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An Interview with the Dean Dean Dr. Munir Quddus, Prairie View A&M University's College of Business

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Dr. Munir Quddus

As prospective students begin to seek out different business degrees, they will want to gain necessary insight into the business school and what all it has to offer. As accreditation, degree programs, tuition, online degree options, and class size is important, students will still wonder what is the story behind the facts? What are the professors like? What drives the mission? What kind of overall experience will they have? College Consensus had the honor of meeting with Dr. Munir Quddus, Dean of the College of Business at Prairie View A&M University, to get the story.

Located about 50 miles northwest of Houston in Prairie View, Texas, the campus sits on “The Hill,” and is one of the most beautiful pieces of land in the state. It is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges, and is the “second-oldest public institution of higher learning in Texas.” Established in 1876, the University now educates over 9,500 students annually who are studying for bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. The highly diverse population consists of representation from 41 states and 43 different countries. Students have the benefit of an 18:1 ratio of students to faculty members. This allows the professors to offer personal attention to each student and be fully involved in their educational experience.

The College of Business is AACSB-accredited and values teaching, service, research, and community engagement. Undergraduate students can pursue a Bachelors in Accounting, Management, Finance, Marketing, or Management Information Systems. Graduate students can study for a Masters in Business Administration, Accounting, or an Executive MBA. To offer a more affordable, convenient, and flexible degree option, the College of Business provides an entirely online Master of Business Administration degree program. College Consensus ranks Prairie View A&M University in the Best Colleges for Veterans, Best Historically Black Colleges & Universities, Best National Research Universities, and the Best Public Colleges & Universities rankings. The Online MBA program is also ranked #1 Best Online MBA Program in Texas by College Consensus.

College Consensus: Please tell us about your business school and what makes it unique?

Dr. Quddus: The College of Business at Prairie View A&M University is located just outside Houston, and has been serving students for the past 40 years.

We are a mission-driven School. We envision becoming a nationally recognized business program known for its transformative impact on students through an education that empowers them to reach their full potential. Our mission is to transform students from diverse academic and socioeconomic backgrounds into ethical business professionals and leaders who are entrepreneurial, productive, and prepared to succeed in the global economy. We achieve this through our strong commitment to high-quality teaching, relevant and impactful research, and outreach to the community.

College Consensus: What do you look for in successful applicants to your business school?

Dr. Quddus: First and foremost, we look for individuals who are motivated to acquire knowledge and improve their professional competencies and skill set. As part of the admission process, an applicant must submit an essay outlining their short- and long-term career goals. Prospective students must be able to connect the dots between a targeted career path and the pursuit of graduate business education.

College Consensus: How do you support your business students to leverage them into a career after graduation?

Dr. Quddus: The PVAMU Career Services offers job placement support for all students on campus. In our just concluded fall 2019 Career Fair, 400 employers representing over 135 organizations registered, looking for students from every discipline and major. We are planning to offer specific tracks in areas such as entrepreneurship, accounting, and perhaps supply chain in the near future. Another curriculum change under consideration includes a “Practitioner Faculty Fellow” program, which partners practicing professionals with college faculty to complement the student learning experience. The professor will cover the theory of business while a Practitioner Faculty will share insights on real-world application.

College Consensus: Is there anything going on within your business education community that you are particularly excited about?

Dr. Quddus: We are really excited about several new faculty members who have just joined the CoB. We have among them experts in Big Data Supply Chain, Drone Technology, Blockchain, and other interesting areas. All of these faculty members will be teaching in both our MBA [regular, online] and the Executive MBA program.

College Consensus: What can you tell us about your online offerings?

Dr. Quddus: The PVAMU program has been offered online for the past six years or so. We have a high-quality program. All of our professors have doctoral degrees and have graduate faculty status. Although most of our students in the online program are from Houston, a number of them live outside Houston or even the country. We are working to update the curriculum, making it even more relevant and current.

College Consensus: Anything else you’d like to say about your programs and school?

Dr. Quddus: We are delighted for this recognition [#1 Online MBA in Texas] by College Consensus, given there are many excellent MBA programs in Texas. At Prairie View A&M University, College of Business, we are committed to continuous improvement, and to offering high-quality programs. Since 2006, we are accredited with AACSB International, considered the premier accreditation body for business schools globally. AACSB accredited schools are among the best business schools in the nation. The MBA is our flagship program and the largest graduate program at the University. We have an excellent research-oriented and student-friendly faculty teaching our MBA courses. We expect our graduates who come from diverse backgrounds to become leaders and managers in their respective fields.

College Consensus logoCrucial Characteristics

Motivation: As a student researches and looks for the details of what a College of Business has to offer and the credentials it has accumulated, the college is also looking for certain characteristics and accomplishments in the student. The CoB has worked very hard in creating certain programs to assist students in finding success both in their educational path and their desired career. Because of this, they want to accept students into their business programs who are highly motivated to work hard, acquire necessary skills, and get the most out of the program. Students must be self-motivated to do the required work, seek out help when needed, pursue important relationships, engage with their peers, get involved in student groups, and participate in community outreach, which all help produce a well-rounded and qualified professional. Motivation is also the key for students to utilize every resource the CoB has to offer and helps to fully prepare graduates to succeed in the rigorous and competitive marketplace.

Transformation: The University attracts students from a wide variety of cultural, academic, social, and economic backgrounds. The faculty and staff are passionate about, and the curriculum is designed to, develop business-minded leaders who are ethically sound, knowledgeable, productive, and well-prepared. From the start of their desired business program to the finish, students are involved with transformative coursework, faculty and staff mentor relationships, and influential experiential learning opportunities. Successful transformation of every student is the ultimate goal, and the CoB is highly qualified to accomplish it.

Recognition: There are many factors that play a part in producing a profoundly recognized and highly ranked online degree program. PVAMU’s College of Business has worked extremely hard over the years to produce an extraordinary MBA program, which, as stated by Dean Quddus, is their largest graduate program. The expert faculty who are engaged in research and community involvement teaches both the MBA and the online MBA courses. Students receive the same quality and accredited program online as they do on campus. Due to the outstanding attributes of the online MBA program, it has received the #1 spot in the recent ranking by College Consensus for Online MBAs in Texas. This is a great recognition and a proud accomplishment for the University.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?