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Best Online Colleges in Mis­sis­sip­pi Top Consensus Ranked Schools in Mis­sis­sip­pi 2022

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The College Consensus ranking of the Best Online Colleges in Mississippi combines the results of the most respected college ranking systems with the averaged ratings of thousands of real student reviews from around the web to create a unique college meta-ranking. This approach offers a comprehensive and holistic perspective missing from other college rankings. Visit our about page for information on which rankings and review sites were included in this year’s consensus rankings.

The Best Online Colleges & Universities in Mississippi category is limited to schools in Mississippi offering at least three fully-online degree programs at any level. Schools that did not qualify for a Consensus Score were ranked by their Student Review score.

If you’re interested in traditional campus-based schools, check out our ranking of the Best Colleges in Mississippi.  You can also find out more about college financial aid with our list of the Top Mississippi Scholarships.

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Online Learning in Mississippi

Working adults are some of the people who can benefit the most from a Mississippi online college. An online college gives working adults the convenience of working at their own pace at times that work for them, whether that’s after midnight or before work in the morning. It’s possible to attend an online school and have children since parents don’t have to find childcare while they complete their coursework. A parent may opt to finish his or her schoolwork during the day while the kids are in school or at night when their kids are in bed.

Some people live far away from traditional colleges and universities, in particular, residents of rural America. The drive alone and the wear and tear on a vehicle to commute to and from school is quite extensive in terms of time and cost. Unfortunately, this causes people to think that higher education just isn’t for them because of their location. However, a Mississippi online college brings school to these people, so they avoid the cost of wear and tear and gas for their cars. They don’t have to worry about a long commute, especially if they have other obligations at similar times to school.

Who Benefits Most from Online Colleges in Mississippi?

In today’s world, not everyone can attend college immediately following high school. For some, prior obligations like children and work prohibit a person from having the time to attend a standard brick-and-mortar institution. Even taking night courses isn’t an option for some since it can be inconvenient. However, all of these circumstances could make earning an online degree beneficial.

For people who can’t drive due to a disability or don’t have a means of transportation, a Mississippi online college can bring school to them. Additionally, they don’t have to worry about trying to get to school on time after a long day at work or even battling through exhaustion.

In fact, an online school can benefit any prospective student who has limitations that prohibit him or her from attending school at the regular hours for any reason, whether it’s kids, an elderly family member, a job, or their location.

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Mississippi?

The programs offered by online schools are the ones that don’t require clinicals or any one-on-one, in-person instruction. However, you may complete basic courses on online certain and finish the in-class portions in a brick-and-mortar facility.

Students can choose to earn an associate’sbachelor’smaster’s, or doctorate as online degrees in Mississippi. Certificate degree programs are available as well.

Prospective online students may select various types of Mississippi online degree programs in fields like nursing and healthcare, business, and engineering. They’re available from both online institutions and major universities nowadays.

You may earn an associate’s from a school that offers online degrees in Mississippi in certain fields, such as the following:

  • Psychology
  • Healthcare administration
  • Accounting
  • Criminal justice
  • Marketing
  • Fashion merchandising

Individuals have the option to earn a bachelor’s in Mississippi online degree programs in fields like nursing, information technology, agricultural, behavioral health, robotics, marketing, child and family services, and education, just to name a few.

There’s also the option of master’s online degree programs in nursing, psychology, business, and more. The same applies for online degrees in Mississippi for doctorate degrees.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Mississippi?

CNN explains that even high earners are struggling to afford college for their children. This means there’s a portion of students who are forgoing a college education because of financial issues that begin with their parent’s inability to pay. Once a child becomes an adult, it’s not always feasible to afford an education while maintaining a place to live without any type of help.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the average associate’s degree cost about $24,882 in 2017 through 2018. This number is only expected to rise. This shouldn’t discourage students because online community colleges in Mississippi tend to have lower rates since they don’t have as many operational expenses.

Moreover, individuals have the option to earn degrees through online community colleges in Mississippi—an even more cost-efficient solution for attending college. It’s also possible to earn general credits or take individual courses through online courses in Mississippi through a community college program.

Financial assistance is available for students who can’t afford college on their own. The amount a person receives depends on his or her financial situation, including wages and savings. Students don’t have to pay back any grants they receive if they complete their degree program. They’ll only have the responsibility of paying back loans.

Another way to afford online courses in Mississippi is to apply for scholarships. Many exist, but students must search to find ones especially for their circumstances. Often, the qualifications depend on a person’s ethnicity, family situation, and degree program. A person may need to compete against other prospective students. In many cases, an essay is part of the prerequisites.

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