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So, you have gone far in your nursing career. You have made it beyond a BSN. Maybe you have already achieved a Masters of Science in Nursing? Are you interested in going all the way? The Doctorate in Nursing Practice is a terminal degree, which means you can not go any farther in the field. It does have a counterpart on the same plane which is a Phd in Nursing Practice. A DNP, however,  is the ultimate degree if you want to be a leader in one or more facets of the healthcare field.

We are excited to report that there are many academic offerings that we would consider best online DNP Programs out there. Some offer niche specializations or are more geared towards education, the academy specifically, research, administration, or even the political side of healthcare. Yes, many seekers of a DNP are interested in the healthcare lobby

Flexible DNP Program Options

Some of the best DNP online programs take into account that students that are interested in getting their doctorate in nursing have dedicated so much of their lives to their profession. They are not students who have extra time on their hands, but are busy adult professionals. The decision to return to an academic program to achieve a DNP might come with the clause that the program must be flexible and be able to adapt to the other life commitments of the learner.

The majority of the programs that are listed below easily fit that bill. There are a variety of opportunities that go from online BSN to MSN programs to courses of study that are directed towards students who have earned an MSN in the field and want to go the extra step. There are a lot of ways to accomplish a DNP without too much disruption to the life you are already living.

How We Ranked the Best Online DNP Nursing Degree Programs

This College Consensus Top 25 Online DNP Nursing Degree ranking is only interested in looking at institutions and programs that are regionally accredited. We ranked programs by three evenly weighted points:

  • Cost (current IPEDS data)
  • Reputation (Niche data)
  • Success (Payscale data)

Taking these three points into account, we then ranked the programs at hand according to their success in providing a return on investment. The Online DNP Nursing degree programs on the list are the ones that show the best combination educational quality, reputation, and income projection.

Take a look at this list of 25 programmatic online DNP offerings that each check a lot of boxes. We imagine you will find something that piques your interest or at least gives you some insight on what the field offers. Best of luck. 


University of Pittsburgh-Pittsburgh Campus
Pittsburgh, PA

University of Pittsburgh has one of the leading Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) programs in the country. Advanced practice providers are acquiring DNP’s all over the nation, and this has become the leading educational standard. Among other things, the University of Pittsburgh’s (DNP) program is sought out for its affordability. Regardless of your home state all students qualify for in-state rates. The School of Nursing reduces actual tuition, although this benefit doesn’t apply to those entering for the Doctor of Nursing Practice program for the specialization of Nurse Anesthetist. Online programs grant admission to MSN prepared nurses, but BSN prepared nurses are not permitted to take select classes online. Pitt Nursing offers several DNP tracks including: Clinical Nurse Specialist, Health systems Executive Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia, Nurse-Midwife, and Nurse Practitioner. Each specialty is available with full or part time options. Taking on this rigorous program can have benefits that last a lifetime. The Pitt Nursing community is dedicated to the success of their student body. By building a network of professionals in this dynamic field that will continue to support you in this career long commitment to learning. 

Affordability Score: 82.00 
Reputation Score: 92.00 
Success Score: 100


Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN

Vanderbilt University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program that is built on the foundation of using evidence based practice to ensure populations of patients are receiving advanced high quality care. The program is delivered primarily online, allowing students the flexibility to work and maintain their personal commitments, however, there are a few on campus requirements. One of the offerings beneath this program’s umbrella is a seamless transition opportunity that enables students to achieve their MSN and move into completion of their DNP. Students will come to campus to meet with faculty one-on-one and also attend a couple of scholarly sessions, all of which will have advanced dates for planning purposes. A scholarly project will be the culminating capstone at the end of the program to bring together all of the skills and information the student is leaving with. Most of the students in the program receive some level of financial aid between loans and scholarship opportunities. There is no GRE requirement for admission. 

Affordability Score: 70.00 
Reputation Score: 96.00 
Success Score: 100


Johns Hopkins University
Baltimore, MD

Johns Hopkins University is proud of their Doctor of Nursing Practice  program, which is one of the most prolific departments in nursing education. One thing is for sure, at Johns Hopkins, pursuing a DNP track there will be a unique combination of exciting work courses, and varied learning opportunities for those seeking online learning options. The advanced practice track at Hopkins Nursing offers online coursework that helps students establish close relationships with internationally renowned faculty. Learn while working in the state of the art simulation center at Johns Hopkins Medicine In this fully accredited medical training facility, students get select training with interprofessional teams.  Choosing the right fit for your personal career achievement is easy with an online representative to help you pick the best options for your education. Not only that, there are extraordinary nursing scholarships available to all students that qualify. With these unparalleled opportunities students can become leaders of their industry. Students in most programs can participate in clinicals where they are, though select tracks require completion in the Baltimore region. For those in the area, it allows for an online and local learning experience. Johns Hopkins online DNP gives you the tools to advance your career without relocating. 

Affordability Score: 65.00  
Reputation Score: 100 
Success Score: 100 


Duke University
Durham, NC

Duke University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice through their School of Nursing. It is considered one of the best online dnp programs, as it ranked number two in the country by the US News and World Report. If you are holding a BSN, you can qualify for this program, as well as those who hold Masters degrees in advanced nursing practice. Achieving this degree will provide you with the skills to: assess and understand published research and evidence to enhance and improve your practice, be a change maker in quality care provision, and improve the systems that play a role in positive patient outcomes. Graduates of the program are considered leaders and their skills can be applied to interdisciplinary health care teams and larger networks and organizations. The classes are delivered online, however there is a required orientation that lasts two days and an on campus executive session that is held for two or three days at a time. The culminating project can be accomplished where the student is already employed. 

Affordability Score: 64.00 
Reputation Score: 99.00  
Success Score: 100 


Emory University
Atlanta, GA

Emory University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP) through the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing that was designed for students who are masters degree prepared in the field of nursing. Prospective students should apply to the program with a clinical leadership specialization already under their belt. The DNP avenue offers two different specializations including populations health and health systems leadership. There are several webinar sessions that you can attend to learn more about the program, as they are interested in answering specific questions that are tailored to the needs of the applicant. Much of the program can be accomplished while remaining employed full-time, and the clinical experience can be applied to the work you are already doing. The School of Nursing itself is an intimate environment with no more than 500 students that partake in all of their programming. Their goal is to train the most equipped leaders in the field. 

Affordability Score: 70.00 
Reputation Score: 92.00  
Success Score: 100  


The University of Texas at Austin
Austin, TX

The University of Texas at Austin offers a Doctor in Nursing Practice (DNP) program that works to integrate the ethics related to nursing with psychosocial, biophysical, analytical and organizational sciences. Students will also learn how to utilize advanced clinical judgement, accountability, and systems thinking. Though the classes are primarily delivered online, it is technically a hybrid course of study. The way this is implemented is through on campus sessions two consecutive days at the start of each month. Online assignments are assigned on alternate weeks. The areas of focus in the program include: advanced practice nursing and executive leadership. All students will have access to elective offerings that include teaching and education. The program has faculty members that are renowned leaders in the field, and the department has access to research funding that is over $13 million. In order to apply for the program applicants must fill out the online forms and focus on the highly weighted statement of purpose. 

Affordability Score: 84.00  
Reputation Score: 76.00  
Success Score: 100  


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Minneapolis, MN

University Minnesota Twin Cities

The School of Nursing at the University of Minnesota offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program that  is designed for students who want to advance from an entry level degree. This means students can apply with a BSN or an entry level master of science in nursing degree and want to go as far as they can from there. There are twelve specializations that DNP students can choose from including: integrative health and healing, adult gerontology clinical nurse specialist, family nurse practitioner, health innovation and leadership, nurse anesthesia, nursing informatics, nurse midwifery, women’s health nurse practitioner, pediatric clinical nurse specialist, psychiatric/ mental health nurse practitioner. The program will take 3 years to complete and it is delivered on a full-time basis. Though much of the coursework is delivered/ accomplished online, there is a four day on campus session one time per month and a few other short on campus requirements. 

Affordability Score: 72.00 
Reputation Score: 82.00 
Success Score: 100


University of Florida-Online
Gainesville, FL

The College of Nursing at the University of Florida offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice  (DNP) degree that was created to support experts in the field to excel in advanced specialized practice careers. They have two programs including a BSN to DNP program, and a less extensive program designed for MSN holding students who are active Florida nurses to achieve their DNP. The primary tenet of the program relies on evidence based practice to prepare students to lead the way as the healthcare industry evolves with the times. Though all of the classes are delivered online, there are some on campus visit requirements throughout the course of the program. There will be ample advanced notice that will enable students to plan around these commitments. The credit hours required to accomplish the RN to BSN program are between 75 and 78. For the MSN to DNP program 35 credit hours are required. 

Affordability Score: 78.00  
Reputation Score: 76.00  
Success Score: 100


University of Virginia-Main Campus
Charlottesville, VA

The School of Nursing at the University of Virginia offers two Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs (DNP). One of the offerings is a BSN to DNP program, which can also be achieved by generalist MSN holding students. There is also a shorter MSN to DNP program. These programs can be accomplished on a full or part time basis, depending on the student’s needs. There are over 1,000 practicum hours required for the program. The program should take four years to complete, or with approval you can do the accelerated version in 3 years. This is a great course of study for those interested in achieving national specialty certification to be advanced practice registered nurses and from there work towards DNP completion. There are eight specific tracks including Pediatric NP Primary Care, Pediatric NP Acute Care, Psychiatric Mental Health NP, Family NP, Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Adult Gerontology CNS, and Neonatal NP. 

Affordability Score: 70.00  
Reputation Score: 81.00  
Success Score: 100


University of Washington-Seattle Campus
Seattle, WA

The University of Washington School of Nursing offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) that is delivered online. There are several tracks to choose from including: Adult Gerontology Primary Care, Adult Gerontology Acute Care, Nurse Midwifery, Family Nurse Practitioner, Pediatric clinical nurse specialist, pediatric acute care, women’s health clinical nurse specialist, and psychiatric mental health practitioner. If you are accepted into the DNP program a background check is required at your expense. There are many steps required for the application including the essay prompt where you explain why you are choosing a DNP degree path vs another advanced nursing degree. Students have the opportunity to participate in a fellowship program called Engaging with Aging Postdoctoral Fellowship in Gerontological Nursing. In this program students will participate in research that relates to healthy aging and be on the frontlines of nursing science related to age. 

Affordability Score: 52.00  
Reputation Score: 97.00  
Success Score: 100  


University of Miami
Coral Gables, FL

The University of Miami offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program through their School of Nursing and Health Studies. Though all of the classes in this program are delivered online, the program is considered a hybrid format as a result of the on campus requirements. This includes three to four weekends per semester. The campus visits are intentionally on the weekend, so many students can maintain their full time employment while participating in the program. A capstone project that extends through two semesters is required to complete the program. There are 560 clinical hours required, and in some cases they can be completed alongside your current job. The program is only run when there is a suitable cohort to move forward with, therefore applications can come in at any time, and will be accepted on a case by case basis. Students can enter in the fall or spring and study on a part time basis if they prefer that option to full time. 

Affordability Score: 77.00 
Reputation Score: 72.00  
Success Score: 100


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Chapel Hill, NC

The University of North Carolina Carolina Nursing Program offers a comprehensive online MSN to DNP degree program. In fact, the first time it is offered online will be the Fall of 2020. They are excited to offer this course of study to master prepared nurses who are interested in investing in the skills to be leaders in the field. The specific populations that would be good for this program include: Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse Anesthetics, Nurse Midwives, Health Care Systems Leaders, and Outcome Managers, and Nurse Administrators. There are 37 to 41 credit hours required for this program, on top of 500 residency hours. It is assumed that all students will already have 1,000 hours under their belt for post baccalaureate practice. Students can choose a part time or full time study option, depending on their work schedule and other life commitments. Out of state tuition applies for students not living in North Carolina even though the program is delivered online. 

Affordability Score: 53.00 
Reputation Score: 92.00 
Success Score: 100 


The University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa, AL

The University of Alabama offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program that is delivered entirely online. The program in its entirety is 40 credit hours in length. There is an explicit focus in this program of serving underserved and diverse populations. Within the curriculum is the opportunity to develop a leadership oriented or practice based project. This is on top of the clinical requirement that must be completed at a site the student has gotten approved upon finding an advisor to supervise their work. The requirements of participating in the program include: holding a BSN and living in one of the following states: Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia. Though the program is offered online there is one on-campus requirement in the spring semester on top of graduation. Students can complete the program on a full or part time basis depending on their life circumstances. Full time students will complete the program in two years and part time in 3. 

Affordability Score: 93.00
Reputation Score: 85.00  
Success Score: 67.00 


University of Massachusetts-Amherst
Amherst, MA

The University of Massachusetts offers a Doctor of Nursing Program through their College of Nursing. This program is notable as it is one of the first to offer this degree in an online format. They first began taking students in 2006. There are four post BSN specialization options that include: Adult Gerontology Primary Care Nurse Practitioner, Public Health Nurse Leader, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Family Nurse Practitioner. The other offering is Post-MS DNP Completion. All of the coursework is delivered online with many opportunities for clinical experiential learning through internships that will be conducted in the area where the student lives. Students are never required to step foot on campus. Writing is a critical component of the program, so applicants are expected to apply with a scholarly piece of writing. There are many opportunities to receive financial aid to participate in the program. 

Affordability Score: 91.00  
Reputation Score: 70.00 
Success Score: 83.00  


Case Western Reserve University
Cleveland, OH

Case Western Reserve University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Degree program through their Frances Payne School of Nursing. They first created a DNP program in 1979, and in 2004 they were recognized by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing for what they consider the highest level of preparation for Clinical Nursing. The program offers students opportunities, throughout the course of their studies, to network with colleagues about best practices from around the country. They consider themselves to be innovators in the original Doctorate in Nursing Practice. The program was designed to be flexible to enable students to work full time while completing the program online. They utilize the cohort model ensuring that students have community and support throughout their program. Each student has the opportunity to choose between two specialized elective program sequences to expand their leadership development scope. The two offerings include an Educational Leadership Sequence, and a Practice Leadership Elective Sequence. 

Affordability Score: 56.00 
Reputation Score:  88.00
Success Score: 100 


Yale University
New Haven, CT

The School of Nursing at Yale University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program that is delivered in a flexible hybrid format. Students are able to continue working their full time jobs in most cases, as the on campus visits are scheduled with ample notice and often on weekends. Students get to work in cohorts, which makes learning more collaborative and supportive. The online classes are synchronous, meaning they meet at the same time weekly, and have to be scheduled. Students have access to video accounts, enabling them to have cohort and faculty meetings with regularity. The program places a high level of focus on policy and leadership for nurses who are on a journey of becoming mid career health leaders. Each student will engage in a DNP Project that is immersive and explores real world scenarios. Though students pick their own project, they are encouraged to consider an avenue that deeply looks at population health and leadership systems. 

Affordability Score: 50.00 
Reputation Score: 93.00 
Success Score: 100 


Arizona State University-Downtown Phoenix
Phoenix, AZ

Through the Edson College of Nursing and Health Innovation, The Arizona State University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree program. Though a large amount of the courses for this program are offered online, it is a hybrid course of study, meaning there are many instances where the student has to work on campus. Students will spend at least one week at the orientation phase of the program at the downtown Phoenix campus, and then at least twice more per semester. There are several specialization offerings in the program including: Advanced Nursing Practice for Adult Gerontology, Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner, Family Nurse Practitioner, Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner, Innovative Leadership, and Family Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse Practitioner. There are many ways to tailor the coursework to the students career goals. They also offer a Phd/ DNP concurrent enrollment program. This program was ranked among the best online dnp programs by the US News and World Report. 

Affordability Score: 77.00 
Reputation Score: 78.00
Success Score: 83.00


Ohio State University-Main Campus
Columbus, OH

Ohio State Online offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice through their College of Nursing. The program is delivered almost entirely online, however, there is the requirement of a one time campus orientation that students must attend following acceptance. There are two pathways to achieve the DNP at Ohio State including: the BSN to Doctor of Nursing Practice Pathway and the Post Master’s Doctor of Nursing Practice pathway. For students who are applying with a Master’s degree, there is a specialized Post-Master’s DNP pathway. With the BSN to DNP path, students will earn their MSN along the way. They will also be able to choose a specialized certificate in an advanced practice specialty which can include: Family Nurse Practitioner, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. All of the programs are held up by the foundation of leadership and evidence based nursing practice, both in the realm of clinical and executive capacities. 

Affordability Score: 55.00 
Reputation Score: 81.00 
Success Score: 100


University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

The University of Utah College of Nursing offers a Nursing Doctor Nursing Practice (DNP) program. There is an option to take the program on a distance learning online format if the student lives 60 miles or more away from campus. The projection is that the DNP degree will soon take the place of APRNs and generally be the required degree path for nursing leadership. They offer two pathways which include a BS to DNP Program. This pathway has associated speciality tracks including neonatal, adult/ gerontology acute care, nurse midwifery, primary care (adult gerontology, family, and pediatrics), women’s health, psychiatric mental health, and a dual track that brings together women’s health and midwifery. If students choose to take this program on with full time status they should be able to complete the program in three years, which includes 8-9 semesters. There are two track options including: Organizational Leadership and Direct Care for Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRN). 

Affordability Score:70.00  
Reputation Score: 79.00 
Success Score: 83.00 


University of South Florida-Main Campus
Tampa, FL

The University of South Florida offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice Program through their School of Nursing. Their core courses include: Health Systems Leadership and Interprofessional Practice, Fundamentals of Statistics for Clinicians, Practice Management, Quality Improvement and Patient Safety, Informatics and Patient Care Technology, Health Care Policy and Clinical Prevention for Imorv Pop Health, and a two part practice practicum. This program emphasizes hands on work experience, some of which makes up the required 30 credit hours to graduate from the program. There are two tracks that include a BSN to DNP program and an MSN to DNP program, both of which take a similar approach to training nurses already working in the field to be change makers in nursing leadership roles. They offer three application deadlines annually and students are admitted as spaces open up. There is an annual DNP poster showcase where students can exhibit their work. 

Affordability Score: 90.00
Reputation Score:59.00
Success Score: 83.00


Villanova University
Villanova, PA

The M. Louise Fitzpatrick College of Nursing at Villanova University offers one of the best dnp online programs in the country. The program includes synchronous online coursework, meaning there are set times that students have to be available each week to participate in distance learning. The program is focused on evidence based practice and is designed to train students to be leaders in the field. This track is fully accredited by the CCNE and prides themselves on their 100% completion rate. There are many specialization options that include clinical nurse specialists, registered nurse anesthetists, certified nurse midwives, nurse executives, organizational leadership, advanced knowledge in evidence based practice. Their goal with this program is to change the landscape of healthcare and make it more innovative and available to diverse populations more readily. The program is offered both on a full time or part time basis. The program was designed to be a good fit for working professionals. 

Affordability Score: 76.00 
Reputation Score: 56.00
Success Score: 100


University of Rochester
Rochester, NY

The University of Rochester offers an Online Doctor of Nursing Practice through their School of Nursing. This program was designed for clinical nurses to advance into leadership roles in the field. Most students choose to take two classes per semester, in which case they can complete the program in three years on a part time basis. Many students choose to go this route so they can continue working full time while completing their coursework. In order for applicants to be eligible for the program they must first have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in nursing that was achieved at a fully accredited school. They must also have national certification in specialty that is advanced practice (if applicable, post MS). They must also have a CPR certification which can be achieved through the American Heart Association. There are three annual start dates and subsequent application deadlines. Tuition is charged per credit hour. 

Affordability Score: 71.00 
Reputation Score: 61.00 
Success Score: 100


University of Wisconsin-Madison
Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin School of Nursing offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program that is delivered in a blended hybrid format. Post BS students will undergo 1,000 hours of practicum experience overall. This includes 500 hours of  clinical practice hours and an additional 500 for clinical leadership. Students do not have to worry about finding a needle in a haystack when tracking down a clinical placement, as the program does much of the work for them. There are 5 distinct specialization offerings that include: Psychiatric Mental Health, Adult/ Gerontology (primary care and acute care), and Pediatric Primary Care. Each student will participate in a Scholarly Project that culminates their academic work. Students can graduate from the program in 3-4 years. There are many financial aid options for this program that include loans, scholarships, fellowships and research teaching assistantships. All of the learning outcomes for the program are derived from a simple foundation of nursing leadership and building evidence based best practices in the field. 

Affordability Score: 55.00 
Reputation Score: 76.00 
Success Score: 100


University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
Ann Arbor, MI

The University of Michigan offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice through their School of Nursing. University of Michigan prides themselves on being one of the largest public research institutions in the country, which fairs well for students in this program who will be mentored by such award winning faculty members. The program offers students two pathways to accomplishment, which include a BSN to DNP program and an MSN to DNP option. The program geared toward BSN holders will delve into a variety of specializations giving students a chance to learn about what might be a good fit for them. MSN holders will have more options regarding online coursework. That program is explicitly delivered in an online format. MSN to DNP students can earn their degree in two to three years depending on their life circumstances and if they want to study on a full or part time basis. There are limited campus visit requirements, so most of the coursework is accomplished online, making it a flexible offering for those who want to continue to work fulltime. 

Affordability Score: 42.00 
Reputation Score: 87.00 
Success Score: 100


Rutgers University-Camden
Camden, NJ

Rutgers University offers a Doctor of Nursing Practice from their renowned School of Nursing.  Most of the programs have some in person requirements with hybrid coursework. Their two tracks include a post masters DNP and a post bachelor’s DNP. The BSN to MSN program has eleven concentrations that students can choose from, with the addition of an HIV care certifications if the student is interested. Some of the specializations include: Family Nurse Practitioner, Leadership, Nurse Anesthesia, Dual Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner/ Nurse Midwifery, Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, and Family Nurse Practitioner Emergency Care. The post-master DNP has two options including Leadership and Practice (which is a weekend model). The Leadership and Practice Option highly emphasizes the skills related to cultural competency and can be completed in 2 years. The entire program is made up of 38 credit hours and 500 hours of practicum completion. All of the programs stress leadership and the ability to work within diverse populations. 

Affordability Score: 77.00
Reputation Score: 81.00 
Success Score: 67.00 

As you can see from the programs listed above  a busy professional has many options as far as achieving a Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree while studying online. There are a variety of formats that engage online learning, and many of the programs we ranked above have a hybrid component. The purpose for coming to campus, in some cases, is to ensure students will be able to collaborate with their colleagues and faculty members while working through some of the most challenging components of nursing leadership. Every single one of these programs has many clinical or practicum hours associated with completion, some of which can be accomplished at the students current place of work. Every program, however, offers this opportunity a little differently, as do sites of employment, so these are good questions to be asking as you get closer to finding the perfect fit. 

Will Employers Trust an Online DNP?

One of the more pertinent questions to ask are if the DNP programs online are accredited. Employers will be less concerned about your online coursework, especially if all of your clinical ducks are in a row, so to speak. This is of course if your program is fully accredited. CCNE accredited online DNP programs make up the majority (if not all) of the programs we have listed, as they are all well respected by employers nationally and even in the global sphere. It is crucial that you choose from the accredited DNP online programs if you want to be sure that your credentials will be honored and respected. There are many Doctor of Nursing Science Programs online that bring students to campus occasionally for extra support and even seminars that are harder to attend virtually. This is to say that online often has a hybrid element. 

Do I Need an MSN to Get into a DNP Program?

This is a great question and the answer is mostly no. As you can see, we have written about many programs that are strictly MSN to DSN programs, however, there are also many BSN to DNP programs, bridge programs included, that are expressly for students who want to go all the way from their bachelors. Many of the programs we’ve discussed here offer both options, MSN to DNP and online BSN to DNP programs.  

What Can a DNP Do?

We hope that this question is answered at least in part by reviewing some of the program offerings we’ve selected, however, this big degree has big offerings as far as careers are concerned. BSN to DNP programs take students from a place of basic nursing practice to the arena of specialized experts. In other words, a DNP has a job description that can take on many forms in the realm of leadership. Many of the programs listed above offer specialized tracks that can lead graduates to play roles in changing the course of nurse midwifery or psychiatric and mental health medicine. What can you do with a DNP in nursing? Think of healthcare administrators, faculty in elite nursing programs (many of which are discussed above). These graduates are the change-makers we are counting on for the future of healthcare and nursing as a discipline. Is this you? Maybe you are not yet sure, and that is ok. Maybe you want to go all the way in nursing, and a Phd is a better fit? This is a degree path that is demanding, take your time, and feel free to contact any of these programs for additional information. We wish you luck. 

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