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Best Online Colleges in Maryland 2019
Top Consensus Ranked Schools for Distance Learning

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Selecting a Maryland online college offers an opportunity to improve students’ career opportunities. The key is clarifying the best Maryland online university based on their individual situation and goals. While an online degree is a good option for many students, it is particularly beneficial to non-traditional students who may have challenges that limit their ability to attend a traditional on-campus university, such as working adults, stay-at-home moms, and seniors

Online colleges in Maryland offer a flexible schedule for working adults or individuals who have obligations that limit their time during the day. Since an online degree allows students to work at any time of the day or night, they can set up a strategy based on when they are working and when they have free time. It also allows students to work around changes to their schedule that may occur when they work in a career that has different hours throughout the year – such as military personnel. For students in the Washington, DC metro area, Maryland’s online programs can help professionals enhance a career in the federal government and private industry while keeping their demanding jobs.

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Maryland

For the best online colleges in Maryland ranking, Colleges Consensus editors first considered all Maryland institutions that have Consensus Score – an average of published rankings and student reviews. With that initial pool, we ranked accredited, trusted schools offering at least 3 online undergraduate programs. 

Institutions are ranked by Consensus Score.


Stevenson University
Stevenson, MD

Stevenson University
AVG: 0 AVG: 0
College Consensus
Publisher Consensus
Student Consensus
Last Accessed: August, 2019

When you want to look into the best online colleges in Maryland, Stevenson University is a good choice for your goals. The school offers eight undergraduate degree programs online to give students a variety of options to fit their career goals. It allows students to study topics that range from Business Administration to Criminal Justice and Cyber Forensics. Students have flexible solutions to help with their long-term career aspirations.

Stevenson University stands out by taking a student-focused approach to the education process. The online degree programs work around the needs of adults who have full-time jobs and may not be able to work on classes during normal hours. It offers the flexibility to set a schedule that works with your personal and professional obligations. That allows students to maintain their goals and standards while working on a degree. Stevenson University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and the Commission on Higher Education. Specialized accreditation based on an online program ensures that the school meets high standards of education.

Number of Online Programs


Towson University
Towson, MD

towson university
AVG: 0 AVG: 0
College Consensus
Publisher Consensus
Student Consensus
Last Accessed: August, 2019

Towson University is one of the best online colleges in Maryland for students who plan to study Allied Health and work in the healthcare industry. The school offers six tracks for their online BS in Allied Health that allows students to develop specialized skills for their degree. The specializations help shape a career by giving students a focus on specific skills that apply to their situation and goals.

A key way Towson University stands out is the focus on Allied Health degrees. The school offers six online programs within Allied Health that give students the skills they need for specific career paths. The focused approach for the degree prepares students for the rigors of working in the medical industry and ensures that students recognize their role within the industry. Students can transfer up to 64 credits into the online program when they have taken classes at a community college or other accredited programs.

Number of Online Programs

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Maryland?

When you are looking into Maryland online degrees, you may notice that you can get an education at every level through an online university or college. Many online universities in Maryland offer associate’s degrees, bachelor’s degrees, and graduate degrees. Students can even obtain a doctorate in some fields of study through an online program.

Online graduate programs in Maryland allow you to pursue specialized areas of study that are valuable to different sectors and positions. You can obtain a degree that allows you to take on a job in the federal government. Depending on the role you want for your career, you can study topics like homeland security, criminal justice, or related fields that are ideal for a job in the government. Alternatively, you can focus on working in private sector jobs in Maryland that focus on business, finance, or healthcare. Due to the variety of options available through online schools and programs, you can focus on a career path that fits your long-term goals.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Maryland?

When you are looking into solutions to cut the cost of your online degree and pay for college more easily, you want to focus on specific options. Online community colleges in Maryland help reduce the cost of your degree by allowing you to start working on your bachelor’s degree through a low-cost alternative and then transfer into a traditional college or university. While Maryland community colleges online give you a chance to reduce the cost of a bachelor’s degree program, you also have options in relation to financial aid and student loans.

Online degree programs allow you to consider scholarships, grants, and student loans that help reduce the cost of your degree. Keep in mind that the options vary slightly based on the school. While some scholarships may apply to a variety of colleges or universities, in some cases the scholarships are designed for specific schools or programs. Financial aid options vary based on your college or university, so you will want to clarify the options before you determine that a grant or scholarship is appropriate for your situation.

If you are already working in a career or job, then you may consider employer reimbursement programs. An employer may offer reimbursement for a portion of your degree if you plan to continue working for the company. In some cases, you will need to commit to a set number of years after finishing your degree to qualify for the tuition reimbursement; however, the details depend on your employer and their options.

A low-cost public institution may also offer an online degree program that fits your situation. A key advantage of public institutions is the opportunity to qualify for financial aid as well as the number of programs. Public institutions in Maryland may offer bachelor’s degrees and higher levels of education to fit your long-term goals without the high cost of a private college or university.

Are There Online Public Universities in Maryland?

When you want to attend an online public university in Maryland, you have options available for your goals. You can attend Towson University for a variety of degree programs. A Towson University online degree has the same prestige and reputation as an on-campus program and you can obtain a bachelor’s degree, a graduate degree, or variable certifications in specialized fields of study.

Online public universities in Maryland allow you to obtain your degree without leaving the comfort of your home or giving up on your current career path. Public universities throughout the state offer online degree programs that help you with your goals, and it ensures that you are able to work around your schedule or current situation. The challenge is clarifying the right program to address your concerns or to help with your long-term plans. By working with a public university, you are able to limit the cost of your degree program while improving the number of opportunities for your career.

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