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Attending community college is the gateway to so many opportunities for a variety of students. Community colleges cater to not just those who have recently completed their high school education, but many adult learners embark on an academic journey by way of community college. Like younger students out of high school, many adult learners are interested in eventually transferring from a community college education to a four-year degree program at a post-secondary institution, though many just want to take a few classes that interest them or gain credits towards a vocation. The good news is community colleges are all over the country, and it is often easy to find one near you that will fit the bill. Many have transfer programs embedded into their programming, making it easy to move into a four-year program with ease. 

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A nice consideration in regard to community colleges is there is often no application process and no selection. An open-door policy is nice when there is so much red tape to engage in many academic endeavors. Don’t forget to look at scholarships that might support your academic endeavors. We have made a Best Online Community College ranking for you to make your search a little easier. The following schools are ranked according to the following metric:

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Student Success Rate

The nice thing about this best online community college list is that the schools, in many cases, can be anywhere, and you can study from the comfort of your home. Many of these offerings are incredibly flexible and convenient for learners who have demanding lives. 


Northcentral Technical College

There is more to central Wisconsin than the beautiful woods, lakes, and hills that come along with a thriving small-town feel. Northcentral Technical College has a 100-year history, with 6 campus locations in Wausau, Antigo, Medford, Phillips, Spencer, and Wittenberg. They have several other locations including a wood technology center of excellence and an agriculture center of excellence. They offer comprehensive training, whether your interest is obtaining a degree, certification, training, or professional development there are over 190 program options to choose from. They also have an apprenticeship program, adult basic education, and dual credit in which highschool students can attend and receive high school and college credits. However, they offer a large portion of those programs online. Striving to make education more accessible, the best online community college can offer a variety of programs, via a stable user-friendly web-based platform, northcentral technical college does just that. 

Online Degree Programs: 62


Ivy Tech Community College-Downtown Indianapolis

Ivy Tech Community College is an institution that shifts with the needs of their community, founded in 1968 as a vocational college. Now they offer over 100 programs that transfer to four-year universities all over the country. With over 40 locations they serve as many as 75 communities with educational resources. Vocational training, workforce development, and adult continuing education are all huge parts of the resources they provide to communities throughout Indiana. This is one of the best online community colleges, their online programs include 58-degree offerings. The convenience allotted to students through their online courses, over 1000 course offerings, is a game-changer so some individuals. Fully accredited by the high Learning commission they take their effectiveness in regards to curriculum and technology very seriously. Their mission has set a high bar, world-class affordable education. This dedication to that mission is creating Ivy Tech a powerhouse for the workforce. 

Online Degree Programs: 58


Minnesota State Community and Technical College

As a member of the Minnesota State System, Minnesota State Community and Technical College exceed all standards of excellence. This best online community college operates in four different locations, they also have perfected their online offerings with over 40 degrees and more than 200 courses offered entirely online. Helping shape promising futures is their purpose, they don’t shy away from the challenges of taking on that mission. Workforce Development training is offered online as well, they deliver more than 100,00 hours of training to more than 6000 students. They have implemented a CARE initiative to support the mental, emotional, and physical health of each student. They understand and support the myriad of challenges that come with committing to achieving a success story. There is a special starting point for each student, placement testing is a part of the enrollment process. ACT/SAT can make you eligible to waive placement testing. 

Online Degree Programs: 41


Minnesota West Community and Technical College

Deciding to pursue an education for the purpose of having a career takes commitment, Minnesota West Community and Technical College is committed to partnering with the community of Granite Falls, Minnesota. For more than 30 years this best online community college has operated as a vocational school serving as the community’s educational resource. While supporting the needs of the industry and the citizens to promote career development and deliver comprehensive in-demand industry instruction. One of the ways they have risen to the community’s need for accessible and affordable education is the implementation of online courses. Utilizing the web-based Brightspace platform they offer courses in nursing, emergency medical technician, accountant, and business management. They have 36 fully online degree programs that can be taken on a schedule you design to guarantee success.

Online Degree Programs: 36


North Hennepin Community College

Learning online has taken over North Hennepin Community College, they have cultivated an innovative online experience for their community. Packaging this vision into a digital format took the skills of the experienced faculty and staff. What makes this the best online community college is the idea that propels this institution forward, opportunity, educational resources, and achievement. They deliver 33 online programs which is a huge offering, this includes continuing education, workforce development, and degree programs. These courses include art and design, data science, nursing, and medical lab technician. To ensure their capability of providing industry-standard curriculums, they have undergone a rigorous accreditation assessment by the Higher Learning Commission. There are over 9000 enrolled students, the average class size is a 20:1 student-to-teacher ratio. With 70% of students receiving financial aid, with scholarships and loan options available as well affordability remains a huge part of making education accessible. 

Online Degree Programs: 33

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San Joaquin Delta College

One of the best online community colleges in Stockton, California is San Joaquin Delta College, which maintains access to vocational training and continuing education. What is special about community college is it’s affordable, and a ground floor entrance to a variety of industry knowledge. They boost resources that include an educational center called Mountain center, a Manta center, a center devoted to agriculture, agribusiness, and animal husbandry. They have partnered with Lodi High school to offer general education classes, and with correctional facilities to deliver college credit courses to incarcerated individuals. They understand the only way to make educational courses accessible is for them to be offered in a variety of ways. They have utilized a web-based platform called CANVAS to offer students online degrees and programs. Students are set up with a success coach to start their online learning journey. They have 31 online programs to choose from. 

Online Degree Programs: 31


The Community College of Baltimore County

Pull off the training wheels and get aggressive about achieving your career goals. The Community College of Baltimore County is ambitiously delivering resources to a thriving community. This best online community college can prepare students to transfer to a four-year college, enter into the workforce, or take their career in a new direction. They provide services to over 54,000 students in 6 different locations. Along with a myriad of on-campus learning options, they deliver as many as 31 online programs for those that need a more flexible learning format. With an online option, students also have flexible start dates, 15 different start dates so students don’t have to wait to begin their online courses. Available areas of study are business, industry and entrepreneurship, teacher education, technology, and wellness, and hospitality. At $122 per credit hour, the Community College of Baltimore County is a low-cost affordable option, for an increased chance of high returns. 

Online Degree Programs: 31


Wake Technical Community College

 The capital county of North Carolina has an impressive resource in Wake Technical Community College. They are in receipt of service to more than 70,000 community members across six campuses. They also hold an excellent catalog of degrees and programs, with over 200 to choose from. Their workforce development and continuing education sector also offer non-credit courses in IT healthcare, hospitality public safety and so much more. As institutions try to respond to the growing difficulties of the pandemic they have doubled down on online college. They have long since realized the potential of establishing a comprehensive online college, which is why they are #1 in the country for the number of online programs courses certificates, and degrees they offer as a community college. This is the best online community college, offering 29 online programs and even more courses and certificates. Their resources are endless, technical, support online learning assessment, and extensive online communication tools that provide a direct line to faculty. 

Online Degree Programs: 29


Central New Mexico Community College

At Central New Mexico Community College you will be at the center of it all. It is categorized as one of the largest community colleges in the country. Yet for individuals who would find it difficult to get to campus online learning is a perfect choice. This best online community college offers more than just the best option of flexible affordable online programs. They have crafted a digital space for not only online students to learn but for all of the students to benefit from this 24-hour access to materials and resources. Whether you are a transfer student, enrolled for adult education, continuing education, or workforce development training you can use the online platform to achieve your goals. While they offer more than 200 associates, degrees, certificates, and diplomas, they have narrowed their online offering down to 28 online programs. They have six schools, or areas of study applied technologies, business and information technology, communication, adult and general education, health wellness and public safety, math science, and engineering. 

Online Degree Programs: 28


Southwestern Oregon Community College

Southwestern Oregon Community College has a mission that speaks to something uniquely present in a global community, the desire to move forward, to advance. They understand that to advance, having the right skills are important. Developing the skills to be a lifelong learner is the foundation to building a career. This best online community college offers more than 70 programs. Until recently online degrees were not a popular method of learning, now it is the lifeline that allows institutions to keep feeding the education pipeline. Through online learning, students can attend class and achieve credit for courses all from the comfort of their home. They use a platform called Learning Management System, as a communication line to faculty, coursework, and student-to-student interactions. They offer comprehensive support to individuals considering online learning, while online learning is more convenient students will have to engage with coursework as much as attending class on-campus. 

Online Degree Programs: 28


Chemeketa Community College

Nestled in the heart of Salem Oregon Chemeketa Community College, which means you are welcome here, stands apart. Each year they offer thousands of individuals the opportunity to attend tuition-free. High school students take advantage of free dual credit courses that allow families to save millions on college tuition. This best online community college even has a Chemeketa Press that publishes books at a lower cost saving students money each year they are enrolled. They have several locations for students to attend, one of them is Chemeketa Online. Their online learning platform is as accepting as their tuition policy. With over 1200 online courses, they use CANVAS as their online platform. With 29 online degrees and certificates, individuals have a lot to choose from if online learning is a better option than on-campus learning. They also have a correction education program along with continuing education and workforce development training. 

Online Degree Programs: 27


Tulsa Community College

If you are looking for an institution that is ready to become an invested partner in your education, Tulsa Community College is always looking to diversify its portfolio. It’s hard to imagine one college can have it all. Yet they have checked all the boxes, state-of-the-art facilities, multiple campus locations, affordable and the student body of 23,000 students each year guarantees an engaging campus experience. They also manage a foundation that raises funds as tuition support. The top feature of the best online community college is its online campus. Online learning is not for everyone, that is why they have online student resources to assess if learning online is right for you. Once you have committed to flexible, affordable, and no boundaries learning, students can choose from 27 online degrees and certificates. There is also the option of attending a blended class with some of the course completely online and the other portion done in person. When the institution’s motto is, everyone can learn, you can be sure your education is in good hands.

Online Degree Programs: 27


Fox Valley Technical College

For over 100 years the community in Appleton Wisconsin has trusted Fox Valley Technical College. They are the best online community college to receive high-tech workforce training that prepares you for a career. There are no shortages, with over 200 programs to choose from. The resources seem to be endless with business and industry services, public safety training, growing business resources, and the national criminal justice training center. They are fully accredited by the higher learning commission, they also hold other accreditations required for certain occupational areas of study. The faculty and staff are as much a part of the benefits of this institution, providing excellence in the classroom have been their primary mission. They have 26 online programs including an online instructor-supported format. Coursework is available 24/7 through their online learning management system blackboard. This platform is also mobile-friendly so you can assess coursework and communication from your mobile device. 

Online Degree Programs: 26


Lenoir Community College

Closing the gap between dream and reality takes time resources and commitment. Lenoir Community College understands it takes a lot to get an education, some student challenges they alleviate are affordability and access. They operate in multiple locations and online. This is the best online community college to develop self-worth and community partnership. Fully accredited by the Southern Association of colleges and schools commission on colleges. Innovation is the pathway towards success, fulfilling each individual need of the student by rethinking the way to teach. Their faculty and staff assist students in developing a realistic educational plan. Continuing education, workforce development, degrees, and certification programs there is something for everyone. Online programs are a convenient option for all types of students. The online format doesn’t support all programs but they have 26 programs online currently. Program in transportation and aviation, healthcare and nursing, public safety, and human services. 

Online Degree Programs: 26


Northland Community and Technical College

Getting started with Northland Community and Technical College is the first step in a long life full of good choices. They are a two-year community and technical college with over 4,500 students. They offer career training in the top in-demand industries, in programs like Aerospace, Agriculture, Automotive & Transportation, Building Trades, Business & Marketing, Education, Health & Human Services, Information Technology, Law & Public Safety, and Manufacturing. They are serving their community with an innovative drive to prepare all learners with work and life skills. Their online programs are no different, this best online community college delivers 26 programs via an online format. Breaking down the walls of the classroom to expand beyond the four walls of the school grounds, without sacrificing any of the resources. All of their online courses and degrees are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. From career and technical programs to customized training and liberal arts and transfer courses, there is something for everyone. 

Online Degree Programs: 26


Jefferson Community and Technical College

Jefferson Community and Technical College are building community through education. As an institution collaboration is important. Faculty and staff work together with students to create a personalized education plan that represents each individual need and goal. They are a part of a six-campus system, including an online campus. They are fully accredited by the Southern Association of colleges and schools commission on colleges. Their values are in line with community impact, continuous improvement, and academic excellence. This best online community college understands that education and life sometimes don’t mix. They have opened the door to innovation in the way of 25 online degree and certifications programs. Each program is structured to allow enrolled students to learn and complete their assignments online. This really creates a pathway to acceptance, inclusions, and success. They even offer online non-credit courses on the ed2go web-based platform. From Lineman training to CDL training, to accounting and finance. These courses are available in all areas of study. 

Online Degree Programs: 25


Ozarka College

Crafting a new version of education, Ozarka College one of the best online community colleges, requires president dedication and innovative thinking. Ozarka College is fully accredited by the High Learning Commission. They use a tool called college navigator to help student parents and high school counselors, along with many others, find information about the school. They have an open process admission, although students may have to test into certain programs offered at the school. One important part of the educational journey is financial aid paying for college is a big stressor for some families. At Ozarka College, 95% of students receive financial aid. They offer online programs as many as 25 via ed2go. This is another way they expand their reach into the community. 

Online Degree Programs: 25


Clovis Community College

Get a fresh start with Clovis Community College, they are a two-year technical college, they deliver continuing education courses, workforce development training, and seminars. They are located in Clovis, New Mexico, they have a kids museum, small business development center, and a career and development center. These resources are an integral part of the community and why students enroll.  They are also delivering degrees, associates, and certificates online. The best online community colleges are able to provide a complete experience to online students, Clovis Community College does just that. By using the web-based online learning platform students can communicate, share notes, and work on projects. Faculty will be able to develop a trusting rapport with students. They have 24 online programs some of the most popular are liberal arts and humanities, emergency care attendant, nursing. 

Online Degree Programs: 24


Riverland Community College

If you are asking yourself, how much is it to go to college? Riverland Community College is a great place to experience college without the high cost. They offer accessible affordable education to individuals of all levels. They have a firm belief that excellence in education can change lives. Their on-campus and online student clubs are the lifeblood of the institution. They keep in touch with their students and talk to them about wellness challenges, stress, and academic struggles. Building a line of open communication between the community, the student, and the institution. They have 25 degrees, diplomas, and certifications online. To enroll in this best online community college, Riverland helps you to identify where you are, by assessing your educational level. Studying online can be slightly more of an expense than on-campus attendance. Yet they also offer several financing options for students that need support to attend. Online programs include accounting, web developer, tax preparer, bookkeeper, or an associate of arts that can transfer seamlessly to any four-year college. 

Online Degree Programs: 24


Shoreline Community College

Located in shoreline Washington Shoreline Community College is making a lot of lemonade. Shoreline understands that sometimes the best decisions are made during challenging times. To support the community by acknowledging their diversity their differences and use that information to be better partners to the students and to the community. They are focused on providing transfer education to students interested in a bachelor’s degree. As well as professional and technical education, basic education for adults, and community education and training. These programs add up to more than 100 program options for anyone committed to getting educated for the enrichment of themselves and their community. What makes this the best online community college is its 24 programs online learning platform. Unlike some community colleges, they have been offering online instruction for the last 20 years. With a stellar online tutoring company service, an amazing faculty, and a selection of in-demand programs. Program options include accounting, criminal justice, health information technology and so much more.

Online Degree Programs: 24


Hudson Valley Community College

Hudson Valley Community College is challenging their community to be BOLD, their mission, to provide transformative educational opportunities. With a bar set that high it’s no wonder, it has so much to offer its community and its students. They have more than 80 degrees and certificate programs, along with technical career training in industry-standard facilities and labs. This best online community college has been striving towards transformative educational practices for 60 years. Their online programs are no less well throughout, with 23 online programs students are not limited to in-person on-campus instruction to complete their learning goals. They can use a web-based learning platform called blackboard to deliver their online courses. Students can also access their grades, advisor communication, and student-to-student interactions all from one location, online. Associates and certificate programs are also available online, programs in study areas such as accounting, business administration, dental assisting, and teaching assistant. 

Online Degree Programs: 23


Lakeshore Technical College

Move into a new career with Lakeshore Technical College, their focus is providing education for local careers. They offer more than 70 programs in 13 career areas, including dual credit for high school students and workforce training for businesses and other organizations. On top of that Lakeshore Technical College offers adult basic education for individuals that did not finish high school. Apprenticeship programs are also a huge part of the learning options at Lakeshore Technical College. But what makes this the best online community college is there 23 online programs offered on a web-based learning platform called blackboard. Their 100% online programs allow students to learn on their schedule. While online learning is super convenient it can also be challenging so Lakeshore offers online student resource support, technical support and so much more. Discover your educational plan with a trained academic advisor to map out a pathway that works for you. 

Online Degree Programs: 23


Western Wyoming Community College

In 2019 they celebrated their 60th year, this public two-year institution has a lot to celebrate. Western Wyoming Community College is fully accredited by the Northcentral Association of College and schools. Since 1959 they have encouraged academic excellence, promoted innovative learning styles, and propelled the community forward. They offer on-campus residency and a thriving campus student life, with clubs, projects, and community outreach accessible to each interested student. This best online community college is breaking down boundaries in its home location of rock springs Wyoming. They offer comprehensive technical training to individuals interested in expanding their career options. They also offer online learning to students that need a flexible learning platform. They have shaped their online offering down to 23 programs, students will also be able to take online courses towards an individual educational goal. Striving for academic excellence can be challenging without financial support; they offer a range of funding options. 

Online Degree Programs: 23


Cerro Coso Community College

Cerro Coso Community College is one part of a three-college system located in Ridgecrest, California. Equipped with student housing, college centers, and online options for all of the 85,000 community members they serve. Cerro Coso takes a more direct approach in its mission to improve the experience of its students. They collaborate with the student to ensure their educational experience is exactly what they want it to be. While their resources serve a greater need than providing education to their students, the lives and educational success of their students will have a direct impact on the enrichment of the community. This best online community college has 22 online programs it offers to students, they deliver coursework through an online web-based platform called CANVAS. This offers a level of freedom in crafting an educational plan. The main benefit of online learning is the flexibility to choose a course schedule that fit the need and demands of your life without needing to travel to campus each week. 

Online Degree Programs: 22


Herkimer County Community College

Situated in the Catskills mountains, Herkimer County Community College is a two-year technical program dedicated to closing the educational divide. More than two-thirds of their students transfer to four-year colleges, allowing each student to save thousands of dollars on tuition. They offer over 40 degrees and certificates in a variety of career areas. This is the best online community college as more than half of their available programs are offered online as well. 21 degrees, 3 certificates, and over 150 courses delivered via an online format. To ensure that students can handle the rigors of online learning, it is recommended they take an online readiness quiz. Students will also qualify for financial aid even though they are registered as online students. Their online student center and online student resources are helpful in being successful at online learning. 

Online Degree Programs: 22

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Kansas City Kansas Community College

When going back to school most individuals have a lot of questions, yet with Kansas City Kansas Community College, the facts are clear. Located in Kansas City, Kansas serving over 8,000 students annually, they awarded over 15 million dollars in financial aid to students. Kansas City Kansas Community College has a keen focus on workforce development, with 100 plus programs, certificates, and basic adult education courses. Thye offer one-year and two-year degrees and certificates that can be transferred to a four-year university or college. The top five programs are nursing, business administration, physical therapy, business, and culinary arts. They have designed a rigorous online learning resource for busy student, although online courses are flexible they are not self-paced. Students can access course material 24/7 from where they are with internet access. Online courses require weekly assignments, reading, and posting just like on-campus courses, online students have the aid of technical support of any learning management system issues. 

Online Degree Programs: 21


Klamath Community College

Klamath Community College is cultivating a center of resources for the student community and businesses in Klamath Falls, Oregon. Fully accredited by the Northwest Commission on College and Universities. Striving to meet diversity head-on, by providing accessible education and resources. They began their mission in 1991 with an integral goal to improve jobs and the local economy. Today they are one of the best online community colleges, their variety of online courses can lead to as many as 20 different degrees or certifications. Equipped with a gambit of resources for online students, including an online bookstore, academic advisors, and career center. Tackling going back to school is a difficult feat when considering the time commitment. Online learning offers an on-campus experience from home, or from wherever you are. There are plenty to choose from with eight distinct areas of study, students can build towards a career or transfer to a university or college. 

Online Degree Programs: 20


Macomb Community College

Welcome to the mecca of all technical colleges, located in Warren Michigan Macomb Community College doesn’t leave you guessing. Serving over 38,000 students annually, they are a bachelor and master university center. Which is a national partner with four-year universities all over the country. They are dedicated to supporting the financial needs of their students, more than 250 scholarships are awarded to only Macomb Students. Being the best online community college is a tough position to be in, yet it has its perks, more than 100 degrees, and certificates for one. Along with 20 online degrees and countless courses to choose from. Workforce development and continuing education programs are a huge part of the services offered to the community. They act as a public service institute and training site for federal and state public safety agencies. The Michigan technical education center is hosted by Macomb Community college as one of the 18 in the state. 

Online Degree Programs: 20


Owensboro Community and Technical College

If attending an organized, professional, college with an outstanding reputation is what you are looking for in a college, Owensboro Community and Technical College is all of that and more. This best online community college is taking names and teaching them. Located in Owensboro Kentucky, their mission has led the way they have shaped their educational resources, inspiring and empowering individuals and it will transform their life. Their education and training programs include workforce development, continuing education, adult basic education, and two-year degrees and certificates, that can transfer to a four-year college. They also have an online learning format that gives students yet another method of delivery for their course load. It can be hard to make time for school online courses to give students the freedom to study when they can. They operate on several different campuses, so this also gives students more course options when organizing their educational plan. 

Online Degree Programs: 20


Alexandria Technical & Community College

Take a step towards being legendary, craft your own educational experience with trained advisors, choose from a variety of learning formats to suit your time commitments, Alexandria Technical & Community College. This best online community college is supporting the community with accessible, affordable, and professional educational resources. Whether you have it all figured out or you are just starting out there are several pathways available for students to succeed. Transfer with a two-year degree, or join the workforce faster with one-year certificates or diplomas. They have a variety of online programs, 19 in total that students can choose from. Heir customized training is built to help individuals from all walks of life. Their senior college is especially a proud asset to the institution and its surrounding community. Financial aid is accepted for online students. If you don’t have a laptop that is not a problem, schools have an IT department that will lease equipment to students. Inducing a health and wellness initiative that has a full-time counselor on staff to support students. 

Online Degree Programs: 19


Elizabethtown Community and Technical College

Elizabethtown Community and Technical College is another Kentucky gem, located in Elizabethtown Kentucky, this best online community college is inspiring students to academic excellence. The college is providing educational resources to 10 counties and has recently implemented new programs, such as robotics, health science technology, agricultural technology, and hospitality. These new in-demand programs will help provide a training skilled professional workforce for the area most in need in the surrounding area. Their online learning programs are delivered via a web-based platform called blackboard. They have 19 online programs, including online degrees, certificates, and diplomas. They strive to ensure that online students are receiving an equal experience to on-campus students. The benefits of online learning are endless, yet students must be prepared to work online, submitting assignments, post boards, and communicating with students and faculty. Their virtual campus provides technical support, academic advising, and access to financial aid and scholarship options for students. 

Online Degree Programs: 19


Lane Community College

Join the movement towards success at Lane Community College, their mission is simple. It echoes the primary focus for community colleges nationally, promoting student success by providing comprehensive learning opportunities. From the quiet beauty of the Willamette Valley Oregon, Lane community college is striving to be the best online community college by offering 19 online programs to students. Long before the pandemic Lane Community College saw how online learning could create a pathway to success for those that wanted to commit to learning but didn’t have the flexibility due to time constraints. Their courses are managed on a web-based learning platform called Moddle. Their students engage with coursework materials, interact with fellow students, and communicate with faculty. Not only can they take courses online but almost all of the enrollment process can be conducted online, allowing students to not have to travel to campus. 

Online Degree Programs: 19


Ocean County College

Here to take education seriously, Ocean County College, a public two-year community college. For over 40 years they have strived to improve the local economy by supporting free college initiates and workforce development training. More than 60% of graduates transfer to four-year universities effectively saving their families thousands of dollars in their first two years of college. Being the best online community college has not been the primary focus; it’s sort of one of the many perks of professional and successful execution of their mission. E-learning, as they call it in Ocean county college, does more than provide online courses for online, hybrid classes. They are responsible for most of the online resources available to all students. The e-learning program has hundreds of courses available that can lead to 19 different programs or certificates. Individuals interested in online learning can choose from business, paralegal studies, public service, and several other options including online certificates. 

Online Degree Programs: 19


Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College is offering quality, they are considered the best community colleges. Dedicating their resources and attention to providing a quality that students can feel proud about. Take online courses toward a transfer degree, or certificate or adult basic education. Online learning is not for everyone but there is a huge benefit for those that can handle the online format. One of the hardest things about college is the huge time commitment it requires to be successful. With the help of an online learning management system Blackboard students has access to 19 online degrees, these can range from child care, computers and technology, and healthcare. Online students also qualify to receive financial support to pay for courses each year. They support more than 74% of students to receive financial aid. Although online learning may allow for faculty members to take on more students than a classroom can hold, they understand that quality means making a personal connection in small classroom environments. This is why the average student to faculty ratio is 9:1. 

Online Degree Programs: 19


Chippewa Valley Technical College

This is where you can discover your passion, the driving force we all possess, yet takes some time to discover. At Chippewa Valley Technical College discovering your passion is the goal they have academic and career counselors along with placement tests that help give students an idea of their starting point and then where they can go from there. There are over 118 programs, 38 certificates, and 13 apprenticeships to choose from. They also have dual-credit options for highschool students and adult education services for those that don’t have a high school diploma. As one of the best online community colleges, Chippewa Valley Technical College is hitting the ground running with 18 program options available to enrolled students. These online programs are managed and delivered on their e-learning management system called CANVAS. Online programs include subject areas in liberal arts, business, healthcare, and so much more. 

Online Degree Programs: 18


Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College is a proud institution, they are confident and eager to share the promise of an endless number of accomplishments and resources. They serve 5,500 students per semester, who have access to 54 student clubs and organizations. They have 75 areas of study, from associate degrees to certificates to diplomas.  Their 18:1 student to teacher ratio is also a proud fact of their institution, it promotes quality in education and a fundamental belief in interconnected relationships among students and faculty. They are also considered one of the best online community colleges, along with their plethora of programs and resources they have 18 online programs and possibly more to offer due to the pandemic. To accommodate these program offerings they have more than 250 courses online. Online learning is a benefit to the entire campus and can be utilized by all students. 

Online Degree Programs: 18


Northeast Community College

If you are looking for a high-impact experience, that will help you align with the realities of the future, that produce a more responsible, accountable, and educated individual. Northeast Community College is a good place to start. Named one of the top ten community colleges in the county by the Aspen Institute. They are fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. They offer more than 130 programs, with 99% of graduates employed or accepted into a four-year university. This high rate of success for their student speaks directly to their dedication to excellence. This is one of the best online community colleges, offering 19 unique programs online through their CANVAS portal. An online learning management system, that students use to access course materials, turn in assignments, and communicate with other students and faculty. Before commuting to this choice Northeast Community college partners students with an enrollment specialist, that will guide students throughout the enrollment process. They also provide detailed information in regards to obtaining financial support. 

Online Degree Programs: 18


Northeast Wisconsin Technical College

Northeast Wisconsin Technical College has a vast and long history, their mission is to stimulate the local economy and beyond. This public two-year college serves 27,000 students each year. Their programs have 200 degrees to offer and more than 40 universities accepted their graduates into four-year programs. They run three main campuses, five regional centers, and specialty centers throughout the state. These resources are the defining foundation of the entire area. This best online community college has 18 distinct online programs and hundreds of online courses as well. With the online learning platform, the school can further their reach as students that were not able to due to location can now attend courses. Online resources are a huge lifeline in community colleges especially recently Northeast Wisconsin Technical college understands the need to invest in technology that will break down the walls of the classroom and expand their reach into the community. 

Online Degree Programs: 18


College of Southern Maryland

College of Southern Maryland is creating educational journeys for students and creating a pathway to careers and adventure. They offer more than 100 program options from associate degrees, certificates,  They offer six guided pathways, or six different areas of study to help individuals discover their educational pathway. Those include, arts and humanities, business and information systems, education and public service, health, science technology, engineering, and math, or trades, transportation, and energy. Students on average save over $29,000 in tuition by attending their first two years of college at College of Southern Maryland. Some of the best online community colleges don’t have some of the resources available with Colleges of Southern Maryland. They have 17 online programs and an online virtual campus they offer two types of instruction online. Web-based learning is a self-paced model in which students can access coursework and assignments, or a real-time instruction model in which students have to log in at certain times each day similar to taking classes online except online on the virtual campus. 

Online Degree Programs: 17


Rochester Community and Technical College

This is one of the oldest public two-year institutions, located in Rochester, Minnesota. Rochester Community and Technical College is one of 24 colleges and seven Universities that together make up the Minnesota State System. They offer several educational pathways to a career degree or workforce initiatives. Some of the pathways to choose from are liberal arts, STEM, law enforcement, and public safety, health and healthcare support services, and so much more. There are at least 70 programs students can choose from. This best online community college is also offering classes and programs that are delivered via an online format. They don’t discriminate online, students will have a choice between associate’s degrees, diplomas, or certificates. There are some basic adult education courses available online as well. Their online learning programs are all managed by Blackboard, a web-based online learning management system. Becoming an online student will not prohibit individuals interested in online learning from obtaining financial aid. 

Online Degree Programs: 17


West Kentucky Community and Technical College

Become part of a family, West Kentucky Community and Technical College is one big family. They have wholesome missions, advance academic excellence through collaboration. The big picture view is if one person does well means we all do well. This is one big family, with 4,895 students enrolled each year. Some of their most popular areas of study are nursing, liberal arts and sciences, criminal justice, and information technology. This best online community college has all the right tools to help individuals realize their best self through education. Online learning is convenient and opens doors for students that do not fit within the on-campus experience.  Students attending online also have support in discovering all the financial aid options available to them. There is no shortage of funds, with 94% of students receiving financial aid each year. 

Online Degree Programs: 17


Western Iowa Tech Community College

It’s all about the money with Western Iowa Tech Community College their mission is to enhance the economy in their community by providing a comprehensive education. It’s a good plan because it works. For decades communities have enriched their workforce and quality of life for citizens through educational resources. This best online community college is tackling one of the most basic tenants of life, how to make a living. They support thousands of students each year to discover how they will enrich their environments for the better. One way they do this is through distance learning that expanded their reach. They have many course offerings that can build toward an online degree certificate or diploma. Where they stand out is they strive to model the same services they offer on-campus in their online distance learning services. From academic advisor online to online technical support. Some of the programs available online are, agriculture management, cybersecurity & digital crime, video game design, and human resource management. 

Online Degree Programs: 17


Casper College

For 75 years Casper College has been serving the educational needs of Casper Wyoming. With 147 degree programs available, as well as 8.7 million dollars in financial aid awarded each year they are working from a well-organized educational machine. Each year they enroll more than 3,000 students as full-time and part-time students, their enrollment demonstrates its importance to the community. This best online community college delivers all its online programs via interactive or pre-recorded video. They have 16 distinct online programs that can be completed entirely online. They have more programs that require some on-campus courses or 70% online programs. These online degrees and certificates are entirely off-campus, students won’t even have to come to campus for testing. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Chandler-Gilbert Community College

Choose diversity and a vibrant experience that Chandler-Gilbert Community College has to offer. With four locations and 70 degrees and certificate programs in some of the most popular industries, you are in good hands. They are considered one of the best online community colleges, in Chandler Arizona. Since 1985 they have been serving the community, as a fully accredited institution by the Higher Learning Commission. Their online and distance learning programs are the true asset to the school because they are offering options to those in the community that for whatever reason can not travel to class regularly. They also provide equipment and technical support for those that need support navigating the digital learning space. They offer several online resources in an effort to support new online students to adjust to the rigors of learning from home. Such as online libraries, online tutoring, and remote learning tools and tips. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Coastline Community College

Located in the beautiful Fountain Valley California, Coastline Community College they are one of the leading community colleges in online learning. Fully accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges of the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. A leader in innovation since day one for the last 45 years they have taught online. They offer the opportunity to obtain a degree online and transfer to any four-year university. They have 16 distinct online programs in several different areas of study. They operate their e-learning program through a web-based learning management system called CANVAS. Through CANVAS students can post and comment on boards, turn in assignments, attend courses, and access all their course materials. They offer more than 280 courses online, the benefits of online learning are endless, as students have found that they are able to truly discover themselves through the educational flexibility afforded to them by online learning. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


New Mexico State University-Doña Ana Community College

New Mexico State University-Doña Ana Community College operates on the campus of New Mexico state university and has over 100 degree and certificate programs to offer to their students. Their online and distance learning option is also innovative and creating newer pathways to education for the community. Online distance learning is about 99 dollars per credit to students, making it possible for instate students to save more on tuition and resources as they won’t have to travel to campus during the week. They have an open enrollment process that allows 100% of students that apply, a real advantage to those starting out with unique disadvantages in their education. This best online community college has as many as 16 online programs, in 8 areas of study. They also offer support to first-time online learners. An online learning checklist of sorts provides in-depth insight about online learning the equipment necessary, and internet requirements. They are ready to support you every step of the way. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Nicolet Area Technical College

When you see Nicolet Area Technical College you might think you are signing up for a two-year-long fishing trip as the campus is in Rhinelander, Wisconsin on the beautiful Lake Julia. So in between casting a line go to class. They are a public two-year community college that offers comprehensive educational resources for the enrichment of the citizens of the communities they serve. The history of Nicolet Area technical college offering online classes is about 15 years old, so they have honed their 16 programs offering to support students to transfer to four-year institutions or individuals that are looking for workforce development training. They offer a range of programs in different areas of study including certificates and diplomas. They are also ready to support the confusing process of applying for financial aid as 81% of their students receive financial aid. If you can pull yourself away for the amazing landscape online learning is a benefit to most everyone that attends Nicolet Area Technical College. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Onondaga Community College

Onondaga Community College was founded in 1961 as a two-year college with two campuses, their sprawling main campus is 280 acres of sports faculty and student facilities and campus housing in Syracuse, NY they are a part of the State University of New York college system. The cost per year is on average is a little more than $7,000. The core programs are offered by several different schools, each subject area is supported by a team that consists of specialists equipped to help students interest in pursuing their particular field of study. Online Learning is a huge aspect of learning at this best online community college, at least 16 programs delivered are 100% online. Business and Management is an entirely online program available at Onondaga Community College some others are healthcare management, medical assistants and technicians, legal studies, criminal justice, and information technology as well as many others. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Southern Arkansas University Tech

Southern Arkansas University Tech is one of the best online community colleges in Camden Arkansas. They have an open enrollment process that accepts 100% of applicants to the programs of their interest. Students without test scores or a high school diploma may have to take a placement test so that the advisor and individuals understand where their educational start point is. They offer on-campus housing, evening classes, and online learning options. Students are drawn to the school for the personalized educational resources offered, classroom size reflects their importance on making an impact, the average class size is a 13:1 student-teacher ratio. Their online campus offers a similar promise, with a web-based learning platform called Brightspace, students and faculty will gather, they will turn in assignments, and communicate with fellow students. The benefits of online learning are simple, the flexibility to learn where and when it is convenient for you. 

Online Degree Programs: 16


Thomas Nelson Community College

Thomas Nelson Community College is a fully accredited two-year institution by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. They serve the communities of Hampton, Newport News, Poquoson, and Williamsburg. Their mission is to change lives through education, they offer workforce and career development seminars and training. Associates degrees that can transfer to a four-year university and evening and online courses. They run an educational foundation that fundraises from private sources for the cost of tuition to be awarded to students enrolled at Thomas Nelson. This best online community college offers several online courses that can lead to up to 16 online degree certificates and diplomas. They have an online suite of services that include online tutoring advising, and library services. They also offer financial aid services, 63% of students receive financial aid. Business administration is a fully online program offered at Thomas Nelson Community College including other programs, cybersecurity, liberal arts, social science, human services, and web design. 

Online Degree Programs: 16

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Do Community Colleges Offer Online Degrees? 

There are many online community college options and even some for technical and trade schools that can be attended in the virtual format. Community colleges online come in many shapes and sizes. Some are entirely online with no on-campus visits, but you will find that some have classes that utilize an online learning format, while others still require personal learning for some classes. Many community colleges take into account the fact that the populations that they serve are often made up of non-traditional learners that require a fair amount of flexibility to make their education work. This premise is often embedded into the coursework of community college online degree programs. So, there are community colleges that offer online degrees and there are also completely online community college programs. 

What are the Advantages of Online Community College Courses? 

Online community college courses can be just the ticket for non-traditional and adult learners who have other life commitments to attend to beyond their education. Students who have children and are working while also achieving an education might have a harder time fitting the commute to campus into their schedules. The community college with online classes is a great fit for a variety of people, even the traditional learner who has the ultimate goal of transferring to a four-year degree program following completion of an associate’s.

Like traditional programs, community college online courses can be delivered in an asynchronous format, which means the coursework can be achieved when you want to do it, rather than logging into a live class. If this is something that would fit your needs better, look closely when searching for online classes for community college. Another advantage to community college with online classes is you can generally go at your own pace, taking one class at a time or a full course load, depending on what is best for you. When looking into classes that fit your needs, be sure to understand the delivery methods-including asynchronous versus synchronous, online, or hybrid, so you know what you are getting into and if it is a good fit for your current life circumstances. 

Are Online Courses as Good as Campus? 

It’s important when considering the quality to only look at accredited online community colleges. Accredited online community colleges have been vetted for quality, ensuring that the courses, curricula, and program pathways are appropriate to be transfer platforms to four-year degree programs at accredited four-year institutions of higher learning. Regionally accredited online community colleges are a great fit because they ensure the coursework is up to par for you to ultimately meet your goals. Even if you are interested in taking one class at a time, be sure to choose accredited online community college courses, because they will support you to engage in the fields you are studying on a professional level. This is a great gateway towards professional apprenticeships, as well as academic trajectories that are relevant to other higher education pathways. The vetting process for accreditation is comprehensive and, therefore well respected.


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