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With one half in close proximity to New York, and one half close to Philadelphia, New Jersey is one of the best states for professional careers. Like most states in the U.S., New Jersey takes an interest in the education of its citizens seriously. To demonstrate this, New Jersey grants and scholarships are available for eligible students. Not only is New Jersey’s educational policy very proactive, but the state is also home to two of the nation’s oldest and most respected universities: Princeton and Rutgers. In addition to those, the relatively small state of New Jersey also has over 60 public and private community colleges – all of which provide local scholarships in New Jersey. 

For the nearly half a million college students in New Jersey – most of whom could probably use a little help with tuition – College Consensus has started the ball rolling on your scholarship search. Scholarship programs are here in alphabetical order.

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AAUW Lew Williams Scholarship and Leila Sulkes Scholarship

When looking for a scholarship in New Jersey, students can review the application requirements for the AAUW Lew Williams Scholarship and Leila Sulkes Scholarship. This program was designed specifically for women who are pursuing either an undergraduate or graduate degree. Each award amount is $2,000 with applications due by July 31st. The scholarship is for women at lest 25 years old and residents of certain municipalities within the Monmouth County area in New Jersey. At least 60 credits must already be completed before the student can apply for the program.

Besides offering New Jersey scholarships, the AAUW looks to advance the careers of women by providing networking opportunities and educational trainings. The AAUW has branches throughout the United States with each local branch sponsoring their own scholarship programs and community outreach events. Members are able to access newsletters, seminars, training materials, and more.


The Governor's Urban Scholarship Program

When looking at scholarships for college in New Jersey, prospective students can review the program requirements for the Governor’s Urban Scholarship Program Higher Education Student Assistance Program. This grant provides $1,000 toward tuition costs for eligible students. As a grant program, it does not require a separate application as long as the student completes a FAFSA. The student must reside in a high-need district in New Jersey such as Trenton, Camden, and Asbury Park. The student must also attend a two-year or four-year college located in the state. Deadlines to receive the funding are October 1st and February 1st for the respective fall and spring semesters.

The New Jersey state government sponsors multiple educational grant programs for eligible students. These programs are made available through the Higher Education Student Assistance Authority. Students may be eligible for different types of aid from the state depending on academics, financial need, and residency.


New Jersey Foster Care Scholars Program

Foster care children may be eligible for a special New Jersey scholarship. The waiver for the New Jersey Foster Care Scholars Program from the State of New Jersey Department of Children and Families is due by February 1st and can help the student receive money toward tuition, books, room and board, child care costs, computer equipment, and transportation. The program is specifically for foster children in all counties within New Jersey who are aging out of the system. Award amounts vary based on availability of funding and student need.

The Department of Children and Families is part of the State of New Jersey and manages services for at-risk youth like foster children. Funding programs for higher education are available through the department for children between the age of 16 and 23. To be eligible for services, children usually most be in out-of-home placements for at least nine months.


NJSCPA College Scholarship Program

New Jersey scholarships to consider can also include the NJCPA College Scholarship Program. To qualify, the student must be in his or her junior or senior year at an accredited New Jersey College. Students who are chosen for the award will receive $6,500 to help cover their tuition costs. The award is good for one year and must be put toward an accounting-related degree program. Applications are due by January 8th and must include an essay question about the future of CPAs in the industry. Finalists for the New Jersey scholarship must attend an interview at Ernst & Young in Iselin.

The NJCPA is an organization created to provide support to accounting professionals residing in the state of New Jersey. Each year, the organization sponsors more than 500 continuing education courses for accountants. There are eleven active chapters in the state with current membership exceeding 14,000. The organization is actively involved in working with state legislatures to create laws to protect the interests of both accountants and their clients.


Young Christian Leaders Scholarship

The Young Christian Leaders Scholarship is for both current students and prospective college applicants. If chosen, winners receive $1,000 toward higher education costs. Applications are due annually by August 30th and must include high school transcripts, high-resolution photo of the applicant, and at least two letters of recommendation. The first letter of recommendation must come from a church official such as a pastor, youth director, or Sunday school teacher. The application will ask for ways that the youth has provided service to his or her community through volunteering. The scholarship selection committee uses an online voting tool to help choose recipients.

Youth Christian Leaders is a non-profit organization created to provide support to Christian youth. The organization sponsors programs to help young adults continue providing services to their communities. The law firm of Buttafucco & Associates funds the organization, a Christian-based legal office that works with malpractice victims. Their office has clients located in the New Jersey and New York areas.

How to Qualify for State College Scholarships in New Jersey

New Jersey college scholarships and grants are available through all of the major educational institutions as well as the community colleges. Plus, the state itself offers a number of New Jersey state scholarships.

To qualify for New Jersey college scholarships and grants, the state requires that applicants meet certain requirements. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Demonstrated financial need
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Be a New Jersey resident one year prior to applying
  • Be registered with the Selective Service
  • Exhibit significant academic progress, as outlined by the standards of the applicable individual school
  • Full-time enrollment
  • Actively pursue undergraduate a degree
  • Be enrolled in an approved program
  • Be in pursuit of the student’s first degree
  • To not have defaulted in the repayment of any prior student aid

Do I Need Good High School Grades to Get a Scholarship?

It’s no secret that New Jersey scholarships for high school seniors are much easier to get if the applicant has a GPA of 3.0 or better. It’s really no secret. However, if you haven’t got the best GPA in the world, there are programs that take other factors into consideration when determining whether or not you might qualify for New Jersey scholarships for high school seniors.

Most programs have expectations for the GPA of applicants, but not all of them cut candidates off at 3.5 or 3.0. Some only ask that students have a GPA of 2.5, in some cases. Other programs look at the student’s extracurricular activities such as community service, musical achievement, or other intellectual or artistic pursuits done outside of the classroom. Athletic scholarships, in particular, tend to only require that the applicant maintain passing grades.

To learn more, visit your high school counselor, or the Financial Aid Office for the college you wish to attend. They will supply you with more detailed information on obtaining scholarships and grants you may qualify for.

Can I Get a Scholarship if I’m Already in College?

College is expensive, and there are a lot of programs designed to help students earn extra financial help. Many people believe this help is only available for new students, but it would be silly to leave an enrolled student to their work with no ability to pay for tuition. If you’re a current student, here’s what you need to do to ensure New Jersey scholarships for college students keep rolling in.

1. Complete the FAFSA Every School Year

This is a good way to ensure your school and the state are aware of any outstanding financial need you may have. It also helps you stay informed about what you qualify for.

2. Set up Your CCS Profile

Having a CCS profile can give you access to a list of funds collectively worth more than $9 billion. This effectively gives you a wider net with which to catch grants and scholarships.

3. Apply for Scholarships Regularly

Make applying for scholarships part of your regular routine. Applying for one a month each semester will optimize your chance of getting your college tuition paid for.

4. Consider Corporate Scholarships

There are many corporate scholarships out there. These include:

  • Live Mas Scholarship from the Taco Bell
  • Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway
  • Atlas Shrugged essay contest from the Ayn Rand Institute
  • Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship
  • Udall Undergraduate Scholarship

In addition to these, there are many New Jersey scholarships for college students. You just have to do some digging to find them.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in New Jersey?

Just like everywhere else in the United States, well trained and dedicated nurses are in high demand in the state of New Jersey. For this reason, grants and nursing scholarships in New Jersey are plentiful. Grants and nursing scholarships in New Jersey can be obtained through nearly every institution of higher learning in the state. In addition to this, many hospitals and health care organizations also offer nursing grants and scholarships to help ensure that a steady supply of well-trained nurses is always available.

To learn more about the many available programs, contact your school’s financial aid office. Call or visit the websites of any of the following major New Jersey Nursing Grant and Scholarship programs:

  • New Jersey Legion Auxilary Past Presidents’ Parley Nurses Scholarship
  • New Jersey State Nurses Association Research Grants
  • New Jersey League for Nursing (NJLN) Scholarship
  • Hoffman-Laroche Scholarships
  • Institute for Nursing Career Mobility Scholarships

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