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10 Great Digitial Tools for College Students

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College is the next big step for many students, whether it is right after high school or a few years into young adult life. College offers higher education and more opportunities in the workplace. However, it can be overwhelming to some students, including working adults that want to make a career change. Students do need to be prepared for classes and study groups, finding time to eat, and doing laundry, and maybe creating a form of “social life” and occasionally getting some sleep.

However, with all that is going on, where do you find the time to study? And what are the best ways to go about to do so? The good thing about going to college nowadays is there are a variety of studying apps available to students needing that extra help to get through the hustle of college life in this digital world. There is no need for just books, paper, pens anymore. With an array of product websites, there are digital tools and studying apps conveniently available to assist the student through college life and beyond. 

Below College Consensus has listed ten of the best study apps or digital tools for students who are attending higher learning facilities.  Students may recognize some common ones, such as Grammarly. These study apps range from Babylon, which is a language app; to Simplemind, a mind mapping app. The ten apps are also the best choices for students and working adults looking for help with not only studying, but with keeping the student safe while heading home. Some apps are free; however, for those that are not, a free trial may be offered. The study apps are also relatively easy to find and download. 

While explaining why these apps are the best, you will also learn what each of the apps do and how they can make studying easier. For more information on each app, go to the web address and check out the app for yourself to see if it is right for you. The tools help you organize your time, focus on what is important, and rest when it is necessary. Welcome to the 21st century, where students can find help in this digital world. 

1. Babylon

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Looking for the best studying app to learn a language or subject? Then do not look further than the Babylon. This is one of the top language apps for students and working adults. Babylon can translate over seventy-seven languages and provides over 1,700 dictionaries, glossaries, thesauri, encyclopedias and lexicons.  The app also offers a variety of subjects or topics for assisting students in their studies. The Babylon app is one of the best studying apps and is widely accepted nationwide. The app allows you to translate not only words, yet full sentences and phrases as well.

The Babylon software actually has been around for over nineteen years; the company does regular updates to keep their product working smoothly year after year. Babylon also uses three of the most popular dictionaries: Oxford Dictionary, Merriam Webster Dictionary, and Encyclopedia Britannica. The best part about the Babylon app is that it can be useful for anyone; students, individuals, or business associates. Private users can download the app for free; however, business users can receive a free quote on their website. Try the Babylon app for free. 

2. Brainscape


Ever wish you had just a little more time to study? Then try Brainscape. Brainscape is an online app committed to “helping the world learn faster.” They achieve this by using a confidence-based repetition technique. Students who use Brainscape will be able to remember two times more information than if they studied with books alone. With Brainscape, students can not only find the best flash cards for what they need, they can also create their own and share them with classmates, friends, or through social media.

According to the site, Brainscape is based on years of cognitive science research; the idea is to remember not only faster, yet longer as well. Brainscape provides flash cards for almost any subject, language, or training that one needs to educate themselves in.  For example, there are over ten different languages and a wide range of educated courses to train and study on. Brainscape is one the best studying app for students and educators. The Brainscape app is available for all digital devices. The app also provides flexible payment plans. A student has the option to pay monthly, by semester, or once a year. There is also a lifetime membership for a one-time fee.   

3. Circle of 6

circle 6 inline

Wouldn’t be great to have a companion you can trust to watch over you while walking home all the time? The Circle of 6 app does just that. Circle of 6 was created to protect people from sexual violence, especially on our college campuses; whether here in America or Internationally. Many college students fear walking through dark alleys or unlit areas while on their way home from study halls or campus hangouts. Circle of 6 is one of the best study apps to help keep college students safe at night.  The app provides safety by using mobile devices and creates a “circle of friends” to watch over the individual as they head home.

The way the app works is by choosing up to six close friends or a trusted adult to guide you to safety. All the student needs to do is either call or text a message to one of their six contacts to ask for help. The student can contact a campus hotline for assistance as well. Circle of 6 is designed to prevent violence before it happens. The Circle of 6 app has over 300,000 users and is available in thirty-six countries. The app provides privacy and is one of the best apps for studying, according to campus students. 

4. Dropbox


Got a business that needs a safe and secure place for all your storage? Or are you a student that has too much going on in class and needs to find an easier way to store important documents? Try Dropbox. Dropbox works with both Google Docs and Microsoft Office. The Dropbox app helps the user create, store, and brings all your content together as one. The app also helps coordinate completed work, so it is easy to find later. With the app, the user can access and find all they need for their team on multiple devices.

The basic plan for Dropbox provides about five terabytes of storage. However, for more storage users can try out advanced or enterprise plans. Users of nonprofit organizations or educational institutions may earn a discount. Dropbox Business is primarily for teams; however, there is a basic version for individual users and students. The Dropbox business motto speaks for itself, “Everything teams need, all in one place.” Dropbox is a great addition for students and administrators who need to store any important information; some say it is the best app for studying. 

5. Grammarly


Whether a student is writing a paper for an assignment in college or just sending an email to coworkers, written communication can make a difference in how you are perceived. Grammarly got its start in 2009; the goal: “helping people communicate more effectively.”  In 2013, Microsoft Office came on board by providing a desktop interface. While Grammarly is the world’s best grammar checker, the Grammarly App provides more than just spell-checking. It brings communication to life. The app offers several new features that allow students to express professionalism in their own words. The app shows not only where grammar problems exist; it creates a tone detector, editing assistance, synonym helper, readability index, and provides plagiarism checks.

The Grammarly app finds mistakes as you write and can provide a way to prevent them from continually happening. The app is useful at home or the workplace; whether on your personal computer, laptop, or mobile phone, the app is easily downloadable and added to all digital devices.  For basic use of spell check, grammar, and punctuation, the Grammarly app is free to everyone. Grammarly is the best app for studying because it helps the writer maintain proper grammar in their articles. However, for a more precise and professional look, it is suggested to try out Grammarly Premium. Grammarly Business is also useful for groups or teams that work close together on projects and demonstrations. The Mission of Grammarly is “To improve lives by improving communication”. 

6. Jotify


We all need to take notes of the important information that is learned from our courses in colleges. Note taking helps prepare students for quizzes and exams, and to create study tips for on specific subjects.  Jotify is a simple way to create study notes, just as if you were sending off a text to a friend. The app is completely confidential and easy to use. The best part of the app is what you write is only seen by you. The notes that a student writes are accessible to them, even if they are in offline mode. The Jotify app uses a cloud commuting process and keeps track of all your data using Apple an iCloud platform. Jotify is the best studying app for most students.

The Jotify app provides several innovative features that allow students or users to create their own look.  The user interface of the Jotify app is uniquely designed as well; and the app prevents other companies from sending you spam messages. Notes appear quick and is always accessible to the user. The Jotify app comes in two color mode options. A Dark OLED black mode and a sleek dark-grey color. 

7. Mathway


Everyone needs help with math occasionally. After all, we cannot all be geniuses. This is when Mathway comes in handy. Mathway is a studying app, designed to provide students with the tools and comprehension of solving the toughest math formulas. The app is used for simple addition and subtraction or more complicated formulas, such as calculus, statistics, or trigonometry. The app has millions of users with numerous problems to solve. The Mathway app also provides a glossary of simple math definitions for students to understand. Mathway is perfect for homeschool teachers as well. The app allows the student or teacher to create their own math worksheets with access to an answer sheet. Just provide the school’s email, school’s name, number of students, and what grade level is taught.

According to the site, Mathway’s primary goal is to make quality on-demand math assistance; accessible to all students, from high school students to college graduates. There is also career opportunities at Mathway. All a person needs is the skills and an enthusiastic spirit. Some have called Mathway one of the best studying apps and is the #1 problem solving resource available for students, parents, and teachers. The studying app has also been seen on several top network channels, including CNBC and ABC News.

8. Mendeley

Mendeley Logo Vertical

Students crave to have their work praised and recognized by their instructors and teachers. Mendeley provides a way to do just that. Mendeley provides a way for students to bring all their work to life. The app is compatible to Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, including all browsers. The purpose of the app is to find a way for students to create references, provide help in citing appropriately, and build the best research network for all assignments and coursework. Basically, the student can cite as they write, making studying time more productive and efficient. The Mendeley app also keeps students up to date through personal recommendations that are generated.

Students can also download tools and add-ons to enhance their studying experience with the app. As a bonus for signing on to Mendeley, students can also receive job alerts. Some students believe that Mendeley is the one of the best study apps of its kind. According to the website, the app has helped students with over 30 million references and over 6 million researchers. To make papers look and sound professional, give the Mendeley app a try.

9. Offtime


In this IT world, there are all types of digital devices that can cause us from being distracted and over stimulated from the natural world. Disconnecting from social media these days is difficult for some, due to a wide range of cellphone apps, TV commercials, or pop-up ads on your computer screen. Everyone needs to take the time to unwind and go for a walk, read a book, or just relax at the park. Even students need to find the time to balance their “off time” from everyday studying and working. Now you can do just that, with the OFFTIME app.

The idea of the app is to create ways to balance your everyday events. The OFFTIME app does this by providing students time to shut down all your devices, whether mobile or stationary, for a specified time.  According to the website, the idea is to focus, eliminate distractions, and live to the fullest. Students can designate certain apps on their phones to continue to be active, while shutting down ones that are less important. The app does not ask for the user to provide any personal information, other than sharing goals met or achievements made. However, the user can invite others to join in on the fun of what the OFFTIME app provides. With all these benefits, it is what makes OFFTIME one of the best apps for studying. Just sit back, set your timer, and enjoy peace of mind. 

10. Simplemind


Everyone forgets things at times. However, this could cause a problem for students that are studying for a test or quiz. Here is a simple solution, Simplemind. According to the website, SimpleMind is the world leader in cross platform Mind Mapping tools. The Simplemind app helps the student analyze thoughts and structures them.  Mind mapping is one of the most effective way of getting information in and out of your brain. It creates clarity and understanding in what all you do, day and night. Mind mapping is a creative way to note-taking and note-making that actually “maps out” your thoughts and ideas. Mind mapping is a great way for studying information that is imperative to remember, especially for students.

The Simplemind app has been used by over eight million people worldwide. The app allow students to use multiple maps on one page; it is perfect for brainstorming as well. The Simplemind app also helps students organize images, photos, voice memos, and recordings from either tablets or phones. Simplemind app is free to try out. They offer a free edition, which is basic introduction; a trial edition, available for thirty days; and a pro edition, with all the perks you can get.


Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?