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Best Online Colleges in Utah 2019
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The state of Utah is one that is very rural, which has an affect on the higher education options for their residents. A traditional on-campus education is not easily attainable for most of those seeking higher education. Because of these challenges, Utah online education is highly sought after by those who do not fit the normal characteristics of a college student. Working adults who have a career in place and work full-time are able to further their education for a promotion or career change by pursuing online degrees in Utah. Whether they want to work before work or after their shift, they have the option to work at their pace and on their schedule based upon their working commitment.

This is also true for non-traditional students who are older than most of the traditional students. Taking on a degree at a later point in life can take adjusting, and Utah online education provides the flexibility for these students to work at their own place. Also, rural residents who are not able to commute daily to a local institution have educational options with online degrees in Utah that they may not have had before.

Ranking the Best Online Colleges in Utah

To qualify for the College Consensus ranking of the best online colleges in Utah, schools must first have a Consensus Score defined by published rankings and reviews. Secondly, the institution must offer at least three online associate’s or bachelor’s degrees, and it must be legitimately accredited. At this time, only three colleges in Utah meet all those standards.


University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

University of utah
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The University of Utah is one of the best online colleges in Utah. This school has a rich tradition of strong undergraduate programs that has since spread to the online world. Their programs are known for their diversity, offering students the opportunity to earn online degrees in numerous fields from nursing to business, sociology, economics, and everything in between. This allows the student to chart their own career path with a great mix of courses.

The school is also known for their ability to meet the student where they’re at. This means both from a financial perspective and an academic one. The teachers are able to get to know their students even in an online setting. In addition, the school also has a lot of financial aid available, making the programs affordable. This has contributed to the reputation of the University of Utah Utes.

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Utah State University
Logan, UT

Utah State University
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Utah State University has quickly developed a reputation as one of the best online colleges in Utah. The school offers a wide range of programs at the associate’s, undergraduate, and graduate level. There are countless programs for people to choose from in the healthcare field, the business field, the education field, and more! This is one of the reasons why the school has been named to the list of US News and World Report’s top online colleges in the country.

The school has made this list due to the quality of their courses. The teachers take the time to translate their experience from the various industries in the classroom. This allows the students to train for their future career instead of simply learning textbook material. This is why so many people have fallen in love with the Utah State University Aggies.

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Southern Utah University
Cedar City, UT

southern utah u
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Southern Utah University has become one of the best online colleges in Utah. The school’s programs are known for their rigor and they offer coursework in business management, general studies, cybersecurity, communication, and more! Their programs are all flexible and allow individuals to tailor their own schedule to meet their needs. This means family obligations, employment obligations, and more can all be worked into the academic schedule at this school.

One of the major benefits of Southern Utah University is that it is affordable. The school has consistently been named to lists of the most affordable online colleges in the country. Those who are looking to jump-start their careers without sinking into student loan debt should take a look at the Southern Utah University Thunderbirds!

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What Kinds of Degrees Can I Earn Online in Utah?

Online degrees in Utah come in a variety of levels. The highest degree earned through Utah online degrees are the Doctoral program degrees. This program allows students to conduct ultimate research in the discipline of their choice and industry experts based upon the rigorous program curriculum. Most graduates with this degree find employment at a higher institution in the world of Academia.

Just below that level is the Master program, which provides students the skills they need to move for a terminal program such as the doctoral program. Many of these programs are essential enough for students to receive promotions in their careers at an administrative level. For many students, this education level is the highest they plan to go when they search for online degrees in Utah.

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The Bachelor program is the most common degree program of the Utah online degree programs because it often gives students the education they need to enter the professional world where they can receive career and salary of their choice. The lowest level of Utah online degree programs is the Associates, which is an entry-level position to any career that the student is seeking.

How Can I Save Money on an Online Degree in Utah?

When attempting to save money on the accredited online colleges in Utah, students have the option to consider community colleges and lower-cost regional public institutions. Due to the funding received by the state, the tuition at a lower-cost regional public institution or community college is much less than the tuition rates at a private institution. Students at these institutions are offered accredited programs just like the private institutions which will appeal to employers.

By choosing to earn general credits at a community college, students will save a lot of money on their overall tuition and be able to transfer that credit back a university for their Bachelor program. This will minimize the overall cost at that institution and allow students to pay the minimal cost for their online degrees in Utah.

Another option is to pursue a degree that is covered with employer reimbursement. Many companies and employers in Utah enjoy investing in their employees. In many cases and over the course of several industries, employers will cover tuition costs for their employees to gain their education in exchange for a commitment of so many years with the company following graduation.

Are There Online Public Universities in Utah?

Public online programs not only give students a discounted tuition to consider and accredited programs, but they also offer students the option to be a part of Utah with Utah online colleges and universities. While there are a variety of online colleges that take students from all states, students are able to support their own residential state and keep their loyalty to Utah through these programs. These programs are designed to assist Utah students and have the best interest in mind for those that are working adults, nontraditional students, or live in a rural part of the state where higher education is slim in presence. These students are contributing to Utah and these Utah online colleges and universities are looking to give back to these students.

Students have the option of Utah State University online for a variety of programs that range in level and discipline type. There is also the University of Utah and Southern Utah Valley that provide online programs among other universities within the state. No matter which online institution they decide to choose, an online college in Utah will give them options that other institutions cannot.

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