and graduate at the end of summer. Spending just one year as an MBA student can reduce costs and enable learners to increase their income quicker. This ranking is designed to help potential MBA students learn more about how to compress all that curriculum into just twelve months of studies.

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This 2022 Best 1-Year MBA Programs Ranking is a consensus ranking. We found the top campus-based MBA programs that can be completed in one calendar year or less. Information from five top MBA ranking systems was combined: Forbes, Bloomberg BusinessweekThe EconomistThe Financial Times, and U.S. News and World Report. The scores were placed on a 100-point scale, weighted equally, and averaged to reveal each 1-Year MBA’s Consensus Score.

New York University features the nation’s best 1-year MBAs at the Leonard N. Stern School of Business. NYU Stern’s Tech MBA is designed to deepen graduate students’ foundation in business and expand their knowledge of technology. The curriculum has four major components: Business Core, Tech Core, Stern Solutions, and electives. The Business Core allows MBA students to build a broad knowledge in fundamental business areas with courses like Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, and Accounting. This one-year degree’s Technology Core delves deep into the tech industry with courses including Technical Product Management, DevOps and Software Engineering, Emerging Technologies, and Business Analytics. Stern Solutions taps into the heart of the global business ecosystem and helps students solve a range of real-world issues at the intersection of technology and business. Stern Solutions guides students to build a portfolio of relationships, experiences, and skillsets that serve a successful career foundation. The specialized format allows graduate students to complete this full-time MBA in one calendar year. Stern also offers a Fashion & Luxury MBA on a one-year timeline. This unique program builds the world’s future leaders in the exciting and ever-changing fashion and luxury field.

Consensus Score

The University of Washington features a 1-year MBA at the Michael G. Foster School of Business. This one-year MBA program is the perfect fit for professionals with solid international experience and a goal to make a difference within their organizations. Enrolled students expand their organizational leadership skills and knowledge by solving complex business issues and developing as future executives. Business school leaders have recently revamped the curriculum content, delivery mode, and services of the program to provide a distinctive one-year MBA program experience that benefits from the University of Washington’s global centers, the world-renowned Foster School faculty, and Seattle’s iconic companies. The curriculum is optimized for international participants, while the accelerated pace offers a one-year completion time. The program’s engaging learning methods include in-class lectures, interactive classroom experiences, executive speakers, case studies, and field trips to area companies. Advanced courses within the program cover numerous topics like finance, global strategy, cross-cultural communications, management, leadership, and operations. Washington’s one-year MBA delivers in all the right ways.

Consensus Score

The Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University features a top-ranked 1-year MBA. This one-year MBA is a professional’s fastest path to a Kellogg MBA. It is created to build upon existing business fundamentals and get MBA students back to work with new knowledge and skills to propel careers forward. From June to June, learners immerse themselves in the rigorous curriculum, learn from world-class instructors, and build leadership experience through a supportive network that helps graduates immediately and throughout their careers. The stringent program begins in the summer to get students accustomed to the rigorous academic rhythm of MBA studies by completing three to five courses. In September, MBA students mingle with a second-year full-time program group and complete the electives that match interests and enhance career goals. All MBA students can choose from over two hundred courses and take advantage of vast experiential learning opportunities. Program designers have left nothing out in this top-three program.

Consensus Score

A 1-year MBA is available at Cornell University’s SC Johnson College of Business. Enrolled students have a choice of the Tech MBA in NYC or the accelerated program in Ithaca. This accelerated MBA program will prove to have an immediate impact on a professional’s career. Business school leaders challenge their students to make a one-year investment in their careers, and they will see the results right away. Combining a STEM-designation path, course options in NYC and Ithaca, flexible curriculum, student leadership opportunities, and a tight-knit community gives MBA students all the benefits they need to fast-track their career trajectory. Its incredible speed to market is what makes the Johnson One-Year MBA program unique. In just 12 months, program participants will be on their way to career advancement with an Ivy League MBA, all the while enjoying the benefits of a residential MBA in Ithaca. Hands-on experience with interdisciplinary networking makes the Johnson Cornell Tech MBA an excellent choice for MBA students. This MBA is all about real-world experience in creation and creativity. Both one-year MBA programs from Cornell are excellent business programs.

Consensus Score

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business offers a 1-year MBA. In less than one year, Duke’s Accelerated Daytime MBA builds on professionals’ prior knowledge to help them develop into new kinds of leaders. Having already earned a graduate degree in management, at Fuqua MBA, students can skip the business fundamentals to immerse themselves in the experiential learning opportunities and electives that support their unique business goals. Learning within a diverse group of peers, MBA students develop a new way of leading that draws out ability in others and helps learners become leaders who can inspire companies to do better while doing what is best. Duke’s unique curriculum enables one-year MBA students to choose from over 100 electives. Full-time students can broaden their expertise across multiple subjects or deepen their knowledge within a specific function or industry. With access to over sixty professional, leisure, and affinity activity clubs, MBA students can dive into a broad set of interests while not in the classroom – all supported by a community that helps focus one’s talents. This excellent one-year MBA has got what it takes.

Consensus Score

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A 1-year MBA is available at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. This engaging one-year MBA is designed as an accelerated program for those already building a business career. The full and intense year at Notre Dame builds upon MBA students’ education and prepares them to “grow the good in business.” During the program’s duration, MBA students can focus their studies on nine unique majors, five of which are STEM-designated. Many students enrolled in the one-year MBA come to Notre Dame with a background in business and are interested in bolstering a career already in progress. They usually bring at least five years of experience and unique perspectives that enrich the classroom experience as graduate students from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Pushing pause on an early career can be one of the most strategic moves a professional can make to set an ethical base for business decision-making and enhance long-term prospects. There is a lot to love about Mendoza’s one-year MBA.

Consensus Score

A 1-year MBA is offered at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. This twelve-month program is delivered at USC’s campus in Los Angeles. It has been thoughtfully designed for mid-career professionals ready for global leadership positions. MBA students learn in a class size of less than 60 diverse and globally focused learners. The average age of an enrolled student is 35. Besides offering individualized career development plans for mid-career professionals, the program also provides global travel opportunities for business networking forums and management consulting projects. The arshall School of Business has made it a priority to offer frequent networking opportunities with professionals and alumni from multiple industries, as well as the chance for students to leverage relationships with over 2000 IBEAR alumni in fifty countries in addition to USC’s Trojan alumni network. Optional Domestic Experiential Learning Treks / Career Trips are available by combining the program fee and student contributions. Regardless of their career path, USC offers its MBA students an engaging global community that prepares them for success.

Consensus Score

A 1-year MBA is currently available at the University of Florida’s Warrington College of Business. MBA students unable to commit to a full two years of an MBA program will find that Florida’s on-campus, one-year accelerated MBA format is the right fit for those from various academic backgrounds. On-campus learners with focused career goals wanting to target a competitive graduate business program while minimizing costs will be inspired by this degree. There are no business prerequisites required for acceptance. UF’s one-year degree features an “all majors” curriculum that is front-loaded with required business courses taught by esteemed faculty members. The challenging coursework is rigorous, even for the business school’s most successful MBA students. Enrolled students gain proficiency in specialized emphasis areas – giving them the advantage during a fast-paced MBA career search. One-Year MBA students enjoy access to all the UF MBA features, including national career fair opportunities, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, and Business Career Services.

Consensus Score

The W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University provides an excellent 1-year MBA. ASU’s fast-track MBA delivers the business essentials graduate students need to create impact in their current roles and excel throughout their careers. Building on work experience and a previous graduate degree in a business field, the Fast-track MBA develops a student’s analytical and decision-making abilities while unlocking leadership skills. Working professionals needing an MBA to advance in their careers but prefer to work while going to school, the Fast-track MBA from the W. P. Carey School of Business features the flexibility and quality benchmarks of the nation’s most innovative university. All fast-track MBA courses are delivered two evenings each week on ASU’s Tempe campus, allowing graduate students to earn their MBA in as quickly as twelve months, depending on their incoming disciplines. This high-powered one-year MBA from Arizona State University will aptly prepare business leaders.

Consensus Score

Emory University provides a 1-year MBA at the Goizueta Business School. Program architects understand that leadership skills are central to any business’s success. This one-year MBA program starts with an immersive summer semester that sets the pace for the remainder of the Goizueta MBA experience. From the beginning, full-time students work in small groups on leadership exercises, outdoor challenges, and team building to help them get to know their classmates and faculty. By the end of the summer term, MBA students are finished with their core curriculum and ready to spend the subsequent two semesters honing their skills in the classes that interest them most. Goizueta makes cultivating business leadership talents central to the MBA experience. Through the Goizueta Leadership Development Program, MBA students learn across academic, experiential, and reflective pillars. Each pillar provides the experiences needed for students to lead effective teams while delivering results. This one-year MBA checks all the boxes for creating dynamic business leaders.

Consensus Score

Recommended Online MBA Programs

Explore our featured online programs to find the right match for you today.

The College of Business Administration at the University of Pittsburgh provides a 1-year MBA. This highly focused program is designed to offer graduate students the fastest return on their investment. Pittsburgh’s Accelerated MBA program enables learners to complete a Katz MBA full-time in an intensive one-year format, minimizing the time professionals spend out of the workforce. Perfect for students with extensive post-graduate professional experience and focused on advancing in their current professional field or industry, coursework starts in early August. It is completed in three consecutive semesters, concluding in mid-summer. The business school provides a solid, broad foundation of business knowledge. Leaders empower students to tailor their programs to build on their life experiences, unique strengths, and professional goals to accelerate their careers through integrated learning. Integrated learning emphasizes the links between industry disciplines for more profound understanding through overarching organizing concepts and ideas. This approach promotes the development and value of multiple perspectives, bringing together various perspectives and disciplinary processes. The College of Business Administration has designed an excellent MBA.

Consensus Score

The Sloan School of Management, housed at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, currently features a 1-year MBA. Becoming an MIT Sloan Fellow means joining an intense, immersive twelve-month program where MBA students study alongside a group of talented, high-potential leaders flourishing in their careers. All MBA students invent, earn, and collaborate with a cohort that spans industries and nationalities to challenge ideas with MIT instructors who respect their vision and expertise. After completing this degree, professionals graduate equipped with critical tools for their future, a global network excited to support their next steps, and follow all the steps. The curriculum includes classroom discovery that deepens their understanding of management ideas and the chance to practice in real-world settings. MBA students are also given the confidence to lead and make a difference in the world. The MIT Sloan Fellows program is known by many as the “change-the-world toolkit.” Sloan’s MBA would be an asset to any professional’s academic credentials.

Consensus Score

The Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University provides an excellent 1-year MBA. This accelerated program is the perfect fit for a professional headed for success in her current career — and wanting to get there faster. The full-time, 12-month degree at SMU Cox is customized for early-career professionals looking for rigorous, personalized business training in an intimate small-school environment. MBA students learn in small classes from award-winning instructors with open doors, connect with other MBA students worldwide, and are exposed to successful business leaders from Dallas Fortune 500 companies. They gain the skills, confidence, and global alumni networks they need to take their careers to the next level. SMU’s One-Year MBA builds on the skills and knowledge graduate students bring, giving them the benefits of a two-year program in half the time. This streamlined, modular curriculum lets graduate students tailor their learning to their specific career focus by choosing from various electives in several specializations. This one-year program is full of possibilities.

Consensus Score

The University of Miami’s Herbert Business School provides an excellent 1-year MBA. The Accelerated MBA at Miami Herbert allows graduate students to fast-track their careers through hands-on opportunities in a city that influences the future of business. Miami’s Accelerated MBA gives eligible learners the unique opportunity to earn an MBA in less than twelve months. Herbert’s MBA is ideal for candidates with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business or related discipline seeking advanced business expertise to propel their careers in a short amount of time. To keep up with the fast pace of today’s business, professionals need to move even faster. Miami Herbert’s MBA is advertised as the quickest MBA in Florida, enabling full-time students to complete the entire curriculum in seven months while benefiting from its unique differentiators. The 35-credit program is customizable with elective options and includes a semester-long business project. Miami’s MBA is worth a second look.

Consensus Score

Hult International Business School features an exemplary 1-year MBA. Enrolled MBA students get the chance to develop the skills most desired by employers worldwide to make an impact from day one on the job. As this is an experiential program, learners are exposed to business by doing it and specializing in their chosen area to graduate with the effective mindsets, practical skills, and practical knowledge needed to transform their lives and careers. MBA students choose one home campus for their core program and travel to as many others as they wish for electives within Global Campus Rotation and City Seminars. Graduate students can also study in centrally located campuses in some of the most influential business hubs worldwide as they gain on-the-ground international experience building a global network. Hult International Business School works individually with every student to set a targeted strategy, equip them with the correct tools, and guide them on a path to achieve their career goals. This advanced business degree from Hult is one of the nation’s best.

Consensus Score

The Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University provides a 1-year MBA. This high-quality MBA has much to offer today’s business students. The Accelerated TCU MBA gives them 100% of the MBA experience while only requiring 50% of the time. Perfect for professionals interested in moving ahead in their current or closely related career fields, this 36-hour curriculum combines thirteen and a half credit hours of core classes with twenty-two and a half credit hours of electives that complete and complement one’s résumé. A one-year MBA student’s electives can emphasize a specific discipline like finance, management, supply chain, or marketing or an industry like energy, consulting, health care, real estate, or entrepreneurship. Starting in the summer, students study supply chain, marketing, finance, and career development and conclude with a business simulation. The fall’s curriculum includes strategic management, global business, legal environment of business, and electives with an internship in DFW. The spring term consists of a study of business ethics and managerial economics. This unique program from TCU has all the right things going for it.

Consensus Score

A top 1-year MBA is delivered at Babson College’s F.W. Olin Graduate School of Business. Enrolled students have the chance to redefine their careers and discover how to thrive in an evolving international business landscape. The core of Babson’s MBA is a real-world experiential training that teaches full-time students how to balance analysis and experimentation when solving complex business issues. MBA students put their education into action during consulting projects and summer internships, where they are uniquely prepared to impact the business world from the start. Full-time students are immersed in an environment where their instructors are experts in their fields and international classmates add global perspectives to every class discussion. Some MBA students want to start a new venture, while others are interested in switching careers entirely. Regardless of their path, Babson offers a supportive academic community that prepares MBA students for the future. All MBA students have access to the same courses, experiential learning, intensity tracks, and educational centers whether they choose the one-year or two-year format.

Consensus Score

The Graziadio Business School at Pepperdine University provides a top 1-year full-time MBA. The full-time MBA is the perfect fit for aspiring leaders ready to transform their business acumen and entrepreneurial spirit into making a positive impact in the world. With classes at Pepperdine’s beautiful Malibu campus, graduate students can earn their master’s in business administration in as little as twelve months and enhance their education with a specific specialization, a Social, Environmentally, and Ethically Responsible (SEER) Business Strategy certificate, and international study options. All MBA students choose between 12-, 15- and 20-month program options and eight academic emphasis opportunities. This degree features a high-impact experiential curriculum through the Education to Business (E2B) program. Graziadio’s small class sizes feature a supportive learning environment and substantial student-faculty interactions. Students also have access to three joint degree options, including BS/MBA, JD/MBA, MBA/MPP, and BS/MBA, as well as excellent internship opportunities.

Consensus Score

A top 1-year MBA is currently available at the University of South Carolina’s Darla Moore School of Business. This one-year MBA is designed to have an immediate impact on a professional’s career. For ten months, enrolled students focus their studies on a specific business discipline while enhancing their MBA with electives and a functional emphasis. MBA students can also pursue a business analytics certificate as a sought-after credential in the industry. The One-Year MBA and One-Year MBA curriculum focusing on Business Analytics is one of the best in the nation. Potential graduate students ready to elevate their careers with a short-term investment will be happy to know the one-year MBA can be completed in just ten months. The Darla Moore School of Business has packed the utmost in program rigor and quality into an intensive degree that can be completed at an accelerated pace for students feeling stuck in a workplace rut and those interested in stopping working temporarily. This degree is a game-changer.

Consensus Score

The University of Mississippi’s School of Business Administration features a top-notch 1-year MBA. Ole Miss’s MBA wants to up an MBA student’s game with stress on strategic thinking and interpersonal, entrepreneurial, communication, and leadership skills. Besides working collaboratively and efficiently with others, enrolled MBA students can expect to learn what steps must be taken to succeed, evaluate markets, set ambitious goals, and think creatively. The program’s curriculum includes ways to convey core values and strategies to others and inspire team members to contribute meaningfully. Ole Miss’s one-year MBA is a highly valued program that allows graduate students to earn their degrees in a traditional classroom setting. World-renowned instructors teach the 36-hour comprehensive degree. Full-time students entering the program in the summer or fall can satisfy all program requirements in 12 months. This challenging program encourages networking, teamwork, and professional development.

Consensus Score

The Gatton College of Business and Economics, housed at the University of Kentucky, provides a 1-year MBA. Perfect for young professionals interested in changing and accelerating their career paths, this one-year MBA enables candidates to discover their passion areas while positioning them for career success. All courses are led by faculty members that are vested in MBA students’ success. The curriculum provides the tools, knowledge, and skillsets for candidates to be impactful leaders and managers in their industries. From problem-solving and critical thinking strategies to effective written and verbal communications, one-year MBA students develop the leadership skills they need to succeed in a gamut of industries and roles. Additionally, this curriculum enables candidates to customize their academic experience through elective options as they navigate their ideal career path. The hallmark of the UK one-year MBA is its Consulting Project – a unique immersive experiential program. During the fall and spring semesters, MBA students apply what they learn in the classroom to real-world business scenarios. It is no wonder why this MBA is one of the nation’s best.

Consensus Score

A full-time 1-year MBA is featured at the University of Tampa’s Sykes College of Business. Tampa’s MBA program helps graduate students develop the sophisticated strategic mindset they will need to become successful executives. UT’s one-year Master of Business Administration is one of Florida’s most significant, exclusive, and established business degrees. Program features include a Leadership and Organizational Behavior course designed to improve an MBA student’s capacity for leadership. Learners increase self-awareness as high-performance business leaders and discover ways to align people with an organization’s goals. The degree’s Professional Development Practicum allows students to take two sections of two credit hours each in which they create a portfolio of applied professional projects and activities. Personal communication, global business concepts, ethics and social responsibility, critical thinking, innovation, and economic sustainability are folded into the core courses. Students take additional courses in Accounting, Business Analytics, Marketing, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and Finance. Sykes College of Business has knocked it out of the park with this excellent business degree.

Consensus Score

A 1-year MBA is delivered at Louisiana State University’s E. J. Ourso College of Business. The one-year MBA structure is designed for students to complete the MBA degree in just 11 months. This program is exclusively for business students possessing an undergraduate degree in business from an accredited college or university. It features a fast-track, cross-functional MBA experience that helps students launch and accelerate their careers. LSU’s one-year MBA is structured as a cohort-based, 36-credit hour program that begins each June. Many of the core courses are waived for business undergraduate majors. Accordingly, MBA students can take specific MBA courses based on their business major and several complementary electives. Core courses include Managerial Statistics, Financial Accounting, Marketing Management, Strategic Management, Economics, and Leadership. Students will join their one-year MBA cohort during the summer semester to work through two courses as part of a “Pre-MBA Experience,” which includes six credit hours. LSU’s stellar one-year MBA is a wise choice.

Consensus Score

The Richard A. Chaifetz School of Business at Saint Louis University provides an excellent 1-year MBA. One of the differences that make this program so unique is the integrated curriculum it features. None would argue that today’s business atmosphere is complex, and issues don’t occur in isolation. That’s one reason the Chaifetz School One-Year MBA features concepts and solutions through unique coursework that forms a team of faculty from across disciplines. They teach graduate students how accounting impacts finance, how marketing impacts economics, and how to drive data systems across business functions to create success. Enrolled students gain practical skills to meet industry demand for business leaders capable of using data to reach business goals. Graduates of this program can perform advanced data analysis with tools like Python and Excel. They also create data dashboards with Tableau and address critical business issues with the correct data points to take strategic action. You cannot go wrong with this one-year MBA from Saint Louis University.

Consensus Score

A full-time 1-year MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is currently available at the College of Business at Clemson University. This full-time Clemson MBA program is perfect for individuals wanting to launch a start-up, existing small business owners seeking to expand their entrepreneurial skills, and recent college graduates deciding not to pursue careers in corporate environments. Full-time MBA students work through all courses as a cohort, allowing them to form relationships and learn from each other and their instructors as they design solid business strategies. Classes start each June and run through the following May. MBA graduates leave the program with the groundwork for their start-up firmly set. Many have successfully launched their enterprises before graduation. The program’s structure includes students attending classes full-time for twelve months. Most classes are held Monday through Thursday. Full-time MBA students can also complete an eight-week international internship with a start-up business over the summer. This exemplary one-year MBA equips business leaders for success.

Consensus Score

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While still not quite as popular as programs in Asia and Europe, the 1-year MBA has steadily been rising in the United States in recent years. Demand for the accelerated business degree has continued to grow over the past ten years as U.S. business students look for more apparent career paths and more affordable options to bolster their careers. According to the GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council), nearly half of prospective business students in 2018 considered the 1-year MBA a viable educational route. While this was the highest percentage in over ten years, 1-year MBA programs continue to account for just one out of every ten AACSB-accredited Master of Business Administration programs in the nation.

Are There any Disadvantages to the 1-Year MBA?


Some may think that the one-year MBA with a small cohort size leads to a less viable network. This may be a reality at some business schools, but some safeguards help reinforce the value of smaller cohorts. While the number of classmates in an accelerated MBA cohort may be fewer, MBA students in these programs have the chance to build deeper and more meaningful relationships as they forge a trusted network and a healthy support system. Many 1-year MBA students are given integrated opportunities to engage with their two-year MBA counterparts both in and outside the classroom. Through co-curricular and social activities, common electives, and leadership development programming, one-year MBA students build robust networks throughout their business school. It’s essential to remember that small class sizes often encourage a high-touch, personal experience with familiar access to instructors and business school leaders who aid in the learning experience.


Another misnomer about 1-year MBAs suggests they feature a lower number of experiential learning opportunities. This is categorically false throughout most of the nation’s best one-year programs, which emphasize experiential learning as they put lessons into practice. One-year MBA students enjoy the same academic learning opportunities as traditional MBA students. At their program’s conclusion, these students participate in leadership development programming like one-on-one peer and executive coaching and capstone projects.


Lastly, a common myth about 1-year MBA programs considers them watered-down MBA degrees. While it is a shorter academic responsibility, it is a more intense experience that includes full learning opportunities like a traditional full-time MBA in just twelve months. One-year MBAs feature experiential learning, actual client projects, leadership development, international travel, and access to student clubs and social activities.

The 1-year MBA program will not take the place of the two-year full-time MBA when considering the number of program options and future student demand. This degree is not for everyone. Some potential MBA students are discouraged by the intensity of the program. The high-touch nature of the format due to smaller cohorts is not the best fit for those looking to be less social. But for those interested in accelerating their existing career paths or transitioning into a related field, the advantages of the 1-year MBA degree make it an ideal fit.

The 1-year MBA isn’t for everyone interested in a business degree. Yet, more prospective business students are considering it for some compelling reasons.

The 1-Year MBA’s Quicker ROI vs. Its Traditional Counterpart

Few will argue that the apparent advantages students pursuing a 1-year MBA are the lower cost and reduced completion time. Satisfying all program requirements in just twelve months instead of two years reduces a graduate student’s time away from a career and a full-time steady income. The disadvantage of a professional away from her job is vastly reduced. The acceleration within a career (which can directly relate to higher salary) presents itself half the time.

One-Year MBA degrees are typically less expensive than their traditional full-time MBA counterparts. For example, Emory University’s Goizueta Business School features a 1-year MBA at 25% less in tuition than its two-year MBA. In addition to tuition and program costs, graduate students also save on living expenses, including health insurance and housing. This can easily result in a quicker return on investment for one-year MBA students.

The 1-Year MBA Can Put Your Career into Overdrive

An accelerated 1-year MBA is a perfect solution for professionals looking to accelerate their existing careers. Resources like traditional summer internships are not always beneficial to those continuing within their existing industries or functions. Whether you work in marketing, finance, consulting, tech, or any other business field, a one-year MBA jettisons an accelerated pathway to advanced leadership positions. It stands as the preferred MBA option for students receiving financial backing from their company and entrepreneurs needing to build a business fundamentals foundation to nurture their ventures.

The intensive nature of a 1-year MBA enables graduate students to put what they learn into practice as they accelerate their current career trajectory and prepare for future leadership positions after the program. While 1-year MBA programs might feature fewer electives than their traditional full-time MBA counterparts, electives are typically used for career discovery and not always needed by professionals advancing within existing career fields. It would be typical for one-year MBA students to complete ten electives instead of fourteen or more in a two-year MBA. Many graduate students with work experience would appreciate the chance to expand their skillset and knowledge by diving deep into topics that directly relate to their current industry.

The 1-Year MBA Can Help Professionals Pivoting Career Paths

Business leaders interested in switching career paths have good reason to consider the 1-year MBA. While it may affect the transition into some industries – namely on the off-chance that an organization hires exclusively from internship pools – it will more likely reveal itself as a gateway for professionals with transferrable skills interested in transitioning into a related career. Examples may include students wanting to transition from sales to marketing positions, engineers interested in technology product management, or regulators and researchers seeking to move into healthcare administration.

A 1-year MBA is a great tool to add value to other graduate programs. Dual-degree options include MTS/MBA, JD/MBA, JM/MBA, MD/MBA, and DPT/MBA. Law and business, like healthcare and business, go well with each other by providing graduates with many career options and the chance to transition career paths in the future.

There is a lot to like about the 1-year MBA. The advantages outweigh the shortcomings for business leaders. If you are interested in this type of business degree, contact business school leaders at your university of choice and see if they feature the attractive program.

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