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Most Unique MBA Programs 2021
MBAs with the Most Unique Concentrations

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One of the great options in the pursuit of an MBA degree is picking a unique specialization tailored to your career focus. The College Consensus 2021 Ranking of the Most Unique MBA Programs lists top programs that marry business leadership training with specific career-based topics for unique and important industry sectors. As you may already know, an MBA opens many doors for students and provides them with the knowledge, tools, and experience they need to move forward in their careers. A unique MBA program goes a step further by helping business professionals build fundamental connections and equipping them with skills and experiences in specialized business fields.

Unique MBA Programs

Concentration subjects like marketing, finance, healthcare, and accounting can be found in hundreds of MBA programs around the nation. But what about the concentrations that focus on a hyper-specialized niche? Leaders in the music industry, port management, museum leadership, and the wine industry do not only have the option to pursue a generic business MBA but can find a top MBA geared toward their career as well. If you are curious about what a top MBA with a unique emphasis has to offer, take a look at this ranking of the nation’s best.


The degrees in our 2021 Unique MBA Programs List offers MBA concentrations and specializations that are either completely unique or among less than a handful in a particular genre. The unique MBA programs are listed in alphabetical order. Accompanying each program is a Consensus Score. This score combines ranking data of five of the most respected MBA ranking systems: U.S. News and World ReportForbesThe EconomistThe Financial Times, and Bloomberg Businessweek. These scores were averaged and placed on a 100-point scale.


MBA in Aerospace and Defense
University of Oklahoma

The University of Oklahoma delivers an MBA in Aerospace and Defense at the Michael F. Price College of Business. This Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense degree is specifically designed to nurture the aerospace and defense workforce’s leadership and managerial skills, including those students lacking a formal business education. The curriculum is developed and administered by industry leaders and world-renowned OU faculty. It provides students the strength of integrative thinking and synthesizing concepts between A&D functions and business. The 12-month program consists of 32 credit hours. This unique MBA is the perfect fit for professionals working in the A&D industry. The hybrid program features 20 credit hours worth of courses that are taught online. Enrolled students can expect a one-week study abroad experience and small, 20-person cohorts. Oklahoma’s Executive MBA in Aerospace and Defense is offered through the Gene Rainbolt Graduate School of Business. Leaders in the Aerospace and Defense Industry and acclaimed faculty at the University of Oklahoma have designed this degree from the ground up.

Consensus Score


MBA in Agribusiness
South Carolina State University

South Carolina State University delivers one of the country’s most unique MBA programs at the School of Business. This stellar business degree features a specialization in Agribusiness. The Master of Business Administration enables graduates to compete in the rapidly evolving business world successfully. Enrolled students may choose from specializations in Healthcare Management, Agribusiness, Entrepreneurship, or an accelerated one-year General MBA. SC State’s MBA program is accredited by AACSB International, the premier accrediting body for business programs. Graduate students seeking marketing careers within agribusiness firms will get a proper business degree to make them attractive to hiring firms. Program features include evening and weekend classes, hybrid, traditional and online formats, graduate assistantships, and internship opportunities. The accelerated one-year MBA program requires a total of 30 credit hours and includes 24 core credit hours and an additional six hours of MBA electives. The Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship options require a total of 36 hours. This unique MBA is a must for business leaders interested in the field of agribusiness.

Consensus Score


MBA in American Indian Entrepreneurship
Gonzaga University

The School of Business Administration offers an MBA with an American Indian Entrepreneurship emphasis at Gonzaga University. This unique program was established in 2001 with the help of the Johnson Scholarship Foundation. Gonzaga University was selected to develop the program because of its vital mission, national recognition, accreditation, and commitment to social justice. The program is designed to prepare leaders to effectively support and manage sustainable business practices on American Indian reservations. Since its inception, it has given nearly 70 alumni the skills needed to positively impact their reservations and their tribes. Gonzaga is now able to offer attractive scholarships for applicants to this unique and transformative business program. Each new cohort begins in the summer term with a six-week session at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. Enrolled students enjoy on-campus housing, and family members are encouraged to live with MBA students on campus during the summer.

Consensus Score


MBA in Arts Administration
University of Wisconsin-Madison

An Arts Administration MBA is featured at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business. Business school leaders desire to help graduate students turn their passion for the arts into strategic careers. MBA students within this program can combine their arts interests with business strategy in resourceful and innovative ways. For nearly half a century, the Wisconsin School of Business has featured one of the nation’s leading arts administration graduate programs. The Arts Administration emphasis in the Wisconsin MBA Program is delivered through the Bolz Center for Arts Administration. It gives high-potential arts and cultural leaders intensive business leadership training and broad knowledge of nonprofit cultural management. The Wisconsin MBA in Arts Administration is the only MBA-level arts administration degree worldwide founded and delivered from a business school. Practical, hands-on learning opportunities are crucial to the Arts Administration specialization. Every MBA student enrolls in an applied learning scholarship project with a local arts organization as he gains professional experience in community leadership.

Consensus Score


MBA in Athletes and Artists
Fordham University

The Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University provides an MBA with a specialization in Athletes and Artists. This business degree is the perfect fit for anyone looking to be part of a team while honing her business skills. The Executive MBA for Athletes and Artists is Fordham University’s MBA program designed specifically for former athletes and artists. Formatted within an executive-style cohort structure, the graduate degree helps professionals prepare for leadership roles within business and nonprofit settings. Students enrolled in the program complete an emphasis in management systems with management development themes, strategy (including creating, developing, and sustaining value), and global focus. The curriculum is tailored for high-performance individuals who thrive in team environments. Gabelli’s cohort format allows for optimal education and a healthy bonding experience along with the construct of a future network. An ideal candidate for this unique MBA is an active and retired professional athlete from the National Basketball Association, National Football League, or any other professional sports leagues. Professional artists and other creative professionals will also appreciate what this program has to offer.

Consensus Score


MBA in Business Ethics
Loyola University Chicago

One of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees is available at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University Chicago. This MBA with a Business Ethics concentration emphasizes the crucial importance of having a moral code and making ethical decisions in the business environment. Loyola’s business ethics classes are designed to help graduate students meet all leadership challenges head-on. The practical curriculum is based on responsible leadership techniques that aim to make managers accountable, trustworthy, and ethical. MBA students can expect to learn the business imperatives for treating all stakeholders—including employees, customers, and the community—with integrity and respect. Students wanting to obtain a Business Ethics concentration may take Business Ethics, Global Environmental Ethics, International Business Ethics, Topics in Ethics, Ethics in Finance, and Independent Study in Management. Loyola Chicago’s Quinlan School of Business is committed to training responsible leaders who strengthen the world’s global business system.

Consensus Score


MBA in Construction Management
Boise State University

An MBA with a Construction Management concentration is offered at Boise State University’s College of Business and Economics. This stellar program equips graduate students with the skills and credibility they need to rise as leaders in the construction, architecture, or engineering industries. Along with advancing in-demand business credentials, MBA students will develop effective strategies to successfully manage construction teams and projects from the planning to execution stages. This innovative Online MBA in Construction Management at Boise State features 100% digital content, replacing traditional textbook costs and hassles. The program tuition includes all course and resource materials. All course materials are accessible through any internet device that supports HTML5. Within this Online MBA program, students will learn how to better identify and deal with the unique challenges and opportunities associated with architecture, construction, and engineering firms. Graduates of the degree will be well-versed in developing and applying strategies for motivating teams and managing construction projects.

Consensus Score


MBA in Engineering Management
University of Southern Indiana

An MBA with an Engineering Management focus is currently available at the Romain College of Business at the University of Southern Indiana. This MBA degree is a great fit for professionals wanting to stand out from the competition in the job market. Enrolled students enjoy advanced training in business management. The 100% online MBA program from the Romain College of Business offers experiential learning and interactive instruction that develops students’ ability to think creatively and critically within the business world. Southern Indiana’s program is designed to help professionals take on leadership roles in virtually any industry. Graduates will gain the knowledge and hands-on experience essential to their success as innovative company managers, directors, or VPs. This interactive online MBA prepares students to strategically operate in current issues where society and business intersect, like business administration’s ethics, the struggles of globalization, and fast-moving transformations in technology. Romain has designed this program for the business management needs of today’s working engineer.

Consensus Score


MBA in Enterprise Resource Planning
University of Scranton

The Arthur J. Kania School of Management at the University of Scranton offers one of the country’s most unique MBA programs. This graduate degree includes a concentration in Enterprise Resource Planning. Though technology plays a vital role in Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP encompasses more than just an integrated software. ERP facilitates efficiency and decision-making in sales, production, finances, human resources, and distribution by connecting departments and data within an organization. ERP combines systems to optimize processes and departments for the company’s financial and operational benefit. ERP systems are reshaping the way businesses function. MBA students now have the opportunity to combine education in this booming field with the advanced business training of an MBA with a specialization in Enterprise Resource Planning. This emphasis makes up nine credit hours of the 36-credit-hour degree program. It is offered in conjunction with SAP, the world’s largest ERP software brand. No experience with ERP software is required within this exceptional MBA degree.

Consensus Score


MBA in Entertainment Management Specialization
University of California, Los Angeles

The University of California, Los Angeles, provides one of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees at the Anderson School of Management. This stellar program features an Entertainment Management Specialization and combines a reliable, top-quality, general MBA enhanced with focused entertainment/media courses. Enrolled students will also enjoy the student-driven, customized real-world experiences only found within a degree at UCLA Anderson. It is currently the only top-tier MBA program in the nation that offers a specialization in Entertainment Management. This degree provides the best preparation for graduate students to become change-agents in their preferred entertainment and media business arena. MBA students pursue a diverse selection of courses across the full suite of Anderson areas for long-term skill-building, then add on select focused classes through the School of Theater, Film and Television Producers Program. This unique MBA features Entertainment Business Models and three Entertainment electives. This graduate program is the perfect fit for professionals wanting to work in the entertainment business.

Consensus Score


MBA in Executive Coaching
Queens University of Charlotte

The McColl School of Business provides an MBA with an Executive Coaching specialization at Queens University of Charlotte. Differentiated by its close-knit community, strong ties to Charlotte-area business, and a distinguished reputation for cultivating leaders, Queens’ MBA offers the flexibility students need as working professionals with competing priorities. Enrolled distance learners can create a business program that fits their needs and schedules. MBA students interested in an accelerated degree can fast-track their education to earn a degree in less than two years. Students can also slow down their pace to balance work, school, and other priorities. With optional specializations like the popular Executive Coaching track, this program also features a variety of electives. The customized curriculum helps students gain the business acumen and leadership skills they need to advance their careers. The landscape of leading organizations is evolving as more companies turn to coaches to increase their effectiveness and sustainability. This program will help business leaders stay ahead of the curve.

Consensus Score


MBA in Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance
Creighton University

The Heider College of Business at Creighton University currently features an MBA program emphasizing Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance. Financial Psychology and Behavioral Finance’s business areas are developing rapidly. This MBA with a Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance concentration equips graduate students to understand how psychological elements impact financial behaviors. This MBA in Financial Psychology & Behavioral Finance requires a total of 33 credit hours. Even though this degree is available through online only learning, the MBA core and functional core can be taken on-campus or online to provide more flexibility. Enrolled students learn about improving client acquisition, relationships, retention, and communication. Course instructors also share how to effectively identify and intervene within financial matters when dealing with behaviors that are likely to adversely impact clients’ financial health. The curriculum trains graduate students on how to encourage clients to form healthy relationships with finances. This unique MBA is one the discerning graduate student will not want to pass up.

Consensus Score


MBA in Hotel and Restaurant Management
Eastern Michigan University

The College of Business at Eastern Michigan University provides one of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees. This program features a focus on Hotel and Restaurant Management. The MBA program at Eastern Michigan offers graduate students innovative, applied, and global skills and knowledge for today’s competitive global business environment. Most students complete all MBA requirements in two and a half years, but all students are given up to six years to finish their degree. Some courses are offered in the evenings and weekends at the College of Business in downtown Ypsilanti, some are featured entirely online, and others in a hybrid format. Eastern Michigan’s MBA curriculum emphasizes analytical and critical thinking skills, communication, ethics, and interdisciplinary knowledge. Business school leaders craft their courses to develop graduate students with strategic, global, and innovative leadership characteristics. Besides learning the ins and outs of accounting, finance, strategic integration, management, and marketing, enrolled students will learn what it takes to succeed in the hotel and restaurant industries.

Consensus Score


MBA in Management Consulting
Temple University

Temple University’s Fox School of Business provides an MBA with an emphasis in Management Consulting. Leaders at the Fox School of Business think business education should bend to fit the lives of active working professionals, not the other way around. For this reason, all course content is designed and delivered by its on-campus faculty. Distance learners can feel confident that they are not only learning the same decision-making skills and strategies as on-campus students but that they are also earning an MBA in a convenient and flexible online format. With courses offered through web conferencing technology and on-demand, HD, and mobile-friendly lecture videos, Fox’s online program offers a market-driven MBA through a flexible learning pathway. Courses within this unique MBA in Management Consulting include Accounting for Managerial and Investment Analysis and Planning, Socioeconomic Context of Business, Enterprise Management Consulting Practicum, Financial Analysis and Strategy, Leadership in Organizations, Legal and Ethical Foundations of Business, and Information Technology Management.

Consensus Score


MBA in Museum Leadership
University of Delaware

The University of Delaware’s Alfred Lerner College of Business & Economics provides one of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees. This graduate business program features a specialization in Museum Leadership. A rapid change in the global economic and social climate has created a growing need in the museum community for trained professionals who combine appropriate undergraduate study in art and art history with business school training in museum studies and business management. To meet this need, the Lerner College and the College of Arts and Sciences feature an MBA emphasis in museum leadership and management. This unique degree will help students build a rewarding career in historical organizations, museums, or other associated enterprises. Concentration courses include Historical Archeology and the Public, Issues in American Material Culture, Introduction to Museums: History and Professional Practice, Museum Internship, and Curatorship and Collections Management. The Lerner MBA is a wonderful program for MBA students looking for a unique degree.

Consensus Score


MBA in Music Business
Middle Tennessee State University

The Jennings A. Jones College of Business at Middle Tennessee State University provides an MBA with a Music Business specialization. This MBA degree will dramatically expand one’s knowledge of business acumen. It is the academic ticket to more significant opportunities for employment, income, and future promotions. The unique MBA encapsulates complex business analyses, the impact of events on the global business marketplace, and examines the functional areas of business while addressing sound management decisions. The high-quality curriculum includes accounting, marketing, economics, finance, management, and data analytics courses. An MBA offers a well-rounded education for a career in the corporate world or the education realm. The graduate student who wishes to pursue this degree must seek a university that has earned an AACSB accreditation. The Jennings A. Jones College of Business has passed rigorous standards to create a high-quality business regimen. The Music Business emphasis is an excellent fit for MBA students looking for a unique, specialized degree.

Consensus Score


MBA in Organizational Behavior
Carnegie Mellon University

The Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University provides an MBA program focusing on Organizational Behavior. Specializing in organizational behavior provides graduate students with foundational knowledge regarding how all organizations and their employees function. The unique MBA program’s strength lies within groups and teams’ realms, social networks, ethics and justice, organizational learning, strategy, negotiation, and conflict management. The Organizational Behavior courses are presented by instructors who are spearheading innovative research on the management issues facing today’s organizations. Special attention is given to knowledge transfer and management, organizational strategy, team dynamics, and conflict negotiation. Within the business school’s trademark framework of analytics, this emphasis will help graduate students learn how to solve complex “human” issues facing all types of organizations. Students who concentrate on Organizational Behavior can develop highly valued skills, including leading effective teams, effective negotiation and conflict management, and organizational assessment and design.

Consensus Score


MBA in Port Management
Lamar University

An MBA degree with an emphasis in Port Management is currently available at the College of Business at Lamar University. The business school offers interactive courses taught by world-class instructors and industry professionals in a convenient online format. This opportunity provides a flexible, tech-savvy learning opportunity for working professionals. Port and Marine terminal industry-based courses allow graduates to enhance career opportunities for working professionals and gives a route to management opportunities. The Center for Advances in Port Management holds Workshops and Webinars to stay informed in the community and create dialogues to address local port and marine terminal industry issues. The Center also works with the Southeast Texas Waterway Advisory Council to identify, plan and offer community outreach events. This unique MBA benefits from the analytical expertise and tools found within Lamar’s Engineering and Business college faculties. Graduate students looking for business education in port management will thrive within Lamar’s program.

Consensus Score


MBA in Public Utility Regulation
New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University offers a unique MBA program with a specialization in Public Utility Regulation at the College of Business. Students in the MBA program choosing to pursue a specialization in Public Utility Regulation will prepare for careers in the utility sector with a water distribution utility, an electric utility company, natural gas utility, or a government agency regulating these types of organizations. The emphasis can also be earned by graduate students earning a Master of Arts in Economics. The Public Utility Regulation concentration provides advanced technical training in utility industry analysis and prepares MBA students for the challenges of utility regulatory methods, analytical, and policy applications. Courses within the program consist of Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity I, Regulatory Policy and Industrial Analysis: Water and Natural Gas, Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis: Electricity II, and Advanced Seminar Regulatory Policy and Industry Analysis. NMSU has created an excellent degree for the serious MBA student.

Consensus Score


MBA in Real Estate and Urban Development
University of California, Irvine

The Paul Merage School of Business features an MBA with an emphasis in Real Estate and Urban Development at the University of California, Irvine. This degree’s rigorous and relevant curriculum is centered on refining graduate students’ skills as agile leaders, anticipating disruption, and capitalizing on today’s limitless marketplace opportunities. Throughout the degree, the Merage School of Business weaves four drivers of business growth – collaborative execution, strategic innovation, information technology, and analytic decision-making. These concepts are taught through the latest research insights, industry case studies, and real-world projects. Each of these themes is integrated into the core curriculum to help students build a solid foundation for competing in today’s digitally driven world. Another hallmark of the Real Estate and Urban Development-focused MBA program is teamwork. MBA students attend all of the core classes with the students in their cohort. This model provides them with a collaborative and intense teamwork-driven environment. Students looking for a unique MBA will want to give this program a second look.

Consensus Score


MBA in Six Sigma/Lean Management
Western Kentucky University

The Gordon Ford College of Business at Western Kentucky University provides one of the country’s most unique MBA programs. WKU’s MBA program is a 30-credit hour degree with four specializations, allowing graduate students to customize their MBA and direct their career paths. The unique program will enable professionals to pursue their MBA on their timeline for professional goals. Enrolled students may finish in 12 months or up to five years if they so choose. As students plan their schedules, they may choose to complete courses online, classroom/hybrid, or a mixture of both. The Six Sigma/Lean Management Concentration includes Theory of Constraints, Six Sigma Quality, and Lean Systems as nine hours of specialized coursework. The Online MBA program provides students with the flexibility of completing an MBA degree entirely online in just one year. Courses within the online program are featured as bi-terms of eight weeks. There are two bi-terms in the Spring and Fall semesters. This unique MBA is a must for the value-minded graduate student.

Consensus Score


MBA in Sport Event Security Management
University of Southern Mississippi

The College of Business & Economic Development has an excellent MBA with a focus in Sport Event Security Management through its College of Business & Economic Development. This unique MBA program is designed to meet the needs of working and full-time professional students. Classes are offered 100% online in Gulf Park and Hattiesburg in a hybrid night class format. The hybrid class structure allows students to complete two courses each term by attending class one night each week. The MBA also allows for a Sports Event Security Management Emphasis, the first of its kind in the nation. This specialization equips students with specialized knowledge and skills to address real issues in maintaining secure sports venues while bridging the gap between safety and business in sports. The unique MBA consists of 24 core hours and nine elective credit hours emphasizing sport security. The goal of the MBA is to prepare students for leadership roles in sport and event organizations.

Consensus Score


MBA in Strategic Negotiations
Florida International University

One of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees is delivered at Florida International University’s Alvah H. Chapman Jr. Graduate School of Business. This business degree features a concentration in Strategic Negotiations. To complete this Professional MBA Online program, graduate students must complete the twelve core courses and two focus courses equal to 14 courses or 42 credit hours. There are also three Professional Development Seminars. Strategic Negotiation is a course offered each Spring. Enrolled students learn how to plan and control sales operations through detailed case studies and become familiar with the art of business negotiation. Sales Management and Negotiation are the two courses included within this unique MBA. Students learn to analyze personal selling roles in marketing strategy using case studies on-field sales management, planning and controlling sales operations, and working with channel organization. Also, MBA students develop and sharpen their skills by negotiating with classmates in realistic simulation cases. This MBA is an excellent find for the graduate student interested in business negotiation.

Consensus Score


MBA in Wine Business
Sonoma State University

The School of Business and Economics at Sonoma State University provides an MBA degree with an emphasis in Wine Business. In partnership with the wine industry, Sonoma State University’s Wine Business Institute in the School of Business and Economics initiated the United States’ first Executive MBA centered on the business of wine in 2012. The Sonoma Executive Wine MBA degree is offered in two formats: campus-based and online. There are three experiential learning modules featured within this program. The first starts with a two-day intensive where MBA students begin their journey of leadership development. This leadership track includes an additional off-site experience where students further develop their ability to work in teams. The program’s Innovation, Design, and Technology Leadership course features a four-day immersive workshop where graduate students learn the art of innovation and design. The third experiential module is a ten-day international study tour where MBA students visit international business facilities, are introduced to new cultures, and meet with industry specialists and senior management to discuss relevant topics.

Consensus Score


MBA in Women in Leadership
Southeastern Oklahoma State University

One of the nation’s most unique MBA programs is currently available at the John Massey School of Business at Southeastern Oklahoma State University. This MBA features a specialization in Women in Leadership. Massey’s MBA will give students the high-demand skills that employers need, with unique, specialized business training for women in leadership. Designed by seasoned professionals, this program provides graduate students a strong base of business knowledge with actionable insights into the challenges and issues of today’s fast-paced global business environment. Core coursework includes finance, research and data analysis, accounting, marketing, economics, and behavioral management. SOSU is committed to providing an exemplary education that is affordable. Tuition is structured to give MBA students the best value and flexibility. There is no better time to begin a Master of Business Administration degree than now. Southeastern Oklahoma State University offers the convenience of a fast application-to-start schedule—applicants don’t have to apply months before they want to start an MBA.

Consensus Score

An increasingly large number of employers are currently showing a preference for hiring workers who have at minimum an undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university. Research shows that nearly 30% of employers say they have altered or increased their educational requirements since 2015. There are multiple reasons for this, but one of the most commonly cited explanations is that the skills and knowledge required for many jobs have simultaneously increased over time. Hence, the roles that used to be filled by high school graduates are now most appropriate for college graduates with a more extensive set of skills.

What does this mean for high school graduates and those who took on full-time employment after high school? If they don’t already have a college degree, now is the time to consider one. Those unsure about which area of study to pursue will want to consider business as a viable option. When an undergraduate or graduate student pursues business, she has a wide range of specific study areas available to her based on her talents and interests. From business management and accounting to marketing and healthcare, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Today’s business schools offer everything from a Bachelor’s in Business Administration to some of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees for graduate students. Additionally, there are some very ample reasons to consider a business degree—here are just a few.

A Degree in Business Will Expand your Opportunities

Even if you can’t imagine working as a finance manager or an accountant, a business degree will broaden your horizons as you pursue your passions successfully. Maybe you were a student-athlete, and your true passion is still in sports. You may dream of someday being a sports agent, owning your own sports equipment business, or running a sports-themed media conglomerate. Knowing all the significant sports statistics for the past ten years is only a small piece of the puzzle. For your business to be successful, you will need to know how to construct a viable and detailed financial plan. You must obtain investors for your business, track profits and losses, and be familiar with the countless other aspects of business management to keep your business launch in the black. This is where experience in studying and understanding business will come in handy in practical ways.

A Degree in Business Relays Transferrable Skills

The skills and knowledge one learns in a business program can be seamlessly transferred and adapted to virtually every future career or job position in existence. Business degrees place a substantial focus on equipping students with the ability to think critically, make innovative decisions, and manage their time effectively. Other skills students can expect to gain while pursuing a business program include resources management, interpretation of financial data, presentation and reporting, and how to self-motivate. Each of these skills, and many more, will be useful in any position a business student finds himself in down the road, even if it’s not immediately linked to a formal business role. Being trained to think critically and make essential decisions quickly will serve business students well, not just in a career capacity but also in their day-to-day life.

A Degree in Business Offers High Earning Potential

Featuring an average starting salary of almost $60,000 annually, a business degree will also yield some of the highest-earning potential both after graduation and later in one’s career. Those who pursue a business degree rank only below computer science and engineering in the highest initial salaries for entry-level positions. This is excellent news for those concerned about graduating with an overwhelming amount of student loans or nervous about their chances of finding a job to start paying it off. With this in mind, it is good to remember that a business degree can yield one of the highest returns on one’s investment.

A Degree in Business Allows Students to Combine Their Passions

Many people don’t understand when they consider a degree in business that, often, it is possible to pursue a business program while also earning another degree of their choice. This way, if they are interested in business but ultimately choose to pursue a career in another field, they can still be able to combine other business courses within their program of study to obtain a double-major, certificate, or similar endorsement. This option is quite common as some universities offer these types of programs within a five-year format. Just imagine walking across the stage and collecting not one but two degrees designed to help you attain your career goals—and being able to do so by only committing one extra year of study. While some may believe that an MBA only deals with mainstream business practices, they may be surprised to see that some of the nation’s top programs feature unique concentrations that are interesting.

A Degree in Business Features a Global Perspective

Not all modern collegiate programs of study examine things beyond a local lens. However, studying business encourages students to see things from a global perspective, especially within today’s international economy. This is a massive advantage for those who want to work towards attaining a global outlook and perspective. When you study business, you will also have plenty of opportunities to study abroad. Some of the nation’s most unique MBA degrees currently offer graduate students the chance to learn international business practices in Asia, Europe, and beyond. Even if you opt not to study abroad, your program could have you learning alongside international students as cohorts. These peers can help you learn more about cultural diversity, mainly as many business degrees include some level of interaction with global markets.

A Degree in Business Balances Practice and Theory

Learners who get overwhelmed or bored by too much theoretical instruction in the classroom will want to find a business program that offers the perfect balance between practice and theory. Business students spend about half their time learning about different theories and models. The rest of the time is spent getting hands-on experience by putting that theory to practice with simulations, case studies, and group projects. Be sure to look for a reputable business school that has spent time building relationships with local businesses and organizations.

A Degree in Business Makes it Possible to Continue an Education

If you have already obtained a degree in another discipline besides business, you can always benefit from continuing your education with a graduate degree like an MBA. An MBA is beneficial to one’s career no matter what industry the professional may find herself in. Many schools offer MBA programs with unique specializations that can be completed within just two years or less. Many graduate students continue working within their current positions as most programs will cater to full-time professionals with accredited online MBA course offerings. These classes take place at night, over the weekends, and even online.

Business degrees have so many advantages; it is simple to see why they have remained so popular among students. Start your journey in business leadership today by finding the right education.

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