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AACSB, Southern Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Colleges

The Campbell School of Business “prepares students for life by combining a strong liberal arts education with advanced preparation in business and economics.” They have a strong service mindset that binds the learning community and transfers into a business program that is really focused on using business principles for the benefit of others.

A unique aspect of the College is that every student is guaranteed access to eight semesters of paid, professional development experience. This can be accomplished in a variety of ways, including teaching in a campus lab, repairing bicycles, or any of over 1,000 opportunities that are available on campus. All students begin in a level 1 position that provides basic services for the campus community. As skill sets develop and educational goals are met, they can then move up to more complex tasks such as managing budgets and projects or overseeing operations. On average, students work about 10 hours per week through this innovative program, earning nearly $9,000 by the time that they graduate.


Berry College offers an AACSB accredited, liberal arts-based business education. Undergraduate options include nine majors in high demand areas such as Creative Technologies, Accounting, Social Entrepreneurship, Management, or Entrepreneurship & Innovation. All business and economics majors complete a common core that covers many business fundamentals, such as markets & society, probability & statistics, and economics.

Outside of the core curriculum, the Campbell School of Business works diligently to help students develop communication skills, stimulate critical thinking, foster ethical decision making, and improve leadership skills. Creating an environment where students can apply the skills learned with a holistic view is also taken into account. The focus of the program is to engage not only the head and the heart but also the hands. Through interactions with peers, professors, and on-campus staff, students will be encouraged in their studies, personal/spiritual development, and pursuing their passions with a service mindset.

Student Life

Spirituality plays an integral role in the experience at Berry College. The College was founded on Christian principles but welcomes students from all walks of life and religious traditions. The College desires to help students from diverse religious backgrounds express their faith. Religious Life Groups are a way for students to connect with peers. Student leaders coordinate Life Groups such as Buddist Students Group, Catholic Students Association, a Gospel Choir, and Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

Outside of spiritual studies, students can enjoy the 27,000-acre campus, which happens to be the largest in the world. While the campus is large, class sizes are kept small with an average student to teacher ratio of 11:1. Those who enjoy the outdoors can rent kayaks, hike over 80 miles of trails, and use provided materials to camp.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?