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College Consensus Best Online MBA Programs in Tennessee

The Volunteer State long history rich in culture, conflict, music, and beautiful scenery. Besides its interesting southern history and popular tourist attractions, Tennessee provides some of the nation’s best online MBA programs through some of the top Business Schools in the nation.

Every year, visitors far and wide visit the state of Tennessee. With big tourist hubs in Nashville and Memphis, people can get steeped in music, ribs, and historic landmarks like the Lorraine Motel. Travelers come to the city of Memphis to enjoy an interesting tour of Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland home and walk through the Sun Recording Studio where music icons like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash made records that became the soundtrack to many music lovers’ lives. Or they travel to the hallowed ground of the National Civil Rights Museum to relive the bravery of the civil rights movement. Located right in the middle of the state, Nashville is where thousands of tourists go to visit the Grand Ole Opry and Music Row each year.

In addition to their important historical culture, Tennessee also leads all the state in the country for fiscal stability. This takes into account long and short-term stability, liquidity, their government credit rating, and a balanced budget. With this in mind, it is no surprise that their business schools lead the way in business management education.

The Online MBA

For years, the MBA has remained the most respected degree for business professionals desiring to develop leadership skills in business. Today’s working professionals have the added advantage of considering the online MBA as it is highlighted by extreme convenience and flexibility. Current business professionals around the world are taking advantage of this flexibility by pursuing their higher education while simultaneously managing their work experience and personal responsibilities. Here is a comprehensive ranking of some of the very best online MBA programs in Tennessee.


Ranking the best Online MBA programs in Tennessee, meant examining the 570 online MBA programs in the country based on their location in the state of Tennessee, and then their affordability, reputation, and convenience.


To find the affordability for each online MBA program, base tuition data was collected from each university website. The tuition was calculated for the entirety of the degree, excluding fees, books, and lodging. To find the Affordability Score, the tuition was inverted and placed on a 100-point scale. This attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


Finding the most prestigious online MBA programs in Tennessee meant collecting data from leading national MBA ranking sources: The Economist, US News and World Report, and Bloomberg Businessweek. The rankings were converted to scores on a 100-point scale. These scores were averaged in order to find a balanced consensus on each online MBA’s reputation. These scores were placed on a 100-point scale for the Reputation Score, which attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


Each Tennessee online MBA program’s convenience was calculated by looking at the overall convenience for the student. It is based upon if the degree can be completed 100% online with no residencies, and if the GMAT/GRE application requirement is waived or omitted. This Convenience score attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.

office of extended campus and continuing education the university of tennessee at martin logo 130229Tennessee’s best online MBA, with a focus in Agriculture or delivered as a general MBA, is provided at the University of Tennessee at Martin’s College of Business and Global Affairs. This high-powered online MBA not only offers distance learners an incredible curriculum, but it also gives students an awesome value on the price of higher education. Listed as the most affordable degree in this ranking, the 30-credit hour program is priced at less than $20,000 in tuition. Business Skills, Sales and Marketing for Banks, Organizational Theory and Design, Accounting for Managerial Decisions, Corporate Financial Management, Managerial Economics, Legal and Ethical Environment of Business, Banking and Financial Services, and Marketing Strategy are classes included in this excellent online MBA. The business school does not ever require students to visit the school’s campus in Martin, Tennessee, adding to this degree’s convenience. While the GMAT test score is included in the program’s list of application requirements, a waiver for this placement test score is offered for qualifying students.

Affordability Score: 100.00
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00

University of Memphis logo from websiteAn online MBA is provided at the University of Memphis’ Fogelman College of Business and Economics. This second-most affordable degree in this ranking offers 33-credit hours of business education for the graduate student at less than $20,000 in tuition. Students uninterested in taking the GMAT or who would prefer not to report the placement test score to the business school can apply for a GMAT waiver. All courses, including excellent classes like Creativity and Innovation, Global Strategic Management, Corporate Governance and Business Ethics, Global Operations Management, Financial and Managerial Accounting for Managers, Economics for the Global Executive, and Information Systems in the Global Enterprise, are all delivered through distance learning. This means that students can complete this MBA through a 100% online format. The University of Memphis was founded in 1912 and got its start as a teacher training school. Today, the university oversees 21,458 students seeking degrees at the bachelor through doctoral levels.

Affordability Score: 99.63
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00

Union University logoUnion University’s McAfee School of Business Administration delivers an online MBA with Accounting, Marketing, Human Resources, and Leadership focuses. A quality online MBA can often be measured by the courses offered within the program’s curriculum. While specialization courses allow students to go deeper into the subjects of business leadership that interest them, core courses are designed to offer a solid foundation of business know-how. This stellar 36-credit hour online MBA features courses like Managerial Economics, Organizational Behavior, Analytical Managerial Accounting, Ethical Management, Strategic Management, Social Issues in Management, Human Resource Strategy, and Digital Marketing as the backbone for its core curriculum. Union also features excellent convenience for the online graduate student by offering every assignment, project, and test through distance learning. Students can virtually live anywhere in the world and take advantage of this attractively priced online degree, which features a tuition rate of less than $25,000. The McAfee School of Business Administration is backed by the well-respected AACSB-International.

Affordability Score: 95.65
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00

online programs tennessee technological university logo 130207An online MBA with emphases in Finance, HR Management, Accounting, International Business, MIS, and Marketing is provided at Tennessee Technological University through their College of Business. Graduate programs across the country can be expensive, as top-shelf business schools are known for delivering a robust program which is designed to challenge a business leader. This 30-credit hour program offers the online MBA student a terrific curriculum at a fraction of what some similar degrees cost. For under $25,000 in tuition, this program rated as one of the very best in the state of Tennessee can be completed with no campus visits required and 100% online. Some graduate students in business are seeking a hybrid experience with online coursework and some assignments and meetings taking place in the classroom. This degree can also be pursued as a hybrid experience. Accounting Information for Management Decisions, Business Strategy, Financial Management, Management of Information Technology, Analytical Decision Making, Strategic Marketing, and Organizational Leadership are some courses offered in this stellar online MBA.

Affordability Score: 94.69
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00

utc continuing education the university of tennessee at chattanooga logo 138908The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga delivers an online MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Administration, Business Analytics, and offered as a general online MBA at the Gary W. Rollins College of Business. For less than $25,000 in tuition, a long-distance graduate student of business can reap the benefits of this illustrious 36-credit hour program. Economics for Managers, Corporate Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Organizational Behavior and Leadership, Marketing Management, Information Technology for Business, Accounting for Managers, Financial Management, and Quantitative Decision Analysis for Business are just a sample of some of the excellent core courses found within the online MBA. The AACSB-International puts its stamp of approval on the Gary W. Rollins College of Business and shows the world that a top-notch business graduate degree can be completed there. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga presents this degree as a 100% online program with no campus visits required. Students can apply for a GMAT waiver if interested.

Affordability Score: 93.96
Convenience Score: 75.00
Reputation Score: 100.00

What is important to know about the state of Tennessee?

Tennessee entered the Union on June 1, 1796, as the 16th state to join the United States of America. The state’s name of “Tennessee” is derived from the Yuchi Indian term, “Tana-see,” which can be translated into “The Meeting Place.” The southern state of Tennessee is home to 15 state forests, over 50 state parks, and one beautiful national forest known as Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The state of Tennessee earned its state nickname of “The Volunteer State” while the War of 1812 was raging in the United States. Volunteer soldiers from the state were known to fight bravely for independence at the Battle of New Orleans. Historical figures Davy Crockett and President Andrew Jackson both hailed from Tennessee.

What Tennessee industries can I work in after receiving an online MBA?

The online MBA is one of the best degrees to pursue if you want to maximize your opportunities in business. Historically, the degree has been utilized for training business professionals in a wide variety of business and leadership ventures so that student interested in political, private, and public service will all benefit from the graduate education. Here are some exciting business industries that online MBA students can pursue after graduating.

The online MBA can be used in the Music Industry in Tennessee

The music industry in Tennessee, and more specifically in the city of Nashville, continues to be strong for the state’s economy. Recent reports show that the music industry provides over 55,000 jobs to residents in the Nashville area, and that the music industry in Nashville contributes over five billion dollars to the local economy. An online MBA is a great option for someone looking to work in the music industry as record labels, venues, recording studios, and sound equipment producers all rely on properly trained business leaders to lead teams, keep the books, market resources, and keep production and services running smoothly.

The online MBA can be used in the Food Service Industry in Tennessee

As in many states, the food industries in Tennessee are an important part of the state’s economy and job source for potential employees. Just a few short years ago, the state of Tennessee reported that the food service industry in the state generated over $18 million in total sales. Companies that produce and process food items are run by managers with a firm grasp on business and organizational leadership. Many professionals at this level have attained a degree like the online MBA, as it is designed to equip managers for many of the issues common in the food industry.

The online MBA can be used in the Tourism Industry in Tennessee

A state with as rich a historical history as Tennessee takes its tourism industry seriously. Over fifteen million tourists visited the state of Tennessee during 2018. Some of these tourists wanted to see Elvis Presley’s famous Graceland, some wanted to see the Mississippi River for the first time, and others wanted to tour the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis and see where Martin Luther King Jr. fought for equality and was ultimately gunned down in 1968. Tourist attractions are led by groups of all sizes and structures. Some of the state’s most popular attractions are maintained by government agencies while others are owned by private firms and non-profit organizations. Each of these groups thrives only when their leaders can manage their maintenance and growth well. An online MBA can be the perfect degree when wanting to lead an organization focused on tourism.

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