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A bachelor’s in history is an amazing choice if you are interested in having access to many career options. It is never a bad idea to invest in a humanities-based degree. There are many places you can go with one of these best online history degrees. Graduates of such programs choose to invest in such careers as: writers, archivists, curators, educators, museum curators, researchers, analysts, among many others. As you can see there are many places you can go with this degree pathway. It’s easier than ever to invest in your education, now that so much programming is offered in flexible online formats. This means that even if you are a busy working professional that never got around to getting your degree, this might be your moment to shine. 

That’s right, there are so many best online history degrees out there. Many offer coursework that can be shaped around your lifestyle. Many programs even offer asynchronous learning options where there are no set log in times. We have done some of the work for you by ranking the best online history degrees. The order is based on the following criteria: 

  • Cost
  • Reputation
  • Student Success Rate

You might find a program with a specialization that meets your interests or offers a historical survey. Many options on this list are easy to transfer into from associates in history programs.


Washington State University
Pullman, WA

Washington State University offers a bachelor of arts program in history that is delivered online. The faculty in this program has been recognized extensively for their unique scholarship and academic excellence. They offer an extensive range of research topic expertise including religion, the American west, military, gender, diplomatic history among many others. Students in this program have access to such opportunities as studying abroad and working with faculty on specialized research topics. The history core courses include seminars in history and writing about history. The history electives that are 6 credits each include American history to 1877, American history since 1877, North American Indian history, precontact to present, history of women in the American west, history of American Indian sovereignty and federal Indian law, early American history to 1750, united state, 1914- 1945, and united states 1945-present. It is no surprise why this program made it on the list of the best online history degrees.

Degree: B.A. in History


Florida International University
Miami, FL

Florida International University offers a bachelor of arts in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees. The entire program is made up of 120 credit hours. All of the coursework is rooted in five regions geographically including: the United States, Latin American, Asia, Africa, and Europe. The classes look deeply at the history of globalization and the ways it relates to the current global context. This includes looking at emerging markets, cultural conflicts, and the evolution of political states. Students will be given the tools to think critically and create a discourse that can impact the current political context. Some of the core courses in this class include: race, gender, and science in the Atlantic world, East Asian civilization and culture, the black death, greek history, Latin American and the national period, abuse of power in colonial Latin America among others. 

Degree: B.A. in History


University of Arizona
Tucson, AZ

The University of Arizona offers a bachelor of arts program in history. You will see when you get a closer look that this is one of the best online history degrees out there. Some of the key courses that this program employs include: medieval Europe, an introduction to the study of history, and a senior capstone project. Additional areas of interest are embedded into the coursework include: business, economics and entrepreneurship, social and behavioral science, culture and language, psychology and human behavior, English literature, philosophy, and religious studies, and law, policy and social justice. The entire course of study is made up of 120 credit hours. They also make it easy for students to transfer into this program from associates degree pathways. The career options include education, historic pathways, business, nonprofit, law, and journalism. Students will walk away from this program with extensive research and critical thinking skills that are applicable to many disciplines. 

Degree: B.A. in History


University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL

The University of Central Florida offers one of the best online history programs. This is delivered beneath the umbrella of UCFs College of Arts and Humanities. This is similar to the following degrees: BS Social Sciences and BA in Anthropology. Graduates of this program might consider going into such career paths as a congressional aide, purchasing agent, foreign services officer, media specialist, lobbyist, grant writer, intelligence agent, and information specialist. Students in this program will learn how to utilize critical thinking skills in all aspects of their lives, use analysis skills, and be researchers. This program offers affordability while offering a myriad of scholarship opportunities. In addition, halfway through the program, students can opt to take an accelerated path that will allow them to complete both their bachelor’s and their masters in one go. Students will also get to focus on their particular areas of interest as there is some room to create their own journey. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR

Oregon State University offers a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science in history. Both have made the list of the best online history degrees. The entire course of study, in both programs, is made up of 180 credit hours. These programs were designed to be both convenient and flexible and cater to a diverse body of learners. In fact, there are four start dates per year, which makes it easy for students to matriculate at their convenience. All of the coursework was designed by world-class experts in the field of history at OSU. The program is regionally accredited by the northwest commission on colleges and universities. Their campus is comprehensive and offers a myriad of resources beyond the coursework. This includes online tutoring and advising. Their motto is Look Back. Forge Ahead. This is considered a military-friendly pathway. 

Degree: B.A. or B.S. in History


Texas State University
San Marcos, TX

Texas State University offers a bachelor of arts program in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees. One of the unique aspects of this course of study is that it offers students the option of achieving a teaching certificate alongside their bachelor’s. Critical thinking and analytical skills are heavily emphasized in all of the coursework. There are a number of relevant student life opportunities that can be accessed even while studying online. This includes the history club, studying abroad, and complex advising opportunities. The Department of History at Texas State University has many offerings including the Center for Texas Music History, The Center for Texas Public History, The Center for the Study of the Southwest, The Center for International Studies, The Center for Archeological Studies, The Center for Diversity and Gender Studies. All of these resources can enhance the academic experience of students in the history programs offered. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Sam Houston State University
Huntsville, TX

Sam Houston State University offers a bachelor of arts program in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees. This is one of the largest and growing programs at SHSU. They are known for having expert researchers as faculty members who are renowned for their scholarship in the field. Earning a degree at SHSU is a little different than other schools. It is based on accumulating credits. Online programming is exactly the same as traditional in person. In fact, the degree itself does not even mention that it was earned online. Prospective students can apply for the programming three times per year, making it easy to matriculate at their convenience. SHSU is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. For the students who take the program with an interest in achieving a career in a museum, there are many opportunities for internships. 

Degree: B.A. in History


University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
Milwaukee, WI

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee offers a bachelors of arts program in history that is delivered entirely online. This is offered through the College of Letters and Science. This program wants prospective students to assess for themselves if online learning is right for them. They want you to know that this style of learning is certainly the most flexible and convenient, and also requires the most self-discipline. Online students take the same classes as those who are studying in traditional on-campus programs, taught by the same faculty members. Once students are admitted to the program, they will be assigned an advisor that will work with them for the entire time they are enrolled in the program. This is considered a highly economical path of study with many scholarships and financial aid opportunities. They offer prospective students many opportunities to ask questions and get to know the program before committing to the application process. 

Degree: B.A. in History


University of Nebraska at Kearney
Kearney, NE

The e-campus at the University of Nebraska at Kearney offers a bachelor of arts program in history that has made this list as one of the best online history degrees. All of the coursework is offered entirely online with no in-person requirements. This course of study is designed to be both flexible and convenient, so say goodbye to commute times and rigid schedules. In total, the program is made up of 120 credit hours. It is known for being affordable with additional scholarship and financial aid offerings for students. Graduates of the program have gone on to find careers as research assistants, public historians, museum curators, consultants, legislative assistants, paralegals, political analysts, among others. Of course, many have continued on to achieve master’s degrees and PhDs in similar disciplines. There are 24 credits of advanced history electives required for completion of this program. 

Degree: B.A. in History


University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth
North Dartmouth, MA

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth offers a bachelor of arts program in history that is delivered entirely online. There are many aspects of this program that make it one of the best online history degrees. Students have lots of agency in this program and can choose an in-depth study in relation to the history of the United States, Latin America, Asia, Africa, Russia, and Europe. The faculty is made up of experts in topics such as terrorism, race relations, the middle east, maritime history, and military history. The entire course of study is made up of a total of 120 credit hours. This includes 27 credit hours related to upper-level history classes. One special perk of this program includes the offering of a variety of internships that are relevant to the curriculum. Students will gain hands-on experience working in museums, libraries, and historical societies. There will also be opportunities to join relevant organizations and build networking into the academic experience. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Westfield State University
Westfield, MA

Westfield State University offers a bachelor of arts in history program. There are many aspects of this course of study that make this one of the best online history degrees out there. They offer a seamless transfer opportunity for students to matriculate from community college associate’s degree programs in history or related disciplines. The transfer program is called The MassTransfer Agreement. There are a few rules, including the one that ensures students start their education at one of the Massachusetts based community colleges. They must complete their associates in a maximum of 2.5 years and the bachelor’s portion in 2 years. This program is known for being accessible in a number of ways. The coursework is delivered in a convenient and flexible online format, and the cost makes it available to many people who might not normally be able to afford an associate’s degree program. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Nicholls State University
Thibodaux, LA

Nicholls State University offers a bachelor of arts in history program that is delivered entirely online. This course of study is designed to be incredibly flexible and convenient. The coursework is offered through the department of history and geography. Students in this program are interested in studying many historical disciplines including Europe, Asia, modern American, among others. The faculty is known for being diverse and offering a variety of perspectives. The coursework will teach students to think critically and use effective research methods to build their analysis. Students will learn how to write effectively and coherently while unpacking the issues that impact the modern world. In this program, they lift up the fact that history graduates have the highest earning potential out of all liberal arts disciplines. Prospective students are encouraged to make an appointment with the advisor to gain additional information. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Troy University
Troy, AL

If you are interested in engaging in one of the best online history degrees, Troy University’s Bachelors of Arts in History that focuses on American/ South American histories is an excellent bet. Students who want to be at the front lines of addressing global struggles are encouraged to apply to this complex program. They ensure that those who participate in this coursework will walk away with a better understanding of why the world is the way it is today. They will learn about the major centers of civilizations and the impact they have had on the entire global sphere. In addition, Troy offers an accelerated law option. This comes from a partnership with the Thomas Goode Jones and Cumberland Schools of Law. They give students the opportunity to achieve their bachelor’s degree and Juris Doctor degree in six years. There are many scholarship and financial aid opportunities associated with this program. 

Degree: B.A. in History-American/South American


Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA

Regent University offers a bachelor of arts degree program in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees. Their motto is Look to the Past. Build Your Future. The entire course of study is made up of over 120 credit hours. Students in this program will learn how to study different cultures, timelines, civilizations, and historical events. The coursework offers extensive knowledge of western civilizations, US History, and world history. One of the things that make this program specialized is its Christian perspective. All of the coursework is delivered through the lens of Christianity. Students will learn how to access extensive critical thinking skills, writing, research, analytical reasoning, among many other tools that will aid in the path of effective analysis and research. The core courses include: introduction to the history, US History to 1877, US History from 1877, Western Civilization, Revolutionary and Constitutional History, among many others. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Northwestern State University of Louisiana
Natchitoches, LA

The Northwestern State University of Louisiana offers a bachelor of arts program in history. This is known for being one of the best online history degrees. The coursework is delivered through their complex e-campus that offers a myriad of resources. The program emphasizes both European and United States history. The classes are delivered both through the online format with face-to-face options, so choose your own adventure. They look deeply at the colonial era into the contemporary moment. In addition, there are classes that deeply address modern East Asia as well as Creole History and Louisiana. An exciting aspect of this program is that this institution is the home to the oldest chapter of Phi Alpha Theta, which is an International Honors Society in History. There are many opportunities for students to access advising both throughout the program and even prior to applying. Online learning is designed to be flexible to meet the needs of a variety of students. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Eastern Oregon University
La Grande, OR

Eastern Oregon University offers both a bachelor of arts and a bachelor of science program in history. This program is designed to train students to look at the historical threads located in the current global themes we are aware of. Everything has an origin story and this program is committed to enabling students to seek them out from a variety of perspectives. Students should be able to complete this program in a four year period. The entire course of study is made up of 180 credit hours. Students will be prepared to engage in a myriad of career pathways including the pathways of law, education, curation, government, business, research, and archival work. Students will walk away from this flexible and convenient program with critical thinking skills and the ability to conduct effective research. The faculty are renowned members of the historical disciplines and offer a lot of expertise and collaboration. 

Degree: B.A. or B.S. in History


Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA

Liberty University offers one of the best online history degrees. The entire course of study is delivered entirely online in a format that is both flexible and convenient with zero on-campus requirements. The entire course of study is made up to 120 credit hours, all of which can be completed in a 3 and a half year time frame. Liberty University is known for being one of the leading evangelical Christian schools out there. This is to say, all of the historical context offered in their curriculum is delivered through a Christian lens. Students will engage in US History and World History primarily. These are designed to offer an effective foundation for research and teaching. Students will have the option of undertaking a variety of core courses including: geography, a survey of American history, history of western civilization, and historical methodology. Students in this program will gain a significant amount of hands-on experience. 

Degree: B.S. in History


Arkansas Tech University
Russellville, AR

Arkansas Tech University offers a bachelor of arts in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees out there. Though there is a fully online option to undergo this program, students can also choose some on-campus coursework if they are craving the facetime and in-person connection. This program prides itself on offering extensive hands-on learning opportunities including internships, support to publish scholarly publications, and the opportunity to make professional presentations. The coursework will train students to analyze facts based on research, evaluation, and integration. Students will gain an understanding of core concepts that relate to today’s politics and government. This includes international relations, geography, and political theory. Many graduates of the program have gone on to law school and other master’s degree programs. Some other exciting aspects of the program include the access students have to the national social science association and the national council for social studies. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Columbia College

Columbia College of Missouri offers a bachelor of arts degree in history that is considered one of the best online history degrees out there. This is delivered through their department of History, Philosophy, Political Science, and Criminal Justice Department. Program opportunities include extensive hands-on experience. Students will have the chance to access the American Historical Association for internships. Those who undertake this course of study will walk away with much more cultural literacy than they arrived with. There are many potential career opportunities for those who graduate from this and like programming including: appointive political office, teaching through certification pathways in social studies education, museum curation, historical preservation and archivists, careers in library science, and media-related careers. The core classes include: world history to 1500, making a modern world, American history to 1877, introduction to the historical craft, and senior seminars. 

Degree: B.A. in History


The Baptist College of Florida
Graceville, FL

The Baptist College of Florida offers a bachelor of arts program in history/ social studies. This is considered one of the best online history degrees. Students will start the program by taking a student success course that will offer a framework to be a successful student. This school is unique in that the coursework is delivered all through a Christian perspective and worldview. The entire course of study is made up of 120 credit hours. The foundation of general education includes 33 credit hours. The biblical theology credits embedded in the program make up 12 credit hours. Some of the classes include: the history of Christian missions, geography, history of the middle east, US government, Florida history, archives management, Christian history, among many others. Other required courses include western civilizations: earliest times to 1700, western civilization: 1700 to present, and a course in the appreciation of arts and literature. 

Degree: B.A. in History/Social Studies


Norfolk State University
Norfolk, VA

Norfolk State University offers a bachelor of science in History entirely online, they also offer a BA in history online as well. As a history, major students will learn how to effectively present knowledge so as to use it to problem-solve. The major focus for historians is to have a passion and working knowledge of cultural diversity. A history degree can lead to several different fulfilling careers like a museum curator, policy advisor, lawyer, librarian, interpreter, research, or teacher. The entire course work for the degree consists of 120 credit hours that include topics in history, geography, and political science. History is offered as an interdisciplinary degree, tied in with racial studies, the African diaspora, and social justice and how history affects the quality of life and the betterment of humanity.  Average class sizes are 30 people and they are offered in live class online and allow the student to transfer their courses anywhere. 

Degree: B.S. in History


Mary Baldwin University
Staunton, VA

Mary Baldwin University has a Bachelor of Arts in history offered through MBU online, their new innovative way to deliver online courses. Students will dive into completing 120 credits of coursework while tackling the rigorous concepts of understanding the discipline of history. The learning outcome from this program is to cultivate an understanding of historical time, as well as develop written and oral skills in communicating historical concepts. History involves creating a methodology of how to research and compile that research so as to disseminate that knowledge to the public. Another huge part of this program is to become mindful of the ethical issues of being a history writer and researcher. There are two concentration tracks board areas of history and specialized focus areas like Jamestown, the Atlantic world, and Lewis and Clark. Students also have to write a specialized thesis at the end of the senior year.   

Degree: B.A. in History


Southern New Hampshire University
Manchester, NH

Southern New Hampshire University offers a bachelor of art in history program that offers convenient 24/7 access to the course work online. There are several ways to obtain a BA in history, this best online degree in history has a lot of amazing aspects. The working student is the new normal for individuals seeking a bachelor’s degree. This at your own pace program is dynamically accomplished for the learning outcomes. Graduates of the program master skills like research writing and communication, these are the core focuses of the program. On top of teaching students the importance of honing their writing skills, paired with that are the historical processes. Transfer opportunities may allow students to fast track their program while beginning the program is super easy with multiple start time each year. Future customizes your degree with concentrations; American, European, Middle-eastern, or military history.

Degree: B.A. in History


Southwestern Assemblies of God University
Waxahachie, TX

Southwestern Assemblies of God University offers a bachelor of arts in history this best online history program rounds out our list. The course of study has an extensive list of general history topics they cover, giving students an in-depth look into economic history, world civilizations, early America, near eastern history, medieval history, and modern history. There are some new innovative ways historians are tackling ethical issues involved with researching and the retelling of historical events. So as a major focus in the program is to design appropriate responses to hypothetical questions. With a degree in history, the options are endless, graduates move on to tackle careers as archaeologist, author, museum, or gallery curator. Online students get full access to the on-campus resources, while the university routinely keeps the cost low. Another interesting aspect about this program is history is taught through a Christian lens so that the views stem from a religious worldview. 

Degree: B.A. in History


Ohio Christian University
Circleville, OH

Ohio Christian University offers a bachelor of arts in history in a 5 week per course format gives students the flexibility to learn at their own pace. Some key aspects to note there are two ways to take the degree online, there is an option to take an online plus. This will allow students to take online live experiences and get courses similar to the on-campus classes. Use faith traditions to reflect on concepts while developing advanced writing and presentation skills. Candidates of this program have certain learning outcomes, 120 credits of coursework must be completed, those include a general education course, with 36 credits dedicated to your major course of study. These courses will motivate students to analyze political movements, leaders, and cultures that shape the west and the USA in the last three millennia. This form of critical thought will provide the foundation for history majors to master the process and techniques to evaluate historical works and the continuation of the past today. 

Degree: B.A. in History

Why Should I Get My History Degree Online?

There are many reasons one would choose one of the many online history degrees. A humanities-based education can tie into a myriad of disciplines, and history, in particular, is especially relevant. Many have noted that out of all humanities-based subjects, history has proven to be the most lucrative. The career outlook is not bad either. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the projected outlook for the discipline of history is that jobs are expected to grow three percent from now until 2029. An online bachelor’s degree in history can be the perfect foundation for so many career paths. This includes: law, education, archives, museum curation, restoration, research, analysis, among many others. Students will walk away from an online degree in history with critical thinking skills and the ability to conduct complex research. Not bad. Plus, there are many degree programs out there with specific specializations that might particularly interest you. This includes African American History, Medieval History, Global Civilizations, Latin American History, Global Societies, among many others. Some even consider continuing their academic careers by applying to a master’s program in history. There are many reasons this list of online history degrees can be the start of a rewarding and lucrative career path. 

How Do I Choose an Online History Degree?

Choosing a program that fits your unique needs is a big undertaking, as of course, you would not want to choose wrong. There are many best online history degree programs, so of course, there has to be something for everyone, right? You may want to choose something that is located near your house if there are on-campus requirements, though it is easy these days, to pick something that is entirely online. In this case, maybe you want to look closely at the specializations the programs offer and choose something that is most in line with your particular career interests. It’s good to look at the resources the academic options offer. Are there advisors on hand to support you through the coursework? Is the programming as flexible as you need it to be? Make note of the fact that some programs offer coursework that is asynchronous, meaning the classes don’t meet at a given time. This is helpful if you need something you can shape around your already existing life commitments. You might also be interested in finding a program that has a seamless graduate transition option. There are some programs that make it easy to into a law program directly from the bachelors. 

How Much Can I Make with a History Degree?

History degree job salary numbers are pretty variable based on the specific careers to which they are attached. According to payscale, the average salary for a bachelor of arts program in history is $66,601. This of course is just the average salary for a historian, which goes both much higher and much lower. This accounts for a number of professions including history teachers, lawyers (who make much more on the ladder (of course), project managers, among many others. While a history degree salary comes in as many shapes and sizes as the degree options themselves, there are a lot of amazing opportunities out there.


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