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Counseling and Psychology Scholarships
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Counseling Psychology

The world of psychology is filled with professionals who are connected to wanting people, even strangers, to have the opportunity be the best versions of themselves. As the great Eric Erickson said “Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all.” We all can acknowledge that we need each other, but sometimes the relationship between those needed takes some professional guidance.

The Call of Majoring in Psychology or Counseling

The study of psychology has evolved over the years, and as our world changes so does the challenges facing us. When one reflects back on how society treated mental illness less than 100 years ago, we feel grateful for those pioneers and researchers that shared with us the knowledge they found so we can have understanding and compassion in our hearts. Not only does the world of psychology encompass mental illness and research, but also the more interpersonal relationships.

Helpers Need Help Too – Scholarships for Students

Today, there are many interpersonal relationships in our culture. Long ago are the days when it was just Marriage and Family Therapy. We embrace many kinds of specialties that are reflective of our society in the 21st century. The profession has now encompassed School Counselors, Social Workers, Therapist, and Counselors – just to name a few. New specialties are emerging including I-O (Industrial & Organizational) Psychology for the workplace and providing space for new communities such as the LBGTQ community. Below you will find traditional psychology scholarships, research scholarships, graduate and undergraduate opportunities, but also a colorful variety of specialties and areas of study. In this ever-changing world, a profession in psychology will prove to be dynamic, changing, progressive but always remain open, accepting and compassionate.

Note: While the deadlines for some of these scholarships has passed, we have included only those programs that appear to be long-standing and likely to continue, so if you’ve missed the deadline, look again in a few months.


American Art Therapy Association

AmArtTherapy scholarshipThe creation of art is often described as “therapeutic.” It has benefits to the artist far beyond the “end-product” of the art itself. Art therapy takes that process of creativity and expression to help those who may have be experiencing illness, trauma, addiction, grief or any other challenge in their life. In this specialized area of study, the professional relationship between therapist and patient takes the art products and uses them to increase the awareness of self (for the patient), aids in coping with stress or trauma and enhances cognitive abilities.

The American Art Therapy Association is the largest non-profit, professional organization for art therapists in the country. They are advocates for the profession to make art therapy available by expanding access to professionals as well as promoting art therapy as a regulated mental health and human services profession. Members in the Association receive the most up to date information, resources and targeted networking opportunities. The AATA’s Anniversary Scholarship Fund is designed to provide financial assistance for a student member enrolled at an approved AATA graduate art therapy program. Candidates will have to provide financial need, and have a minimum of a 3.25 GPA or higher.


American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

AmAsscMarriageFamilyTherapy scholarshipThe American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy Research and Education Foundation is working to create stronger families by funding evidence based research and educational programs that improve healthy outcomes. They remain steadfast in finding innovative ideas and implementing strategies to improve the success of treatment in family therapy. In addition, they focus on removing the barriers and stigmas associated with treatment. When these two goals combine, the end product is stronger, healthier families that are able to recover from tragedy and live a life together.

The Diversity Scholarship for Emerging Leaders is a scholarship for minority students. The intention of this award is to “support the recruitment, training, and retention of minorities in the field of marriage and family therapy.” Providing a diverse population of therapists helps to replicate the landscape of couples and families. Therefore, making the idea of therapy more approachable. The cash award is up to $3,000 and winners will additional receive a plaque, travel reimbursement to the Annual Conference and a waiver of the conference registration fee.


American Addiction Centers

American Addiction Centers 1For those struggling with addiction, or maybe even co-occurring mental health challenges, American Addiction Centers (AAC) can be a light on the pathway to recovery. They provide top quality care, support and compassion while developing custom, research based treatment plans. The goal of their empathetic staff is to show that long-term recovery is possible, and they strive to encourage and empower their clients to be the best possible self in body, mind and spirit. The key features they pride themselves on include: dual diagnosis treatment, research based methods, utilizing a 12-step philosophy, all centers are CARF certified and most importantly their caring and well trained staff.

AAC offers three scholarships for those going into the field of behavior health including the programs of nursing, counseling, psychology, social work, marriage & family therapy or other programs related to mental health and substance abuse. They offer one scholarship in the amount on $5,00, and two scholarships of $2,500 each. Candidates may be high school graduates entering into the mentioned programs above, or full or part-time college undergraduate or graduate students. In addition to the application, candidates are asked to complete a 500 word essay regarding the challenges for getting individuals into treatment and the candidates suggestions on how to fix that problem.


American Musical Therapy Association

AmMusicTherapy scholarship e1500815842868Similar to art therapy, musical therapy is a specialized field of trained professionals that reach patients through the channels of expression through music. Credentialed professionals will use clinical and evidence-based interventions in a therapeutic way to help patients reach their goals and help on their path of recovery. The mission of the American Musical Therapy Association (AMTA) is to drive the innovation and development of the use of music in a variety of therapeutic settings such as rehabilitation, special education and community settings. In addition, they are devoted to promoting and supporting its members through education, training, professional standards, credentials and research.

One of the ways the AMTA promotes education to members is through its scholarship offerings. The Theodore Meyer Scholarship was conceived by his family and intended for an undergraduate student interested in helping individuals battling mental health or addiction issues and can find a path to healing through the joy of music. Theodore started playing guitar as a young teen and enjoyed playing local gigs with his friends. His love of music prompted him to receive his Bachelor’s Degree in Music Composition in 2007. Due to an unfortunate biking accident, he endured chronic pain and benefited from music therapy as part of his treatment. Theo was never able to complete is goal of returning to school and study Music Therapy to help others, so it is his family’s wish for his legacy to live on through others.


APF - David H. and Beverly Barlow Grant

APFThe American Psychological Foundation (APF) is a grant-making foundation that seeks to give financial support to early career psychologist and graduate students. APF wants to encourage research that will not only solve problems but also enhance and improve the quality of life for those battling a mental challenge. In tandem to funding this research, APF is also investing in and is committed to developing psychological talent.

David H Barlow is a strong figure in pioneering research and program development in the world of psychology. He has a notable biography and list of accomplishments. Highlights include helping to develop new treatments for anxiety and related disorders. His new psychological approach to the treatment of panic disorder received positive evaluations and has endured extensive acceptance nationwide. He authored books summarizing his finding as well as a textbook on abnormal psychology. The Barlow Grant is used to support innovative basic and clinical research on anxiety and anxiety based disorders.


APF - Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz Child Psychology Grant

APFThe American Psychological Foundation (APF) funds a variety of important research grants, scholarship and fellow programs, in doing so it brings to the public an understanding of the connection between behavior and health.  It works to reduce the stigma and prejudice of mental health and preventing violence with knowledge. Another way to bring public awareness is by exposing ways of treating mental issues with respect and dignity and how we need to address the long-term psychological needs found in the aftermath of disaster.  Not only addressing adult mental health needs, but digging into the psychology of children as well. APF has programs that study gifted children and adolescents, exploring child psychology and how their minds process information differently.

Elizabeth Munsterberg Koppitz spent a lifetime working with children and learning about their psyche. Early in her career she was the head of the Fisk University Social Center for Children in Nashville. This prompted her to pursue a formal education in psychology that she capped off with a PhD in clinical psychology in 1955. From there she was a school psychologist as well as a school psychologist for special education. Using her career and research as a launching pad to share her findings, she went on to become a lecturer, author and consulting psychologist for the Northern Westchester and Putnam County Board of Cooperative Educational Services. She authored five books which included: “Psychological Evaluation of Children’s Human Figure Drawings” and the 2-volume “The Bender Gestalt Test for Young Children.” This fellowship program supports graduate research projects and scholarships in child psychology. The goal of the fellowship is to encourage and excite young scholars for careers in the areas of child-clinical, pediatric, school, educational and developmental psychopathology. The fellowship is proud to support this scholarly work in order to advance the knowledge in these areas.


APF - Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship

APFOne of the many social issues the American Psychological Foundation (APF) supports is the stigma associated with mental health. Stigma is defined as a mark of disgrace that sets a person apart. Because of this stigma, many people who could benefit their lives and health with psychological treatment are afraid to explore the possibilities. People do not want to be labeled by their illness so they endure it alone the best they can. APF is funding programs that are working to shed the stigma of mental health in hopes to encourage all people to be the best they can be. By exploring psychological treatment, the goal is to empower the individual and equip them with the coping skills they need to live a productive and fruitful life.

The Violet and Cyril Franks Scholarship is designed with this in mind. The scholarship is used to support graduate-level scholarly projects that use a psychological perspective to help understand and reduce stigma associated with mental illness. Current research shows that there are 50 million Americans living with mental illness and view this stigma as a barrier to treatment.


APF - Benton-Meier Scholarships

APFThe American Psychological Foundation (APF) is key in providing financial support for the research used to pioneer modern, innovative programs utilizing the strength of psychology to empower human mental capacity and growth. This research is important to advance our potential not only for today but for the future. This support encompasses a wide variety of scholarships and grants for students and those psychologists that are just starting their career. With this funding, the research gained is changing the lives of people with mental challenges for the better.

Drs. Arthur Benton and Manfred Meier were both dignified leaders in the area of neuropsychology. Manfred Meier was one of the most influential leaders in establishing clinical neuropsychology as a speciality practice. Meier published more than 70 professional papers as well as books and book chapters. He was committed to teaching and culminated his career as the director of a post doctoral program in clinical neuropsychology.  During Benton’s 30 year career at the University of Iowa, he was a professor of psychology and neurology and supervised over 40 dissertations and 24 master’s thesis. Upon retirement, the university dedicated the Benton Laboratory of Neuropsychology in the Division of Behavioral Neurology. The Benton-Meier Scholarships support two annual $2,500 scholarships for graduate students in neuropsychology.


American School Health Association

American School Health AssociationFor those involved in counseling as a school counselor or wishing to pursue a degree in that field, the American School Health Association (ASHA) has scholarship opportunities.  ASHA brings together all professionals working in the school systems who are dedicated to protecting and advocating for the health of each student. The driving force of administrators and health professionals working together towards the same goal creates schools that become places where all students can learn, grow and flourish. Their mission is to surround students with caring adults who support each other in the school therefore creating healthy and safe environments so learning can unleash the potential in each child.

Scholarships are available for one undergraduate and one graduate student specializing in any school health profession. Those professionals already employed in school health in a PreK-12 school, and are also currently pursuing a part-time university program leading to licensure are also eligible for the award. All members of ASHA are eligible, if you are not currently a member, you may download a form on their website to join. You must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale), have a declared major in school counseling or school social work, also be able to show your involvement in school health through clubs, volunteering or other services or leadership related to this field.


Bethesda Lutheran Communities

Bethesda 1The Bethesda Auxiliary is part of  Lutheran christian community. It is a system developed to bring people of the Lutheran faith together in order to provide spiritual and financial support for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. There are auxiliary locations across the country raising funds in a variety of ways from donating items to the Bethesda Thrift Shops, making craft items for raffle and accepting monetary donations.

One of the ways they contribute to their cause is to offer scholarships for those Lutheran students who are interested in pursuing a career in any area that will serve and support people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. They do this in a big way by offering up to four $3,000 scholarships annually. To qualify for this opportunity, you must be of Lutheran faith; and active communicant member of a Lutheran congregation, be a freshman, sophomore, or junior at an accredited 4 year college/university, have a minimum GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and have the career objective to serve in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities. Candidates must also provide documentation of 100 hours of service, volunteer or paid, in the area serving intellectual and developmental disabilities. A short essay is also required detailing how your academic course of study will support your career in this field.


CAMFT - Clinton E. Phillips Scholarship

CAMFT LogoCalifornia Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Educational Foundation (CAMFT) is a professional organization for licensed marriage and family therapists in the state of California. It is an independent organization designed for the purpose of representing the interests of licensed marriage and family therapists. CAMFT is dedicated to advancing this profession as an art and a science as well as a mental health profession. Our members are dedicated to upholding the highest quality of ethics and standards and work hard to expand awareness of this important profession. To serve our members, CAMFT is an organization advocate and representative. They work on member’s behalf with the regulatory board (BBS) and the state legislature. As are other professional organizations, CAMFT is a special interest group that is committed to pursuing the interests that they feel will benefit the profession and the public.

Dr. Clinton E Phillips was a forerunner in the area of Marriage and Family Therapy in California. He was passionate about educating and training marriage and family therapists throughout the state. He had many outlets for his training including University of Southern California, American Institute of Family Relations, Fielding Institute and he co-founded the California Family Study Center. Throughout his career, he was also a practitioner and theorist. The Educational Foundation Scholarship is proud to honor his career by offering the Clinton E Phillips Scholarship. Please see their website for details on qualification requirements and a link for the application.


CAMFT - Ronald D. Lunceford Scholarship

CAMFT LogoThe California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists Educational Foundation (CAMFT) is an advocate for marriage and family therapists. It is a special interest group that believes their interests are good for the profession and the public. In that spirit they have sponsored bills and get laws passed that prove to be beneficial to all. In addition to advocating for their members, CAMFT is committed to upholding high standards of ethics and work tirelessly to advance the profession of marriage and family therapy by demonstrating this profession as a combination of art, science and mental health treatment.

Dr. Ronald Lunceford served the CAMFT in many different capacities. He was the co-chair of the Minority Concerns Committee, part of the Human Rights Network, elected to the Board of Directors, became President and served as chair of the Nominating Committee. He was an active LMFT and clinical hypnotherapist. He was the founder of the People’s Clinic in Santa Ana as well as the Irvine Counseling Center. His special interests include gerontology, human relations, death and dying and minority concerns and political action. CAMFT is honored to offer this scholarship in his name and honor his lifetime career in this field. Details for qualifications and an downloadable application is available on their website.

13 scholarship is the Authority of All Things Dating ™. Their website is a collaborative effort between many renowned dating and relationship experts in an effort to help singles navigate the waters of online dating. Their website offers advice in a variety of ways from daily articles, Q&A sessions, posting research studies and a lively forum. It has become a leading resource for those in the dating world, the site sees over 2.4M visitors a month and 3.4M page-views each month.

With online dating becoming more commonplace and the “norm” for singles of all ages, offers a Future Counselors of America Scholarship. This award is for undergraduate or graduate students with a psychology major and looking to pursue a career in relationship counseling, or related field. Candidates for this award will be attending an accredited college or university in the United States, have a minimum GPA of 3.5, be able to prove financial need and show a pathway towards building a career based on relationship, marital or similar counseling. Also included for the application for scholarship is a 500-900 word essay entitled “The Psychology of Online Dating.” This gives the applicants a chance to speak to the phenomena of online dating and address the psychological issues that accompany it. The essay should also address challenges to daters, and how relationship professionals can be a guide and resource to make the experience a positive one.


Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk

arthurjgallagher e1500739736175Gallagher Student Health and Special Risk is an insurance company offering unique and cost effective student healthcare solutions to the education community. At Gallagher, only the best insurance companies are chosen to partner with resulting in top care in the areas of claims, administrators, preferred provider organizations, and pharmacy benefit management companies. This gives us the ability to work with each client as an individual and tailor a custom plan to fit their needs. Utilizing this team approach, it is their goal to provide top customer satisfaction while fostering long term relationship with each client.

Gallagher Student Health Careers Scholarship Program has provided more than 80 exceptional students with financial assistance to aid in their journey pursuing a career in healthcare. Since its inception in 2001, the program continues to grow in the number of scholarships offered and the amount of monetary value each scholarship holds. The winning candidates are selected by the Scholarship Board of Directors. All candidates need to possess a strong motivation to pursue a career in a healthcare field, academic excellence and dedication to community service. In addition, applicants will present a need for financial support to receive their education.


National Association of School Psychologists

National Association of Scientific PsycologyThe National Association of School Psychologists is the world’s largest association representing the professionals in school psychology. NAPS works to communicate and advance best practices in student behavior, learning and mental health. It is their vision to see students thrive while at school, at home and in life. The will provide guidance on issues such as assessment, safety, grade retention, ADHD, and racial and ethnic disproportionality in education. They have also developed white papers to support our members professional positions and resolutions that advocate for public support.

The NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship supports the mission of improving diversity in the field of school psychology. It helps to break down barriers and opens communication when the diversity of the school staff, including the school psychologist, reflects the diversity of the student population. Since 1995, this scholarship has been supporting minority students on their quest for a career in school psychology. It’s goal is to decrease the financial barriers of training, and simultaneously highlight the accomplishments of the next generation of professionals. The winner will receive mentoring and encouragement from the program as they complete the transition between graduate student and practicing school psychologist.


National Institute of Health

National Institute of HealthThe National Institute of Health is the nation’s medical research agency, it is a department of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The main goal of the department is to improve and enhance human health, lengthen life and reduce illness. They provide an environment to allow for creative and groundbreaking research, to cultivate human resources and talent to ensure the knowledge base and discoveries are always at the forefront of preventing illness and disease. They keep themselves at the highest standard for scientific integrity so they can be held accountable by the public and have social responsibility in the conduct of science.

For students who are most interested in the research behind behavioral health, the National Institute of Health offers Undergraduate Scholarships. They are specifically for those students who are of financial need and have come from a disadvantaged background. This program includes scholarship support, paid summer research training conducted at the NIH and paid employment and training at the NIH post graduation. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn up to $20,000 per year, participate in a 10-week summer laboratory experience and have employment after graduation as a full-time employee in a NIH research laboratory. Each recipient must commit to one full year employment for each year scholarship is granted.


Ohio School Counselor Association

OHSchoolCounselor scholarhip e1500816020752The Ohio School Counselor Association is Ohio’s only professional organization that represents and advocates for professional school counselors. The benefits of this organization range from discounted professional development activities to a subscription to their newsletter. Trained leadership is available to all members to listen to concerns and answer questions. OSCA is also a strong voice advocating for all school counselors and cultivating and nurturing the relationship with the Ohio Department of Education. The OSCA was created to promote the success of the student through strong counselors. To that end, the organization will empower, unite and support all school counselors while promoting high standards of professionalism and a strong code of ethics.

OSCA is fully committed to promoting future school counselors in Ohio by offering graduate school scholarships. Two $1,000 scholarships are available to students who are currently enrolled in a master’s program in school counseling. Candidates should have (6) semester hours of graduate work completed, are not in their final year of study and currently have an active student membership with OSCA. Scholarship application forms are available on their websites. Accompanying the application will be a completed essay question, official transcripts and a professional letter of support from an academic advisor or professor.


Pride Foundation - Soaring Heart Scholarship

PrideFoundation schoarship e1500816088990The Pride Foundation has been fighting for hope, equality and education for 30 years to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender and queer (LBGTQ) community. In 1985, the initial vision of the Foundation was to raise and manage funds that could be used to aid and support the challenges facing the community at that time, especially AIDS & HIV. As the Foundation developed, it became a public, regional foundation for the LBGTQ community to establish an endowment, providing supports a safe haven to make their investments in the future of the community. Thirty years later, donors have invested more than $72 million to financially support students, build cooperative organizations, and connect leaders in the five-state region of Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington.

Soaring Heart Scholarship is a loving tribute from Mike Schaefer after his partner’s tragic suicide. The award is granted through the Pride Foundation. It is to aid in funding for the compassionate student desiring a career which would support people dealing with such issues as trauma, grief, illness, death and violent acts. Candidates should be undergraduate or graduate students attending an accredited college or university in the United States. Applicant should also be able to prove good academic standing in a degreed program such as psychology, social work, counseling or therapy. Please note, applications will only be considered from students who have lived in Alaska, Idaho, Montana, Washington or Oregon for at least one year.


Psi Chi International Honor Society - Undergraduate Scholarship

Psi ChiThe Psi Chi International Honor Society was established in 1929 with the purpose of advancing excellence in scholarship and supporting advancements in the field of psychology. The core of their mission statement is uphold the highest standards and promote excellence in the science and most importantly, the application of psychology. The chosen Greek letters express the goal of the foundation. Psi, symbolizing the word psyche to represent the mind and it’s enrichment gained through scholarship and Chi, symbolizing the word cheires representing the word “hands” to symbolize the fellowship and cooperation needed and used in research to advance the field of psychology. The elemental foundation of advancing our minds and working together collectively has brought more than 700,000 members together. Dignified, historic members include, Drs. Albert Bandura, B.F. Skinner and Phillip Zimbardo.

To fulfill the mission of scholarship, the Society offers eight undergraduate opportunities with awards of $3,000 each. Winners are chosen based on the following criteria: student activity in Ps iChi, financial need, future plans in psychology, personal qualities consistent with Psi Chi’s mission as well as academic performance. The funds are to be used for educational-related expenses such as tuition, fees and/or books.


Psi Chi International Honor Society - Graduate Scholarship

Psi ChiThe Psi Chi International Honor Society is advancing the field of psychology by upholding the mission statement of honoring excellence in education and supporting advancements in the field of psychology. This is accomplished by providing a supportive environment so members can engage in research, circulate and apply research findings and to cultivate a lifetime of interest in psychology. The society also strives to focus on member development by supplying the resources and networks needed to provide information and opportunities to enhance their professional and personal lives. Lastly, they emphasize fostering a vibrant and meaningful environment so that all members can contribute and benefit from continued fellowship.

As with the offerings to undergraduate students, Psi Chi also offers up to eight graduate scholarships. For those students engaging in graduate studies, at some point the need will arise for funding whether you are planning to pursue clinical practice or academia. Psi Chi encourages its members to take advantage of the opportunity offered and to apply for the various awards and grants offered. Specifically, the scholarships are to be used to help offset the cost of your graduate education and can be used for tuition, books, fees etc.


SOIP - Irwin L. Goldstein Scholarship

SIOP e1500816427743The Society for Organizational and Industrial Psychology (SOIP) is a newer concept in the world of psychology.  This vein of study concentrates solely on the scientific study of the workplace. The foundation of psychology and scientific methods are applied to the current and relevant  issues facing people at work such as talent management, coaching, assessment, selection, training, organizational development, motivation, leadership and performance. I-O psychology works within an “employment lifecycle” – with each section having unique benefits to an organization. The parts that make up the lifecycle are: strategy & measurement, staffing, learning/development, talent management and performance management. Utilizing an I-O psychologist is tremendously beneficial to not only the employees in the workplace as it benefits their personal career paths. But it also benefits the organization as a whole, when the environment is healthy it is productive.

The Irwin L. Goldstein Scholarship is an award that provides financial assistance for a minority doctoral student pursuing I-O psychology in order to finish their dissertation. The scholarship is designed to recognize the achievements in a graduate career and encourage students to dig further into this emerging field. This scholarship is made possible by the Macey Fund. It is to spotlight Goldstein’s work in broadening the inclusiveness of I-O psychology, as well as a token of gratitude for the friendship that developed over the years. Eligible applicants must be a student affiliate of SIOP, be a full time PhD student in I-O psychology at an accredited university as well as one of the following ethnic minorities: Native American/Pacific American, African/Caribbean American, or Latino/Hispanic American. Applicants who have already defended their dissertations are not eligible.


Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality

Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality e1500769009617The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS) was founded to encourage the systematic study of sexuality in 1957. More than 700 members belong to this non-profit professional organization. The society has a diverse range of member professions including anthropologists, biologists, educators, historians, psychologists, sociologists, theologians, therapists and more. The kind of vast representation gives the Society a unique strength and direction. Researching on the past with an eye to the future, SSSS is strongly committed to the future with a dynamic student membership program, as well as the mentoring of early career professionals. There are many opportunities within the Society through committee activity for membership involvement and leadership growth. Boasting a strong award program the SSSS recognizes and encourages professional excellence, public service and service within the Society.

To further their commitment to research and investing in the future, the SSSS annually awards two grants of $1,000 each to its student members involved in human sexuality research. Their research could encompass their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertation, but those are not required uses of the grant monies. Applicants must be enrolled in a degree granting program as well as be a student member of SSSS. The grants are funded by the Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality, an organization committed to exclusively providing funding for the scientific research related to sexuality.


Southwest Florida Community Foundation - Doris W. Frey Memorial Scholarship

SWFloridaLewisBarber scholarshipThe Southwest Florida Community Foundation is making great things happen everyday! They were founded in 1976 and their mission supports regional change for the SW Florida area by way of leadership, social innovation and philanthropy supporting the needs of Lee, Collier, Charlotte, Hendry and Glades counties. The Foundation has many partners ranging from corporations, families and individuals who, collectively, have established over 400 philanthropic funds. By working together, last year the Foundation proudly invested $5 million in grants and programs back to our communities. In addition, the Foundation supports the organization for the regional FutureMakers Coalition and Lee County’s Sustainability Plan.

One of the partnerships the Foundation has, relates to counseling and specifically Christian counseling. If you are a high school graduate from one of the counties mentioned above, and have a passion for counseling under the Christian umbrella, the Southwest Florida Community Foundation as offers the Doris W. Frey Memorial Scholarship. Scholarship requires pursuing a degree in Christian counseling and be committed to a life of Christian service. Applicants must be able to demonstrate a commitment through action in ministering to others, and have a recognized ability and academic performance.


The Melanie Foundation

TheMelanieFoundationThe Melanie Foundation was created to honor the life and sustain a legacy for Melanie Merola O’Donnell. Melanie committed her career to relieving suffering for those who are inflicted with mental illness. Unfortunately, Melanie died at the young age of 33, while still pursuing her doctoral studies in psychology. This Foundation is a way for her efforts to continue and allow fellow students to complete their goal of attaining a graduate degree in a mental health field. In addition to offering scholarships, the Foundation also works with the Saratoga Springs community, where Melanie called home. They have been able to give a portion of their funds to the local nonprofit agencies such as Saratoga Bridges, the mental health unit of Saratoga Hospital and many more.

The scholarship is in the amount of $2,500 and will be awarded to a student pursuing a master’s or doctoral degree in the mental health field. The award is for one year, but students may reapply. Students must be enrolled in an accredited college/university in the United States and be able to provide evidence of research, extracurricular, volunteer or career-related activities.


Zeta National Education Foundation, Inc. - Lullellia W. Harrison Counseling Scholarship

zphib1920 logoThe Zeta Phi Beta Sorority National Education Foundation was created for the purpose of benefiting charitable and educational programs. Several key components make up the Foundation’s mission. Namely, the foundation wanted to offer scholarships to those students who show financial need and help to support their dream of higher education. It is also important to the Foundation to conduct community education programs which support educational and vocational improvement with the intent of improving individual and community living standards. Finally, the aim of the Foundation is to also engage in activities that will enrich all women educationally and be involved in activities that encourage educational development that relates to the purposes of the Foundation.

The Lullellia W. Harrison Counseling Scholarship is awarded to a graduate or undergraduate student in the area of counseling. It is for one full-time academic year (fall-spring). This scholarship aligns with the primary objective of the Foundation in supporting students of need through their higher education pursuits. This scholarship amount varies from $500 – $1000, proof of enrollment is required.