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Best Value MBA Programs 2021
Top MBA Programs with Best Return on Investment (ROI)

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A best value MBA will offer so much more than just a degree; it will serve the graduate student with expertise, a solid reputation, and a global alumni network. Features like these combine to help increase a business professional’s future career opportunities for years to come. Sprinkle in a dose of lower tuition rates, financial assistance programs, accelerated course completion, and cost-effective programming, and you have yourself a healthy recipe for value when considering a degree like the Master of Business Administration. But MBA students should not have to sacrifice quality when considering a cost-effective graduate program. Therefore, we have assembled a comprehensive list of the best value MBA programs in the nation.

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Best Value MBA

Graduate students ready for the challenge of a high-quality MBA curriculum taught through rigorous coursework in management and business are wise to consider a best value MBA program. These degrees are time-tested, and each year graduates move on from these programs into positions of leadership within organizations of all shapes and sizes. Best value MBAs allow students the chance to sharpen their problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, and communication chops, all at an attractive price. Here are some of the best value MBAs in the nation.


To find the Best Value MBA programs, we found the top MBA programs in the nation and calculated their Return on Investment (ROI). To do this, we calculated the

(business school average base salary – MBA base tuition cost) / MBA base tuition cost

The MBA base tuition cost was calculated for the entirety of the degree from tuition information on each MBA website. The business school average base salary used in the ROI calculation was recorded by US News

Each MBA in this ranking is listed with an ROI Score, which is the calculated ROI placed on a 99-point scale, starting with rank number two. The University of Massachusetts Amherst, at the top of the list, received a 100 ROI score with their fully funded MBA program.


University of Massachusetts Amherst
Isenberg School of Management

The University of Massachusetts Amherst delivers an excellent best value MBA through the Isenberg School of Management. Incoming students within this program can expect to be coached as they become creative problem-solvers, level-headed decision-makers, and resilient leaders. Program designers ask MBA students to bring bold ideas to the table. Graduate students within this on-campus MBA will develop their analytical abilities to tackle today’s most significant issues and harness exciting opportunities. Isenberg School of Management’s On-Campus MBA student is granted a two-year Isenberg MBA Fellowship that fully funds the degree. The fellowship includes an annual stipend, full tuition, and health insurance. In return, MBA Fellows receive valuable hands-on experience and marketable abilities while working on the business school’s strategic initiatives. U.S. News and World Report, 2020 recently reported that the Isenberg MBA has the nation’s best salary-to-debt ratio. Collaboration is part of this program’s DNA. Course instructors train graduate students to become significant team players. The small class sizes give students one-on-one mentorship from a world-renowned faculty.

ROI Score


University of Georgia
Terry College of Business

The University of Georgia delivers one of the country’s best value MBA programs at the Terry College of Business. Graduate students in business are welcome to join the Bulldog Nation as they become members of the Terry business family. This highly selective program features a market-driven curriculum and a focus on an MBA student’s personal and professional development. The Terry College of Business offers a flexible curriculum, top-ranked faculty, and all the resources expected to be found in a leading research institution. Program instructors balance learning with doing. MBA students have access to nine concentrations, including three focus areas in Strategy, FinTech, and Social Innovation. Graduate students within this stellar program enjoy immersive projects with corporate partners, local non-profits, and entrepreneurs in metro Atlanta and Athens. Business school students have unparalleled access to virtually unlimited opportunities for professional development. Enrolled MBA students can expect to gain a competitive edge with this Georgia MBA as they enhance their leadership skills.

ROI Score


Texas State University
Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration

The Emmett and Miriam McCoy College of Business Administration at Texas State University offers a best value MBA. Program designers have created a degree that allows graduate students to meet today’s complex modern business world’s challenges. At the same time, they develop their skills, mindset, and expertise in business leadership. This MBA from the McCoy College of Business at Texas State is a best value. It offers flexibility for working professionals, including a flex option with classes offered at both the San Marcos and Round Rock campuses and full-time cohorts. The MBA program’s curriculum is highly customizable. AACSB accreditation means students can expect a high level of integrity and accountability. Enrolled graduate students have the opportunity to participate in both international trips and internships for course credit. Both Flex MBA and Full-Time Cohort MBA students can start coursework each fall, while Flex MBA students may also begin in the spring.

ROI Score


Louisiana Tech University
College of Business

A best value MBA is featured at Louisiana Tech University’s College of Business. The business school offers five MBA delivery methods geared to fit the specific needs of business students ready to pursue the next level of education. Regardless of what point they are in their career path, graduate students fresh from their undergraduate degree and prepared for the next step to those who have been in the field for some time will benefit from this best value MBA. Louisiana Tech offers programs tailored to fit graduate students’ career goals, from the traditional MBA to the executive-level program. The MBA program provides an educational experience in management and business at the graduate level. It has been designed to provide a breadth of exposure to the rudimentary business disciplines by facilitating the integration and application of knowledge and skills of the various disciplines of innovative management. This interdisciplinary and interdepartmental program is offered by the Graduate Division and the College of Business. Ethical issues and international concerns are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

ROI Score


University of Florida
Warrington College of Business

The Warrington College of Business at the University of Florida provides an exemplary best value MBA. Business school leaders understand that many modern graduate students cannot commit two years of their professional and academic lives to an MBA program. This on-campus, 12-month accelerated MBA degree is ideal for graduate students from various academic experiences with focused career goals needing to target a competitive graduate business program while minimizing tuition costs. There are no business prerequisites required for acceptance into this program. This one-year, all majors curriculum is front-loaded with required business courses taught by Warrington College of Business esteemed faculty members. The MBA’s rigorous coursework is challenging, even for the most successful graduate students. On-campus students in this program gain experience in specialized concentration areas, which give them an advantage during the intense MBA career search. One-year students enjoy access to all the resources the stellar UF MBA offers, including leadership positions, extracurricular activities, and national career fair opportunities within Business Career Services.

ROI Score

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North Carolina A&T State University
Willie A. Deese College of Business and Economics

One of the nation’s best value MBA degrees is available at the College of Business and Economics at North Carolina A&T State University. The business school has enjoyed its respected accreditation through AACSB International since 1979. Its leaders are committed to the development of business leaders and educational excellence. With its new facilities in Craig Hall and Merrick Hall, its dedicated faculty, and state-of-the-art resources, the College of Business and Economics is well-positioned to prepare leaders in the global, competitive environment of the 21st century. This best value MBA is a professional graduate business program that provides students with a thorough knowledge of the fundamental business essentials, including economics, management, accounting, and finance. After working through the core courses, students can expect an intense study in one of four business emphases of Accounting, Supply Chain Management, General Management, or Human Resource Management. MBA students who are talented, ambitious, and can see opportunity in every challenge will be successful within the student-centered environment at North Carolina A&T State University.

ROI Score


University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Haslam School of Business

An exemplary best value MBA is offered at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville’s Haslam College of Business. This incredible on-campus MBA encompasses business knowledge, experience, and professional skills that seamlessly allow graduate students to develop expertise in a focus area during their final semester. The best value MBA program also includes a required summer term internship, giving graduate students real-world experience and networking opportunities. Within Haslam’s Full-Time MBA program, enrolled students can expect to be part of a tight-knit community that cares for them. The curriculum emphasizes small teams, career coaching, and teambuilding that reflect real-world business dynamics. Haslam College of Business is highly ranked nationally among supply chain graduate degrees, and its supply chain program is touted as the best for research globally. MBA students enrolled in this program have access to many industry professionals through Haslam’s respected Supply Chain Forum and world-class staff. Earning a full-time MBA from the Haslam College of Business takes a significant amount of time and resources but is worth the return on investment.

ROI Score


University of South Dakota
Beacom School of Business

A best value MBA is currently available at the Beacom School of Business at the University of South Dakota. Program designers have painstakingly constructed a degree that emphasizes analytical and critical thinking skills, the understanding of the impact of the environment on business decisions, the evaluation of alternative courses of action, and the application of ethical principles in resolving business dilemmas. Graduates of this stellar MBA can expect to understand business roles in society, decision-making, problem-solving, and developing leadership competence and social responsibility. This best value MBA can be paired with a concentration like Business Analytics, Health Services Administration, Marketing, Finance, and Operations and Supply Chain Management. The program’s curriculum prepares MBA students to utilize and analyze information to strengthen business decision-making processes. This remarkable degree offers a tight integration of the technology and science underlying business to solve critical business issues in operations management, economics, sales, marketing, and finances. Graduate students lacking access to the business school’s campus in Vermillion may consider taking courses online.

ROI Score


Auburn University
Raymond J. Harbert College of Business

The Raymond J. Harbert College of Business at Auburn University offers one of the nation’s best value MBA programs. Auburn’s full-time MBA allows career starters to build their business skills and set themselves apart from the professional competition for corporate leadership positions. This best value program offers an immersive campus learning opportunity built on professional and career development, a robust curriculum, leadership training, and an international internship that provides insight into many global business models. MBA students share their learning journeys from orientation to graduation with other students who bring diverse perspectives into the classroom. Graduates of this program can expect to exercise the leadership skills and confidence they gained in the iLEAD workshop series. Business school students are in the middle of the action at Auburn. Graduate assistantships are available to highly competitive applicants. This assistance offsets tuition costs and provides a monthly stipend. MBA students can add a graduate certificate to their program to complement their studies and go even further in their careers.

ROI Score


University of Texas at San Antonio
College of Business

The University of Texas at San Antonio provides a best value MBA at the College of Business. This degree has been designed specifically to provide an intensive business education. Enrolled graduate students get the chance to study alongside top-notch faculty and grow their professional network with colleagues who have experienced various professional and personal endeavors. This MBA degree provides invaluable training for professionals who want to pursue careers in administration and management through knowledge and skills learned in core business disciplines. Accounting, economics, marketing, finance, management, and management science are just some of the avenues that MBA students will venture through this stellar best value degree. This UTSA MBA offers graduate students the flexibility to take classes on a full-time or part-time basis during the evening with professional peers. The 36-credit hour degree features an average class size of between 40-50 students. Full-time students typically register for three classes each term while part-time students complete two courses each term.

ROI Score


Morgan State University
Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management

The Earl G. Graves School of Business and Management at Morgan State University provides a best value MBA. Established in 1944, Morgan’s business school has been committed to enhancing academic quality and rigor for nearly 80 years. Hailed as the first Business School in the State of Maryland, Graves houses years of expertise and experience in preparing graduate students for the modern business world. Ninety percent of the highly dedicated faculty holds a doctorate in the discipline they teach and research in. This staff continues to make MBA students succeed in its primary mission. The Morgan MBA Program is AACSB accredited. It was established in 1969 as a two-year degree consisting of nine core courses and three electives. The electives within the 36-credit program determine the MBA student’s specialization. Accounting, finance, marketing, project management, and supply chain management are just some of the emphases graduate students can pursue.

ROI Score


Missouri University of Science and Technology
College of Arts, Sciences, and Business

The College of Arts, Sciences, and Business at Missouri University of Science and Technology currently features one of the best value MBA programs in the United States. Business school leaders understand that an MBA will help give business leaders a leg up in today’s global business world. High-quality courses within this degree include accounting, big data, supply chain management, business analytics, data science, strategies, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, information systems, international business, leadership, and management. MBA students can choose to take classes through distance learning, using our state-of-the-art virtual classrooms or in person at the university’s attractive campus. Core courses within this best value MBA include Teambuilding and Leadership, Managerial Finance, International Marketing, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and IT Management, Integration of Business Areas, Managerial Accounting and Control, and Supply Chain and Project Management. Students looking to take a broader range of coursework toward their MBA may select up to 15 credit hours of electives in business and technology areas geared toward their interests.

ROI Score


University of Central Arkansas
College of Business

The College of Business at the University of Central Arkansas provides a best value MBA. This top-shelf MBA program provides on-campus graduate students with a pathway to expedited career advancement, an entry into an exciting new profession, and many new, fulfilling opportunities. Business school graduates leave equipped with critical thinking skills and technical knowledge to thrive in the business world. MBA students can complete this stellar 30-hour program in just one year. Courses are offered in-person during evening hours, or distance learners can pursue the degree online to meet their professional demands. The UCA College of Business is a premier business school accredited through the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business. This MBA offers four concentrations to meet a wide variety of requirements for its students. Those not needing to select a specialization may earn a general MBA. Emphases include Finance, International Business, Health Care Administration, and Information Management.

ROI Score


Appalachian State University
Walker College of Business

Appalachian State University’s Walker College of Business provides a best value MBA. The MBA on the main campus is delivered in both full-time and part-time formats. Graduate students enrolled in the daytime, on-campus MBA may choose among seven specializations, including Business Analytics, Interdisciplinary Business, Economics, International Business, Sustainable Business, Leading and Managing Human Resources, and Supply Chain Management. Appalachian State’s Interdisciplinary Business emphasis is available only to students enrolled in the part-time evening program. This best value MBA curriculum includes eight core academic courses that all graduate students must complete. Each class is vital in developing fundamental, transferable business skills and abilities. In addition to the core courses, MBA students take four elective courses, three of which relate directly to their chosen concentration. One elective is required to have an international business emphasis. Graduate students also take a zero-credit Executive Skills course during their final semester before graduation. This best value program is designed to be completed in just one year by taking four courses each semester.

ROI Score


Mississippi State University
College of Business

Mississippi State University’s College of Business provides one of the nation’s best value MBA degrees. The College of Business delivers this general MBA degree and an MBA with a specialization in Project Management. The degree plans are offered on the Starkville campus and through distance learning with an online format. The MBA program has been designed to prepare graduate students for successful professional careers in the business world. Featuring a cutting-edge curriculum, this program provides in-depth knowledge and exposure to the business world, including awareness of modern business trends and issues posed by the rapidly evolving global economy. Students enrolled in the best value MBA will learn to understand a business’s ethical and social responsibilities, enhance their speaking and writing skills effectively, and analyze data and synthesize information. MBA students will graduate from this program with the skills to work effectively with teams and individuals, utilize technologies to communicate decisions, and make well-reasoned decisions.

ROI Score

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Iowa State University
Debbie & Jerry Ivy College of Business

The Debbie and Jerry Ivy College of Business at Iowa State University provides a best value MBA. This two-year MBA includes ten core courses of 30 credits and six electives that equate to 18 credits. Core courses are taught on campus in the Gerdin Business Building within the Ivy College of Business. Electives are presented by course instructors in Ames, Des Moines, and online. MBA students can customize their MBA experience with optional concentrations and international study tours. All graduate students at Ivy enjoy the benefits of team and cohort-based learning. Business school leaders encourage students to take advantage of the personalized and comprehensive academic and career services available to them. MBA students learn from faculty engaged in modern research and committed to educational excellence. STEM-designated focuses on Business Analytics, Information Systems, and Finance are included in this degree. Graduate students work on many class projects as a team developing their collaboration, communication, and leadership skills.

ROI Score


Florida State University
College of Business

The College of Business at Florida State University provides a best value MBA program. Florida State provides flexibility with several MBA formats tailored to an active MBA student’s schedule. The full-time, on-campus MBA can be completed in just one accelerated year. The part-time MBA format allows graduate students to complete their degrees two classes at a time while continuing to contribute to the workforce. Every FSU MBA format offers the same gold-standard curriculum delivered by full-time instructors who provide individual attention and new skills and knowledge MBA students can immediately apply in any industry. FSU’s one-year, on-campus MBA is a best value. It is optimal for graduate students who are organized, disciplined, and receptive to fast-paced movements in the business world. MBA students hone their professional skills and collaborate with their peers in an environment that fosters teamwork, creativity, and rewards problem-solving. Graduate students enrolled in this best value program have access to the College of Business’ world-renowned faculty, who operate as experts in their research fields.

ROI Score


University of Texas at Dallas
Naveen Jindal School of Management

A best value MBA degree is currently available at the Naveen Jindal School of Management at the University of Texas at Dallas. This Full-Time MBA program includes the priority of helping graduate students focus on their career searches and academic learning instead of burdensome student loan debt. MBA students are paired with executive mentors and career coaches to assist them in their professional and personal development. The Naveen Jindal School of Management’s small program size of 50 students and a dedicated team of professionals allow it to cater to the MBA student’s needs. Business school leaders go the extra mile to ensure graduate students succeed in a fast-paced 18-month program. This program can be described as close-knit, immersive, and focused on connecting MBA students to high-impact careers and networks. UT at Dallas world-class faculty and program provide graduate students with the catapult for their next step in business. This best value MBA is an excellent fit for tomorrow’s business leaders.

ROI Score


University of Missouri
Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business

The University of Missouri offers one of the nation’s best value MBA programs at the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business. Program designers at the Trulaske College of Business have reimagined this signature program to ensure that business school leaders continue to serve their talented MBA students, meet the demands of global business for career-ready graduates, and remain trailblazers in modern business education. This on-campus MBA is the perfect fit for graduate students who have access to the university’s campus in Columbia, Missouri. Graduates of the program can look forward to being trained in many business principles that go far beyond the classroom. A best value MBA from the Robert J. Trulaske, Sr. College of Business is characterized by lots of bang for the academic buck as graduate students receive training in communication, problem-solving, critical thinking, and finance. The business school allows candidates to learn a wealth of knowledge about the program through an online application or in-person tour of the campus.

ROI Score


Northern Arizona University
W. A. Franke College of Business

The W. A. Franke College of Business at Northern Arizona University provides a best value MBA. This full-time MBA sits within the top 10 percent for MBA programs of fewer than 50 students in U.S. News & World Report’s recent Best Graduate School rankings. The small class size makes a difference. Graduate students will work closely with their cohort over ten months to build the leadership and communication skills that will propel their business careers. This best value MBA is intended for students early in their business careers and those interested in career changes. No work experience is required for qualification. MBA students strengthen their knowledge of business principles while improving leadership, team, and communication skills. As MBA students build their portfolios and resume, they will be allowed to participate in mock interviews, career fairs, networking events, and executive job exposure. Graduates from this program work for top-level firms, including Intel, Vanguard, KPMG, Raytheon, and Grant Thornton.

ROI Score


University of Kansas
School of Business

The University of Kansas provides a best value MBA at the School of Business. This full-time, 16-month degree program is based at the Lawrence, Kansas campus and includes integration courses, 50-credit hours of a core curriculum, and track classes. New graduate students are admitted in the fall and complete all program requirements in three semesters, plus a summer of career learning through an internship. Before their second semester, MBA students select a track that allows them to focus on either marketing/supply chain management or finance. Graduate students have opportunities to put their classroom learning to work in real-world applications within Kansas Impact Project (KIP), internships, case competitions, and study abroad programs. KIP is a vital piece of the program for first-year MBA students as they work with actual clients to provide quality management consulting. Businesses and non-profits that partner with this best value MBA program for KIP benefit from graduate students’ expertise. MBA students gain communication and leadership skills critical to their careers.

ROI Score


University of Alabama
Culverhouse College of Business

A best value MBA is featured at the University of Alabama’s Manderson Graduate School of Business inside the Culverhouse College of Business. Since the mid-1940s, Manderson’s full-time MBA degree at the University of Alabama has produced leaders and influencers in the business world. The Manderson MBA has been strategically crafted to bridge the wide gap between pre-professional students and managers in the workforce through networking, experiential learning, service opportunities, and professional development. Faculty and staff at the business school are committed to helping MBA students prepare to become tomorrow’s business leaders ready to solve the business problems they face in the global marketplace. Graduate students enrolled at Manderson have the opportunity to exercise their educational experiences while raising them to new heights through unique career development workshops, national case competitions, and engaging with instructors who teach based on real-world application. This best value MBA is accompanied by concentrations in Business Analytics, Supply Chain Operations Management, Finance, and Real Estate.

ROI Score


University of Massachusetts Dartmouth
Charlton College of Business

One of the best value MBA degrees in the nation is delivered at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth’s Charlton College of Business. The Charlton MBA provides advanced exposure to management concepts and principles for those graduate students with business and non-business bachelor’s degrees. This on-campus MBA program requires 30 credit hours and allows students to complete it on a part-time or full-time basis while on-campus or through online study. The Charlton MBA is responsive to the evolving demands of the technology-driven global economy. Presented by leading business professionals and seasoned industry scholars, this advanced business degree also offers graduate students the option to concentrate in many specific areas. The MBA’s ten concentrations include accounting, business analytics (STEM approved), environmental policy (interdisciplinary), finance, health systems management, and international business. Of the 30-credit hours found in this best value MBA, 21 credits are advanced core courses while nine credits are electives.

ROI Score


University of North Carolina at Greensboro
Bryan School of Business and Economics

The Bryan School of Business and Economics at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro provides one of the country’s best value MBA degrees. This MBA program is rigorous but provides the tools and support that will enable graduate students to succeed. Basecamp is the business school’s mandatory one-week orientation program early career professionals attend. Participants will earn what to expect in classes, familiarize themselves with campus resources, and begin fostering relationships with other students in their cohort. Career Development opportunities like the Professional Friday series, spotlights, and one-on-one meetings with a Graduate Career Development Specialist will help MBA students build skills and connections for career success. Business school students can also expect to make community connections throughout this best value MBA with networking events, visits to local employers, and course projects like the MBA Capstone Consulting project. On-campus students will find themselves better equipped to meet the increasing demands of leaders in a globally competitive environment.

ROI Score


University of North Texas
G. Brint Ryan College of Business

A best value MBA is currently available at the College of Business at the University of North Texas. UNT’s MBA in Business Management exists as a full-time, intensive 11-month, cohort-based degree program. This daytime degree begins in the second summer session of each academic term and ends the following spring. Accepted candidates will be taught by the College of Business’ leading faculty and staff as they receive extensive industry experience working on actual business situations. Firmly based in industry-anchored experiential learning, the MBA program is designed to nurture and develop future managers and business leaders who will become change agents by creating value for their organizations through integrating diverse resources, capabilities, and knowledge. Course requirements for this degree include Accounting for Managers, Organizational Behavior and Analysis, Intro to the Business Decision Process, Seminar in Ethics and Social Responsibility, Data Mining, and Innovation in Business. Candidates should have a background in Micro and Macro Economics and Calculus.

ROI Score

Today, many believe that a college degree is what a high school diploma was in years past. This is because it’s considered the minimum credential needed for today’s youngest professionals to get a foothold in the modern job market. If this is true, then a graduate-level degree is the best way for people to boost their marketability while opening up even more employment possibilities with higher education. Professionals and business students have long known this. It’s why the MBA is currently one of the most popular and one of the fastest-growing degrees for those looking to deepen their knowledge of the business community beyond the bachelor’s level. Though famous, MBAs come with their considerations regarding necessity, content, value, and affordability for each student.

How Can I Define Value in an MBA Degree?

The cost of higher education has increased in recent years, soaring faster than that of overall inflation. That fact means many graduates are skeptical about affording a graduate-level program before it starts and after the program has concluded when their student loan balances are due. The best way to guarantee that both the initial and ongoing costs of an MBA are viable is to ensure that the program pursued presents a positive value proposition. This means researching the actual price, the return on the investment, and the overall rigor and prestige of the program being considered by the student. Before committing to an MBA program, consider evaluating its cost through some components that will make value apparent.

1. What Is the MBA Program’s Tuition Cost?

The first thing to find out is the actual cost of the degree in terms of annual tuition. Most MBA programs charge tuition fees to their students on a per-credit basis. Most full-time graduate students take approximately nine credits per semester to obtain their degrees between two and three years. The best way to determine the overall cost and potential value of an MBA program is to first look into the cost of full-time attendance. MBA students considering a part-time program should also evaluate those costs. You will do well to remember that this will require discovering the per-credit tuition rate and multiplying that amount by the number of credits taken each semester. Be sure to add fees and surcharges required by the university.

To get a better overall price for the full MBA program, graduate students will want to pursue a degree from a public, in-state university. These business schools offset their expenses with state funding and collected taxes. These tactics allow them to offer tuition rates often less than half of what private institutions charge. Many public schools provide MBA degrees just as highly ranked and prestigious as their private counterparts.

2. How Does One Find Out the Return on Investment of an MBA?

Another top consideration to be made when discovering the overall value of an MBA is the actual return on investment that will be applied once the degree is complete. Graduate students do not pursue MBAs so they can boost their resume and claim the title. Instead, they commit themselves to an MBA program only if they feel that the education is likely to boost their salary, increase their promotion potential at a current position, or permit them a great deal more mobility and flexibility when finding a new employer offering a better compensation package.

Overall, MBA students looking to get the best value money can buy should ensure that the long-term advantage will exceed the program’s short-term tuition costs in annual compensation and marketability. If that result cannot be reached before starting the program, it may be worth reconsidering whether or not an MBA degree is the right educational and career move at the given time.

3. How Is the Quality of an Educational Program Determined?

Plenty of business schools all over the country offer an MBA, but not all of those schools house a program with top-shelf instruction, high-quality staff, and overall prestige. Before landing on a program and allocating personal or student loan funds to tuition costs, be sure to find out the school’s rankings. This can mean looking at specific MBA rankings, general graduate school rankings, and more.

Unlike bachelor’s programs, the most trusted sources of data regarding MBA programs are generally industry publications. The Economist, The Financial Times, Forbes, and many other business-related publications are the most reliable sources of information about how a program stands among its peers and what the industry as a whole thinks of their MBA graduates.

Are There Different Values for Different Types of MBAs?

After assessing the tuition rates, degree quality, and projected return on investment associated with an MBA degree in the abstract, business school researchers will need to consider the value of a specific kind of degree. Whether it’s an online version of general MBA classes, an executive MBA program, or something else altogether, the many options offered to graduate students all have a different value proposition that is ultimately based on their content, location, focus, and return on investment within various occupations.

How Can an Online MBA be a Best Value?

The online MBA might be the highest-value option for graduate students who wish to study full-time while holding a workforce title. Existing business professionals will not find a more flexible way to earn an MBA without sacrificing hours at work or other, more personal responsibilities and commitments. An online MBA fuses online collaboration and instruction with offline research and reading, giving self-disciplined students a way to self-teach and complete their programs in less time. This can also boost affordability.

Can A Part-Time MBA Offer a Good Value?

Since part-time students can maintain a full-time work schedule, they are more likely to afford their tuition costs without succumbing to high-interest loans or long-term obligations. One disadvantage of seeking an MBA on a part-time basis is that the educational career may last three or four years, rather than the typical two-year timeframe for full-time graduates.

How Do Executive MBA Programs Stack Up for Value?

Executive programs are a perfect fit for professionals already in managerial roles and have their sights set on promotion to executive-level corporate positions. The most significant return on investment for Executive MBAs can be found amongst seasoned business professionals with a strong chance of advancing once they acquire the knowledge and skills needed for corporate stewardship.

An MBA is a great way to add worth to one’s promising career in business. By considering a few of the principles offered within this article, you are sure to find a best value MBA program that fits your needs.

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