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Best Online Colleges & Universities in Connecticut
Top Consensus Ranked Online Schools in Connecticut 2020

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Students from all walks of life can benefit from Connecticut online colleges. However, there is one group of students that undoubtedly benefits more than others. Online degrees help working adult students can advance in their careers or even change into a different career field, and the best online colleges in Connecticut are the places to do it. While younger, full-time students can still benefit from the flexibility of Connecticut online colleges, institutions like the University of Bridgeport and Quinnipiac University may actually be the best of all options for working adult students.

Working adult students often don’t have time for traditional education. They may be able to take night classes, but many working adults don’t want to have to commute to a college after putting in an eight-hour shift. Online education is the best option for students from this demographic, and sometimes it may even be the only option. There are more Connecticut online degrees available these days than there ever were before. Connecticut online degree programs are available in a wide variety of fields, including lucrative STEM fields that few will associate with online education. 

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Connecticut 

To rank the best online colleges in Connecticut, according to Consensus Score, is an easy job. At this time, there are only two institutions meeting College Consensus’ standards for inclusion as a best online college. First, they must have a Consensus Score, according to the Consensus method of aggregating published rankings and student reviews. Secondly, they must have at least 3 online bachelor’s degree programs. 

Institutions are ranked in order of Consensus Score.

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University of Connecticut
Storrs, CT

AVG: 0 AVG: 0
College Consensus
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Student Consensus
Last Accessed: May, 2020
Number of online programs


University of Saint Joseph
West Hartford, CT

AVG: 0 AVG: 0
College Consensus
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Student Consensus
Last Accessed: May, 2020
Number of online programs


Quinnipiac University
Hamden, CT

Quinnipiac University
AVG: 0 AVG: 0
College Consensus
Publisher Consensus
Student Consensus
Last Accessed: May, 2020
Number of online programs

What Kinds of Degrees Can I Get Online In Connecticut?

Connecticut online degrees are available at every level of higher education, from associate’s degrees all the way up to doctoral Connecticut online degree programs.

The entry-level for many online students in Connecticut is an associate’s program. There are two main types of associate’s degrees available online in Connecticut. There are terminal associate’s degrees and associate’s degrees targeted toward students who will go on to get their bachelor’s degrees. Terminal associate’s degrees include many technical programs, and some of the highest-paying online associate’s degrees, such as degrees that lead to various healthcare certifications. Many students who want to go onto get their bachelor’s degrees will enroll in General Studies associate’s degree programs or the like, as these Connecticut online degree programs are designed to fulfill the prerequisites for many bachelor’s degrees.

The most common type of online degree is a bachelor’s degree. There are a wider variety of online bachelor’s degrees than there are of any other type of degree. A bachelor’s degree is the standard terminal degree for many fields, allowing students to enter the workforce after graduating.

Check out the Highest-Paying Online Bachelor’s Degrees!

Graduate online education in Connecticut and elsewhere has exploded in recent years. There are quite a few master’s and doctoral programs available. The most common fields are education and nursing, but some of the highest-paying online graduate degrees in various fields are offered by Connecticut schools.

Can I Just Take Online Courses If I Don’t Want A Full Degree?

Many students are interested in simply taking a couple of classes online instead of pursuing a full degree. While online education was originally based around full degree programs, it has become common for Connecticut community colleges online courses to be designed for professional development and continuing education rather than for degree-seeking students. Even students who are seeking degrees or plan to pursue a degree can simply take one or two Connecticut online courses. Any courses passed at an accredited institution can likely be transferred to the school where the student will actually get their degree.

Some students who aren’t sure which field they want to major in will dip their toes in the water by taking a class or two in this field online at first. This allows students to see if they want to go on to spend years pursuing a degree in this field. They don’t have to move or commit to a major at a university. All students have to do is enroll in one or two Connecticut community colleges online courses. If they do decide to move forward with their education in this field, the Connecticut online courses they completed are transferrable when these students begin to pursue their four-year degrees.

What Was The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium?

The Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium was an association of Connecticut schools that offered distance education, primarily through Internet-based instructional methods. The CDLC, as it was often known, did not offer classes itself. Its mission was to help schools enhance the quality of their online education. While the CDLC was focused on higher education, K-12 online education was also part of the organization’s activities. The CDLC even helped schools offering non-degree continuing education to business people in various fields. The CDLC was a popular and effective organization during its years of operation. However, it was recently shut down.

The CDLC was shuttered not because of low performance or lack of interest, but because of a shortage of funds. Even as enrollments have skyrocketed across the board, schools and educational organizations across the country have fallen on hard times due to budget cuts. Unfortunately, the CDLC was no exception.

While the organization has been shut down, some of its programs continue. Charter Oak State College is now the host college for CDLC programs. The school offers a variety of programs aimed at online learners.


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