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Iowa is a state built on agriculture, with the frugality, practicality, and common sense ethos of agricultural communities. Of course, as the American economy shifts, Iowans are going to college at higher rates, and finding that they need a little help making ends meet. Rural students often depend on scholarships to afford their college degrees, but Iowa offers many scholarship opportunities, from state-sponsored grants to private organizations and charities. Multiple private organizations offer scholarships for college students in Iowa. Students can always receive funding from these organizations in addition to any state awards.    

College Consensus editors want to help out Hawkeye State students in their scholarship search. Our listing of scholarships in Iowa is arranged alphabetically.

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Byers Environmental Scholarships

The Byers Environmental Scholarships go to five qualifying students. The first four go to students who plan to major in environmental science or a similar major. The fifth scholarship goes to a student who plans to major in communications or marketing. To apply, students must be residents of Iowa. They must also have demonstrated community involvement. The deadline for this scholarship is earlier than the deadline for a lot of scholarships in Iowa. Students must submit their application by January 4th. That said, the application is online and very straightforward. The five recipients will recieve $1000 toward their educations.

The Byers Scholarships honor Bob Byers and William J. Fultz, both of whom were instrumental in Keep Iowa Beautiful’s Litter-Free School Campus program. These scholarships honor their namesakes by helping students improve their communities. These scholarships empower students to pursue their educations while improving their environment and other parts of the world around them.


Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship

The Brian Pearson Memorial Scholarship varies from year to year. Though the amount changes, the spirit and rules of scholarship stay the same. Students who have participated in the Iowa Games may apply for this scholarship. As part of the application, students must list their athletic accomplishments and community volunteer participation. After a review period, two scholarships will be awarded: one to a male student and one to a female student.

Before Brian Pearson died of brain cancer, he was a student athlete. According to those who knew him, he also led his life with kindness and integrity. This scholarship was created to honor his memory and encourage student athletes to live their lives in the same way. For scholarships in Iowa that carry depth and meaning, this one provides a great opportunity for athletes. The application deadline is April 8th.


Herman Sani Tournament Scholarships

Not many Iowa scholarships honor golfers. The Herman Sani Tournament Scholarship does. This scholarship awards $8,000 to its recipients ($2,000 per year for four years). High school seniors who live in Iowa and who have a background in golf may apply. That said, scholarship selection is not based on golfing ability. Instead, the committee chooses recipients based on the students’ academic performance and leadership qualities. The deadline varies (It was April 1st in 2018), so keep an eye out for this scholarship.

Herman Sani loved golf, and he loved helping students reach their fullest potential. The Iowa Golf Association developed this scholarship so that his memory could continue helping student golfers. The scholarship helps students to take their educations and their athleticism to the next level. Scholarship recipients often take their passion for golf and learning well into adulthood, becoming respected leaders after graduation. Scholarships are awarded in a ceremony right after the annual Herman Sani Golf Tournament.


Larry W. Carter Scholarship

If you’re looking for Iowa scholarships specifically for Black students, you should look into the Larry W. Carter Scholarship. Applicants must be African American, an Iowa resident, and currently enrolled either part time or full time in an Iowa university. Though high shool seniors can’t apply, they should absolutely bookmark this scholarship for when they can use it. The scholarship is worth $3,000, and the application deadline is May 15. This scholarship isn’t just for undergraduate students, so grad students should keep this scholarship in mind if they need financial aid.

Larry W. Carter worked tirelessly and valued his education. He succeeded in school, earning a graduate degree before moving on to his business life. Over his lifetime, Carter earned several awards and enjoyed countless accomplishments. Because he valued education and hard work, this scholarship goes to students who value the same. The scholarship helps students make the most of their educations so that they can take advantage of their opportunities.


Robert D. Blue Scholarship

Many scholarships in Iowa come from private donors. Others come from the Iowa state government. The Robert D. Blue Scholarship falls into the latter category. This scholarship comes from the Iowa State Treasurer’s Office, and it ranges from $500 to $1000. The application deadline is May 10th. Applicants can be high school seniors or current college students. To apply, students must be Iowa residents, and they must either currently attend or plan to attend a university in Iowa. Scholarships are awarded based on grades, financial need, and demonstration of character.

The Robert D. Blue Scholarship exists to support Iowa students as they pursue their educations. This scholarship was created to honor Robert D. Blue, a former Iowa governor. The state of Iowa values education, and this scholarship helps students make the most of their opportunities. The scholarship also honors qualities other than academic achievement. This scholarship goes to students who demonstrate courage, morality, and honesty.

Do I Have to Live in Iowa to Get a Scholarship?

The University of Iowa out of state scholarships are available for non-residents who meet the college’s eligibility requirements. When a prospective student fills out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, he or she will have a financial aid package generated by the college. However, many Iowa scholarships for out of state students will require separate applications. The University of Iowa offers non-resident freshman scholarships including the Advantage Iowa Award, National Scholars Award, and Provost Scholarship. The total value of these University of Iowa out of state scholarships have a range from $2,000 to $12,000 a year. The scholarships are awarded based on both merit and the student’s financial need.

Iowa State University scholarships for out of state students include the Adventure Award, Journey Award, and Quest Award. These scholarship programs recognize students from out of state who have a record of academic excellence. To be eligible for any of these awards, the student must have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The Iowa State University scholarships for out of state students also require minimum SAT scores of 1230 or an equivalent ACT score. Scholarship totals for four years for out of state students range from $22,000 to $32,000.

What Do I Need to Apply for a Scholarship in Iowa?

In most cases, an Iowa scholarship application will ask the same questions as an application from any other state. To begin, the student will want to fill out a FAFSA since many scholarship boards require the form. The FAFSA collects family income data in order to determine the student’s expected family contribution. This information is used to decide on award amounts for scholarships given due to financial need.

The student will need to fill out an Iowa scholarship application either online or through a downloadable form. The application will ask for basic demographic information and request a copy of the student’s photo identification like a license. Additionally, the Iowa scholarship application may want to see a copy of transcripts and any test results like the SAT or ACT. Letters of recommendation are a standard requirement and can be secured from current or past employers, teachers, or supervisors at a volunteer posting. A statement of purpose is usually found on an Iowa scholarship application and will detail a person’s future career goals.

Each scholarship fund may have additional requirements such as a personal essay, copy of resume, or a portfolio. An Iowa scholarship application should be checked over twice to confirm all eligibility requirements are sent in.

Does the State of Iowa Offer Scholarships for College?

The state government funds multiple Iowa scholarships for college students. To determine eligibility for Iowa scholarships and grants, college financial aid departments review FAFSA information. Needs-based scholarships include the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship. This fund is for Iowa residents with a minimum 2.5 GPA who demonstrate financial need. The student must have a minimum of 3 credit hours per semester and enroll in college at least two years after high school graduation. Priority is given to applicants who are children of deceased public safety workers, Gear Up Grant recipients, students who aged out of the foster care system, and graduates of alternative high schools. The maximum value of the All Iowa Opportunity Scholarship is more than $4,600 per year.

Iowa scholarships and grants also include the Iowa Grant for low-income students. The maximum award given through this fund is $1,000 per year. This fund is for Iowa residents who are currently enrolled in a state college or university.

Are there Scholarships for Nurses in Iowa?

Iowa nursing scholarships are available for those who wish to attend an accredited nursing program in the state. Different organizations in Iowa offer nurses assistance with paying their tuition. For instance, the Iowa Legion Auxiliary Past President’s Scholarship was created for veterans or dependents of veterans who plan to attend a nursing degree program. The applicant must also demonstrate financial need. Campus RN offers an Iowa nursing scholarship that awards six students with $2,500 annually. Only registered Iowa state colleges are eligible under the scholarship requirements.

Nursing scholarships at Iowa also includes healthcare organizations that want to help their employees further their education. The Iowa Health Care Association Nursing Scholarship is open to current employees that have already gained acceptance into an accredited nursing program. The applicant will have to write an essay detailing his or her career goals.

Iowa is also a state with a nursing loan forgiveness program. The program pays up to 60 percent of a nursing loan balance as a way to retain more nursing professionals within the state.

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