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Are you looking for a flexible program to offer you relevant skills and experience in a growing and in-demand industry? An Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management might be a great fit for you. This 2021 Ranking of the Best Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management Programs lists the top degrees that will not only fit your schedule and offer a top-notch curriculum but also look great on your resume. This consensus ranking of the top Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management Programs utilizes data from multiple ranking systems to reveal the highest-rated programs across the board.

Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management

One of the most popular advanced business programs is a master’s degree in supply chain management. Supply chain management intricately manages the process of sourcing components and raw materials all the way through to delivering finished and packaged products to customers. The need for good supply chain managers to keep supply chains effective and efficient is bigger than ever. This professional business field is in demand and provides excellent growth potential. Supply chain management has been identified as one of the best careers to enter into by the U.S. News & World Report. The Bureau of Labor Statistics has also projected it to have high growth development over the next decade. If you believe this might be the field for you or if you’re curious about what an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management might look like, take a look at this ranking of the nation’s top programs.


Our 2021 ranking of the Best Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management programs is a consensus ranking combining data from five of the most respected business school ranking systems: ForbesU.S. News and World ReportBloomberg BusinessweekThe Economist, and The Financial Times. All ranking data was converted to a score on a 100-point scale. The scores were weighted equally and then averaged to reveal each program’s Consensus Score. In the event of a ranking tie, the base tuition of the entire master’s degree was used to break the tie.

Indiana University delivers the nation’s top Online MS in Global Supply Chain Management through the Kelley School of Business. Graduate students with an online MS in Global Supply Chain Management are fully prepared to meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s global market as they maximize their organization’s financial goals. Distance learners open up new connections and opportunities with their skills and knowledge, becoming sought-after specialists who manage complex logistics. This online degree’s curriculum includes topics over material sourcing, distribution and inventory management, operations management, accounting, and supply chain. Graduate students at Kelley School of Business have the option of completing their 30 credit-hour graduate program in 15 months to three years, thus advancing their careers at a pace that fits their life. Indiana’s online MS in Global Supply Chain Management adds the credentials business leaders need for success in all supply chain areas as efficient managers in Distribution, Logistics, Manufacturing, Materials, and Operations. This best of the best degree in supply chain management is a must for a motivated graduate student.

Consensus Score

Michigan State University delivers a hybrid Master’s in Supply Chain Management at the Eli Broad College of Business. The degree equips graduate students to take their careers to the next level through an innovative combination of in-residence courses and online e-learning segments, which allow students to work full time. Enrolled students can expect to collaborate with world-class researchers and instructors. Supply chain students also gain a deep knowledge of technologies and strategies that will position them as valuable assets for today’s modern global companies. MSU’s MS in Supply Chain Management is a top-notch program that provides expert knowledge of supply chain technologies and practices in a hybrid format that can be pursued while students work full time. The degree is an innovative blend of e-learning segments and in-residence classes that combines three-day, on-campus sessions with eight-week online modules. This world-class SCM education is sure to keep your career on track.

Consensus Score

The Smeal College of Business at Penn State offers a top Online Supply Chain Master’s Degree. The Master of Supply Chain Management (MSCM) is a 30-credit, two-year online program offered in collaboration with Penn State World Campus. Smeal ranks as the top supply chain education according to Gartner, Inc. World Campus ranks among the leading providers of online graduate business degrees according to U.S. News and World Report. Offered through a convenient online format, distance learners can expect the same relevant, high-quality, and academically robust courses as those in the on-campus Penn State classrooms. Taught by distinguished instructors from the Department of Supply Chain and Information Systems, the MSCM Program prepares graduate students to address today’s critical supply chain issues like the flow of goods, funds, and information, critical cost and service tradeoffs, and cost and higher quality customer service. Fusion of supply chain components, supply chain as a part of corporate strategy, and organizational change are also components of the curriculum. This degree at Smeal is one of the best in the nation.

Consensus Score

A Master of Science of Global Supply Chain Management Online is featured at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business. Program designers allow individuals across the nation and around the world the chance to expand their skills and knowledge within the ever-expanding industries of the global supply chain. This is a joint program offered by the Marshall School of Business in partnership with the Viterbi School of Engineering. These colleges stand as top-ranked professional schools within the University of Southern California. Combining world-class academic training in supply chain management with practical applications in the form of live projects for leading organizations, as well as domestic and international site visits, USC’s Global Supply Chain Management prepares graduate students for an increasingly complex and ever-evolving world. Whether they have 20 years of experience working in the supply chain or have just graduated, the online Master’s in Global Supply Chain Management is flexibly designed around students’ academic and professional goals. If you are looking for one of the nation’s top five programs, you cannot go wrong with this degree.

Consensus Score

The W.P. Carey School of Business, within Arizona State University, provides an Online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. This excellent program is a reality because of a partnership between the MITx MicroMasters® supply chain management program and the business school. ASU’s Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management delivers the unique opportunity for distance learners to learn from leading faculty at the #2 and #3 ranked supply chain management graduate programs in the nation, according to U.S. News. Enrolled students will discover the technical components of logistics, data and modeling, and purchasing and procurement as they learn to manage the flow of products and the processes that generate them. Supply chain management deals with the data-driven changes that help a company or organization run more efficiently, inserts adaptability within the business operation, and often results in more efficient and sustainable business practices. This high-quality stacked master’s concept from ASU and MIT is available 100% online, allowing graduate students to learn whenever and wherever convenient.

Consensus Score

An online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is available at the highly esteemed Naveen Jindal School of Management, housed within the University of Texas at Dallas. This STEM program offers a flexible twelve-course/36 semester-credit-hour plan so graduate students can complete all program requirements at their own pace. Distance learners also can earn certifications in APICS Certified in Logistics, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, and Transportation and Distribution (CLTD). If a candidate’s undergraduate degree was completed in an AACSB-accredited school, she might be eligible for a GRE or GMAT waiver. The MS in Supply Chain Management Online is a 36 semester-credit-hour STEM program that explores the design, management, and essential issues of industrial supply chains, including ways to improve supply chain operations by enhancing the quality and lowering costs. Most courses have timed online tests, and some online classes require that the final be taken at a proctored exam center. UT Dallas’s excellent distance degree will prepare tomorrow’s business leader for an exciting career in supply chain management.

Consensus Score

An MS in Supply Chain Management Online is offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business. Enrolled students learn to leverage supply chain management principles, functions, and concepts to impact their organization’s real impact. The curriculum is designed to help students gain the critical thinking skills they need to use strategy and theory to solve real business issues, learn how supply chain management processes create value for an organization, and master ways to work efficiently with remote teams with geographically and culturally diverse teammates. Graduate students at the Haslam College of Business graduate with a working knowledge of how supply chain management is best used to deliver impactful results for their company. Supply chain functions of how to utilize knowledge supply chain planning, logistics, sourcing, and manufacturing to support overall supply chain concepts are also offered throughout the 100% online degree. Core courses within this top-notch program include Supply Chain Enablers, Supply Chain Strategy, Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain Data Modeling and Analysis, Supply Chain Information Management, Supply Chain Planning and Analysis, and Strategic Supply and Cost Management. This top ten degree in supply chain management is a tremendous program for today’s business leaders.

Consensus Score

An online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is currently available at the Rutgers Business School within Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-Newark and New Brunswick. Program instructors understand that as supply chains continue to grow, professionals in the industry will face the complexities and challenges of creating sustainable supply chains within their organizations. As the need to gain expertise in the field continues to evolve, it will be challenging to manage personal and professional obligations. The Rutgers Business School MS in Supply Chain Management equips graduate students with the tools and resources to address the problems associated with today’s supply chains. Convenient and flexible online courses make it easy for distance learners to complete their degrees on their timetables. The curriculum is adapted to reveal current trends in the industry. This results in the immediate benefit of using what they know in their everyday role. By building on existing knowledge in business and supply chain management, the business school helps students develop the necessary skills to advance their careers.

Consensus Score

The Krannert School of Management at Purdue University offers an online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. Working professionals in need of a flexible online master’s program to develop expertise and knowledge in the fields of supply chain management and logistics, and those looking to enhance their careers, will benefit from this excellent graduate degree. Purdue’s Online MS in Global Supply Chain Management (MSGSCM) program features a 100% online curriculum strengthened by the analytics specialization staple of the Krannert School of Management. All online courses are taught by the same instructors who teach the business school’s top-ranked in-residence MS Global Supply Chain Management in a highly flexible format in sequencing and pacing. The program ensures students develop the skills needed to work in cross-disciplinary groups and across functional boundaries. This degree targets working professionals who want to advance their careers by developing supply chain management abilities, knowledge, and skills.

Consensus Score

The University of Missouri provides an online MS in Business with a Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management at the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. Program architects understand that the modern business landscape demands diverse experience and expertise in various business fields like marketing analytics, taxation, financial management, investments, and entrepreneurship. This excellent online Master of Science in Business lets students build on their experience and gain modern skills through graduate certificates that accumulate to become a graduate degree. It is time to start dreaming and then start building. Missouri’s Master of Science in Business is entirely online. The Trulaske MS in Business is a customizable interdisciplinary program that allows graduate students to craft a business degree to suit their unique career goals and educational needs. This innovative degree provides business fundamentals knowledge through 12 core graduate business hours. It allows distance learners to expand their education further to select a Certificate in Global Supply Chain Management. Business students looking for a great value on a quality degree need to look no further.

Consensus Score

The Leeds School of Business within the University of Colorado Boulder provides an online MS in Supply Chain Management. This program exists as a STEM-designated degree providing students with the expertise needed to lead business supply chains in the global economy. After graduation from this online Supply Chain Management master’s, students will find their high-demand skills across worldwide industries. The program curriculum includes a capstone project in which distance learners are immersed in real-world projects that increase knowledge, confidence, and resume appeal. Students learn to transfer skills from the virtual classroom to a productive career. With this online MS Supply Chain education, students will attain the in-demand skill set, which will help them identify innovative opportunities for supply chain development and proficiency in data visualization leadership. All students get extensive practice collaborating at the C-suite level, ensuring they can effectively convey their data-backed insights to organization leaders and make a significant bottom-line impact for all firms. The University of Colorado Boulder’s online MS in Supply Chain Management is a remarkable business degree.

Consensus Score

The Martin J. Whitman School of Management within Syracuse University currently features an online MS in Supply Chain Management. This stellar distance degree features the same curriculum content as Syracuse’s on-campus program. The Whitman School was established in 1919. Few are aware that it housed the nation’s first supply chain management program. Since the importance of a dependable supply chain has skyrocketed, companies are adapting and developing innovative solutions at an unprecedented rate. This online MS in Supply Chain Management is determined to meet industry requirements by preparing the next generation of creative supply chain leaders. Students can now earn this established degree online from wherever they live and learn to make sound decisions through financial management, risk management, and improving manufacturing and distribution efficiencies. Students can even personalize the online platform with dark mode, adjustable video speed, and searchable video transcripts. This online degree has it all.

Consensus Score

The School of Business at the University of San Diego provides an online Master’s in Supply Chain Management. Graduate students with this master’s in supply chain management will do more than learn about current best practices. A case-based curriculum including simulations is designed to improve existing skills in negotiations, sustainability, and cost management. This flexible online format means graduate students can learn at their own pace and still work each day at their jobs. Distance learners will immediately apply all the new innovative strategies they learn directly to their jobs. While classes are web-based, School of Business students still get face-to-face time with instructors and classmates during five on-campus interactive sessions. All students also have access to the Supply Chain Management Institute, where they can further their professional development by taking workshops that expose them to the latest trends in risk management, transportation strategies, and strategic sourcing. This award-winning program is one you won’t want to pass on.

Consensus Score

The University of Houston’s C.T. Bauer College of Business provides an online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. Program designers understand that going back to school is a big decision and the business school’s admissions team is there to help. At any point in a program candidate’s decision-making process, she can feel free to schedule time with one of C.T. Bauer’s Online Program Recruiters. There has never been a more exciting — or essential — time to pursue supply chain management. Now distance learners can earn their degree 100% Online. The STEM-certified Online Master of Science Supply Chain Management at Bauer is the perfect fit for professionals wanting to accelerate their careers in any direction they choose. Bauer welcomes students from a wide variety of undergraduate and career backgrounds wishing to improve the way business is done while having fun watching their work make a difference. Enrolled students develop the abilities, knowledge, and skills needed to succeed in all roles in Supply Chain Management. This degree will give them a competitive edge to obtain desirable jobs and advance their careers.

Consensus Score

Rochester Institute of Technology’s Saunders College of Business provides an online MS in Manufacturing Leadership. The MS in Manufacturing Leadership is the perfect degree for experienced professionals wanting to move into mid-and senior-level positions in service organizations and manufacturing. The 100% online program integrates engineering and business courses, delivering them through a part-time format where students continue to work while attending classes. Manufacturing Leadership is a focused program developed in a partnership between the Kate Gleason College of Engineering and Saunders College of Business. Particular stress is placed on supply chain management, decision-making, global manufacturing and operations, leadership, and lean thinking. A capstone project, including the solution of a services management or manufacturing issue or process improvement initiative, encourages graduate students to apply new capabilities and skills to resolve a pressing real-world dilemma, with significant financial rewards to sponsors. This one-of-a-kind supply chain management program is a true asset to any professional’s business career.

Consensus Score

The School of Business at the University of Kansas provides an online Master’s in Supply Chain Management and Logistics. The KU School of Business features this highly focused and specialized graduate degree program in supply chain management and logistics to provide leaders in the field the opportunity to elevate their skills and set them at the leading edge of their professions. Program designers have constructed the curriculum to meet the current and emerging needs of supply chain professionals. It draws on a combination of experiential learning and relevant academic research to provide an unparalleled educational opportunity. Enrolled students can expect to complete 30 credit hours. The University of Kansas may articulate up to six credit hours for leadership electives at the Command and General Staff Officer Course and at other accredited centers for learning. The business degree leverages a hybrid curriculum — optimizing face-to-face courses while providing graduate students with added online flexibility. Students may also choose to apply their coursework toward a KU Master of Business Administration, which can also be pursued online at their own pace. Options abound with this flexible and convenient degree in supply chain management and logistics.

Consensus Score

The College of Business at Florida International University provides an online MS in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This excellent business degree prepares students for managerial positions in the supply chain management and logistics industry. The 10-month, 100% online program offers a rigorous graduate education centered on three logistics areas in-demand by today’s business environment: logistics technology, distribution modeling, and data analytics. The program’s lockstep, cohort-based format allows the integration of these three essential components into each course. Distance learners become familiar with software that includes MercuryGate, SAP, Salesforce, Magaya, and SPSS. They learn to manipulate digital technology to gather, manage, evaluate, analyze, and utilize the vast data available within the global logistics and transportation industry. Graduates will leave the program having developed their market knowledge, technical knowledge, and interpersonal skills. Florida International’s online Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management has the potential to pave the way for your professional success in business.

Consensus Score

An online MS in Supply Chain Management is currently available at the David D. Reh School of Business at Clarkson University. This incredible program provides professionals with the advanced expertise they will need to lead organizations to world-class supply chain management status. The MS program consists of 30 credit hours with eleven required courses, each delivered online. Flexibility and convenience are the names of the game with this degree that serves professionals well as they pursue their graduate degree while maintaining full-time employment. Benefits of Clarkson’s degree in supply chain management include the opportunity for students to start any term and tailor the program to fit their schedules, with full-time and part-time options. All graduate students applying for School of Business degrees can apply for merit-based scholarships. Program designers understand that today’s ever-evolving economy requires well-trained professionals to manage and plan the activities through which services and products are manufactured and distributed to customers. Clarkson’s online MS in Supply Chain Management is a fantastic program for business leaders.

Consensus Score

Clayton State University offers an online MS in Supply Chain Analytics at the College of Business. This high-powered interdisciplinary program is designed to meet the need for supply chain professionals with knowledge and skills in business analytics. The analytics stress within supply chain management makes this online program unique in Georgia and the southeast region of the nation. The curriculum is centered on meeting industry needs for employees in the analytics areas of the supply chain. Supply chain analytics improves operational effectiveness and efficiency by influencing data-driven decisions at operational, strategic, and tactical levels. Supply chain management encompasses the complete value chain: sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, and logistics. The MSSCA curriculum features strong ties between the issue-driven supply chain discipline and analytical decision-making. Clayton State University’s physical location in the southern crescent and proximity to key organizations in the logistical and supply chain industry is an excellent location to house this graduate program in Supply Chain Analytics. This 100% online degree from the AACSB-accredited College of Business can be earned in as little as 12 to 24 months. With a low tuition cost of less than $15,000, graduate students can be on the fast track to earning this affordable MSSCA from a respected university like Clayton State.

Consensus Score

The College of Business at the University of Alabama in Huntsville features an online MS in Supply Chain and Logistics Management. The purpose of this stellar distance degree is to expand a graduate student’s understanding of supply chain dynamics. Long considered a reputable leader in supply chain management training, the College of Business educates employees of Fortune 500 firms and collaborates with several leading aerospace and defense organizations, including NASA and the Army Materiel Command. Business school instructors are connected to the industry through robust community partnerships that bring advanced research and industry experience to the coursework. Enrolled distance learners can expect this program to exceed the highest curriculum quality standards while providing students with real-world experience. This 100% online degree is designed for working professionals. Graduates of the program will enjoy industry connections that offer many opportunities to work with leading firms in Huntsville. The University of Alabama in Huntsville’s MS-SCLM program features 30 semester hours of graduate coursework. Supply chain students will thrive within this excellent business degree.

Consensus Score

The Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University provides an online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management. While goods are produced for consumers, how goods become products and get to where they are helpful for consumers reveals the need for high-quality supply chain management. Enrolled students within this online degree learn how supply chain management oversees the flow of goods. The degree’s curriculum shares how raw materials are stored and cataloged, transformed into inventory, and, once finished, are moved from the point of origin to consumption. This online Master of Science in Supply Chain Management aims to show students how to satisfy customer demand and optimize organizations in satisfying that need while also reducing managerial control of daily logistics operations. While consumers expect dependable and efficient service, the supply chain manager must ensure that the transition from product inception to customer reception functions with minimal issues throughout the process. This degree from Middle Tennessee State University is the perfect fit for a distance learner looking for a high-quality online program.

Consensus Score

An online Master of Supply Chain Management is featured at North Dakota State University’s College of Business. The Department of Transportation, Logistics, and Finance offers this incredible online master’s degree and an online graduate certificate in Enterprise Resource Planning for students interested in that area of business leadership. Both the degree and certificate are awarded by the College of Business in partnership with the Upper Great Plains Transportation Institute to offer students high-quality graduate programs. The MSCM and ERP programs utilize an interdisciplinary approach to logistics and transportation and attract students from many backgrounds. These programs are perfect fits for aspiring supply chain professionals, military officers, industry professionals, and Department of Defense civilians interested in meeting all 21st century supply chain challenges. Many career opportunities exist in the logistics industry, including supply chain manager, business process improvement analyst, logistics manager, warehouse/distribution manager, and many more. These online programs will aptly prepare tomorrow’s supply chain professionals with the skills they need for success.

Consensus Score

An online Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management is delivered at the University of North Florida’s Coggin College of Business. This MS program provides students with the tools needed to compete in the high-growth supply chain management and logistics field. The 32-credit hour degree program is one of only two in the state of Florida. It exists within the Transportation and Logistics Program at the Coggin College of Business. Students enhance their skills by keeping pace with rapidly advancing business practices in logistics and supply chain management and prepare for career advancement and leadership opportunities. North Florida’s MSLSCM allows students to network, grow professionally and personally, and prepare for advancement well before a promotion is offered. This online program offers courses in the Blendflex modality giving graduate students the option to attend classes from virtually anywhere. All program requirements can be satisfied within is just five semesters or twenty months, allowing students to earn their degree at significant cost savings compared to similar programs. Supply chain students will thrive within this 100% online program.

Consensus Score

The College of Business and Public Policy within the University of Alaska Anchorage provides an online MS degree in Global Supply Chain Management. This five-semester, twenty-month program allows distance learners to complete a graduate degree filled with the most practical and up-to-date logistics and global supply chain management content. Students can also expect to build meaningful working relationships with industry contacts worldwide – all 100% online. Supply chain management and logistics are a trillion-dollar industry in the United States and are among the fastest-growing job sectors worldwide. As organizations search for ways to more effectively and efficiently procure and distribute goods in a rapidly evolving, complex global business world, educated professionals must always manage all parts of the worldwide supply chain. This degree trains students in procurement, materials management, transportation, distribution of goods, and operating the financial and information technology systems underlying all processes. Pursuing a graduate degree program in supply chain management will expand distance learners’ employment opportunities in the global supply chain. This UAA MS in Global Supply Chain Management provides both convenience and quality for today’s business students.

Consensus Score

An online MS in Global Supply Chain Management is currently available at the School of Business at Portland State University. This distance degree is ranked among the U.S.’s best online graduate programs. Portland State’s rigorous online Master’s in Global Supply Chain Management equips students for leadership roles with firms and organizations of every size, from the world’s largest corporations to medium-sized and small businesses. PSU delivers one of only three global supply chain management graduate programs approved by the Institute for Supply Management (ISM). The SBA is also accredited by the Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS). Nike, Boeing, Daimler Trucks North America, and other global corporations have sanctioned this online supply chain master’s degree for enrollment by their employees. Working professionals will appreciate how this master’s degree in global supply chain management maximizes their career potential. Enrolled students will develop marketable skills that employers require, including leading supply chain management programs, using new technologies and advanced analytical tools, and configure commercial networks into highly efficient global supply chains. This online degree is hands down one of the best for supply chain professionals.

Consensus Score

What is Supply Chain Management?

Do you ever think about what all goes into our being able to grab even the most basic items at a grocery store? If you are excited by the complex and intentional world of manufacturing, a career in supply chain management might be right up your alley.

Supply chain management is a multidisciplinary business field. Supply chain managers are responsible for many duties, including needing to:

  • Plan for the development of a project
  • Source and provide logistical support for gaining raw materials
  • Plan for production methods
  • Oversee the distribution of developed products
  • Maintain the cost and risk management of all above stages

When you enter a large retail store or browse a large online retailer’s site, you can bet that supply chain management efforts have been utilized to provide these items. Behind the scenes of every sector of our economy, supply chain management plans raw material acquisition, manufacturing, and logistics. While you may not stay up at night thinking about the journey your sour cream and onion potato chips take to make it to your pantry, other professionals have, and many of these people are supply chain managers.

What Kind of Degree Does a Supply Chain Manager Need?

To land a job an entry-level logistician or supply chain manager, professionals do not necessarily need an advanced degree. What an advanced business management degree in supply chain management will do is allow graduates to advanced up the ladder at an accelerated rate. For professionals with their eyes on a leadership role and an elevated income, a master’s degree is a good tool for their tool belt.

A great advanced degree for professionals pursuing supply chain management is an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management. This program is a professional masters-level degree that specifically centralizes the opportunities and challenges of supply chain management in every part of the curriculum. This degree will not just cover topics about supply chain but specifically speak to management skills, tools, and processes to set students up to succeed in a leadership capacity.

As business-centric programs, these programs are naturally progressive-thinking. A vast number of business school students work full time while managing other responsibilities. Business schools all across the nation offer supply chain management programs through online and hybrid delivery, weekend classes, or evening classes. Other flexibility-enhancing features may include customizable course scheduling and the chance to register as a full-time student one semester and then as a part-time student the next. A typical master’s degree requires one to three years for completion. Many programs are built for working business professionals who can perform jobs and maintain other responsibilities while taking courses through online education.

What are the pros and cons of an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management?

The first step to earning an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management is to consider the pros and cons of pursuing a degree like this one. Master’s degrees are substantial time and expense commitments. Make sure the degree best helps you achieve your academic and professional goals. While an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management opens up advanced career paths, if you are unsure about supply chain management, you want to be careful pursuing a niche degree program. For professionals wanting to keep their options open, an Online Supply Chain Management MBA is another great option to pursue.

There are many benefits to pursuing an online education, although students should be aware that it is not for everyone. The pros for the Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management are that it works around a busy work and life schedule. There is no need to change jobs or move to attend classes, and distance learners can save big money by avoiding some fees. Online programs offer the same respected degree as their on-campus counterparts, and many programs are self-paced. Business students lacking initiative and motivation may question an online education as they may struggle in their commitments.

What are Some Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management Application Requirements?

Graduate students who are sure they want to pursue an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management will find the path is relatively straightforward to gaining entry to a top-notch program. Today, business schools offer excellent program information and career advisement to potential and enrolled business students.

When considering a business school, you will want to start by reviewing its undergraduate GPA requirements. Business programs want their students to be successful. Since they cannot guarantee a student’s success, a GPA shows how committed and successful a student was at the bachelor’s level.

Business school candidates will also want to have references ready to list. References will need to be previous instructors, coworkers, and bosses, past and present. Other application requirements will include planning for and completing any essays and application questions and studying for and scheduling a GMAT test if required. Students will also complete a FAFSA application for federal financial aid and apply for other financial assistance types. Always remember to maximize chances of finding the optimal situation by applying to multiple schools.

What Positions are Available to Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management Graduates?

Now that you have a better understanding of some of the basics of an Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management, consider what you can do with the degree.

Some of the world’s most common supply chain management jobs include:

  • Industry Analyst
  • Global Logistics Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Transportation Director
  • Warehousing Manager
  • Supply Chain Sales
  • Supply Chain Consultant
  • Procurement Analyst/Purchasing Manager

The world of supply chain management is an interesting one that involves the oversight of people, resources, and systems. Supply chain managers need to be well-trained and competent professionals who can think creatively and solve problems as they reveal themselves daily. Pursing a degree like the Online Master’s in Supply Chain Management is one of the best ways for a working professional to learn what it means to be the best in business.

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