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What Can I Do with a Bachelor's in History?

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A bachelor’s degree in history might be the perfect way for you to kickstart your education and your career. This degree pathway is an excellent way to embark on the world of humanities and look forward to a variety of career paths. There are several skills that students will learn from this education pathway beyond the specific coursework. This includes extensive critical thinking skills, research and analysis skills, technical and narrative writing, among many other academic reasoning accomplishments. Following such an academic endeavor there will be many doors open to you. Not only will you have learned a lot in regard to a variety of topics related to human civilizations and their evolution, but you will have learned how to assess information. This is to say, there are many jobs with a history degree that are options for someone who has undergone such a program. 

History majors explore such topics related to art, government, politics, architecture, as they relate to the contemporary moment and how they evolved to be what they are today. Many graduates of such programs have their eyes set on careers in libraries, museums, and within the sphere of education. One of the good things about history is the fact that it spans many disciplines. Those who study history often choose a specific discipline to emphasize in their studies. Many times, those who achieve a bachelor’s degree in history often go into fields such as law, government, business, education, and journalism. 

Jobs with a Degree in History


It is no surprise that many people graduate programs in history to pursue careers in government. Working as a government official ensures that you have had an interdisciplinary education that has led you to this point. The government itself offers interdisciplinary options. This includes civil engineering, project management, social work, administration, and archiving. History students learn the ways in which governments have evolved over a period of time. This is an important factor in understanding the role and approach to the government today. 


It may come as a surprise that business has made the list as one of the jobs with a degree in history. A career in business requires a tremendous amount of analysis. Oftentimes, business people are responsible for analyzing market trends and helping organizations and small businesses succeed. Business is also interdisciplinary in reach and requires the necessary writing and communications skills that come from a degree in history. 

Museum Curator 

Graduates with a bachelor’s in history can qualify to work in art museums and history museums in the US or abroad. The curriculum of a history degree will shape students into keepers of information, the history of our world as it involves all forms of civilization. Museums are the institutions that hold the artifact showing proof of historical events, people, culture, and curators are hired to maintain those items’ safety and protection. Museum curators are managers or overseers, the keepers of a cultural heritage institution, in some cases they are involved with the interpretation of the materials like historical artifacts. This is the best job with a history degree, students will be on the ground floor of discoveries and participate in the clean store display, and cataloging of precious historical artifacts from all over the world. 


This is a really popular outcome when it comes to jobs you can get with a history degree. Many people go into this degree pathway expressly to teach. Some programs offer licensure options embedded into the programming as well. Such majors often teach single subjects like art, American history, even journalism, global history, economics, government, social history, architecture, among many others. Many specifically go into teaching high school and junior high school or pursue a master’s degree to teach in the post-secondary realm. 


This particular field is for detail-oriented people who have taken their history education and decided to apply the technical skills to a variety of other disciplines. Many times history majors dive into a foreign language, which can be helpful as a researcher. This includes people who work with archives, library sciences, communications, and a myriad of other subjects. 


Getting a job with a bachelor in history degree is a breeze if you’re interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer, having a  history degree is a good start. In some cases, history students can prepare for law school while completing their history degree. Law jobs you can get with a history degree include; legal aide assistant, legal record manager, court advocate, Lawyer, or court reporter. 


Like many of the other jobs with a history degree on this list, journalism offers a variety of specializations including politics, art, business, as well as the news. A foundation in history can offer a variety of perspectives on given topics for which you can relate to current issues and trends. Research and writing skills are also required for journalists in order to begin to do their jobs.


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Ready to start your journey?