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AACSB, WASC Senior College and University Commission

The Graduate School of Business at Stanford University was founded in 1925 as a west coast business school. Through the years, it has continued to evolve its curriculum, construct a legendary faculty known for its innovative research and plant centers and academic programs to achieve its mission of excellence in higher education. As the Graduate School of Business continues to flourish, it will strive to remain at the cutting edge of management education. The business school’s mission is to create programming that deepens and advances the general understanding of management and capitalize on ideas that will develop insightful, innovative, and principled leaders who change the world.

Leaders of the Graduate School of Business seek to bring on faculty and students with exceptional leadership capabilities. The center for business leadership engages in a research-supported, academically rigorous learning process that includes community engagement and interdisciplinary studies. Class sizes are controlled to keep the learning environment intimate and so that students may take full advantage of Stanford University’s surrounding communities. The impact of the ideas presented to students of the business school extends globally in meaningful ways. The advertised values of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University include engaging students intellectually, striving for something great, respecting others, acting with integrity, and owning one’s actions.


A degree from the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University may involve a student moving up in her chosen field or changing paths altogether. Students are encouraged through the business school’s online and traditional educational programs to explore new ways of thinking and discover how to make contributions within business. Degrees awarded at Stanford GSB will empower students with the skills, knowledge, and long-term tenacity that lead to growth and innovation. Graduates will build a robust network of inspiring and accomplished colleagues that will continually sustain opportunities that last long after one’s final class.

Student Life

Students at Stanford GSB enjoy myriad benefits during their time on campus. The university’s year-round balmy and sunshine climate permit excellent outdoor living by bringing people together in outside areas. The business school’s new classrooms, study areas, and top-notch facilities were constructed with an emphasis on sustainability, technology, and collaboration. Students enrolled in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University hail from over 50 foreign countries and represented many different educational, social, and professional backgrounds.

The collaborative educational process of Stanford’s business school benefits from those diverse backgrounds and encourages a range of approaches and perspectives relevant to real-world issues in business. This diversity encompasses personal experiences and goals, nationality, culture, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and gender are just some of the areas of diversity championed by the business school. The business school also understands the struggles international students often face in higher education. One way the business school serves these students is to offer assistance with visas and help students looking for an affinity group or other support to find the services and resources they require.

Online Programs

The online business programs offered at the business school expose distance learners to new ideas and develop leadership and management skills with excellent accessibility to the school’s faculty from anywhere in the world through the online programs for executives. Online programs currently available through the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University include Stanford Embark, the Stanford Innovation and Entrepreneurship Certificate, and the Stanford LEAD Online Business Program.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?