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This ranking of the best MBA programs in the midwest is designed for students looking for the top degrees to help them in their next career step. Finding the best MBA program among so many that a region offers is a massive undertaking for potential graduate students. The midwest region of the United States is brimming with high-quality business schools that provide learners with the tools they need to take their careers to new heights. Whether it’s Illinois, Kansas, South Dakota, Indiana, or Missouri, MBA students need to know what is out there and what they need to do to prepare themselves for all that a graduate degree in business offers.

Best MBA Programs in the Midwest

The midwest is known as the heartland of the United States. What other region in the nation has such a rich history of manufacturing, agriculture, and business? Midwesterners stand among some of the hardest working and no-nonsense Americans alive today. It is no wonder that the MBA programs currently available at Midwest business schools also stand as pillars to robust business leadership training. Here is a ranking list of the very best degrees in the region.


The College Consensus 2021 ranking of the best MBA programs in the midwest stands as a top consensus ranking. It combines data from five leading ranking systems: ForbesThe EconomistBloomberg BusinessweekThe Financial Times, and U.S. News. Top MBA programs for this region’s ranking were considered in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Kansas. The data in each ranking system was converted to a score on a 100-point scale. All the data for each MBA was weighted equally and then averaged to find their Consensus Score. In the event of a tie, the base MBA tuition was used as the tie-breaking factor.

The University of Chicago delivers an excellent MBA through the Booth School of Business. Program designers wish students to own their experience as they define their impact. The business school considers this MBA to be “the world’s most flexible full-time” MBA program. Every moment students spend as a Full-Time MBA learner, they build on their existing professional and academic backgrounds, bringing them closer to their goals. Course instructors are committed to giving graduate students unrivaled return on their time and investment. This Full-Time MBA Program at Chicago Booth provides students with the academic freedom they need to take risks and space to define their impact in the world. Booth’s multidisciplinary approach to decision making empowers them with frameworks for freethinking and sound problem-solving. MBA students are also welcomed into a collaborative community of staff, faculty, alumni, and peers who will open doors of opportunity and proudly support success as if it were their own. This is an incredible degree offered in the Midwest.

Northwestern University delivers one of the best MBA programs in the Midwest at the Kellogg School of Management. The business school’s Full-Time MBA provides students with several distinct options as they earn their MBA. Each MBA format delivers extensive opportunities for students desiring to achieve professional, educational, and personal goals. Whichever one a candidate chooses, she is sure to develop as a person and glean how to spark growth in any organization. No matter which Full-Time MBA graduate students choose, they will leave Kellogg with an agile and broad-based skill set that prepares them to lead confidently in the face of unprecedented struggles and unlimited opportunities. The one-year degree option starts in June and graduates the following June. This accelerated MBA option is ideal for candidates with previous business education and focused career goals. These students bypass core courses and take electives that match their objectives while building their network. Two-year students start in September and graduate during the second June of their program. This immersive MBA experience explores various interests and disciplines while honing students’ management and leadership skills. For years Northwestern has been delivering one of the very best MBA programs in the Midwest.

The Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan offers an MBA rated as one of the best in the Midwest. Business leaders know that nothing prepares leaders like an authentic experience. At Michigan Ross, MBA students will find more opportunities to learn business by practicing business than at any other MBA program in the Midwest. Within the program’s Integrated Product Development, students get the chance to work with classmates from various disciplines, including art & design, business, and engineering. Coordinating with the School of Information results in enrolled students presenting an original product idea to market, from concept to production. Other courses available through the program include Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Financing Research Commercialization, Integrated Product Development, Venture Capital Finance, and New Venture Creation. MBA students will enjoy consulting with real-world organizations on strategic issues by providing substantive analysis and useful recommendations. The business school encourages its students to take part in innovations like managing a student-run investment fund. The sky is the limit when considering this excellent graduate degree from the University of Michigan.

An MBA is featured at Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business. Enrolled students are encouraged to personalize their educations to change careers successfully. Kelley Business School starts with students—helping them change careers through the right educational focus within its proven two-year curriculum. MBA students tailor their education to their future, with leadership, teamwork, and global opportunities built into the curriculum. Once enrolled students comprehend the basics of business, they will start to specialize, designing their academic schedule of elective classes beginning in the second term of their first year. This model provides a considerable advantage in their internship and career specialization. From day one, a Kelley MBA is the student’s MBA—her major, her Academy, and a dual degree or minor if she chooses, all leading to the career she wants. MBA students enjoy excellent access to instructors, mentors, and career coaches who help them realize their professional and personal goals. All MBA students choose one of Kelley’s industry-centric Academies, giving them career experience through real-world case studies and consulting projects while still enrolled in the program. Indiana’s MBA is one of the very best business degrees in the Midwest.

The Olin Business School at Washington University in St. Louis provides an exemplary MBA. Program designers understand that the most challenging decisions create the most significant impact. This takes place at the intersection of values and data. In the area where numbers and people converge, MBA students can find untapped potential and incredible opportunities. Professionals seeking a global perspective on business and who demand meaning in their work will discover that the WashU MBA is built for them. The WashU Olin Business School MBA includes international immersion experience destinations in Lima, Peru, Washington, DC, Barcelona, Spain, and Paris, France. Students interested in a STEM MBA will find options for a STEM-designated dual degree that can be completed in the same period as the MBA alone. Career platforms within topics like Consulting, Supply Chain, Entrepreneurship, Finance, and Marketing, focus on graduate students’ education. The business school’s emphasis on experiential learning puts classroom lessons into practice. There is no wonder why this MBA degree at Washington University is one of the best in the Midwest.

One of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees is available at the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. This exceptional One-Year MBA program is an accelerated degree plan for those already working to build a business leadership career. Enrolled students experience an intense and engaging year at Notre Dame that builds upon their previous education and prepares them to grow the good in business and management. During their time in the One-Year MBA, graduate students can focus their studies in one of nine different specializations, five of which are STEM-designated. Many students who enroll in the One-Year MBA enter the Mendoza College of Business with a business background and are interested in accelerating a career that is already in progress. Graduate students will typically bring approximately five years of experience and their unique perspectives that enrich the classroom experience into this program. These students are appreciated as men and women from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Notre Dame’s on-campus MBA is a trendsetter.

An exemplary MBA degree is offered at the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management. This program is known in the Midwest for being rigorous, globally-minded, and hands-on. As one of the first business schools to provide an experiential learning experience as an integrated part of its business curriculum, the Carlson School is a proven leader in preparing business students to face the intricate issues in today’s global marketplace. Incoming students can prepare to succeed during their rigorous first semester by taking online economics, accounting, and finance courses during the summer before their first year. They will also enjoy choosing between more than 70 elective courses that span six emphases designed to help them tailor their MBA and pursue their unique professional paths. All qualified candidates start their MBA journey with core courses that lay a solid base of knowledge in all key business disciplines. The experiential-learning-focused curriculum and Carlson School Enterprise Programs combine to make this one of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees.

An MBA is currently available at the Max M. Fisher College of Business at Ohio State University. This degree provides high-caliber business education that maximizes the potential of every enrolled student. Programs designers have stacked this degree with skills assessments, individualized coaching opportunities, onsite resources, and a personalized curriculum. Graduates of the program will put theory into practice. This innovative MBA cultivates career competencies that are highly desired by employers today. Fisher has worked to transform the Full-Time MBA experience to develop tomorrow’s business leaders. Ohio State’s Full-Time MBA student journey is more experiential, personalized, and integrated than ever before. The flexible curriculum is facilitated by experts from an array of core disciplines. It incorporates immersive, cross-functional strategies for top organizations and firms in Columbus, Ohio, and globally. Thanks to the academic, nonprofit, and corporate partnerships on The Ohio State University campus, MBA students’ education extends well beyond the classroom.

The Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison offers one of the Midwest’s best MBA programs. Wisconsin MBA students specialize in their education in their business areas of choice and get individual attention results. Students also benefit from world-renowned professors who know them by name and get personalized career mentoring focused on getting you the job they are after. Fewer students also equal more opportunities. Business school leaders help MBA students access a vast and engaged alumni group—people in influential roles who will return calls, coach you toward professional success, and open doors to future job opportunities. Adding a Wisconsin MBA to a résumé adds a world of exceptional, lifelong professional and personal relationships. As students move through the Wisconsin Full-Time MBA, they form lasting connections in their industries. Small program size results in excellent one-on-one relationships with advisory board members and other business leaders. The moderate cost of living also contributes to the attractive affordability of this Wisconsin MBA.

Michigan State University provides one of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees at the Eli Broad College of Business. Broad’s Full-Time MBA program gives graduate students the tools they need to build the business of tomorrow – and to build their future. The rigorous yet flexible curriculum encourages team collaboration, global adeptness, creative problem solving, and gives MBA students the foundation they will need to excel in their careers. The business school’s world-class instructors challenge enrolled students to develop innovative solutions to today’s business problems in a team-focused learning environment. By the end of this two-year program, graduates will be ready to lead on day one of their post-MBA job position. Success in today’s modern workplace requires being your own personal best with multiple competencies. Broad’s Full-Time MBA curriculum will arm graduate students with a cross-section of skills and abilities that allow them to adapt when markets and entire industries shift. The curriculum design combines a well-rounded, strategic, and theory-based curriculum with soft skills crucial for effective leadership. Experiential learning opportunities are also included in this best in the Midwest MBA degree.

The Krannert School of Management at Purdue University provides a leading MBA for executives. Purdue’s EMBA program has provided educational solutions for working professionals for over 35 years. The University’s first EMBA class got started in 1983. The on-campus program features top Krannert faculty and speakers respected worldwide for their expertise. This MBA is consistently ranked among the best programs in the world among trusted ranking entities. Graduate students can complete their EMBA degree while remaining fully employed and attend in-person classes one to two weeks each quarter. This convenient format gives MBA students the best of both worlds – the power of interactive learning and networking with professionals from across the nation and world with the benefits of online convenience. Centering on the educational needs of talented, high-potential managers and managers-to-be, this EMBA program focuses class time into one or two week-long residencies. Five of the six residencies take place at Purdue and the other at an international location. All are scheduled over nineteen months. It is clear to see why this program is one of the best MBA programs in the Midwest.

The Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business at the University of Missouri currently features an MBA program. Crosby’s MBA program is evolving to become even more significant at preparing graduate students for fruitful business careers. The Trulaske College of Business leadership team is reimagining its signature program to ensure that it continues to serve its talented students. They desire to continually meet the business world’s demands for career-ready graduates and continue to lead the way in business education. Missouri’s Graduate Programs Office at the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business maintains top-notch graduate educational opportunities for students online and on-campus who seek to further their business education. It also offers a dynamic and innovative execMBA program of three-fourths delivered online while one quarter is presented on campus. The program is targeted to prospective graduate students with five or more years of professional work experience. Qualified students are only required to be on campus four times each year, and this best in the Midwest MBA program is completed in just 21 months.

The Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University provides one of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees. This full-time MBA program allows students to gain a strong foundation in business concepts and core skills while going deep into specific areas of interest through the curriculum’s specializations – including a new elective course in Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence. MBA students glean in-depth business knowledge from world-class professors. These instructors invest in their present and future success, ensure they are working every day toward career goals, and facilitate consulting assignments with organizations to apply what they are learning. Graduates of this program build their professional portfolio, having acquired the knowledge and tools needed to effect change for personal profitability and world betterment. This Full-Time MBA program is perfect for students desiring to learn about more than the core skills of business management, know themselves better as a person and as a leader, and earn more than a paycheck from work.

Iowa State University’s Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business provides an MBA. Existing as the highest-ranked full-time MBA in Iowa, this two-year degree comprises six electives and ten core courses for a total of 48 credits. Core courses are presented on campus in the Ivy College of Business’ Gerdin Business Building. Electives can be pursued in Des Moines, Ames, and online. Graduate students can customize their MBA experience with optional concentrations and international study experiences. They will also enjoy the benefits of cohort groups and team-based learning. MBA students are encouraged to take advantage of the personalized and comprehensive academic and career services as they learn from instructors engaged in cutting edge research and committed to excellence in education. With STEM-designated specializations in Information Systems, Business Analytics, and Finance, international students have the chance to extend their Optional Practical Training work permit for up to three years after graduation. The Ivy MBA is a substantial business degree.

The University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business provides one of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees. Lindner’s MBA will help graduate students build skills and develop talents in ways that will open the right doors for them in business. The program is small, immersive, personalized, and customized. It is uniquely designed to accommodate each student’s specific needs and includes 48 credit hours. There are ten credit hours of foundational classes, 26 credit hours of core courses, and twelve electives. The ten credit hours of foundational courses will be waived for recent graduates and those with relevant professional work experience. Cincinnati’s twelve credit hours of electives can be used to customize a student’s MBA to fit her specific needs by earning one of the 20+ graduate certificates. Graduate students can also enrich their MBA experience by participating in an immersive study abroad experience required for full-time cohort students. This is easily one of the Midwest’s best MBA programs.

The School of Business at the University of Kansas provides one of the best MBA programs in the Midwest. No matter their educational backgrounds, this Full-Time MBA program is well suited for all business leaders interested in making career changes. School of Business students come from various professional and academic fields, ranging from music and the humanities to science and engineering. KU’s MBA provides a premier business degree as well as critical leadership skills. The School of Business instructors combine excellence in education with top-shelf research, teaching MBA students about the most advanced progress in new business technology and strategy. KU professors create knowledge, so what graduate students learn today will be in textbooks tomorrow. This full-time, 16-month MBA program is based at the Lawrence campus and houses 50 credit hours of core curriculum, track classes, and integration classes. Incoming MBA students are admitted in the fall and complete all program requirements in just three semesters with an included summer of career exploration through a high-quality internship. Kansas’ MBA brings business to life for graduate students.

An MBA degree is currently available at the College of Business at Missouri State University. Enrolled students have the power to schedule classes at their convenience – during the traditional workday, in the evening, or online. Students can also focus on and enhance their MBAs with graduate certificates. Qualified applicants can complete all MBA program requirements in just 33 credit hours and gain real-world experience with seminar classes. This program’s prestigious AACSB accreditation means students will have a robust academic resume after graduating. Missouri State’s MBA requires eighteen hours of foundational courses. The foundation features six graduate-level courses, which are constructed to provide accelerated coverage of the information base necessary for graduate students to benefit most from the MBA curriculum. These courses include Accounting Concepts for Managers, Fundamentals of Economics, Managerial Finance, and Administrative, Organizational, and Operations Concepts for Managers. After evaluating all baccalaureate degree transcripts, some of these courses may be waived, especially for students holding a bachelor’s degree in business. This solid MBA from Missouri State will be an excellent asset for tomorrow’s business leader.

The University of Illinois at Springfield offers one of the Midwest’s best MBA programs at the College of Business and Management. UIS’s MBA is the one U of I on-campus MBA program in the heart of Illinois. The traditional in-person format allows MBA students to tap into local networking relationships and forge strong ties with colleagues and instructors through experiential learning. The program’s eight-week course schedule enable graduate students to finish a high-powered MBA in as quickly as one year, or longer if needed. This MBA features a blended format and, as of Fall 2020, will consist of just ten courses, including seven core courses and three electives. Most of the core courses meet during weeknights at the University of Illinois at Springfield campus. Electives are featured in various formats, including online, blended, and on-campus–weekends and weeknights. Flexibility allows MBA students to be full or part-time learners.

The College of Business at Purdue University Northwest features an MBA. Purdue’s self-paced MBA is designed to help graduate students prepare for significant business and management roles. The on-campus program accommodates working professionals from a variety of bachelor’s backgrounds. The program’s affordable tuition rate and flexible evening course delivery make PNW an outstanding choice for a full MBA degree. All MBA students complete 30 credit hours of required core courses centered on business and then chose six credit hours of electives. Business school candidates wishing to pursue a specialization can complete twelve credit hours in a selected area, including finance, accounting, information systems/business analytics, or forensic accounting. Students complete half of the program during the first year, focusing on core material that builds a foundation of business strategies and concepts. Year two focuses on in-depth business topics before completing the program with the MBA capstone course called Strategic Management. This top-notch degree is an excellent fit for the discerning MBA student in the Midwest.

Black Hills State University provides a stellar MBA at the School of Business. This MBA from Black Hills State may be the perfect program for students seeking a graduate degree in the Midwest. Featuring a small student-to-teacher ratio and business courses designed with working professionals in mind, enrolled students will get personalized education not typically found in most universities. Black Hills State University also offers face-to-face classes taught at the University Center in Rapid City. Program requirements include that students complete 30 credits before graduation. The curriculum consists of courses that build a strong foundation of administrative abilities that can be used to address future opportunities and challenges in the business world. All courses are taught by experienced instructors who have real-world experience and global business connections to help guide graduate students to the next level in their careers. Course work is delivered in an experiential learning format that encourages a better understanding of the curriculum. Do not let this degree pass you by.

An excellent MBA is featured at Wichita State University’s W. Frank Barton School of Business. This AACSB-accredited graduate degree at Wichita State prepares students for leadership in government, business, health-related organizations, and other corporations and institutions. Barton MBA students pay the region’s most affordable tuition and enjoy flexible evening class options. Enrolled students can choose from four specializations, including finance, business analytics and information management, health care administration, and entrepreneurship and innovation. Applied learning at Wichita State means that every degree offered has guaranteed research or applied learning experience built right into it, equipping MBA students with the relevant skills and knowledge they need to make them workforce ready before graduation. Qualified admission into the MBA program is based on an applicant’s GMAT/GRE score, her personal goals essay, academic and professional references, and condition of a current resume. Wichita State University’s MBA is an excellent idea for business students looking for one of the Midwest’s best programs.

One of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees is delivered at the University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business. This program emphasizes critical thinking and analytical skills, determining alternative courses of action, evaluating the impact of the business environment on business strategy, and applying ethical principles in understanding and resolving business issues. Beacom’s MBA emphasizes decision making, problem-solving, comprehending business roles in society, and nurturing leadership ability and social responsibility. The popular business analytics emphasis prepares graduate students to utilize and analyze data to solidify the business decision-making process. The finance concentration focuses on theories and practices within investing, managing risk, and raising capital issues. MBA students learn to analyze financial statements and construct complex economic models for forecasting financial and operating performance, asset valuation, and credit evaluation. The health services administration focus is also offered. It prepares students for health administration positions. These are just a few of the concentrations MBA students can add to this stellar degree featured at USD.

The Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State University provides one of the Midwest’s best MBA degrees. This MBA is a professional program specifically designed to prepare future business executives for global workforce positions. Pitt State’s MBA degree has four concentrations or emphases, including general administration, human resources, international business, and accounting. The MBA’s curriculum consists of traditional face-to-face meetings, online, and hybrid course options. Kelce’s program consists of 30 credit hours divided between seven core courses with three electives. Each term, half of the core MBA courses are featured online, and the other half are offered in the traditional classroom. The courses are then switched in the following term as traditional in-class courses become online. Thus, there are three delivery systems: an MBA student may take all the core courses online, in-class, or mixed. Students with undergraduate degrees in business can complete the program in one and a half years, depending on their part or full-time status. Graduate students with non-business backgrounds will have an extended schedule with prerequisite subject areas in accounting, business finance, economics, business statistics, and organizational theory & behavior. This degree has a lot going for it.

One of the best MBA programs in the Midwest is currently available at the School of Business at Indiana University Kokomo. Whether professionals have been in the workforce for a couple of years or know they want to continue education to open more doors of opportunity, this Master of Business Administration from Indiana University Kokomo exists as a sound investment and definite next step. IU Kokomo’s MBA is an AACSB-accredited program designed with a graduate student’s needs in mind. It’s the business school’s goal to prepare MBA students to succeed in whatever their next step may be. The School of Business combines rigorous educational study and individual student attention from its dedicated and inspiring faculty of instructors. Graduate students work and interact with leading business professors in small, intimate classroom environments that provide a relationship-based learning environment that is as unique as it is useful. Indiana University Kokomo has one of the Midwest’s best degrees for business leaders.

An MBA degree in the Midwest is currently available at the College of Business and Technology at Western Illinois University. This stellar degree contains courses offered by the Departments of Economics and Decision Sciences, Management and Marketing, Accounting and Finance, and the School of Computer Sciences. WIU’s MBA is open to business graduates and those who hold a bachelor’s degree in science, liberal arts, engineering, mathematics, and other fields. Individual degree requirements are based on candidates’ previously completed coursework and range between 33 and 54 semester credit hours. Benefits of this best in the Midwest MBA include a diverse course delivery of live classes, online coursework, and a hybrid option. Daytime and evening program schedules are offered to fit into students’ active professional and personal lifestyles. Affordable tuition rates help to put this MBA degree within reach. Assistantship and internship opportunities allow MBA students to combine work and education. This MBA degree is an excellent option for students seeking a graduate business degree in the Midwest.

The midwestern states of the U.S. are stocked full of unique MBA programs featured at world-class business schools. Besides being home to numerous ranked MBA programs, the midwest is also a region for top feeder schools for MBA-recruiting firms like Amazon, Nike, Coca-Cola, and PwC. Business schools in this area of the country consistently turn out graduates who are quickly recruited into appealing business leadership positions, often in financial services, consulting, and manufacturing. These MBA programs are fueled by the local automotive, manufacturing, and agriculture industries across the midwest. In addition to many U.S. students, international students come to the midwest for the native English-speaking setting and the excellent opportunity to test their skills in robust business programs.

But what are the real advantages of pursuing one of the best MBA programs in the midwest?

Attaining an MBA will Advance one’s Career in Business

This fact makes perfect sense. After all, most organizations look for new hires with skills to do the job and provide sound guidance for making sound business decisions. No matter what avenue of business leadership you serve within, whether public or private, the same base of business principles applies. These principles include operational, strategic, and tactical decisions. Influencing operational excellence is a must to determine future growth in any business.

Many current MBA students complete coursework on part-time status, whether online or in a traditional on-campus program. Besides, most MBA students have professional experience in their chosen career field. This can be technical or business-related, such as marketing, finance, or sales.

The primary characteristics of an MBA program enable the graduate student to gain an understanding of a business system and then be able to improve a system’s efficiency and productivity. Regardless of a student’s academic or professional background, whether it be technical, business, or liberal arts, an MBA will provide the knowledge and skills needed to run a business. In addition, MBAs offer a safe learning environment for students to practice and develop their business skills. Some programs utilize business simulation models that place students within a team setting and allow them to make decisions on running a manufacturing or distribution operation. What better way for a student to practice which business levers to activate when seeking profit? Tools like this one enable students to collaborate with classmates on the team and acquire professional strengths.

MBA Students Learn from Others

Many course instructors within the best MBA programs in the midwest are also working practitioners in business. The best source for current information in business is professionals who are actively working to influence global markets. MBA students network with peers, professors, and instructors who have experience and networks of their own. As more MBA programs attract international students, more students get the chance to work within diverse groups that expose classmates to a wealth of knowledge and experience that reaches beyond the nation’s borders. There is no better way to learn about business than from the real-world experiences of others. To give and receive knowledge based on real business scenarios and share what was done to influence success or failure is invaluable.

An MBA Unlocks the Door to Higher Levels of Leadership

If you thumb through any professional job sites in the midwest, you will see that an MBA is often required for a new hire, even to be considered for open management positions. This advanced degree shows prospective employers that applicants have received the proper training in the advanced concepts of running a business or organization.

MBA Graduates Make More Money

Studies have shown that the initial tuition and cost of degree investments can be recovered within just a few years after graduating. Employees who receive tuition reimbursement from their employers enjoy even more perks in the shape of a quicker ROI. As in most industries, higher education results in higher salary potential.

MBA Students Can Use their Education to Launch their own Enterprise

Some schools of thought believe budding entrepreneurs do not need a formal education to launch the world’s next great idea. But great ideas have never guaranteed successful business ventures. Everyone agrees that timing is critical for new product launches. Technically driven entrepreneurs need to know how to formulate a sound business plan and have a thorough understanding of business’ key components. This is one reason why entrepreneurs should seek a degree like an MBA.

MBA Programs Give Professionals the Chance to Practice, Practice, Practice

The chance to learn from case studies and work within business simulators can make a real difference in the life of a business leader. MBA programs give students the chance to sharpen their managerial skills and soft skills. Working through cohorts and analyzing organizations in real-world settings better prepares students than basic experience when there is more at stake. Think of an MBA as a business “learning curve.”

Taking the plunge and pursuing an MBA is not to be taken lightly. After all, it is a significant investment of one’s time and resources. Ensuring you have the proper motivation to start healthy and stay committed to a one- or two-year program is a critical first step. From there, make sure that you research each potential program to make sure it offers what you need in a business degree. Look into things like the curriculum, instructor profiles, and the business school’s accreditation. Trusted MBA programs in the midwest have all of this information readily available. It is also a great idea to make sure that the school you are interested in has the necessary student services already in place to support graduate students in their journey as a student transitioning into the workforce. Finally, interview past MBA graduates and alums from the school of interest to learn what the website does not advertise. There is no better way to determine what is expected within a program than from a past customer’s mouth.

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