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10 Highest Educated Country Music Stars

Time was, admitting to graduating from college - or even going to college, or stepping foot on a college campus, except maybe to play football - would have gotten a country singer laughed out of Nashville. Country music was the music of hardscrabble farmers, coal miners, and factory workers, not pointy-headed intellectuals; Loretta Lynn didn’t . . .
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Top 10 Bands that Met in College

There’s probably no better time to start a band than in college. You’re young, full of energy and ambition, and have all kinds of free time to practice your instrument and write your songs (Classes? What are those?). Most importantly, though, college is a time when young people are surrounded by diverse people . . .
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25 Best College Dining Halls

Top Consensus Ranked Schools for Foodies

Any ranking of the best college food is bound to bring out the fuddy-duddies who will complain, “In my day, college food was mystery meat in the dining hall, and we had to eat it or go hungry!” Forget all those sour grapes - campus dining in the 21st century is a whole other experience . . .
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10 Rappers With College Degrees

From its beginnings in the Bronx block parties hosted by DJ Kool Herc, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash, hip-hop has been a ground-level art - people’s music, popular music, even folk music. For generations now, rappers have aimed for authenticity, and often that authenticity means narratives of dropping out of school, living a . . .
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25 Best Mountain Colleges

Top Consensus Ranked Colleges for Outdoor Enthusiasts

There’s something about the mountains that have always drawn a certain kind of people: the fearless, the hardy, the intrepid - even the hardheaded and eccentric. Where are the colleges for those people, the ones who want to blaze their own trail, find their own way, or just study where they’re surrounded by the . . .
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25 Best River and Lake Colleges

Top Consensus Ranked Schools By the Water

Rivers and lakes are America’s circulatory system - whether it’s the Mighty Mississippi and the Great Lakes, or the streams and creeks and ponds that give the map its patches of blue. Throughout history, cities have grown up around lakes and rivers, for transportation, drinking water, and fun, so it should come as no . . .
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Best College Waterparks

Top Consensus Ranked Schools with Amazing Aquatic Centers

Far too long have the recreational needs of students living on university campuses have been left up to their own imagination. Without cars to get to the gym or a pre-collegiate solidified interest in rock climbing, their options were to walk around the quad or join a sports team. No wonder the freshman 15 . . .
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50 Best Campus Recreation Centers

Top Consensus Ranked Schools with Great Wellness Facilities

There was a time, not so long ago, that campus recreation was pretty limited. There have always been intramural sports and leisure-time activities, but campus recreation wasn’t big business. The business of higher education was higher education, and if students had free time between classes and on the weekends, it wasn’t spent . . .
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25 Best Beach Colleges

Top Consensus Ranked Schools with Great Beaches

The best beach colleges are in a tricky position. Of course, there are no shortage of students who want to go to an oceanside college - that’s four straight years of partying on the beach, right? And plenty of parents will worry whether their student is going to get the education they need with the . . .
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35 Best College Dorms

Top Consensus Ranked Schools with the Nicest Dorms

Ranking the “best college dorms” may not make a lot of sense for people of a certain age. For those who went to college a generation ago, residence life probably brings to mind cramped, gray dorm rooms, awkward interactions with over-stressed roommates, and institutionalized meals that tasted even worse than they looked. That was . . .