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25 Highest Paying Online Bachelor's Degrees Online Bachelor's Degree Majors That Pay The Most

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Key Takeaways for Students:

  • Business, computers and engineering dominate the highest-paying online degrees
  • Some online degrees can help you get to a six-figure job with only a bachelor’s
  • Students should still choose their online degree carefully, considering their interests and skills, not just potential income

Are you looking for the highest paying bachelor’s degrees? With the way technology and business has changed in our world, obviously education has changed too. We don’t assume anymore that new high school grads will automatically enroll in an on-campus, four-year bachelor’s degree program. The number of reputable online programs are skyrocketing, and there are more options for students than ever. With this change, students are given a wide variety of choices that can lead them to very lucrative career paths.

RankDegreePotential Salary
1.Business Administration$163,843
2. Information Technology$174,561
3. Engineering Management$154,009
4. Aeronautics$120,900
5. Computer Science$120,468
7.Human Resources Management$97,662
8.Aviation Management$94,393
9.Space Studies$91,558
10.Computer Engineering Technology$91,959
Source: Payscale (April 2024)

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How Did We Rank the Top-Paying Online Degrees?

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Earning an online bachelor’s degree will help you land a better job and salary in many popular careers. To find the highest-paying online degree programs, we went to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They have data on the typical entry-level education for the highest-paying careers. We then ranked them based on the up-to-date median salaries recorded by PayScale.

Note: Data was accurate at time of publication.

Here are 25 degrees you can earn online that are in high demand and have the potential for high salaries and benefits.

#1 – Online Bachelor’s in Business Administration

Online Bachelors in Business Administration

There are many high paying online degrees. But an online Bachelors in Business Administration is definitely the highest paying online bachelor’s degree. Running a business involves management and oversight of business operations. You’ll take classes like:

  • communication
  • project management
  • organizational leadership
  • resource management
  • strategic planning
  • financial management
  • business ethics

This degree will teach you business functions and build your leadership and decision-making skills. The online option lets you potentially complete this degree quicker than on campus. It could be between two to four years. This degree yields a wide range of financial management occupations.

According to PayScale the national average pay for a Purchasing Manager is $73,959, a Plant Manager is $102,551, and a Chief Executive Officer is $163,843, making this the highest-paying online bachelor’s degree obtainable. While further pursuing a graduate-level education is an option, this online degree program lays a firm foundation for a successful career in the business industry.

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#2 – Online Bachelor’s in Information Technology

Online Bachelors in Information Technology

Want a high-paying job that lets you learn online? An Information Technology (IT) degree might be perfect. Because everything uses computers these days, and IT helps keep them all talking to each other. It’s a hot field with lots of job openings. Online IT programs teach you how computers work, how to set up networks, and how to keep everything running smoothly. You’ll also learn how to talk to people about computers (communication skills are key!). An IT degree will give you the skills you need to help businesses succeed in today’s world.

A Chief Technology Officer is an executive-level position that is responsible for the impact, integration, and transformation of science and technology within an organization. Some online degree programs include education and training certifications and, as PayScale lists a CTO’s national average salary at $174,561, it proves this online degree to be one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees.

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#3 – Online Bachelor’s in Engineering Management

Online Bachelors in Engineering Management

Ever wonder how projects get built? Engineers make it happen, but Engineering Managers are the ones who lead the team! This online degree lets you become a boss in the engineering world. It’s a great choice if you like both solving problems and working with people. Online Engineering Management programs teach you the engineering side of things, like how to design projects, but also the business side, like how to manage money and keep things on schedule. An Engineering Management degree will give you the skills to lead engineering teams and make projects a success!

As an upper management position, a Director of Engineering plays an active role in developing other engineers and providing goals, direction, guidance, plans, resources, and assistance to accomplish projects that will benefit and sustain a company’s objectives. According to PayScale, a Director of Engineering earns a national average salary of $154,009. Even though a graduate degree may be desired, this online degree is one of the highest-paying online bachelor’s degrees obtainable.

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#4 – Online Bachelors in Aeronautics

Online Bachelors in Aeronautics

Planes are getting cooler and more high-tech all the time, and there’s a big demand for people who love them! It’s basically everything about airplanes, from how they’re built to how they fly safely. It’s a great online degree if you want a high-paying job in aviation. Online Aeronautics programs teach you all about keeping planes safe and running smoothly. You’ll learn about:

  • Safety: How to keep everyone on board happy and healthy.
  • Maintenance: Keeping planes in tip-top shape.
  • Science: How planes work like giant machines in the sky.

What jobs can you get? You could be a:

  • Pilot: The captain in charge of the whole flight.
  • Copilot: The pilot’s right-hand helper.
  • Flight Engineer: Making sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.

Just remember, you’ll need extra training and licenses to fly the plane for real!

PayScale states the national average salary for airline pilots, copilots, and flight engineers is $120,900, which makes this degree one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees.

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#5 – Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Online Bachelors in Computer Science

Computers practically run our world these days and people who understand how they work are in demand. That is why an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science is one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees. Computer science focuses on all aspects of computers:

  • software design
  • systems development
  • mathematical processes
  • theory
  • problems
  • user interfaces
  • data

Class you’ll take include:

  • calculus
  • software development
  • computer science theory
  • statistics
  • data management
  • machine language
  • design physics
  • artificial intelligence

One of the highest paying jobs in the field of computer science is a Computer Systems Architect, who is responsible for the efficient and effective implementation of an organization’s technological system. They design computer systems, train users, conduct testing, configure hardware and software, control risks, ensure best practices, and are responsible for all aspects of a project. According to PayScale, this high paying online bachelor’s degree leads to a national average salary of $122,468 for Computer Systems Architects.

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Explore our featured online programs to find the right match for you today.

#6 – Online Bachelor’s in Engineering

Online Bachelors in Engineering

Engineering is another career in high demand as the job opportunities continue to rise. An excellent, foundational degree is the online Bachelors in Engineering that will set you up to follow any path of engineering you want. This high paying online bachelor’s degree educates students in the creation, design, and development of engines, structures, and machines from a wide range of perspective. You’ll have classes like:

  • introduction to engineering
  • graphical communications
  • thermodynamics
  • digital circuit design
  • electronics
  • robotics
  • physics for engineers
  • analytical geometry

PayScale states the national average salary for an Optical Engineer is $99,585, Marine Engineer is $86,219 Materials Engineer is $85,586, and a Sales Engineer is $77,424. Whether a student focuses on the application of optics, engineering marine vessels, the design and discovery of new materials, the selling of complex scientific and technological products to businesses, or many other areas of engineering, this high paying online bachelors degree sets them up for a successful engineering career.

#7 – Online Bachelor’s in Human Resources Management

Online Bachelors in Human Resources Management

Good with people and like to solve problems? Human Resources (HR) might be your dream job! HR is all about taking care of the people who make a company run. They help find new employees, keep them happy, and make sure everyone works well together. An online HR degree teaches you the skills you need to succeed, like communication, managing people, and understanding the law. You’ll learn things like:

  • Hiring: Finding the perfect people for the job.
  • Keeping Employees Happy: Making sure everyone feels good about their work.
  • Dealing with Problems: Helping people work together smoothly.

An HR degree can help you launch a rewarding career helping people succeed!

This high paying online bachelors degree sets students up for several career options. Whether it is to determine, plan, direct, develop, oversee, and manage the best pay and benefits structure, the best training program, or the best administrative functions of an organization, students are ensured a high paying career. According to PayScale’s national average salary, a Compensation & Benefits Manager earns $97,662, a Training Manager earns $74,274, and a Human Resources Manager earns $73,540.

#8 – Online Bachelor’s in Aviation Management

Online Bachelors in Aviation Management

Air travel is a huge business, and keeping things running smoothly takes smarts! An online Aviation Management degree can help you get a high-paying job in this exciting field. It’s like being the boss behind the scenes at an airport or airline. You’ll learn how to run the business side of things, like making sure the money adds up and everyone follows the rules. Online Aviation Management programs teach you all about:

  • Business: How to keep the airport or airline financially healthy.
  • Laws: Following the aviation rulebook to keep everyone safe.
  • Airplanes: Understanding how they fly (a little bit!).

You can earn this flexible online degree in just 3-4 years!

Once you have your degree, move on to a career in Air Traffic Control. An Air Traffic Controller coordinates, manages, and safely and directs the flow of all ground and air traffic at airports. They directly communicate with pilots and other control centers. PayScale shows the national average salary for Air Traffic Controllers is $94,393, proving this to be a high paying online bachelors degree.

#9 – Online Bachelor’s in Space Studies

Online Bachelors in Space Studies

Ever wonder what’s out there in space? An online Space Studies degree can be your ticket to a high-paying job exploring the final frontier! It’s basically learning everything we can about space, from planets and stars to rockets and satellites. Online Space Studies programs teach you all sorts of cool stuff, like:

  • Space Travel: How rockets work and how we explore space.
  • Space Stuff: Planets, stars, and everything in between.
  • Space Jobs: How to work in the exciting space industry.

This flexible online program lets you learn from anywhere! It even covers some math and science basics to get you started. A Space Studies degree can prepare you for many different careers, from working at NASA to designing rockets!

One high paying career is Aerospace Engineering. They are responsible for the assessment, creation, design, manufacturing, testing, direction, coordination, and inspection of all different kinds of aviation technology and aerospace products including spacecraft, aircraft, satellites, and missiles. PayScale has listed the national average salary for Aerospace Engineers at $91,558, confirming that this degree is one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees to pursue.

#10 – Online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering Technology

Online Bachelors in Computer Engineering Technology

As we know, computers are our present and our future. Every company relies on computers in some way. There is a high demand for people who know the computer industry, which leads us to this high paying online bachelors degree. An online Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering Technology educates students in creating, designing, integrating and implementing computer hardware, software, systems, and applications. Within this degree, students will be technically trained and learn about:

  • computer science
  • programming
  • digital and linear electronics
  • electrical engineering technology
  • system design
  • advanced circuit analysis
  • data structures
  • testing and troubleshooting
  • software engineering
  • ethical behavior
  • leadership

This degree prepares you for many different jobs, and one of the highest paying is a Computer Hardware Engineer. A Computer Hardware Engineer researches, designs, develops, analyzes, tests, modifies, and oversees the manufacturing of computer hardware systems. According to PayScale, Computer Hardware Engineers make a national average salary of $91,959.

Ready to start your journey?

#11 – Online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity

Online Bachelors in Cybersecurity

So much of our world functions online, so there’s a need for people who can help keep us secure from scams and viruses. An online Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity is an information technology degree focusing on security where students learn about information security systems, cybersecurity, and information assurance. The curriculum teaches students on topics such as:

  • fundamentals of information security
  • business of IT
  • web development foundations
  • networks and security
  • integrated physical sciences

This degree can lead a student to pursue a high paying career as a Cyber Security Analyst. This position is the overall protector of data and systems in an organization. They have a full understanding and knowledge of every aspect of the computer system and help to assess risk, prevent attacks and theft, block intruders, protect networks, and establish the proper security framework for a company. According to PayScale, a Cyber Security Analyst holds a national average salary of $80,967, making this one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees.

#12 – Online Bachelor’s in Geological Engineering

Online Bachelors in Geological Engineering

In the field of engineering, one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees you can pursue is an online Bachelor’s in Geological Engineering. This degree teaches students how to understand the Earth, preserve and protect the environment, recognize problems, monitor natural resources, and protect people from geological harm all through the application of engineering science, geology, and many other disciplines of science. Some examples of the courses of study are:

  • geological engineering design
  • geochemistry
  • petrophysics
  • earth materials
  • applied geophysics
  • earthquake engineering
  • rock mechanics

This degree can set up a student to become a Mining Engineer. In this career, a person is responsible for the entire mine operation from design, development, safety, supervision, support and direction, to the transportation of minerals, equipment management, and expense projects. According to PayScale, a Mining Engineer has a national average salary of $86,079, proving this to be a high paying online bachelors degree.

#13 – Online Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering Technology

Online Bachelors in Electronics Engineering Technology

Life, as we know it, cannot function without electronics. Another high paying online bachelors degree is an online Bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering Technology. This engineering degree prepares students with relevant technical knowledge to design, develop, test, and repair all different kinds of electronic systems and equipment. Coursework in this degree can cover topics such as:

  • advanced circuit theory and design
  • signal processing
  • digital and analog electronics
  • communications
  • power and control systems
  • microprocessor fundamentals
  • computer programming
  • electronics systems analysis

This flexible, convenient, online degree can be completed in about three years.

This degree sets graduates up for a career as an Electronic Engineer. They keep our world moving, evolving, functioning, and up-to-date through their design, planning, development, inspection, and analysis of electronic components, systems, and equipment. PayScale shows the national average salary to be $88,066 for Electronic Engineers. This high paying online bachelors degree sets graduates up for a successful career.

#14 – Online Bachelor’s in Construction Management

Online Bachelors in Construction Management

There is always a great need for someone who can manage the construction of a project. That’s why an online Bachelors in Construction Management can send you to a high paying career. This high paying online bachelor’s degree prepares students to oversee the entire process of projects. This degree provides students with the technical and managerial skills to lead, manage, plan, design and construct a wide range in types of buildings and projects. Some of the subjects students will study are:

  • project management
  • environmental control systems
  • building design and planning
  • construction management
  • architectural graphics

A Construction Manager is responsible for every detail of the process of a construction project from start to finish. They must have strong leadership, teamwork, and people skills to accomplish the planning, coordinating, collaborating, supervising, and oversight involved in the management of a wide variety of construction projects. A career as a Construction Manager can hold a high paying national average salary of $82,867, according to PayScale.

#15 – Online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering

Online Bachelors in Software Engineering

Another high paying online bachelors degree involving engineering is the online Bachelor’s in Software Engineering. Through courses of study including software design and construction, data structures, computer architecture, software quality assurance, and operating systems and networks, this flexible online degree teaches students in all levels of software development for computers and electronic equipment. From learning how to build, write, and design, to maintaining, improving, testing and evaluating software, graduates of this degree will increase in their leadership, communication, and troubleshooting skills as well.

A couple of degrees this career sets students up for are a Computer Software Engineer and a Software Developer. These careers, although having some different responsibilities, are overall similar in how they work to develop the software and applications that compose our computer programs and systems. This high paying online bachelors degree leads to, according to PayScale, a national average salary of $82,732 for Computer Software Engineers, and $77,913 for Software Developers.

#16 – Online Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

Online Bachelors in Electrical Engineering

A person who can self-motivate, concentrate, work in detail, organize, and who enjoys mathematics and science should pursue an online Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering. This high paying online bachelors degree offers fundamental engineering courses coupled with courses in:

  • analog and digital circuits
  • electromagnetic fields
  • microprocessors
  • solid-state electronics
  • electric power and energy systems
  • analytic geometry
  • device operations
  • computer science
  • calculus

This degree prepares students in all aspects and levels of the technological design and development of electricity. Even though get your education online, you can still get practical, hands-on experience.

An Electrical Engineer participates in and oversees every aspect of electrical equipment manufacturing. They work on any device that requires electricity from electrical motors and microchips to navigational systems and power generations. PayScale states the national average salary for an Electrical Engineer is $83,195, making this one of the highest paying online bachelor’s degrees.

#17 – Online Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering

Online Bachelors in Chemical Engineering

Here is another engineering degree that is a high paying online bachelors degree. An online Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering will give students a broad, universal knowledge of engineering disciplines. This degree teaches students strong technical expertise through chemistry, mathematics, physics, biology, and economics. You’ll build critical thinking skills. The curriculum may cover:

  • chemical engineering thermodynamics
  • process dynamics and controls
  • engineering statistics
  • materials science
  • organic chemistry

Though mostly online, you may have to visit campus for lab work, depending on the program.

According to PayScale, a Chemical Engineer’s national average salary is $81,543. In this career, a person solves problems and transforms substances for all types of industries through research, performing tests, developing processes, establishing safety measures, evaluating equipment, time and cost estimation, and the implementation of technology.

#18 – Online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety and Health

Online Bachelors in Occupational Safety and Health

Creativity, observation, problem-solving, and attention to detail are what you need for an online Bachelor’s in Occupational Safety and Health. This high paying online bachelors degree provides students with the knowledge to manage risks and to develop and enforce procedures to keep people safe at work. Some of the topics this degree teaches are:

  • construction safety
  • emergency management
  • fire protection
  • development of safety programs
  • corporate compliance
  • workplace risk factors
  • legal aspects of safety and health
  • toxicology
  • industrial ergonomics
  • interactions of hazardous materials

Even while working, you can complete this flexible, online degree in two to four years.

One occupation this degree prepares you for is a Safety Engineer. A Safety Engineer, using their knowledge of engineering and health and safety, must secure the safety of people, products, and environments in the workplace. According to PayScale, a Safety Engineer has a high paying national average salary of $82,750.

#19 – Online Bachelor’s in Finance

Online Bachelors in Finance

A high paying online bachelor’s degree in the business field is an online Bachelors in Finance. Someone with analytical skills, leadership, and is an innate problem-solver will succeed in this degree path. Courses include:

  • accounting
  • bonds
  • economics
  • monetary institutions and policy
  • financial reporting
  • financial analysis
  • risk management
  • asset and debt management

In the coursework, this degree educates students on the ins and outs of money management and financial systems through risk, budgeting, financial planning, investments and more.

This flexible, online degree can lead to a high paying career as a Financial Manager. This is a vital position in an organization as every business and entity runs on money. Overall, a Financial Manager is responsible for every detail of the finances of a company, from financial goals, reports, and strategies to investments, legalities, and budgeting. This high paying online bachelors degree leads to, according to PayScale, a national average salary of $83,504 for Financial Managers.

#20 – Online Bachelor’s in Geosciences

Online Bachelors in Geosciences

Another high paying online bachelor’s degree in the field of science is an online Bachelor’s in Geosciences. Also known as Earth science, this education focuses on the physical characteristics of the planet and its natural geological systems. A creative, enduring mindset, and a passion for the environment, along with math, computer, coding, and spatial skills come in handy when pursuing this degree. Courses of study include earth systems science, physics, chemistry, geohazards, atmospheric science, methods of geoscience, geography, and geology.

Using an array of tools from hammers to x-rays to remote sensing equipment, Geoscientists study, research, survey, collect, test, and analyze data involving the physical Earth. According to PayScale, a Geoscientist carries a national average salary of $88,829, making this a high paying online bachelors degree to pursue. In this online classroom, students have access to classes all day, any day, and can complete course requirements at times that are convenient.

#21 – Online Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems

Online Bachelors in Computer Information Systems 1

Computers are everywhere these days, and the people who know how they work are in high demand An online Bachelor’s in Computer Information Systems can teach you all about technology and how to use it to help businesses run smoothly. This could lead to a high-paying job! Some topics you’ll study are:

  • information systems
  • introduction to business
  • web & database applications
  • project management
  • business analytics
  • coding
  • java programming
  • systems analysis and design

One high paying career this degree sets a student up for is a Computer Systems Analyst, and according to PayScale, they bring in a national average salary of $78,347. This occupation deals with computer systems, procedures, emerging technologies, costs and benefits analysis, configuring and installation of hardware and software, and data trends analysis to assist an organization in making decisions that will benefit them in both efficiency and effectiveness.

#22 – Online Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences

Online Bachelors in Natural Sciences

Another high paying online bachelor’s degree is the online Bachelor’s in Natural Sciences. Natural Science is the study of any and everything that comprises the physical and natural world. This degree provides foundational knowledge in the theory, history, philosophy, and application of sciences and the scientific method. Along with this knowledge, students will grow in their critical thinking and communication skills. The curriculum consists of classes in chemistry, biology, physics, calculus, physical geography, and statistics. This flexible, convenient, high paying online bachelors degree allows students to gain experience by working while earning their degree if they so choose.

One high paying career this degree sets students up for is a Laboratory Manager, and according to PayScale, they make a national average salary of $76,357. A Laboratory Manager supervises everything that happens in a laboratory, from ensuring safety, developing procedures, updating training, and coordinating details to enforcing standards and policies, conducting experiments, and mentoring assistants.

#23 – Online Bachelor’s in Public Relations

Online Bachelors in Public Relations

Another high paying online bachelor’s degree is an online Bachelors in Public Relations. In this degree, you’ll learn how to manage a person or organization’s image with the public. Gaining strong writing, analytical, communication, research, and technical skills combined with public, social, political, and economic know-how, students prepare to enter the professional world. They receive this education through courses including:

  • reporting
  • multimedia writing
  • consumer and audience analytics
  • law of mass communication
  • principles of public relations
  • public relations strategy
  • public relations writing

A Public Relations Manager observes trends and plans, directs, reviews, clarifies, and coordinates any material information that directly affects an organization and works to keep improving the positive image of the company to the public. They also oversee press releases, media events, social media, and corporate events. PayScale states that a Public Relations Manager brings in a national average salary of $76,547, showing this to be a high paying online bachelors degree.

#24 – Online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management

Online Bachelors in Healthcare Management

The online Bachelor’s in Healthcare Management focuses on how business and healthcare work together to provide the best quality care for patients in all types of medical facilities. Students will improve on their administrative, management, communication, and leadership skills. You’ll grow your understanding and knowledge of the systems, policies, standards, challenges, and structure of the healthcare industry. Classes include:

  • accounting
  • health care management
  • marketing
  • business law
  • finance
  • health care systems & policy
  • international business
  • human resource management
  • healthcare information systems management
  • healthcare quality management

A Healthcare Administrator is an upper-management position responsible for overseeing and training staff, making decisions, managing financial operations, market analysis, improving quality, planning services, directing operations, and conducting performance reviews all to improve the healthcare facilities to best treat and care for patients. According to PayScale, the national average salary for Healthcare Administrators is $78,248.

#25 – Online Bachelor’s in Art

Online Bachelors in Art

Art is the expression of someone’s imagination, feelings, worldview, or life story displayed through sight, sound, and touch where anything is possible. Another high paying online bachelor’s degree is the online Bachelor’s in Art. Students pursuing this degree will gain skills in a variety of art media from painting, design, and photography to television, film and stage set design. Through studying courses like graphic design applications, data visualization and illustration, film, painting, art history, photo, and techniques of web design, students will acquire a broad range of knowledge suitable for pursuing a career as an Art Director.

PayScale states that the national average salary of an Art Director is $74,725. An Art Director manages, reviews, approves, and oversees the work of the design staff. They work on advertisements, publications, theaters, magazines, movie productions, television, film, video games, and much more. If a student is looking to advance their career in art, this high paying online bachelor’s degree is a great choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

As you begin looking for a bachelor’s degree that will take you to a well-paying career, there are questions you may have about earning an online Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degree. You’ll want to consider several factors:

  • Tuition cost
  • Convenience
  • Curriculum
  • Length of program
  • Accreditation
  • Graduation rate

You’ll also want to determine if the degree you choose will be financially worth it to you by factoring in tuition costs, fees, and other miscellaneous costs. Earning your degree online will save you money in eliminating transportation, food, and housing costs. Another bonus to online study is it won’t disrupt your work or family obligations.

Earning a degree can also earn you more money:

Educational LevelAverage Weekly SalaryUnemployment Rate
Associate’s $1,0052.7%
No Degree but some college$9353.5%
High School Diploma$8354.0%
Less than high school diploma$6825.5%
(Source: BLS, 2022)

Average tuition costs are estimated at:

School TypeResidency StatusAcademic Year Tuition & Fees
(U.S. News and World Report, 2023)

What are the Most Lucrative Online Degrees?

Employers will usally require bachelor’s degrees for well-paying, entry-level positions. A bachelor’s degree is a credential that holds many benefits. Let’s start with the latest unemployment and median salary rates as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Generally, degrees in STEM majors such as engineering, health sciences, information technology, and physics will generally offer higher entry-level salaries than some other degrees. But, that’s not to say you won’t earn a decent wage in other fields in business, finance/accounting, education, or psychology.

The value of a bachelor’s degree may not be recognized immediately. While you may not start out making a six-figure salary, an undergraduate degree can give you the foundation you need to advance in your career. You might also want to consider other benefits of a bachelor’s degree.

Job Opportunities – Undergraduate degrees will make you more competitive in the job market

Networking – You’ll be able to make professional connections that will be helpful in the future

Job Requirements – Certain careers require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree. The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides more information on fields requiring a bachelor’s degree.

Many graduates may be frustrated if their bachelor’s degree doesn’t automatically get them a six-figure job, but it’s not as simple as getting a degree. In today’s competitive job market, employers seek a combination of academic credentials, practical skills, and adaptability.

While a degree opens doors, graduates must complement their education with hands-on experience, internships, and continuous learning. Navigating the career landscape requires a proactive approach, networking, and staying current with industry trends. It’s not just about the degree; it’s about the ability to apply knowledge effectively, showcasing a blend of education and practical know-how that truly defines career success.

How Can I Make 100k a Year with a Bachelor’s Degree?

Unsurprisingly, some of the most lucrative degrees are in the STEM disciplines. In 2023, CNBC identified bachelor’s degrees with potential earnings of over six figures being in:

Bachelor’s DegreeEstimated Salary
Electrical Engineering$121,600
Computer Science$108,500
Mechanical Engineering$106,200
(Source: CNBC)

But, other undergraduate degrees will earn you a good salary that can range between $86k-99k:

  • Finance
  • Chemistry
  • Political Science
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mathematics

Bachelor’s degrees in the social sciences, education, liberal arts, and fine arts may pay between $53k-62k annually and degrees are necessary for advancing to graduate and doctoral programs.

In a College Consensus poll from 2024, we discovered an interesting fact: of the online graduates we polled, nearly 33% were making over $100,000! The biggest career areas were:

Career AreaPercent
Health Care5.2%
Source: College Consensus Poll, 2024

It’s clear what areas are good choices for online learning – finance, construction, education, IT, and health care. That’s what we’ve been telling you for years!

Which Online Degrees Have The Most Value?

An online bachelor’s degree, leading to a high-paying career, not only gives you the potential for a sustainable career, but the instant benefit of being able to hold a full-time job or maintain current personal responsibilities while pursuing this lucrative degree.

More colleges and universities are offering accredited, quality degrees in nearly any major than ever before. Online degree programs have become extremely popular with over 8.5 million online students enrolled in public schools with nearly 5 million more enrolled online at private and nonprofit institutions (NCES, 2021).

U.S. News and World Report says what employers look for may influence the value of your degree with respect to employment. The COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 was a watershed year for online education that also altered employers’ attitudes toward online degrees. Employers are more interested in what you studied and if the program was regionally or nationally accredited.

You’ll also want to review the reputation of the college or university you choose. College Consensus has reviewed some online schools that will help you make your decision.

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