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When comparing Maryland scholarships and grants, a student must take into consideration that many grants are available through the state and federal government. For instance, when comparing Maryland scholarships and grants, students may be eligible for grants based on their financial need, depending on the grant. Some Maryland scholarships and grants are available to students based on the career path they plan to follow. Considering that the biggest employer in Maryland is the federal government, it shouldn’t be surprising that there are many scholarship programs for occupations related to government and leadership. Besides looking into Maryland scholarships and grants, a student may also want to consider looking into employer tuition reimbursement programs. 

College Consensus wants to get your search started with our list of scholarships for Maryland students. The list below is in alphabetical order.

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Bernie Scholarships Awards Program

The Bernie Scholarships are offered by the Bernie Scholarship Awards Program, which is a constituent of the nonprofit organization the Greater Washington Community Foundation (GWCF). The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program offers a variety of scholarships for Maryland students with a financial need who live in the state’s subsidized housing in the Maryland County of Montgomery. These scholarships in Maryland have a deadline of March 1st, and the value of the scholarship varies, based upon need. The scholarship is offered to provide students to rise above their challenging life situations.

The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program is a nonprofit charitable organization that was established about 25 years ago by the once long-time director of the Housing Opportunity Commission to act as supplemental Maryland Scholarships to be available in addition to the more traditional financial aid options. In 2019, The Bernie Scholarship Awards Program gave 76 scholarships.


Doug Parker Memorial Scholarship

The Doug Parker Memorial Scholarships in Maryland are offered by the Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults located in Baltimore, MD. The Doug Parker Memorial Scholarship’s application deadline is March 1st. Eligible applicants are students reaching for a college-level academic degree who has been personally impacted by cancer. Applicants must be older than 15 and younger than 40 years old. The personal impact of cancer can be for any family member, parent or sibling too.

The Ulman Cancer Fund for Young Adults is a recognized 4-star charity with an earned Seal of Transparency offering scholarships for Maryland to lifelong learners. The available Maryland scholarships offered by the Ulman Cancer Fund offer life-changing opportunities for young adults whose lives have been forever changed by the devastating effects of a cancer diagnosis. Ultimately, the Ulman Cancer Fund’s objective is never to allow a young adult to deal with cancer without support.


Letitia B. Carter Scholarship

The Letitia B. Carter Scholarship is a unique Maryland Scholarship competitively offered by the Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM). The Letitia B. Carter Scholarship is offered in honor of the former Chief Executive Officer to Maryland high school seniors (or those already enrolled in an institution of higher learning) who are on a path to a career of a professional member of the hospitality industry. The submission deadline is March 1st and is values between $500 to $2,000. Scholarships for Maryland like this require the documentation of a history in the hospitality industry.

The Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) is on a mission to proactively improve the hospitality industry in the greater Maryland area. Scholarships in Maryland for hospitality students also help create future hospitality industry leaders. The Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) showcases leading Maryland restaurants and outstanding restaurateurs that demonstrate innovative techniques, and exception business policies.


Maryland Delegate Scholarship

The Maryland Delegate Scholarship is offered by the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC). These scholarships in Maryland are available to seniors at the high school level who have education goals of attending the university — public or private. These Maryland scholarships are available through the student’s state district. These scholarships for Maryland students are for any academic major and have a value upwards of $10,000. Scholarships are only available for out-of-state schools if the student has been transferred by the military. Scholarship recipients must claim their award within three weeks of notification. If not claimed, the scholarship is automatically canceled by the Maryland Higher Education Commission.

The Maryland Higher Education Commission is dedicated to helping all students succeed while minimizing the amount of debt they need to incur to obtain the education they need. The scholarships offered by the Maryland Higher Education Commission can be renewed, but students much reapply each year by March 1st.


Maryland Senatorial Scholarships

A Maryland Senatorial Scholarship is one unique to Maryland residents who have a financial need. As of 2019, students may receive anywhere from $400 to $11,800 from a Maryland state senator scholarship. High school students or any pupil interested in earning an undergraduate or graduate degree may apply for a Maryland Senatorial Scholarship. Any degree path is acceptable, including those interested in attending a private career school.

To qualify for a Maryland state senator scholarship, a student must first fill out a FAFSA. Then, a student must contact a state senator and possibly fill out a Maryland Senatorial Scholarship application. There are deadlines to fill out a Maryland Senatorial Scholarship application, so it’s important to adhere to the deadlines for both FAFSA and the scholarship.

Students are eligible for this award for as long as they are in a degree program and receive satisfactory marks. They’ll also need to comply with attendance requirements. Keep in mind, not following the regulations associated with a scholarship may mean that a student has to pay back a portion of their funding.

Does the State of Maryland Offer Scholarships?

Individuals may find a Maryland state scholarship through various programs and at the college of their choosing. Both scholarships and grants in Maryland are available to students on a state and national level. Generally, a pupil has to meet certain requirements to qualify, whether that means they must write an essay, have a certain GPA, or participate in certain activities. Students may receive a Maryland state scholarship based on their academic achievements or sports performance.

For students looking for scholarships for Maryland residents, it’s possible to find them by doing an internet search. It’s important that a student begins looking for scholarships for Maryland residents several months before starting school. The number of scholarships from any organization is limited. Students must meet the deadlines to be considered for scholarships for students in Maryland.

As mentioned above, both scholarships and grants in Maryland are options for students looking to afford college. Both scholarships and grants in Maryland are free money to help a person attend school. However, both scholarships and grants in Maryland may need to be paid back at least in partial if a student doesn’t complete his or her education. Just like scholarships for students in Maryland, grants have deadlines too. Therefore, it’s important to look for Maryland college scholarships and grants early to ensure an individual qualifies for enough money for their education.

What is the Maryland Promise Scholarship?

A Maryland Promise Scholarship is a financial award to help individuals obtain an education at a community college. It’s classified as a last dollar award because it’s based on a student’s and his or her family’s income. To qualify for a Maryland Promise scholarship, a student may apply to a degree or certificate program. Additionally, a pupil may even be considered for the scholarship if he or she wants to attend school for a vocational program. Maryland Community College Promise Scholarships are even for students who are planning on obtaining credits or even non-credit courses that could lead to certification or licensure.

Additional requirements exist to qualify for Maryland Community College Promise Scholarships. For instance, this scholarship program is through the state, so a student must complete an MHEC in addition to a FAFSA. Students must have a GPA of at least 2.3 if they’re high school students applying for this program. Income requirements are part of the qualifications.

Are There Scholarships for Nurses in Maryland?

Nurses are necessary in hospitals, nursing homes, and many other facilities throughout the states. It’s always an in-demand field and will remain one. Therefore, numerous options for Maryland scholarships for nursing students are available. If a person performs an internet search, it’s possible to find opportunities, such as Hal and Jo Cohen Graduate Nursing Scholarship, which is for students who are interested in earning either their master’s or doctorate degree in nursing. This is one of the Maryland scholarships for nursing students through the Nurse Support Program and is available for both full and part-time nursing students.

The Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program is for people who want to enter into a field that’s in need of employees, such as nursing. This program is through the state and is available to current high school seniors as well as students who want to enter into an undergraduate or graduate degree program. These are among some of the options for Maryland scholarships for nursing students.

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