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Best Online Bachelor's in Fire Science Top Online Degree Programs 2021

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If you are considering achieving an online bachelor’s degree in fire science you are probably somebody who loves to help people. You want to go home from a hard day’s work knowing you saved a life or someone’s home. You probably like to be in a fast-paced environment and work well under pressure. If this is you, you are looking at a path that will probably be a good fit. Many people who strive to accomplish this degree path are already working in the field of fire sciences or other emergency management professions and are interested in going deeper or seeking a leadership role. 

Online learning makes it easy for students to continue working full time while completing their coursework. Many programs are extremely flexible to accommodate the busy schedules of professional and adult learners. We have done some of the work for you to bring together a list of the best online fire science degree programs. We used the following metric to build the ranking:

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Student Success Rates

Take a deep look at the schools below. You are bound to find something that is a good fit for your academic and professional goals. Best of luck. 

The University of Florida has a bachelor of science in fire and emergency service, this program is entirely online. To kick off our first online school we bring you one from the sunshine states of Florida. For students choosing fire science, choosing an online school is super important. So we have some program highlights to help to determine if Florida University is right for you. UF offers a 120 credit program that students can take from the safety of their homes. Each applicant must have a minimum of a 2.3 GPA to qualify for acceptance into the university. Not only that UF is offering three specializations for future fire service professionals to choose from, Fire Specialization, Emergency management, emergency medical services management. This program also has diverse coursework, by continuing to follow the FESHE curriculum guideline to ensure students have all the relevant information and equipment as it concerns saving people.  

Degree: B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services

Texas A&M University-San Antonio offers a bachelor of applied arts and sciences in fire and emergency services administration. This program is especially notable because all of the coursework is conveniently online. Not only can students complete the entire coursework online but they can transfer their associate degrees to count towards their college credits. Another notable aspect of this particular program, current Texas firefighters accepted into the program will receive a tuition exemption, if you are already a Texas firefighter this program is free for you. Once candidates complete the 120 credit hour program they will be able to advance into managerial roles with fire service agencies. This program has the best online fire science degree program course plan, which is a 6-semester plan for completion. There is an advanced track option for students that have professional certifications to gain general education credits toward a bachelor’s degree. 

Degree: BAAS in Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University has a bachelor of science in Emergency services. What fire science candidates will soon discover is that firefighters also are certified emergency medical service technicians. As a national standard, firefighters are required to be certified to qualify for employment. So this bachelor’s degree has a specific focus on providing specialized service in crisis situations. This program has two concentrations to choose from; aviation emergency management and fire & emergency service. The learning outcomes for this program endeavor to provide all the necessary information required to work in a modern fire department. This program covers it all, it is also accredited by the international fire service accreditation congress. Committing to an online program is a real test of will, as it is not easy to study first responder techniques online. The entire program can be complete in four years. Including 120 credit hours of coursework, scheduled at the student’s convenience. 

Degree: B.S. in Emergency Services


American Military University

American Military University offers an online bachelor of science in fire service management. Courses are flexibility offered in an 8-week program format that students can schedule. The length of time it takes to complete this program depends on part-time or full-time enrollment. Students can transfer in up to 90 credits towards the 120 credit hours required for graduate completion. The study of fire science will explore past and current practices and policies that shape fire science today. There is no admission fee to apply to this program, and potential students must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Students can start this program anytime, with convenient monthly start times offered by the university. Students will study courses in Emergency and disaster incident command, fire prevention, fire protection in building construction, and fire dynamics. This is all a part of the core course requirement of the degree program. 

Degree: BS in Fire Science Management

Colorado State University offers a bachelor of science in fire and emergency service administration. It takes a brave individual to run into a burning building, and just as badly as we need those that can suit up and get into a hot zone, we need managers to stay behind and help coordinate the many aspects of responding to an emergency situation. With this online bachelor’s program in fire science, you will learn leadership and administrative skills that will aid you in becoming a skilled decision-maker while learning how to communicate during high-pressure situations. What makes this program interesting is this 120 credit hour program can be completed entirely online and in only two years. Applicants must have transfer credits to be accepted, as this is a completion program for students with an associate’s degree. Graduates of this degree program can work as emergency service managers, fire chiefs, and emergency medical professionals. Instructors are trained and experienced fire service professionals that can impart real-life experiences for the student to learn from. t

Degree: B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services Administration


Pierce College

Pierce College offers a bachelor of science in fire service leadership and management. The entire coursework is given to students via an online format. The subject area includes physics, fire service leadership, and fire service administration. Each student must complete 120 credit hours of a combination of general education courses, liberal arts electives, and major coursework. Pierce College has classified this bachelor’s degree as an incumbent worker program, this means that they encourage members of the armed forces, fire service professionals, and those with an associate’s degree or bachelor’s credits. Applicants are required to maintain a 2.5 GPA to qualify for acceptance. The goal of this program is to train existing fire service professionals to transition to roles in management and leadership positions. All the courses in the program are following the educational standards set by the FESHE and the NFPA. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Services Leadership and Management

Western Illinois University offers a bachelor of science in fire protection services that are FESHE compliant. This recognized program means that the coursework is set by the United States Fire Academy and are the standard procedure for fire departments. This program is offered on-campus and online, the online option is a flexible convenient option for working professional and working students. Graduates of this degree advance to positions within the fire department as arson investigators, firefighters, or wildland firefighter. Please note that to be able to take the online option, students must specialize in the fire administration option. Any other concentrations will result in on-campus study and labs. The university general education curriculum requires students to take 43 credit hours of coursework. Fire administration has a very important leadership role in the hierarchy of the fire service. Ket topic of study will include but are not limited to, data gathering and analytical assessment of data gathered, the practices of fire suppression, fire prevention, and the legal and ethical foundations of fire service. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Protection Services

The University of Nebraska at Omaha has a bachelor of science in Emergency management offered by the college of public affairs and community service. While most bachelor programs in this field are on campus this degree is both on-campus and online. Emergency management is married to disaster science, the premise is to understand how we as a people respond to large scale natural or man-made disasters. General education courses are 46 credit hours, core fire prevention courses are 30 hours and 15 credits are dedicated to specialization courses of the students choosing. Students can specialize in logistic management, nonprofit management, and much more, refer to the school website for a complete list of specializations. Please note not all specialization can be taken online. 

Degree: B.S. in Emergency Management

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte has a bachelor of science in engineering technology with a concentration in fire safety. This program is offered online to transfer students only, to be accepted into this distance learning program requires students to transfer in with an associates degree in fire protection, fire science or comparable program. Student with an associates in another discipline may still qualify but it will be necessary to take an extra 5 courses including a lab for degree completion. This 61 credit hour online program consists of 49 credits on technical and non-technical aspects of the study of fire and safety. 12 credits hours are dedicated to college curriculum general education coursework. The program is curated to serve those seeking leadership roles, as well as other careers in fire science. The coursework includes professional leadership seminars, state and local government, building fire safety and active fire protection. 

Degree: B.S. in Engineering Technology: Fire Safety

The University of Cincinnati offers a bachelor of science in fire safety engineering technology. They offer this through an open learning format, which allows students to take courses towards their bachelor’s degree from several participating regional institutions recognized by the U.S. Fire Administration, National Fire Academy. The school website lists a number of participating states. The open learning format allows students to take classes online even if the University of Cincinnati doesn’t offer them online. For admission into the bachelor’s program, potential students must have an associate’s degree, students with less than an associate’s degree but as many as 30 credits may be considered for admission. First-year students can only begin during the fall semester. UC offers special credit to candidates with on the job training or military training, they must develop a portfolio of experiences and learning and submit it for assessment. Time well spent if it earns you credits toward degree completion. 

Degree: BS in Fire Safety Engineering Technology

Purdue University offers a bachelor of science in fire science, entirely online. Each semester is 10 weeks long, with multiple start times throughout the year. This program is the best, an online bachelor in fire science like this one is unique. Purdue breaks each course in hours per week, so for each course students should spend between 15-18 hours per week in class. The fire science program is also recognized by the US fire administration as an official fire and emergency service higher education institute. The entire course of study is 180 credits, this program focuses a lot of their coursework on the major subjects, 110 credits are major coursework. Some of the courses students will take are disaster and fire defense planning, community risk reduction, fire protection structure, and system design. This program is accredited by the international fire service administration. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Science

Utah valley University offers a bachelor of science in emergency services administration both online and on campus. This program gives students the foundational knowledge needed to pursue a career as a fire service professional. Students will have the option of choosing one of three specializations within emergency service administration: emergency management and disaster assistance, emergency leadership, and emergency care. This program is also geared toward current public service professionals like police officers and firefighters, and emergency medical professionals that are interested in advancing their careers. The online option is attractive to working professional because they can attend classes without it interrupting their communities to the public. The length of time it may take to complete this degree is two to three years, with summer classes. Choosing this career is the best online bachelors in fire science you can hope to get. 

B.S. in Emergency Services Administration

The University of Wisconsin -Oshkosh offers a bachelor of applied science in fire and emergency response management. This program is an online gem, national accredited for the next five year, by the international fire service accreditation congress. Fire and emergency response management degree can be achieved in two year if applicants are transferring in with an associates degree or 60 credits. University wisconsin bachelor degree in fire and emergency response offers students an education in the coordination and management focus on the recovery and response aspects of fire service. Online degrees are an effective format for the working professional that wants to advance in the field of fire service. There is a specialization in fire service management of emergency management. It is important to have skills as a community response professional that can relate political and ethicality when interacting with disaster victims.    

Degree: B of A.S. in Fire and Emergency Response Management

New Jersey City University offers a bachelor of science in fire science. This degree is considered one of a kind, the study of fire science will prepare students to be firefighter and fire officers. The mission of this degree is to learn how to improve and develop these practices for the purpose of participating in community resilience and responding to a variety of complex emergency situations. The entire program can be completed with the successful matriculation of 120 credit hours. The required coursework is offered online. Courses are offered on an annual cycle, meaning some classes can only be taken in the fall or spring semesters. The benefits of study in this field through the online format allow professionals to schedule classes when it is convenient for the student. Taking the reins of their learning experience. Advancement in fire service starts with obtaining a bachelor’s in fire science, by learning how to apply leadership and skill into practice and policy.

Degree: BS in Fire Science

Liberty University’s bachelor of science in fire science administration degree is completely online. To be listed as a best online fire science degree program, what does it take? Well let start with the facts of the program, the degree is a 120 credit hours split between Major courses, core courses, and general education course. Each course is offered in 8 week sessions, through an online format. The study of fire science administration teaches students how to be a skill fire service personnel that can fill the growing need for managers and emergency response administrators. Another fast fact is this program can be completed in 3 ½ years for student that do not have any credits to transfer in, of course the more credits you transfer in you can graduate much faster. When working learning in an online format having dedicated instructors to guide students through and to support them in curating their online education. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Science Administration

Eastern Kentucky University offers a bachelor in fire science is proudly stated as one of the few programs in this field. They encourage the matriculation of dedicated persons to become leaders in the fire service, by receiving in depth training from Eastern kentucky university. The entire degree is offered online, so if you can’t or don’t feel like traveling to campus for classes, an online format is a way to continue to advance your career. The entire coursework is 120 credits hours, there are also degree enhancement options available. Degre enhancements certifications can get graduates an edge over other candidates. One thing students ask about with online programs are tutoring and career services, well EKU has it covered they offer online tutoring and career services. Classes are offered in accelerated 8 week courses. Students will study courses like, fire prevention,legal aspect of fire & safety, technical report writing for emergency services. Each of these programs will help student toward becoming fire service professionals.  

Degree: Bachelor’s in Fire Science

Eastern Oregon University offers both a bachelor of science and art in fire service administration. This online program is extremely reasonable in price as the cost per credit is $256. The rigorous 180 credit hour program takes four years to complete. To accelerate the program students can transfer up to 135 credits from another program. Eastern Oregon University teaches fire administration by splitting up coursework into two parts lower and upper-division courses. Teaching the courses are experienced fire chiefs and field professionals. When entering into a highly competitive career it’s important to make sure your education is accredited and something to brag about. Eastern Oregon University has a lot to brag about, they are recognized by Fire and Emergency Services Higher Education, while also meeting standards by the national fire protection Association.

Degree: B.S. or B.A. in Fire Services Administration

Upper Iowa University has a bachelor of science in public administration offered as a hybrid program. This requires students to take classes in-person and online. The top question is what can you do with a public administration best online fire science degree program? Well, what can’t you do with this degree? Public administration is at the center of the beating heart of civilizations all over the world. To say the least, candidates can pursue a variety of careers with this degree, namely a public policy analyst and a  firefighter. Taking this pathway to become a firefighter will increase the chances of walking into a supervisory role with a fire department. Some facts of the program, faculty to student ratio is 13 to 1 ratio, small class size ensure the student will receive a focused hands-on experience. Students have several choices as far as concentrations, you can select from emergency management, fire science, and law enforcement, or policy and politics. 

Degree: B.S. in Public Administration

Columbia Southern University offers a bachelor of science in fire administration. The program is offered online, the 120 credit hours program allows up to 90 credits to be transferred in order to go towards the completion of the degree. They also have a start anytime you want with lifepace learning that allows enrollment to begin any time the student is ready. The fire administration program lays the foundational learning concepts for leadership. The program is recognized by the FESHE and follows the curriculum models. Upon completion of this program students will be able to use principals of fire chemistry to estimate their effect on emergency situations. Another key aspect of the learning outcome from this subject area, are synthesized community risk reduction methods so as to help prevent casualty and property loss in fire emergencies. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Administration

Fayetteville State University has a bachelor in fire and emergency service administration. As the world continues to grapple with climate change we have to begin to stack the deck against emergency incidents and natural disasters by continuing to support and encourage fire service professionals. The broadwell college of business and economics, through the department of management marketing, and fire and emergency services adminsration curated a program that would do just that. There are some key skills that make an exceptional fire service professional, problem solving skills, and a solid understanding of what impact theoretical learning has on practical situations. The chief of the department works very closely with all of the students. This program is affordable and online, for a more in depth look at the school and the program more information is generously populated on the schools website. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire and Emergency Services Administration

Anna Maria College offers a bachelor of science in fire science that is offered entirely online. This course of study trains students to effectively intervene in a myriad of disaster and emergency situations. This can include even events like hazardous materials spills and arson. The coursework offers advanced classes that will qualify students to be leaders in protection, safety, management, and emergency interventions. Other skills that are embedded into the curriculum include understanding ethics, legal issues, as well as the psychological impact of emergency situations. All of these program aspects will prepare students for a variety of careers in the field. In fact, graduates will prepare to gain employment in careers such as fire investigator, fire service trainer, fire prevention educator, fire marshal, fire investigator, fire chief, among others. Anna Maria has an accelerated master’s degree program that can be accomplished alongside the bachelors. 

Degree: B.S in Fire Science

Waldorf University offers a Bachelor of Science and a bachelor of applied science in fire science administration that is entirely online. As one of the best online bachelors in fire science, it offers a sense of freedom when students can schedule around their busy schedule. Degree program splits coursework between general education and fire science. Students will tackle subjects like fire investigation analysis, fire investigation, management, along with the principles of emergency management services. These classes are at the center of the learning as it is this information that will get students advancement within the fire department. A popular next step with this program is to transfer to Waldorf’s FESHE recognized master’s degree program. 

Degree: BS/BAS in Fire Science Administration

Idaho State University offers a bachelor of science program in fire services administration where all of the core and non- core courses are delivered entirely online. They pride themselves on the fact that 100 percent of their graduates from the previous year are either employed or have continued their education. All online courses are delivered using the ZOOM and Moodle learning portals. There are many financial aid opportunities for students in the program including scholarships and grants. Some of the courses offered include: Fire prevention, principles of emergency services, fire administration, legal aspects of fire service, building construction and fire protection, fire behavior and combustion, fire protection systems, and principles of fire emergency safety and survival. In order to accomplish the degree, students must finish 37 general education requirements. In order to effectively participate in the program, students must have a computer with a minimum of 20 MB free. 

Degree: B.S. in Fire Services Administration

Eastern New Mexico University offers a bachelor of applied arts and science in fire and emergency services program. This course of study offers a dynamic approach to leadership, as most people who find this program are seeking advancement in the field. The entire program is made up of 10 courses that are delivered in a flexible online format. Students should be able to complete the entire program in two years time. The prerequisite for this program is an associates in applied arts or sciences degree with a vocational or technical major from a Council of Higher Education (CHEA) organization. The other concentration in this particular pathway is emergency management. There is clearly quite a bit of crossover between that and fire and emergency services. Graduates have gone on to become instructors, training officers, state directors, administrators, chief officers, managers, and fire and EMS supervisors. 

Degree: B.A.A.S in Fire and Emergency Services Concentration

The Northwestern State University of Louisiana has a Global Campus that offers a bachelor of science program in unified public safety administration and a concentration in fire and emergency medical service administration. This program offers three other concentrations. This program is designed to help students be prepared to emerge into fields within state, federal as well as local agencies. Students will be highly trained to meet the challenges of new breeds of crime that come from increased threats of cybersecurity as well as threats to homeland security. Some of the skills offered in the coursework include fire services, analytical skill-building, gathering intelligence effectively, fire services, policing, security services, proactive planning, and emergency management. This program is offered through the department of criminal justice, history, and social sciences. Full-time public safety personnel and law enforcement agents are able to get a fee reduction. 

Degree: B.S. in Unified Public Safety Administration – Fire and Emergency Medical Service Administration 

How Do I Choose a Fire Science Degree Program?

The above list has several degree programs for students to consider. Although the overwhelming question is how do I choose the best school for a fire science degree? There is no easy answer, choosing a degree program is essential to future success in your career. Taking your time and not rushing is a key factor in making a good decision. So to get started, it is important for potential students to assess what it is they are looking for in a degree program. An on-campus or online experience? Large classroom size or intimate classroom? What skill sets do you want to improve on? Once you have grounded and fully understand what you need out of a program, assess cost vs reputation. Higher education can be a political landscape of class and influence and at times it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. So how do you choose a school that has all those advantages without breaking the bank? To assess the school program in terms of class size and accreditation. Accreditation at times speaks to the influence or connections the school has in the field you are studying. When considering a degree program, speak with the professors, find people that inspire you, at times what makes a student experience exceptional are the professors they learn from. University departments will have profiles on all of the professors you will be working with, look them up, read their ratings, become as familiar with the department faculty as you can. The bottom line is, this is your education. You can decide what is the best fire science bachelor’s degree for you!

Where is the best place to get a fire science degree? 

Location, location location! It’s everything, especially when considering the best college for a fire science degree program. Studies show that a high percentage of students stay or live in the areas they went to school for a period of time or even settling in the area permanently. The same goes for online programs. Students become a part of a community when they choose a college program and even more so when considering fire science. Discovering your passion is the key to pinning down a location. The best place to get a fire science degree can be answered by asking another question: what do you want to do? As we touched on, in the above rankings, each program leads to a certain career pathway. Wildland firefighters, public policy administrators, emergency medical technicians, emergency management administrators. Also in what sector do you want to work, public, private, or the nonprofit sector? All these options are available to students studying fire science, so once you narrow down a career path, you can discover the place that is in the greatest need and set your sights on that area. Whether you are a young learner or a professional adult learner it is important to have a place you can work after you make the investment of completing a bachelor’s degree in fire science. 


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Ready to start your journey?