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The Best Online Doctors for College Students Telehealth Guide for 2021

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With all of the disruptions for the college students of 2020 and 2021, one overlooked impact was on healthcare. College students have long been able to take for granted that they will have access to their school clinic, but with many colleges closed, students are turning to other options – options like telemedicine. Just like staying fit in college and coping with the stress of being a student, healthcare is crucial to success in college. Telemedicine is a new way of keeping college students in the loop with their health.

What is Telemedicine? 

Telemedicine allows doctors and other medical professionals to deliver quality healthcare over mobile devices and other types of digital or electronic means. Patients can receive the quality care they need no matter where they are located. The medical professional and patient communicate over a secure network that allows them to discuss both health concerns and treatment options. Patients are able to receive the quality care they deserve without leaving the comfort of their own homes.

telehealth benefits for college students

What are the Benefits of Telehealth?

The benefits of telehealth services are far-reaching. Telehealth makes healthcare available to those who may not be able to travel to the doctor. It allows the doctor to come to them in a safe and secure method that protects their information and gives them everything they need to get back on the road to good health.

Another benefit of telehealthcare is that it allows patients the option to seek treatment for health concerns they may be uncomfortable talking about in person. This gives them the confidentiality they want and the healthcare they deserve without feeling shy or uncomfortable. Whether they talk over the phone or through a messaging or chat system, they get the answers they are looking for so they can take care of any problems they may have. They also get to play an active role in their own healthcare.

School Clinic Vs. Telemedicine Options 

College students now have the choice of visiting their school clinic or using a telemedicine option. For many students, privacy is the key. While the school clinic may be satisfactory in many cases, it may be rather limited in the types of care that it can offer. Choosing a telemedicine option opens the door to multiple types of healthcare. Students can choose to see a regular medical doctor or mental health or behavioral specialist. They can also choose from sports medicine, nutritional counseling, or any other type of medical category.

Do Online Doctor Services Use Real Doctors? 

Online doctor services use real medical doctors and provide the same quality healthcare a patient would receive if they scheduled an appointment and went to visit their doctor in person. The only difference is that the meeting is virtual with the doctor being in his own office and the patient staying in the comfort of their home. Telemedicine services allow vulnerable patients to receive the medical attention they need without putting themselves at further risk of an accident or illness.

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Is Telehealth Covered By Insurance? How Much Does it Cost?

Telehealth services are covered by insurance in many different areas. While there are options that involve self-pay methods, health insurance has opted to cover a large majority of services offered by telehealth providers. Many telehealth apps offer services for self-pay patients at a low monthly rate. When signing up for any of the apps, you will be asked if you are going to use insurance as one of your payment methods.

Why is Telehealth Useful for College Students?

Telehealth is extremely useful for college students, especially since they will not have to leave campus to visit the doctor. Telehealth apps are very versatile offering students a level of convenience that allows them to take care of their health concerns without having to worry about whether or not they will be missing a class or lecture. The fact that most telehealth services are covered by insurance or can be covered by a low monthly fee is also beneficial for students.

Are There Telehealth Providers for Mental Health? 

There are many telehealth apps that offer mental health care options for their patients. Some offer both general health care as well as mental health and behavioral healthcare. Telehealth services that offer mental health care options for their patients make it easier for them to seek treatment when it is needed the most. This is more than just a necessity or convenience. For many it is a lifeline they can rely on.

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What Are Some of the Best Telehealth Providers?

1. SteadyMD


SteadyMD is a reliable telemedicine service for all types of medical and mental health needs. Patients can communicate over almost any type of device using phone, video, or text. Urgent and long-term care options are available. Steady MD serves patients in all 50 states and provides all types of medical care. Thousands of doctors are on hand to assist patients in real-time. There are no waiting times and patients are able to get the answers they need in a matter of minutes.

SteadyMD uses state-of-the-art technology that allows doctors to connect with patients on a very personal level. A secure network is used so that the patient feels comfortable sharing their information and receiving the treatment options they need to regain their health and live their best possible lives. Patients are able to rely on SteadyMD for all of their healthcare needs no matter where they are located.

2. MDLive


MDLive offers licensed therapists and board-certified doctors to provide patients with the highest quality of care possible with no long waiting lines or insecurities associated with visiting a doctor’s office. Patients have access to almost every type of medical care they can think of and rely on the fact that they will be receiving the care they need over a secure network. Patients can ask questions and get the answers they need to better take care of themselves.

MDLive offers treatment for over 80 commonly diagnosed conditions and will work with your insurance to make sure that your treatment is covered. Patients can connect with their healthcare provider over the computer, a mobile app, or their cell phone. MDLive also offers a variety of resources patients can use to learn about the latest advances in healthcare. From blogs to articles on advanced treatment options, patients can find a wealth of information by simply navigating the website.

3. K Health

k health

K Health is one of the more basic telehealth apps. It is designed to help you find out what your symptoms mean. For less than $10 a month, patients can find answers for themselves and their children. K Health offers patients resources that will allow them to maintain their health on a long-term basis. Patients can use the information on the website to compare their symptoms to those that other people are reporting.

K Health allows you to discuss your health concerns with a board-certified doctor or a licensed therapist. From physical health concerns to mental/behavioral/emotional symptoms, patients are able to talk to their healthcare providers over a secure network that protects all of their most sensitive information. For a few dollars a month, patients can get the peace of mind they deserve.

4. TytoCare

tyto care

TytoCare offers a telehealth app that involves the patient performing a self-exam using the kit that is provided. Once the exam is complete and has been forwarded to the doctor, the patient calls, and the two discuss the results. The patient will receive a diagnosis and prescriptions that will be needed to successfully treat the condition. The doctor will help the patient uncover the potential cause of their problems so they can prevent them from taking over the patients’ lives.

TytoCare offers round-the-clock, telehealthcare to patients who would rather discuss their health concerns with their doctor while remaining at home. This gives them access to the healthcare they need in an environment where they are most comfortable. Patients are able to communicate with their doctor over almost any type of electronic devices, such as a computer, cellphone, or tablet.

5. Teladoc


Teladoc is a unique telehealth program that allows the patient to speak to their doctor over the phone or via a streaming video chat platform. Patients are guaranteed the highest quality of medical care possible while they have the convenience of remaining in the comfort of their own homes. With today’s uncertainties, more and more people are looking for new ways to keep themselves safe, especially when it comes to their health and medical care.

Teladoc offers general healthcare, mental health care, wellness care, and expert advice from specialists who focus on a particular field of health care. Once schedule an appointment, a doctor will begin to review your file and begin to go over your medical history. As soon as they have a good grasp of what is in your background, they will call you over the phone or using a video app where the two of you can communicate privately.

6. Amwell


Amwell is an effective way for patients to communicate with their doctors. By installing the Amwell mobile app, a patient can schedule an appointment and then visit with their doctor or therapist. The session can be held over a tablet, phone, or computer. Doctors offer urgent care, women’s health, nutritional counseling, and many other forms of therapy over a secure internet connection. They also offer second opinions.

Doctors that work through the Amwell app can diagnose a wide variety of health conditions including acne, UTIs, insomnia, the flu, anxiety, depression, and many, many more. The doctor will listen to what the patient has to say and go over any other information that has been provided. Once they have completed the overall examination, they will explain their diagnosis and prescribe any medications that may be needed.

7. iCliniq


iClinic allows patients to access the medical care they need with a simple phone call or message. Whether the patient chooses to discuss their health concerns through a phone call, video call or chat session, the quality of care they receive will be the same as if they had scheduled an appointment in their doctors’ office. With over 3500 doctors from over 80 different types of telemedicine, iClinic is an ideal option for patients looking for a second opinion.

Patients who would prefer to communicate with their medical team from the comfort of their own home can now do so over a private and secure network that uses encryption to protect their confidential information. With over a million customers who rely on iCliniq, the app offers patients the convenience they seek when trying to secure the best possible medical care.

8. Maven Clinic


Maven Clinic offers pioneering virtual healthcare that revolves around women and their families. The goal of the telehealth program is to provide the best possible medical care for anyone who wants it at a lower cost than many of the more conventional health care methods. By setting a higher standard of healthcare, medical professionals at the clinic strive to provide care across all types of geographic and cultural backgrounds.

Maven Care focuses on treating the whole person. With this level of comprehensive care, patients can rest assured that the care they receive will be both affordable and effective. Advocates are dedicated to assisting families to make the most of every healthcare opportunity they receive. On-demand healthcare allows patients to get the care they need from any location.

9. Doctor On Demand 

dr on demand

Doctor on Demand offers patients 24/7 access to the healthcare they need to feel better. From medical doctors to psychiatrists to physical therapists, they can all be found on Doctor on Demand. The app allows patients to communicate with their medical team over a secure internet connection. Cell phones, tablets, and computers are easily used as long as they have both a camera and microphone.

Doctor on Demand is covered by many different types of insurance. Every person receives highly customized care for both their mental and physical needs. No matter what you are dealing with, the medical professionals at Doctor on Demand can help. They are able to review your medical history and provide you with a diagnosis that is accurate and reliable. Patients have access to quality healthcare 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

10. PlushCare


PlushCare provides the highest quality virtual healthcare possible for patients who would prefer a telehealth visit to an in-person visit at their doctors’ office. Patients can find treatment for both their physical healthcare as well as their mental health needs. Every patient receives personalized care that is based on their individual needs. Top medical doctors from all over the country are on hand to assist patients in finding an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

PlushCare is available to patients whenever and wherever they need it. Once you book your appointment, you can meet with your doctor using a streaming video app on your smartphone. After your meeting, you will be able to pick up your prescription from your local pharmacy and begin to follow your doctors’ orders. By using the most advanced technology, your doctor can provide you with the healthcare you deserve.

11. Avance Care


Avance Care is unique in that it pairs patients with healthcare providers that are local to their area. This is extremely beneficial if the patient needs to be seen in person and would like to work with the physician they have been paired with over the remote network. The physicians at Avance Care specialize in both primary care options as well as urgent care issues. The telehealth network works because of the large base of practitioners across the state of North Carolina.

Appointments can be made every day of the week. Patients have access to x-rays, in-house labs, and many other types of healthcare options that support their mental, emotional, and physical health. Avance Care takes care of its patients within its own organizations. Nothing is outsourced over their telehealth network. The confidential healthcare you receive provides you with the knowledge and resources you need to maintain good health.

12. Betterhelp


Betterhelp is one of the most well-respected of all the telehealth apps. It is dedicated to providing each patient with the mental healthcare they need when they need it the most. Counselors are licensed professionals who are eager to help each patient overcome whatever obstacle they may be facing. Patients can connect with their counselor using a variety of means including video chats, messages, and phone calls.

By answering a few questions, patients will be matched up with a counselor who will provide them with the quality healthcare they need during a difficult time. Betterhelp has one of the largest networks of mental health professionals in the country. All of them are licensed, professional counselors who are committed to helping their patients.

What are Some Trends in Telemedicine That Matter to Students?

The trends associated with telemedicine include offering telehealth services to college students who may not be able to access conventional forms of health care. Patients can access the healthcare they need no matter where they are. Both primary care and mental/behavioral care plans are available.

Trends associated with telemedicine also make it possible in some areas for patients to see their telehealth provider in person. This comes from telehealth apps pairing patients with physicians and other healthcare providers who are local to them. This makes their virtual healthcare very personal knowing they can actually visit their new physician in person if they want to.


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