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Best MBA Programs in New York 2021

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Does an MBA program delivered on a college or university’s campus in New York sound like the perfect fit for your career goals and educational background? Have you been researching high-quality, accredited Master of Business Administration programs designed to equip you for success as a business leader? Are you ready to pull the trigger and have your career reach new heights? You may be prepared for this ranking of the top MBA programs in New York. We have used our incredible aggregate ranking system to allow potential business school students the chance to view the nation’s top-rated on-campus MBA programs in one convenient place. Try as you may, you will have a tough time finding a more comprehensive on-campus ranking anywhere else.

MBA Programs in New York

Some of the best business schools in New York offer on-campus MBA programs for graduate students ready to take up the business leadership mantle. While some students are looking for a flexible online MBA program, on-campus programs deliver in many ways. MBA students seeking degrees in a New York business school have unparalleled access to business school leaders and instructors in the area. Today, many business schools utilize a cohort structure that allows MBA students to work within a team for the duration of their degree. If you are ready to find New York’s best on-campus MBA programs, you have come to the right place.


Our 2021 ranking of the best MBA programs in New York is a consensus ranking. This means that it combines information from five of the most respected MBA ranking systems: Bloomberg BusinessweekThe Financial TimesThe Economist, Forbes, and U.S. News and World Report. Each program’s ranking in these systems was converted to a score on a 100-point scale. These scores were weighted equally and then averaged to reveal the program’s Consensus Score. In the event of a tie, the base tuition of the MBA was used as the tie-breaking factor.


Columbia University
Columbia Business School

Columbia University delivers an excellent on-campus MBA at Columbia Business School. Prepare to make an impact. All of the courses at Columbia Business School are led by both the School’s stable of over 150 full-time faculty members and more than 100 adjuncts. The adjuncts are practitioners from a wealth of industries who can take the subway across town to teach a class over a lunch break because the School has a symbiotic relationship with New York. This program’s comprehensive core curriculum builds the foundation needed for success in any field. Electives offer insight into concentrated areas of expertise. Programs like Master Classes, Columbia CaseWorks, and The Individual, Business, and Society Curriculum all approach business education in fresh and innovative ways. The School’s cluster system encourages graduate students to learn not only with but from other students in the program. Beyond the classroom, Columbia Business School’s student organizations, remarkably accessible alumni network, and cutting-edge research centers, work in tandem to help students prepare for success.

Consensus Score


Cornell University
SC Johnson College of Business

Cornell University delivers one of New York’s best on-campus MBA programs at the SC Johnson College of Business. Business school leaders challenge on-campus graduate students to reach higher. It is now time to get amplified, with advanced education, and enhanced professional peer collaborations with immersive opportunities into top organizations. SC Johnson College of Business’s Two-Year MBA in Ithaca allows graduate students to acquire the vision to make a difference and make an impact as they immerse themselves in corporate experiences and enjoy coveted internships and solve real-world business issues. The One-Year MBA in Ithaca allows graduate students to fast track their career advancement in an immersive and intense one-year program. World-class instructors guide graduate students as they collaborate with their peers, solve issues for top organizations, and grow as leaders. Both degree options are STEM-designated, full-time MBA programs featuring a one-of-a-kind curriculum, with fully integrated business leadership development components and the chance to take advantage of classes meeting in partnership with Cornell Tech in New York City.

Consensus Score


New York University
Leonard N. Stern School of Business

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University offers an on-campus MBA. Graduate students enrolled in this on-campus program are encouraged to immerse themselves in environments like a successful early-stage technology corporation in New York City. Learners will study the founding vision, the funding path, and value creation model while assessing how the enterprise’s metrics are connected to its priorities and growth. Graduate students get the chance to work in tandem with a company to solve their most vital branding issues. On-campus students learn global branding concepts and frameworks while they garner valuable consulting skills. Abilities in learning how to manage complex projects, enhance team dynamics, build client relationships, and optimize presentation skills are included in this stellar curriculum. Students will also be guided in how to craft their organization’s vision with mentorship from leaders in business, entrepreneurs, and seasoned executives. NYU’s Endless Frontier Lab is available to students as a seed-stage program for scalable, science-based organizations.

Consensus Score


University of Rochester
Simon Business School

An MBA is featured at the University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. The business school is proud to offer its Full-Time MBA with an exemplary analytical bias, an intentionally diverse and small community of learners, and all the opportunities graduate students need to refine, reflect, and take risks. The on-campus Simon MBA is about a lot more than a credential. It’s about a new level of clarity for graduate students. An innovative curriculum is paired with a STEM-designated option on-campus students are sure to be challenged by. This is the first MBA program in the nation to offer a STEM-designated option to graduate students in any concentration, which signals quantitative and analytical rigor to employers. Simon Business School international students have the chance to extend Optional Practical Training (OPT) by two years, for three years total without H1B visa sponsorship, if they get hired in a STEM-eligible position. The Admissions staff gets to know each MBA applicant personally.

Consensus Score


University at Buffalo
School of Management

The School of Management at the University at Buffalo provides an exemplary on-campus MBA known as one of New York’s best. Developed with input from national corporate recruiters, staff, faculty, instructors, alumni, and career experts, this full-time, two-year UB MBA degree provides graduate students with the skills they need for the globally integrated business world. Team skills, integrative analysis, communication skills, and quantitative analysis and are fundamental to this exceptional New York program. Graduate students enrolled in this program are encouraged to take advantage of the School of Management’s rich selection of specializations and the LeaderCORE program. On-campus graduate students can make the most of their opportunities by developing extensive career networks both in and outside the classroom. Graduates holding this degree can expect to take the tangible experience with them when they complete all program requirements. Concentrations included in this program are Analytics, Health Care Management, Finance, Information Assurance, International Management, and Operations and Supply Chain Management.

Consensus Score


Fordham University
Gabelli School of Business

One of New York’s best on-campus MBA degrees is available at the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. The Full-Time MBA is the flagship two-year program in leadership and management at the business school. Selectively accepting only 60 students per year, the Full-Time MBA fuses an industry-inspired hands-on curriculum with the business school’s individualized attention. Graduates of this degree can enjoy an extraordinary network development that lives on years after they leave the business school. Fordham University markets this on-campus graduate degree as a true New York MBA. Business school leaders agree that attending business school in New York is a crucial decision that can profoundly impact a student’s future. This New York MBA offers unique advantages, including a graduate student’s opportunity to build her résumé year-round, exposure to executive-level instructors who teach at the Lincoln Center campus when available, and direct recruiting relationships with companies seeking new hires to work within their New York offices.

Consensus Score


CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College
Zicklin School of Business

An exemplary on-campus MBA is offered at the Zicklin School of Business at CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College. Zicklin’s high-quality Full-Time MBA degree is a graduate student’s connection to the business world at large. This on-campus program equips graduate students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise to grow as a business leader, rise above the competition, and overcome industry challenges. The business school believes that for Zicklin School of Business Students, “New York City is your Campus.” New York’s energy fuels their education. Zicklin School of Business’s proximity to major corporations and businesses extends graduate students’ MBA experience beyond the classroom, connecting them to a vibrant alumni network. Instructors at the business school have deep roots in New York’s business community. This gives graduate students full exposure to the leading influencers in the world of business. CUNY Bernard M. Baruch College’s Full-Time MBA is delivered as a selective program. The diverse background of students’ peers brings a world of knowledge and experience into the MBA program’s learning environment.

Consensus Score


Syracuse University
Martin J. Whitman School of Management

An on-campus MBA is currently available at the Martin J. Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University. Graduate students within this program have the opportunity to design their MBA experience. This full-time MBA is a 54-credit-hour degree featuring 36 core course credits and 18 elective credits. Students typically take two years to satisfy all program requirements. Enrolled graduate students in this on-campus MBA can choose up to two of seven concentrations. Emphases within the program include Accounting, Supply Chain Management, Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises, Real Estate, Finance, and Marketing Management. Students can customize their curriculum by adding electives of their choice either at Whitman or another university within the Syracuse University association. Through real-world, practical education opportunities and in-depth concentrations, on-campus graduate students will gain the skills and knowledge they need to become an effective business leader. Whitman’s rigorous and relevant MBA is enhanced through experiential learning opportunities that provide hands-on practice and develop critical thinking skills.

Consensus Score


Rochester Institute of Technology
Saunders College of Business

The Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology offers one of the best MBA programs in the state of New York. RIT’s on-campus Executive MBA program is the perfect fit for mid-to-upper-level professionals who want to hone their strategic leadership and business skills to assume greater responsibilities, enhance their performance, and effectively position their careers for future opportunities. From its surveys and ample industry research, Saunders College of Business leadership knows that executive MBA students desire more than a simple transfer of management, business theory, and concepts. The best and the brightest want a high level of engagement with instructors and peers. Opportunities to discuss, argue, collaborate, and compete with other seasoned business leaders on topical and strategic issues and projects is a vital feature of a robust EMBA program. Graduate students want an advanced degree that has a direct and immediate impact on their professional development.

Consensus Score


Hofstra University
Frank G. Zarb School of Business

Hofstra University offers an on-campus MBA at the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. This Flexible MBA program fits into working professionals’ personal and professional schedules with online or on-campus courses delivered days and evenings. Graduate students can also take advantage of full- and part-time options offered by the Frank G. Zarb School of Business. The business school’s part-time program ranks among U.S. News & World Report’s top 100 part-time MBA programs in the country. This Flexible MBA is offered in a range of emphases, from accounting and health services management to business analytics and finance. Based on their academic and professional backgrounds, business school candidates may qualify for a GRE or GMAT waiver. Scholarships are also made available to qualified program candidates. The business school’s Co-op Program allows students to get compensated work experience at an organization related to their concentration. Another highlight of this degree is the C-Suite Insight, which gives students exposure to local business leaders.

Consensus Score


Clarkson University
David D. Reh School of Business

The David D. Reh School of Business at Clarkson University provides one of New York’s best MBA degrees. Enrolled graduate students in this MBA can get their MBA in just nine months, even if they have never taken a business course as an undergraduate student. Clarkson University’s accelerated on-campus MBA program starts in August, and students can satisfy all program requirements the following May. Students also have the flexibility to get their MBA on their schedule if professional and personal commitments mean a slower course completion. In addition to the David D. Reh School of Business nine-month program, Clarkson also offers options that take graduate students from their first class to graduation in just one calendar year, 18 months, or over a two-year span. The business school currently offers MBA dual degrees with specializations in Environmental Policy and Data Analytics to support graduate students’ career goals. This on-campus MBA is advertised as a valued business credential.

Consensus Score


Brooklyn College
Murray Koppelman School of Business

The Murray Koppelman School of Business at Brooklyn College currently features one of the best MBA programs in the state of New York. This on-campus degree provides graduate students with the skills and knowledge they will need to procure gainful employment in a wide range of careers in economic analysis, management, international business, marketing, and business analytics. Qualified business school applicants will have undergraduate academic experience in macroeconomics, calculus, microeconomics, and statistics. Graduate students must complete at least 24-credit hours in courses offered by the Economics, Business Management, Finance, or Accounting Departments. Consistent with Brooklyn College’s policy, transfer credits for graduate-level courses taken at other colleges or universities may be accepted for some of the course credit subject to the chairperson or deputy chairperson’s approval. Concentrations available for this on-campus graduate degree include Economic Analysis, Global Business, Accounting, General Business, and Business Intelligence and Data Analysis. Each of these programs is 30-credit hours in length except for the Economic Analysis concentration, which is a 33-credit hour program.

Consensus Score


SUNY Oswego
School of Business

The School of Business at SUNY Oswego provides an on-campus MBA. Graduate students can earn this degree as an affordable, customizable, and accessible on-campus MBA program. The MBA’s curriculum provides knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to lead in today’s globally diverse industries. SUNY Oswego’s award-winning instructors stress practical problem-solving situations through coursework that is always evolving with the latest AACSB-International accredited standards. Rolling admission means that business school candidates can apply for this degree at any time during the calendar year. Students can start this program at the beginning of the fall, spring, or summer semester. Flexible delivery options include courses offered at the School’s main campus in Oswego, the Syracuse campus, or online through distance learning. This 36-credit hour program is open to students lacking an undergraduate degree in business. Some leveling courses may be assigned to business school candidates lacking academic experience in finance, accounting, economics, and statistics. This on-campus MBA is intended to apply to public, private, and governmental sectors of management.

Consensus Score


SUNY New Paltz
School of Business

SUNY New Paltz’s School of Business provides an on-campus MBA in New York. This new and improved MBA program offers graduate students of all backgrounds with skills and knowledge they will count on to thrive as entrepreneurs and professionals in the 21st century. The School of Business’s AACSB-International accreditation puts it in the top five percent of international business schools. A recently updated curriculum includes the new part-time online option. It also ensures that graduate students of all lifestyles and backgrounds can succeed in business leadership. Flexibility shines through as the program has been updated to accommodate all working professional’s schedules. Courses are offered at night, on weekends, and through online learning, so enrolled students can mix and match to fit their unique needs. SUNY New Paltz currently provides the best in-state tuition rates for New York MBA programs. The program’s instructors bring years of industry experience to the classroom.

Consensus Score


Niagara University
College of Business Administration

Niagara University’s College of Business Administration provides one of New York’s best MBA degrees. This is the only AACSB-accredited program in Western New York explicitly created for today’s working professionals. The business school offers classes online, in the evenings, and on Saturdays for both part- and full-time graduate students. Innovative concentrations combine with small classes to provide customized career supports that connect students to future careers in business management for the New York region and around the world. Enrolled students can satisfy all program requirements in as little as 12 months or at their own pace. Saturday and evening classes make it possible for working professionals in business to ramp up their education without sidelining their careers. Flexible hybrid and online courses are also available. Students can choose from eight unique concentrations with blended or expanded options in emerging and traditional fields. Customizable choices within this MBA mean graduate students can choose the individualized set of courses that support their career objectives.

Consensus Score


Le Moyne College
Madden School of Business

The Madden School of Business at Le Moyne College provides an on-campus MBA. This stellar program has been designed for maximum flexibility. Working professionals can access coursework through face to face, online, and hybrid course delivery. Le Moyne’s Madden School of Business is AACSB-International-accredited. The program’s eight-week course modules allow on-campus graduate students to experience the program at an accelerated pace. MBA program requirements can be satisfied in just one year through full-time study. Madden’s MBA program is globally connected through its Jesuit network of over 180 institutions of higher learning. Capstone projects within the program’s curriculum allow graduate students to travel internationally for short term trips abroad. This on-campus program attracts students who want to apply their skills toward building a better tomorrow. In the spirit of the Jesuit belief in service to others, graduate students take part in Jesuit Values Coursework that encourages intensive leadership development.

Consensus Score


St. Bonaventure University
School of Business

The School of Business at St. Bonaventure University provides one of the best on-campus MBA programs in New York. St. Bonaventure is proud to display the AACSB seal, signifying the exemplary accreditation at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Program designers are preparing graduate students to be outstanding professionals and genuinely exceptional people as well. On-campus graduate students will develop skills, knowledge, and insights to help them compete in the global economy while learning how to make decisions rooted in ethical and moral values that define the Franciscan tradition. To meet the needs of the active modern consumer, St. Bonaventure’s degree program is provided in several convenient formats, including part-time and full-time. Within the part-time format, courses are held weekly in the late afternoon and evening at Olean’s main campus. Full-time students meet once a week in the late afternoon and evening at the main campus each semester. Graduate students with the qualifying academic experience may be able to complete degree requirements in just one calendar year.

Consensus Score


St. John Fisher College
School of Business

One of the best MBA degrees in New York is currently available at the School of Business at St. John Fisher College. Fisher’s MBA focuses on the whole person and her unique needs as a student and a productive member of today’s modern workforce. Graduate students are able, encouraged, and guided to customize their programs to best leverage their available learning time. Enrolled on-campus students can satisfy all requirements for their MBA in just one year as undergraduate business learners taking advantage of the School of Business’s 4+1 program. Part-time students have up to six years to graduate. The four areas of concentration delivered within this program include Accounting, Pharmaceutical Industry, General Management, and Health Services Management. This MBA’s curriculum leads graduate students to a greater understanding of current finance, accounting, and management theories. Instructors work hard to expose students to the practical applications of these theories and the ethical problems business leaders encounter while on the job.

Consensus Score


Binghamton University
School of Management

Binghamton University SUNY offers one of the best on-campus MBA programs in New York at the School of Management. This nationally-ranked, AACSB-accredited program provides motivated individuals with the needed knowledge, skills, insights, and experiences to emerge as some of the best among future business leaders. With real-world lessons and expertise delivered by a team of dedicated instructors, the School of Management ensures its students are challenged to communicate effectively, think critically, and take the initiative to reinforce their future career goals at every step in the journey. Students looking to leverage a competitive edge in today’s job market will want to note this exemplary program. Students of all academic backgrounds will find an MBA program option that is right for them. The Four-Semester MBA is available to graduate students of all bachelor’s majors. Binghamton University SUNY’s One-Year MBA is open to students from all majors with prerequisite coursework in economics and statistics. The Management/MBA 4+1 is the perfect fit for students who have earned an undergraduate degree in business leadership from an AACSB-accredited institution within the last five years.

Consensus Score


Alfred University
College of Business

The College of Business at Alfred University provides one of New York’s best on-campus MBA degrees. Business school students who graduate from this program will leave with the knowledge and skills they need to manage people, manage change, and bring innovation and creativity to solve global business issues. More than that, graduate students at Alfred University will gain a competitive edge. College of Business leaders are committed to preparing the next generation of business leaders by centering on the skills that lead to success. Alfred University’s on-campus MBA program includes many courses through hybrid online and online instruction while doing well to safeguard the benefits of in-class interaction and education. This optimal combination balances the unique needs of working professionals for home study with an excellent opportunity for peer engagement. Alfred is flexible to meet graduate students’ needs. Learners can major in any program at Alfred University and can graduate in five years with an MBA. Students minoring in Business Administration can also pursue graduate studies in business.

Consensus Score


New York Institute of Technology
School of Management

New York Institute of Technology provides an on-campus MBA at the School of Management. This transformational MBA reflects best-practice approaches to high-quality management education worldwide. It has been organized to reflect trending Master’s in Management programs prevalent in Asia and Europe. NYIT’s School of Management MBA provides a cutting-edge educational experience that rivals the world’s most innovative business schools. This on-campus program is designed to prepare aspiring graduate students and professionals from diverse academic backgrounds for future leadership roles in today’s global economy. The unique structure of the program core includes twelve 1.5-credit hour courses and a three-credit-hour capstone. Supplemented by electives and specialized courses, the degree provides an increased scope of coverage, much like a more traditional MBA program. Enrolled students receive a broader perspective and a chance to see the bigger picture in business. This MBA curriculum is unique. Rather than rehash content from an undergraduate business program, it facilitates a seamless transition from bachelor’s to master’s programs.

Consensus Score


Manhattan College
O’Malley School of Business

An exemplary MBA is featured at Manhattan College’s O’Malley School of Business. Program leaders understand that the MBA is the internationally-recognized standard in education for leadership and management. Earning an on-campus MBA in New York can enhance graduate students’ career opportunities not only in business but also in government, healthcare, technology, and many other fields. Manhattan College’s MBA program puts the big picture of business in perspective, helping students become more innovative and productive professionals. This stellar program is open to all qualified applicants who have completed a bachelor’s degree at an accredited educational institution. The program is taught by distinguished instructors and features a curriculum that includes decision-making and risk management, organizations in competitive environments, and leadership and social justice. This MBA can be taken as a general program with a broad exposure to an array of courses. Also, the curriculum offers concentrations that give graduate students a competitive edge in growing areas in business. Students can choose to focus on Organizations, Markets and Sustainability, Business Analytics, Finance, and Economics.

Consensus Score


Adelphi University
Robert B. Willumstad School of Business

One of the best on-campus MBA degrees in New York is delivered at Adelphi University’s Robert B. Willumstad School of Business. Graduate students enrolled in this stellar on-campus MBA will examine 21st-century management problems on a global and macro level. They also gain a solid education in business fundamentals. Students can design their paths by either opting to take a more general course load and spreading their studies over several functional areas or choosing a specialization in accounting, sport management, finance, health services administration, marketing, human resource management, and information systems, or management. Adelphi University offers this valuable business degree to students who are maintaining their career with the program’s flexibility. Evening classes, on-campus and online learning, and part and full-time enrollment options are just some of the choices available. Graduate students are sure to receive personal attention from instructors with real-world experience who are open to advise and direct both in and outside the classroom.

Consensus Score


Iona College
LaPenta School of Business

The LaPenta School of Business at Iona College provides one of New York’s best MBA degrees. Iona’s new, faster, and more affordable MBA requires only 36 credits to complete and is open to all business school students with an undergraduate degree. Additionally, Iona College does not require its applicants to submit a GMAT or GRE for admission into the MBA program. Iona’s MBA gives graduate students the comprehensive strategies they need to enhance their careers and can be taken at a pace that works for them. Full-time students take nine credits each term and will usually complete the program in just 12 months. Part-time students typically take six credits per semester and can satisfy all degree requirements in 20 months. LaPenta School of Business’s flexible core courses and an expansive selection of electives give on-campus graduate students the ability to customize their degree to target their career goals. Some Iona MBA courses can be taken online, making classes more adaptable to active schedules while saving on commuting costs.

Consensus Score


Long Island University
School of Business

An on-campus MBA is currently available at the School of Business at Long Island University. This superb MBA opens doors to career opportunities well beyond the financial sector. Information technology, health care, energy, and pharmaceuticals are just some industries that saw double-digit growth in MBA hires last year. The employment outlook for MBA graduates is up across the board. The College of Management’s flexible and customizable MBA program supports the wide-ranging career objectives and individual interests of its students. Convenient evening classes enable on-campus learners to pursue their degrees at their own pace, both full-time and part-time. Students in this on-campus MBA program represent a fusion of professional responsibilities, from senior managers to new undergraduates. Students at the business school represent a vast array of cultural backgrounds, careers, and life experiences. These diversities are reflected in the School of Business faculty as well. AACSB-International accredits all of Long Island University’s business programs.

Consensus Score

Deciding to pursue an MBA program is a big step for aspiring managers and business leaders.
An MBA offers a treasure trove of advantages, especially when it’s earned from a well-respected business school. After graduation, getting a lucrative MBA salary, procuring a management position, developing a reliable professional network, and even becoming your own boss are just a few of the reasons why an on-campus MBA program in New York is a sound idea for your career.

What Can I Expect to Gain from an On-Campus MBA program in New York?

MBA students develop flexible and advanced management skills. Graduate students going into MBA programs are typically young professionals with at least two years of professional working experience in a corporate setting or management position. It is also common for senior employees to seek a challenge to apply for MBA degrees.

The on-campus MBA coursework helps graduate students develop the skills needed to keep an organization “in the black.” A Master of Business Administration’s curriculum can be different from program to program and school to school. Still, many of the most common competencies and principles of business will carry a common thread through programs.

What Are Some of the Skills Included in An MBA’s Curriculum?

A graduate student within an MBA program in New York can expect to find lessons and resources that help them in their quest to improve management and people leadership skills and developing, advertising and selling products and services. They can also expect to network and create connections and partnerships with other business leaders and manage difficult situations like financial crises and corporate scandals. MBA students are equipped to keep an organization’s finances healthy, promote and maintain an enterprise’s positive image, gather, analyze, and create reports based on internal data, and hire talent and fortify employee retention. All types of organizations look to MBA graduates to create hierarchies that result in a thriving organizational structure and make the right call at the right time.

Pursuing an on-campus MBA degree forces graduate students to get out of their comfort zones. They explore the newest International Business trends, apply the latest management tools and techniques, and challenge themselves to improve a business, team, or collaboration.

An MBA is an incredible way to prepare for an evolving business environment. The abilities MBA students develop in adapting to new information are also some of the best tools they have to adapt to the unavoidable changes in industries, the marketplace, and the ways we do business.

Professionals planning to change careers amid an evolving industry have developed skills that will help them quickly adapt and find a new course of action. New York MBA students can also make use of changes in the economy by finding new business opportunities while others simply attempt to weather the storm within a harsh business environment.

What Are Some Concentration Options Within an MBA?

With technology continuing to grow by leaps and bounds and a sizeable international market only growing, many universities and business schools are developing a diverse range of MBA specializations that focus on different aspects of the business world. Here are some of the concentrations on-campus MBA students may wish to add to here core requirements.

General Management

This specialization has to be one of the most popular directions MBA students take their studies. A general management focus is optimal for the graduate student wishing to develop an all-round capable business arsenal. Professionals working with a versatile business environment will want to find out more about this emphasis.

International Business

Business professionals interested in other cultures and who want to work abroad or in a global organization with offices in different locations might enjoy getting trained in international business. MBA students with this education are adept at aligning business goals across many borders. As global businesses continue to develop across the planet, this concentration is an all-round and multipurpose specialization.

Strategic Management

Strategic management prepares MBA students for careers in long-term business planning and back-up planning. This concentration provides business leaders with an overall direction for an enterprise. It involves defining an organization’s objectives, developing plans and policies to achieve those objectives, and allocating resources to execute the projects.


Graduate students interested in becoming bankers, financial controllers, finance managers, and chief financial officers will want to dive deeper into this emphasis. Specialized courses focus on Accounting, Statistics, Data Analysis, Economics, and more.


No matter how great a service or product is, without excellent marketing, an organization cannot experience success. Institutions of all shapes and sizes rely on promoting their services and products in the marketplace. On-campus MBA students interested in marketing will become invaluable assets for organizations that need to break through the noise and find their customer base.


Innovative thinkers and opportunistic hard workers make excellent entrepreneurs. This concentration is best for those who have original business ideas and are continually thinking about launching start-ups. While great ideas can be inspiring, sound business principles are an integral part of any successful venture. On-campus MBA degrees with an entrepreneurship focus gives creative graduate students all the tools they need for success.

Operations Management

Operations management is ideal for leaders in charge of optimizing an organization’s production processes. MBA students in New York within this emphasis learn the ins and outs of running production as efficiently as possible.

Students interested in a specialization should also keep in mind many MBA programs provide dual concentrations that expand MBA students’ management capabilities and job-market versatility.

What Kind of Business Network Access Can an MBA Students Expect in New York?

On-campus MBA students in New York have excellent networking opportunities. They interact with fellow students, instructors, and business school administrators. A business school’s teaching staff is often comprised of businesspeople with years of management experience, which act as mentors for students. Graduate students also gain access to a business school’s extensive alumni network. Professional connections will give MBA students a realistic and current overview of the business world. MBA students are exposed to significant business issues and are encouraged to make connections between global events and world affairs.

Can I Use an On-Campus MBA to Help Me Start a Company?

Many MBA students choose to become entrepreneurs and learn the steps of how to start and grow an organization. These students have big dreams and need to know how to transform them into reality. MBA instructors with real-life experience in starting an enterprise can tell graduate students the major traps they need to avoid and what they should do to ensure their venture grows and remains stable.

There has never been a better time to pursue an on-campus MBA program in New York as the degree continues to reveal its value in a growing global economy. The MBA continues to show itself as a key that opens many doors in business. Graduate students holding an on-campus MBA have many options to consider for their future.