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The state of New York has always been an important hub, and in this global virtual society, it stays the same. Some of the world’s best global online MBA programs can be found in the state of New York, hailing from some of the most well respected Business Schools on the planet.

The online MBA programs in New York are typically a 30-42-credit hour programs which consists of business leadership courses. The curriculum for this popular business degree is designed to expose graduate students to solid business theory and relevant case studies, which equip them for careers in management at many levels.

An online MBA can be judged by many factors to see if it is worth attaining. The cost of a program, along with the accreditation of the business school, can be among the most important factors that students judge a program on. Other important factors include a program having a 100% online experience, and whether or not the admissions office requires a placement test score like the GMAT to be reported during the admissions process.

Online MBAs in New York

What do Martin Van Buren, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Millard Fillmore, and Theodore Roosevelt all have in common? Two things really. All served as United States Presidents, and all were born in New York. Besides producing excellent leaders and politicians, the state of New York currently produces excellent degrees, like the best online MBA degrees, at some of the nation’s finest colleges and universities.

Geographically speaking, the state of New York is the 27th largest state in the United States, yet it is the third-highest populated state only behind the states of Texas and California. The major industries of New York include communications, international trade, finance, publishing, fashion, dairy and fruit farming, and of course, tourism. Albany is the capital city of New York, but it is New York City which draws over 65 million tourists to its attractions each year.

New York stands as one of the major cities of the world. It is a city that many American’s can trace their immigration story to. “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,” has not been just a line in moving poem, but the written history of many that came through the harbor of New York. With its storied past and finger on the pulse of economy, New York is a great place to find top business schools.


This is a consensus ranking of the best online MBA degrees in New York. This ranking list can be used at a tool for prospective students. We use data from five different prestigious ranking systems. Combining rankings allows students to get a broader view of the best programs available. These are not simply the best degrees according to one person. They are the best according to everyone. 

Ranking scores were weighted equally, averaged, and converted to a score on a 100-point scale. This number became each degree’s Consensus Score.

Data for our ranking order was collected from:

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Here are the top online MBA programs in New York.

One of New York’s best online MBA programs is offered at the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University. This degree is hailed as an Ivy League Executive MBA. It is perfect for working professionals.

Students pursuing the part-time executive MBA implement what they learn immediately. They see their investment pay off in real time. The online degree is rigorous. Distance learners are trained as leaders from across industries and job functions. Enrolled students advance their careers without putting them on hold. Cornell’s online MBA offers the flexibility to align with career ambitions.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 607-255-5820

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Leonard N. Stern School of Business at New York University provides one of New York’s best online MBA programs. This degree features a flexible range of program options for active professionals. Enrolled students seek the knowledge and tools of the MBA program. They can continue to advance in their current functions and industries.

Students can complete this highly flexible online MBA in two to six years. Enrolled students slow down or speed up as needed. The program options include weeknight, accelerated, Saturday, and online/modular formats. If schedules or circumstances change after two weeks, enrolled students can switch program options and change their study pace. This off-campus MBA in New York is worth a second look.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 212-998-4500

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

New York has an excellent online MBA program at The University of Rochester’s Simon Business School. Distance learners gain the tools needed to become more decisive and dynamic leaders. Graduate students cultivate the analytical thinking for which the business school is known.

The Executive MBA program features career resources. Program leaders offer professional development opportunities and global immersion projects. This degree creates a genuinely transformative leadership experience. The program’s flex format allows students to complete the program online or with online and in-class learning. This format makes going back to school more manageable. The 21-month program starts in August. This online MBA in New York is worth a second look.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 585-275-3533

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management features an online MBA program in New York. Enrolled students are prepared to thrive in a world of accelerating change. The curriculum reflects real-world business trends. Syracuse’s online MBA is continually updated to adapt to the changing business landscape.

Graduate students gain the skills needed to be influential leaders and tackle tomorrow’s business issues no matter where they are in their careers. MBA students bring career goals within reach sooner with increased knowledge and leadership capabilities. Distance learners have access to career services such as the Virtual Career Center. MBA students in New York get flexibility without compromise.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 315-443-4744

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University at Buffalo’s School of Management features an excellent online MBA in New York. Students enrolled in the MBA at the UB School of Management gain managerial, communication, analytical, and leadership. They achieve their personal and professional goals on a flexible schedule. This online delivery is fast-paced. The seven-week sessions offer a highly effective learning method for professionals with full-time jobs, families, and commitments.

Most online MBA students complete one three-credit course per module. The program can be completed in four years — speed up or slow down — it’s up to learners. New York MBA students wanting to gain knowledge and experience should enroll in this online program.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 716-645-2939

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

One of New York’s best online MBA programs is offered at the Saunders College of Business at Rochester Institute of Technology. Mid-to-upper-level professionals wanting to hone their business and leadership skills will thrive within the curriculum. Enrolled students can assume greater responsibilities, enhance their performance, and position themselves for future opportunities.

Program leaders know executive MBA students want more than a transfer of business management theory and concepts. This degree features a high level of engagement with faculty and peers. Enrolled students discuss, compete, and collaborate with seasoned managers on topical issues. The RIT EMBA delivers solid business disciplines for tomorrow’s business leaders.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 585-475-2229

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

The Lubin School of Business at Pace University provides one of New York’s best online MBA programs. Distance learners advance their careers and broaden their employability with this entirely online MBA. It leverages New York City connections in a program tailored to professionals on the move.

Pace University’s online Master of Business Administration looks toward the future of business. The curriculum utilizes a premium learning management system and modern research. Courses equip students with the tools needed to excel as leaders. Enrolled students learn from instructors who are in touch with the latest advances in local and international business. Are you ready to gain well-rounded insights into strategy, decision-making, and analytics? This New York online MBA has it all.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 212-346-1531

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

New York has an excellent online MBA program at Canisius College’s Richard J. Wehle School of Business. This MBA program meets the needs of students from industries and professional roles in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. Program leaders provide a solid team environment that nurtures professional relationships while preparing MBA students for real-world collaborations.

The six concentrations include marketing, accounting, finance, global supply chain management, investment research, and marketing for the food industry. The Wehle School of Business offers learners Advanced Graduate Certificates in Business. Business leaders get the most from this degree. This program is for you if you want to use data and analytics to influence decision-making in New York.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 716-888-2545

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

The University at Albany’s School of Business features an online MBA program in New York. Students who recently earned bachelor’s degrees and experienced professionals seeking to advance their careers will enjoy this. UAlbany has an MBA track tailored for everyone—professionals needing flexibility like the part-time evening, weekend, and online tracks. Working students can stay employed while earning their degrees.

Online MBA students learn business concepts in operations, finance, accounting, management, marketing, and human resource management. The business school’s research faculty and career center work closely with graduate students. This program features the knowledge and skills to achieve professional goals in New York.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 518-442-3980

AACSB Accredited: YES

Online MBA Website

Consensus Score

Clarkson University’s David D. Reh School of Business features an excellent online MBA in New York. Program leaders know it’s essential to be one step ahead in today’s business world. Ambitious professionals understand being motivated and innovative will set them apart in the job market. This entirely online MBA at Clarkson hones leadership skills on students’ terms.

Enrolled students advance their careers in a flexible program that fits their schedules and goals. Distance learners can customize their studies to narrow their focus on professional development. There are solid core courses. The curriculum includes electives to explore other competencies or complete advanced certificates in a specific topic. This is for you if you want a high-quality New York online MBA.

Admissions Email: [email protected]
Admissions Phone: 518-631-9831

AACSB Accredited: YES

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Online MBA Programs in New York

Many business professionals in New York find a position immediately after college graduation. After getting that job, these workers realize they must invest in their advanced education to move up the career ladder. This proven career move means earning an online Master of Business Administration degree.

In past years, pursuing an MBA meant putting your life on hold to return to school full-time. Today, the path to an advanced business degree is more accessible due to excellent accredited online MBA programs. Many New York-based degrees feature part-time and entirely online coursework. Distance learners can pursue an advanced education at their preferred pace and from the comfort of their couches—even while holding down a full-time job. The Princeton Review places flexibility as one of the best advantages for seeing the degree.

Choosing an online MBA program starts with understanding your personal preferences. The decision can be challenging. It includes many factors, including business school reputation, coursework quality, tuition rates, etc. New York’s best online MBA degrees feature flexible learning environments, offering a solid foundation for career success.

How Can I Benefit from an Online MBA in New York?

New York Online MBA Program Flexibility

Online MBA programs offer excellent scheduling and location flexibility. Distance learners in online programs access course materials and complete all coursework from anywhere with a dependable internet connection. New York students can study part-time or full-time based on their professional and personal schedules.

New York Provides Time-Saving Opportunities

Online learning features the same education and training without traveling to a campus. This fact translates into many travel hours saved over a program’s duration. Saving considerable time allows students to concentrate their efforts toward further study.

Cost-Saving Online MBA Programs in New York

Online MBA programs have traditional in-person programs beat as they don’t require graduate students to pay for on-campus housing, transportation, or meals. Many online programs offer financial aid opportunities and scholarships as incentives.

New York Online MBA Accessibility

Online MBA programs make education more accessible to students who may not have the ability or resources to attend an in-person program. For example, a student living in rural upstate New York may find enrolling in an online program easier.

The Power of Networking Within a New York Online MBA

Traditional, in-person MBA programs feature obvious opportunities for face-to-face interaction. Online programs offer networking opportunities through social media groups, virtual classrooms, and online forums. These connections can prove to be very advantageous for students.

A New York Online MBA Program’s Self-Paced Learning

Online MBA programs usually offer asynchronous learning. Enrolled students don’t have to take classes at a specific time of the day. Distance learners balance learning with other studies and responsibilities with no fixed schedules or class meeting times.

What are the Leading Industries of New York State?

The state of New York is interesting compared to most states in the U.S. As the economy and workforce in New York determine the fiscal health of the state, they at the same time help to determine other states’ performance and the global perspective as a whole. It comes at no surprise that the state of New York is the largest regional and municipal economy in the nation.

According to Forbes, New York leads the way and sets the tone in the areas of art, media, technology, fashion, and global commerce. It is truly the “City that Never Sleeps” and is a cultural melting pot with over 800 languages spoken in New York. Here is a short list of some of the industries that drive the state.

New York has a large Financial Services Industry

The world of finance continues to grow as the world shrinks through e-commerce and an always-advancing global economy. Organizations need financial services to stay fiscally viable and in order to grow and develop in new markets. Financial service managers work with teams within an organization to meet the goals of a corporation. New York has many organizations like these which need properly trained financial service managers.

New York has a large Retail Trade Industry

Importing and exporting in New York have always been a priority for the state as shipping has a long history there. Retailers may have traditional brick and mortar buildings, or they may do marketing and sales through the internet. Retail trade continues to be a big business and is led by business leaders with a knack for global industry.

Global business is a huge priority for degrees like the online MBA with a global focus. Online MBA students are exposed to business practices that are taking place all over the world. Many of these programs offer the graduate student the chance to travel and see how the rest of the world does business in places like Asia, Russia, and Europe.

New York has a large Health Care Services Industry

Health Care has always been and will continue to be a growing segment in New York and across the globe. With technologies always advancing, and the need for quality health care being something that all people require, a career as a health care manager is one that is as rewarding as it is lucrative. Business schools in New York offer some excellent degrees like the online MBA with an emphasis in health care for just these reasons.

New York has a large Educational Services Industry

The educational services of New York have recently been reported as providing nearly 900,000 jobs in education when looking at the private and public sectors. The majority of professions within this industry includes secondary level educators, yet it also includes collegiate faculty.

With hundreds of colleges and universities in New York, the state boasts some of the most high-profile and most popular intuitions of higher education than many other states. Columbia, New York University, and Barnard College are just a few of these respected schools which educators would like to work for. Business professionals interested in becoming educators will often match a degree like the online MBA with a future PhD and spend years training graduate students for business.

What are the Top Five Companies to Work for in New York?

After completing your online MBA in New York, you will want to find a position in one of the state’s best-performing or fastest-growing organizations. Here are five of the most exciting brands offering jobs for business leaders in New York:


Outbrain is headquartered in New York City. It enjoys a global presence across nearly twenty offices. The company was founded to create the internet’s first content discovery feed. Today, it continues to innovate as the preferred interest-based, end-to-end native tech fueling exploration and discovery for over 30% of the world’s Internet-connected population. Outbrain creates engaging discovery experiences for web users. Well-recognized media companies like Sky News, MSN, CNN, BBC, and The Washington Post use the brand’s Smartfeed technology.


Bombas is a famous comfort-focused apparel brand. Its mission is to help those in need. For every item purchased, an item is donated to a homeless community member. The company started in 2013 after the founders realized that socks are homeless shelters’ most needed clothing item. Millions of pairs have been sold and donated. Bombas continues to innovate with apparel that creates a positive impact.

Inquisitive professionals who love to learn, understand the blessing of giving, and embrace success are sure to find a place at Bombas. The New York brand fosters a people-first approach. Employees influence decisions to ensure personal and professional happiness, growth, and fulfillment.

Beam Suntory

Beam Suntory started up ten years ago. The company combined world-class bourbon and Japanese whisky pioneering to form a brand. Beam Suntory’s pillars include a deep heritage, passion for quality, and innovative spirit. The brand has long-standing roots, but Beam Suntory doesn’t look—or act its age. From offices to distilleries to sales jobs in the field interacting with customers on the front lines, the brand thrives together in a creative and energetic work atmosphere that employees love.


FanDuel is a world-class team of products and brands built with one goal: to give fans ways to interact with their favorite teams, games, sports, and leagues. That’s a challenging task. FanDuel is dedicated to building a winning team. The brand believes in winning right, and it does not compromise when it comes to looking out for teammates. There are many opportunities for professional development within an open and inclusive environment. FanDuel is committed to ensuring employees get as much out of FanDuel as possible.


BrainPOP makes learning experiences accessible and engaging for students. The company is proven to raise academic achievement. BrainPOP has been trusted by educators worldwide for over twenty years. The brand is in over 60% of U.S. districts through school and district subscriptions. There is an annual estimated reach of 25 million students.

Young learners enjoy BrainPOP. It provides endless opportunities for them to take control of their learning through playful, knowledge-building content. The program includes learner-driven experiences that strengthen computational and creative thinking across the curriculum. The company empowers kids to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond.

What Professions are in Top Demand in New York Business?

Marketing Managers are Needed in New York

marketing managers in New York

Marketing managers create customer interest in services and products across media channels. They oversee the communication between a company and its customer base. This career is perfect for those interested in a career utilizing creativity and people skills to make a difference in an organization. Marketing managers earn a high wage with benefits. 

What is marketing management?

Marketing managers produce and manage marketing campaigns to raise awareness of and make demand for products and services. This definition encompasses activities including:

  • Designing, overseeing, and evaluating marketing campaigns.
  • Directing social media engagement strategies.
  • Overseeing budgets for marketing campaigns.
  • Collaborating with advertising departments.

How much do marketing managers make?

The median annual salary for marketing managers in the U.S. is over $138,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. How much professionals make depends on where they live, what company they work for, and what industry they operate in, among other factors. Professional, scientific, and technical service marketing managers tend to draw the most lucrative salaries.

What types of marketing managers work in New York?

New York-based marketing managers work in corporate environments. They are found in many industries, like technology, healthcare, hospitality, entertainment, and finance. This means that no matter where their passions lie, they will likely find marketing jobs in the industry. Some marketing managers emphasize specific areas of marketing. These specialties include:

HR Managers are Needed in New York

HR managers in New York

Human resource managers are essential to the success of many companies. They perform talent acquisition, learning and development, career development, team member education, and workplace policies. HR managers ensure the employee life cycle consists of growth and fulfillment.

What Is an HR Manager?

A top-notch HR manager successfully manages a human resources department. They oversee all who perform HR tasks like finding and hiring new talent. From there, they bring in talent, ensure the HR file is complete, and comply with organizational procedures and state and federal laws. Human resources managers do more than hire and onboard workers. They work with existing staff to develop them into higher positions in the company. A quality HR manager is essential to a company’s talent growth.

What Does an HR Manager Do?

HR managers have many roles and responsibilities. In some scenarios, HR Managers are seen as individuals who only post on job boards for recruitment. However, the position is more about talent acquisition and development. They also keep companies compliant with laws. HR managers manage payroll and benefits for their organization and serve as a resource for employees with issues with those topics.

What are the key responsibilities of an HR manager?

  • Recruit New Hires – Human resource managers maintain the company’s talent needs and spend time recruiting the relevant talent to fill the needs. They coordinate with hiring managers to define roles and responsibilities and screen talent. The HR manager oversees everything from writing a job description to coordinating interviews with managers.
  • Communicate Between Employees and Management – C-suite executives must draft new policies, deliver essential training, and communicate organizational changes in the office. HR managers are the link that allows C-suite executives to do it. HR expresses on behalf of the executive team for company-wide changes that may cause uncertainty. An HR manager’s role includes delivering in a personable fashion to eliminate distrust and doubt.
  • Maintain Payroll and BenefitsHR Managers put the proper resources and processes in place for payroll and benefits to run smoothly. Employee benefits include paid time off, health and dental plans, pension plans, and wellness benefits.

Are There Affordable Online MBA Programs in New York?

New York features affordable online MBA programs. Some business schools within this ranking provide degrees that are available for attractive rates. Business graduate students have a higher earning potential. These degrees can be paid for quickly after graduation. Look for programs that offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities with respectable accreditation. The University of Albany is an excellent example of a top-quality business school that the AACSB-International accredits.

Affordability of Online MBA programs in New York

The top online MBA programs in New York are available for around $30,000 to over $150,000.

Cornell University$$$$
New York University$$$$
University of Rochester$$$
Syracuse University$$$
University at Buffalo$
Rochester Institute of Technology$$$
Pace University$$
Canisius College$$
University at Albany$
Clarkson University$$
This is a list of the top Online MBA programs in New York and the affordability of their base tuition. $ = $0-$34,999; $$ = $35,000-$69,999; $$$ = $70,000-$104,999; $$$$ = $105,000+

How Can I Make Business School in New York Less Expensive?

An online MBA in New York is a substantial investment. Some MBA programs are well into six figures in cost. There are ways to make earning an online MBA in New York more affordable. The first factor to consider is the tuition rate. Some schools offer attractive rates, scholarships, and financial aid opportunities. 

Some corporations based in New York help pay for their employees’ advanced degrees with tuition reimbursement. Business school leaders can share internship and teacher assistantship opportunities in their MBA programs. These benefits help to pay down education costs and will grow one’s professional network.   

What Prerequisites Can I Expect with an Online MBA in New York?

Online MBA programs are looking for students who will successfully complete their programs. Candidates are attractive to admissions departments when they show they have made the grade and achieved quality work experience. Graduate school acceptance standards include completing an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Incoming students needing a business education may need to take some leveling courses at the start of their online MBA. Many business schools in New York also want applicants to have two to five years of work experience before applying to their programs.   

How Do I Apply to New York’s Best Business Schools? 

The application process for a New York business school starts by finding programs that interest you. Look for an attractive core curriculum with specialization opportunities if you are interested in a specific area of business management. The next step will be to dig deeper into programs to see if they are a good fit. Business schools in New York employ admissions experts who can field candidate’s questions. 

When the time is right, you can apply to your top business schools. New York graduate school applications are online and structured with step-by-step instructions. Besides filling out online applications, candidates submit resources, including essays, official transcripts, letters of recommendation, and GMAT/GRE scores if needed.   

You can expect an online MBA program in New York to be high quality and rigorous. The rewards of an advanced business degree far outweigh the costs and burdens. Spend some time researching and defining your desire for wanting an online MBA. Feel free to contact any of New York’s top business schools and begin your quest to satisfying business leadership.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?