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When you are looking at accelerated degree programs online, you want to know the benefits and downsides of the degree program, as well as the potential for your career before you decide on any program. While a bachelor’s degree is an important part of starting your career, you also want to make sure you are not wasting your time when looking into a degree program. For working adults and other prospective students who are considering the fastest online degree completion programs, College Consensus has compiled a guide to what to expect from an accelerated bachelor’s degree.

Advantages of Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree Programs

When it comes to the benefits of an accelerated bachelor’s degree, first and foremost is the time you save when working on your degree. The average bachelor’s degree program at a traditional college or university takes around four years to complete. When you focus on an accelerated bachelor’s degree program, you complete the program in 12 to 18 months.

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Although saving time is a key benefit, it is not the only advantage of taking the fastest online degree programs. You also improve your resume with a bachelor’s degree. It makes your resume more competitive when you are looking into your career prospects. In some cases, an employer requires a bachelor’s degree before considering you for a position. By taking an accelerated program, you meet or exceed the standards set by an employer.

Accelerated programs also cut back on the downtime between classes. You are not spending months away from your studies only to return and face challenges getting back into the swing of studying and tests.

When you look at 1 year college degrees, you will also notice that the programs offer course credits for skills you bring into the course. You can test for certain competencies or skills and gain credit for a course without taking the class. That allows you to advance at a fast pace and move on with your degree. The exact standards to obtain course credits for your skills and competencies depend on the college, so you will want to evaluate the details before you make a decision on the right college or university for your situation.

The final advantage to consider when looking at accelerated bachelor’s degree programs is your retention rate. Short classes that last around eight weeks help you retain information. The result is that you do better on tests and perform well in your classes. When you compare the average term to the average semester, many students do better with the fast-paced environment.

Why Consider Accelerated Degree Programs Online

A question that may arise when you look at the fastest online degree completion programs is why you want to go through an online program. By clarifying the advantage of online learning when compared to traditional face to face learning, you can determine if 6 month bachelor degrees are a good choice for your career goals.

Online degrees offer a key advantage when it comes to flexibility. You work around your schedule and obligations. If you have a job, then you can obtain your degree during your of hours. If you have children, then you can work around their bedtime schedule. You are not stuck taking classes or working on tests at a time that does not fit your schedule. You have enough flexibility to work around your schedule and to adjust your timing if unexpected situations arise.

An online degree also has the advantage of lower costs. You do not have the hidden costs associated with transportation and additional housing expenses you incur when staying at a traditional college. You also don’t have the same costs associated with the degree. In many cases, you will cut back on the cost of each credit. Keep in mind that exact costs and fees differ for each college or university. You will want to compare the details of the specific college to determine the final costs of your bachelor’s degree. In an accelerated program, you may cut several costs by earning credits for skills or experience you bring from other sources.

Improved concentration during tests or while studying is another advantage of online degrees. You are not distracted by the other students and their behaviors. It allows you to focus on your studies rather than the actions and behaviors of others.

In-Demand Occupations for a Bachelor’s Degree

When you decide to pursue a bachelor degree in 12 months, you want to make sure you focus on studies for an in-demand occupation. Employers want to hire the right professionals for their business. If you are not focusing on the right career path, then you are not competitive in the work place. Fortunately, some degree programs do have a high demand for graduates with a bachelor’s degree.

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Business and Management

A business degree or a management degree offers different opportunities for your career. You can also consider a degree in entrepreneurship when you want to work in business. If you are considering a bachelor degree in 18 months with a focus on business or management, you will find that you have many opportunities for your career.

A business degree allows you to work in compliance or market research for a business. The operational roles allow you to play a pivotal role in a company’s process and legal systems. You can also work in financial services with a focus on analytical work and accounting. Companies need accountants at every level to ensure that they comply with legal standards for tax paperwork.

The decision to obtain a degree in management offers similar benefits to a business degree. The primary difference is the leadership roles you have available. You can work as a manager in a company and assist with company projects. You can also work in traditional business careers and take on analytical positions. A degree in management also prepares your for more advanced studies in the future.

An accelerated bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship allows you to take two paths. You can work in an existing company with a focus on management and improvement. You can also start your own business and focus on building up a new company. The degree gives you more flexibility for your career, so you have several opportunities for the future. The challenge is determining the path you want to take when you finish your degree program.

Computer Science and Cybersecurity

When you enjoy technology and want to work with computers, you may find that the fastest online degree completion programs in computer science and cybersecurity are a good choice for your goals. The degree programs allow you to work with computers and provide value to a company or a law enforcement agency.

Computer science degrees allow you to work in website design, computer programming, software development, video game development, and information security. You work with computers and develop new applications, programs, websites or video games. You also work in security and data management for companies with more concerns about the safety of their information. Your income and job prospects depend on your field, but computer science is a growing field with opportunities in a variety of industries.

When you want to work in law enforcement and security, you may find a cybersecurity degree is a good choice. Jobs in cybersecurity are expected to grow by 18%, which is higher than average. You will also find that you have opportunities working in a business or company as well as working for law enforcement officials. The work with law enforcement focuses on computer forensics and computer crime. You can also focus on preventing data breaches and information loss for large bushiness and corporations. By obtaining the bachelor degree in 18 months, you are able to start working in your field without wasting time or losing out on new opportunities.

Healthcare Administration

Studying healthcare administration, or healthcare management, allows you to assist others in the medical field. The 6 month bachelor degrees in an accelerated program prepare you to take on roles in a medical office. The entry-level jobs focus on assisting the office manager and the other officials in the business side of the medical industry. You assist an executive in a medical facility and maintain records to ensure accuracy when working with patients and their insurance companies.

If you prefer to take a hands-on approach to your career, then you can also work as a healthcare manager. In the management role, you take a leadership position and work to ensure that the medical facility or hospital runs efficiently. You coordinate between clinics, hospitals, and other medical services to ensure the proper care of patients.

Healthcare administration and management is a growing field. It is expected to see 20% growth by 2026. Since it is a growing field, you will have opportunities for a career when you complete your bachelor degree in 12 months.

Nursing BSN

Accelerated degree programs online allow you to study nursing and obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing. The degree offers a variety of opportunities in the medical field. The key is evaluating your opportunities and then determining your course of action.

Nursing is a growing field. It is expected to grow by 15% by 2026, which is higher than average. When you obtain a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you have a wealth of opportunities for your career. You can work as a nurse in a medical facility or a hospital. You can also work as a nurse educator or a public health nurse. A bachelor’s degree also allows you to work with patients in a specific age range. You can specialize in nursing services for more advanced career opportunities.

Can You Get Financial Aid for an Accelerated Online Bachelor’s Degree?

The fastest online degree programs offer a variety of advantages and benefits. A concern that may arise is the cost of your degree. Although 1 year college degrees do not have the same costs associated with a traditional program, you will want to consider the expense of a bachelor’s degree.

In general, you are still qualified to apply for FAFSA. The federal program is accepted by many online colleges, so you can still obtain a student loan or a scholarship for your degree. Keep in mind that scholarships and grants may have limitations based on family income and your income, so you may not qualify for all the federal aid available.

Financial aid through the college or university depends on their standards and options. Colleges may offer grants and scholarships that apply to students in the accelerated program as long as they are half-time or full-time students. Keep in mind that the requirements for a scholarship or grant depend on the specific college, so you will want to evaluate the options before you assume that the college offers aid to your specific program or situation.

Job Prospects for an Online Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degree offers a variety of opportunities for your career. The specific details depend on the type of degree you obtain. In many cases, you will have a chance to start out in an entry-level position in your field. You can work in nursing, business, computer science, cybersecurity or any other field that interests you when you complete your degree. The key is focusing on your career before you work on an accelerated degree program.

Obtaining your bachelor’s degree online does not mean you are losing respect from a potential employer. Online degrees are growing in popularity and employers are accepting the degrees as a legitimate education as long as they meet certain standards. In general, employers will take a degree seriously when it is through an accredited online program. Accreditation is given to the college or university for meeting the standards of a third party organization that accredits a degree program. If the program is accredited, then employers consider it a legitimate course and will take your degree seriously.

Salary Expectations for an Accelerated Bachelor’s Degree

Your salary after completing an online degree at an accelerated program will vary based on your field of study. Studying business will offer great opportunities for a high-paying career, with average salary of $94,000 for managers in a range of industries. Cybersecurity is on par with business management at $95,000.

Nurses may also make a high salary, but you should expect the starting salary to be lower when compared to the average for all nurses. You should also keep in mind that location will impact your actual salary. On average, though, nationwide, RNs with a bachelor’s degree can expect to make an average of $70,000. For healthcare administrators – the people working the offices – managerial positions can pay an average of $98,000.

The Last Word

An accelerated online degree program for your bachelor’s degree will help you reach your goals. The accelerated program allows you to complete your degree in a short amount of time, but it still allows you to focus on your career aspirations. It is a good option when you have obligations that limit your time or when you want to get started in a career without wasting time on long, extended breaks.

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