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Getting a degree in biology, one of the most flexible and useful fields of science, can lead to a life of studying living organisms. As part of this field, students can help develop a better understanding of the processes of life. Some students go on to careers in medical research and practice, while others work in a lab or academic setting.

Is getting a degree in biology hard? Biology can be difficult because it has many unfamiliar terms. However, once you learn the vocabulary, the science of biology may be easier than chemistry or physics, which requires a lot of math. Getting a degree in biology may be hard, but it’s worth it if you want to learn more about the natural world and work as a scientist.

Most Popular Schools with Online Biology Degree Programs

States with the Highest Employment Level for Biology Degrees:

StateEmployment (1)Employment per thousand jobsLocation quotient (9)Hourly mean wageAnnual mean wage (2)
Source: 2019 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2018-28 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics,

Most Affordable Online Biology Degree Programs

What Do Biologists Do?

According to the Princeton Review, Biologists study plants, people, animals and the environment. They explore the world in which we live. Biologists can conduct studies Related to medical research. A biologist job description may include working with systems at the cellular level or exploring entire ecosystems and how life interacts within them.

What does a biologist do?  The job description for a biologist varies greatly due to the diversity of life on earth. For those interested in environmental system research, biologist job descriptions may include field research in the Amazon. Meanwhile, a biologist job description involved in cancer research may include the manipulation of events at the cellular level.

The job description for a biologist depends on the application of this wide field of science. Many biologists concentrate on discrete areas that they feel passionate about. Biologist job descriptions can tell you a lot about the daily activities in a certain specialization. For example, marine biologists study the physiology of ocean life and work on boats. Such biologists may be highly involved in conservation. Meanwhile, biochemists will spend most of their day in the lab looking at tissue samples to test hypotheses. Those specializing in agriculture study crop yields, fertilizers and the impact of chemicals on crop growth. Other experts in biology study diseases in search of a cure.

A job description of biologist duties may include identifying, researching and classifying plants and animals. Biologists also collect samples and take photographs of organisms that they encounter. A biologist job description could also include observing organisms and recording facts about their diet, behavior and interaction with their surroundings.

How Do I Become a Biologist?

For those wondering how to become a biologist, the place to start is with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree. Many positions require a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, so it’s important to choose your program carefully.

As a biology major, students take physics, anatomy, life science and biology courses. These degrees also include require lab work and courses designed to teach students how to conduct experiments. When you study for your bachelor’s degree, you also take social science and liberal arts courses.

How long does it take to become a biologist?

In addition to getting a bachelor’s degree, students may also need a master’s or doctoral degree. How long it takes to become a biologist depends on the learner’s area of specialization. This could include specializing on one species or animals that inhabit a particular area.

After choosing an area of specialization, prospective biologists need to obtain the education and work experience to further their career. People who stay in the field typically love their work. Committing to the work is how to become a biologist with a promising career. You can find biologists in pharmaceutical companies, zoos, government agencies, universities and many other settings.

Through research opportunities and internships, students can get hands-on experience that helps them choose an area specialization. Advanced study includes obtaining a doctorate in biology. Some programs allow you to do this completely online or as a hybrid program with online and classroom-based courses. Common doctoral degrees include concentrations in immunology, microbiology, cellular biology, and marine biology.

How long does it take to become a biologist with a doctoral degree? Many PhD programs take five to six years to complete.

What Can You Do with a Biology Degree?

Jobs for a biology degree include work in a lab, but many jobs with a biology degree lead to fieldwork, which may appeal to those who love to be outdoors. When determining what level of degree to obtain, students should consider the requirements of different jobs with a degree in biology. 

What can I do with a biology degree? This is a common question for those just starting their associate’s or bachelor’s degree. You can look for research jobs for a biology degree while you complete a master’s or doctoral degree.

What can I do with a degree in biology if I want to go into medicine? Jobs with a biology degree typically involve getting an advanced degree. If you wish to become a physician, for example, you would go to medical school. Other jobs with a degree in biology, such as a research assistant, may only require a master’s degree.

What can I do with a biology degree if I want to work in a corporate environment? Corporate jobs include pharmaceutical sales and marketing. With a biology degree, students can gain an edge over others with a liberal arts background.

Ask yourself, “what can I do with a degree in biology?” when considering online and traditional programs. Consider how a particular program could help you achieve your goals.

Online Accredited Biology Degree Types: Associates, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral 


An online accredited associate’s degree in biology is not widely available. However, some schools offer two-year degrees in biology. Most of these are community colleges that offer remote learning opportunities for students. Typically, they require on-campus lab work. For students who complete an associate’s degree in biology online, the next step is often getting a biology bachelor’s degree.

A biology associates degree online can serve as a firm foundation for a number of careers. However, an online biology associates degree is often just the first step toward getting a higher degree.

Choose a biology associates degree online that aligns with your career goals. An online biology associates degree can open doors to scholarships and paid internships at well-known universities.


A robust bachelor degree in biology online can prepare students for entry level jobs in the field or graduate studies. Getting an online biology bachelor degree can provide flexibility and allow you to work while you pursue your undergraduate degree. However, a biology bachelor degree online is not for everyone. If you have a great deal of drive and discipline, you may succeed in getting an online bachelor degree in biology.

A strong online biology degree program focuses on genetic and environmental causes of evolution, diversity and the interaction of organisms with their surroundings. Students learn how all these factors come to play in the relationship between health and disease. The degree includes chemistry, math, physics and biochemistry.

Students in a bachelor in biology online program usually choose a subdiscipline and often go into fields such as science journalism, biotechnology law, and bioscience management.

Following a bachelor in biology online, some students immediately enroll in a master’s program to expand their expertise.


Some students believe a master’s in biology online is the best choice for their career, while others choose a biology online master’s so that they can work and earn money while earning their degree. For those working in a lower-level position in the field, such as lab techs, keeping their career in play while getting their degree is important. With a biology master’s online, students can gain the credentials needed to apply for doctoral programs.

Many online masters in biology prepare students for research assistantships or jobs in academia. With an online biology masters, students already working in biology can expand their knowledge in an area of specialization. Then, after completing an online masters of biology, they can seek higher paying positions with their current employer or a new one.  

A master of biology online helps those who have worked in the field for a long time update their skills and knowledge. With a masters in biology online, learners can continue to fulfill their work obligations while learning new concepts which can enrich their careers. Getting a biology online masters can often lead to higher paying wages.

While some students want to get a biology masters online for their own edification, others only pursue an online masters in biology to meet their career goals. Whatever reason students have for enrolling in an online biology masters, it is a convenient way to learn.


An online biology PhD is the terminal degree in the field. A PhD in biology online covers in-depth topics on the programs area specialization. Good online PhD in biology programs are run by accredited universities with qualified instructors.

An online biology PhD can emphasize cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, genetics and other important specializations. With a PhD in biology online, students can go on to teach, conduct research and contribute to the field. An online PhD in biology usually includes publication of a dissertation. However, some biology PhD online degrees focus on research design, implementation and documentation.


Biology degree accreditation organizations list universities that they have approved. The American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) is the major accrediting board in the field.

Students can visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website to find a list of accrediting agencies pertaining to all colleges and universities and degrees, including biology degree accreditation.


Harvard offers a biology certificate with a number of specializations. The school’s certificate in biology lets students explore cutting edge topics including epigenetics, immunology and genomics. Among its biology certifications, Harvard includes the science behind epidemiological principles and public health crises.

This prestigious university is just one of many that offer a certificate in biology online program. Online biology certifications Ccover everything from diabetes, fertility and heart disease to the therapeutic property of stem cells.

Other biology certificate programs include VERITAS University’s Certificate in Tropical Environmental Sciences and Alabama State University’s certificate in biology.

Biology certificates help those who want to switch careers catch up on the information they need to succeed in the field. Those already working in the field use biology certifications to switch their area specialization or to choose a new one.

A certificate in biology online can help professionals in biology advance in their current job, and online biology certifications work well for professionals who want to learn about recent developments in their area of specialization.


Scholarships in biology can make school more affordable at any level of education. To win scholarships in biology, students must first know where to find them. Below, find a list of biology major scholarships they may work for your purposes.

Top Scholarships for Biology Majors:

Addie Mae Lloyd Scholarship Award
U.S. Postal Address:
University of North Texas
Department of Chemistry
1155 Union Circle #305070
Denton, TX 76203
Phone: (940) 565-2713

Aylesworth Scholarship
Jackie Whitehouse
Florida Sea Grant College Program
University Of Florida
1762 McCarty Drive, Building 803
P. O. Box 110400
Gainesville, FL 32611
Phone: (352) 392-5870

Bard College
Office of Financial Aid
PO Box 5000 – 30 Campus Road
Annandale-on-Hudson, NY 12504
Phone: (845) 758-7526 or (845) 758-7525
E-mail: [email protected]

Brown and Caldwell Minority Scholarship Program
Attn: HR/Scholarships Program
P.O. Box 8045
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Email: [email protected]

You can find scholarships for biology majors online. Apply for as many scholarships for biology is possible. Many scholarships in biology go unawarded, So, you have nothing to lose by applying.

Biology major scholarships sometimes apply to bachelors, science or doctoral levels of education. So, it’s important to understand which scholarships for biology majors can help you.

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Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?