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Considering an online degree in psychology? When students contemplate a major in psychology, they may have images of an old-fashioned psychiatrist’s office – the therapy couch, the bored head shrinker making notes in a legal pad, and so forth. But a psychology degree in the 21st century is a totally different proposition. Sure, there are psychology majors who go on to become therapists, counselors, and psychiatrists. But psychological insights are just as valuable for careers in business, marketing, government, education, and far more fields. A psychology degree, in other words, can be the opening to a whole world of career opportunities, in almost any field imaginable.  

In this section, we look into why people choose psychology careers. We’ll answer the following questions.

  • Is a degree in psychology worth it?
  • Is psychology a good career choice?
  • Why get a psychology degree online?

Is a Degree in Psychology Worth It?

The value of your psychology degree depends on what you want to accomplish. The higher the education that you received, the better paying job you can get. Additionally, as you gain more experience, your job options will open up. This is a field where experience counts when it comes to dealing with clients in your field of specialization.

Getting a bachelor’s degree in psychology prepares students for a wide array of careers. For example, students can practice as independent therapists or pursue a graduate degree to obtain a license. Here are some other jobs that require a psychology bachelor’s degree:

  • Career counseling
  • Case management
  • School counseling
  • Human and social services
  • Education specialist
  • Psychiatric technician

So is psychology a good career choice? Psychology is a good career choice for those who want to help individuals and groups better understand their mental health and wellness.

With a graduate degree, students can receive a doctorate in a specialized area of psychology. Examples of careers for those with graduate degrees include the following:

Social service manager

  • Clinical therapist
  • Researcher
  • Drug and alcohol counselor
  • Psychologist

Getting a psychology degree online is the best option for those who cannot attend classes in person. There are also options that allow students to complete an accelerated psychology degree online.  

Most Popular Schools with Online Psychology Degree Programs

Quick Facts: Psychologists
2019 Median Pay$80,370 per year
$38.64 per hour
Typical Entry-Level EducationSee How to Become One
Work Experience in a Related OccupationNone
On-the-job TrainingInternship/residency
Number of Jobs, 2019192,300
Job Outlook, 2019-293% (As fast as average)
Employment Change, 2019-295,700
Source: 2020 Occupational Employment Statistics and 2019-29 Employment Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS.gov.

Most Affordable Online Psychology Degree Programs

What Does a Psychologist Do?

A psychologist studies human behavior by observing and recording how people respond to one another and their environment. What does a psychologist do? Psychologists aim to help people who suffer from mental and personality disorders that impact their health and wellness.

How Do I Become a Psychologist?

Depending on your career goals, you will need a degree to practice psychology. Some jobs require a bachelor’s degree while others require a master’s or doctoral degree. For those looking for how to become a psychologist, the best thing to do is to study the different types of jobs you can get with various degree levels. This may help you decide whether to pursue a master’s or a doctoral degree after completing a four-year program in psychology. We provide more information on how to become a psychologist in the degree section below.

What Can You Do with a Psychology Degree?

When you Google “psychologist jobs near me,” dozens if not hundreds of jobs may pop up. For example, schools are always on the lookout for qualified candidates for educational psychology jobs. this includes career counselor jobs. For those interested in working with children, a more appropriate search might be “jobs for school psychologist near me.” The variety of jobs available depends on the level of experience and education students obtain.

Examples of jobs you can get with a psychology degree include:

  • HR Personnel
  • Substance Abuse Counselor
  • Marriage and Family Therapist
  • Clinician
  • School Counselors
  • Psychiatrists
  • Educational Psychologists

What Jobs Require a Psychology Degree?

If you’re looking for alternative careers for psychology majors, many graduates go on to attend law school or get their master’s degree in communication or education. Psychologist jobs near me vary from region to region with more jobs available in more populated areas. for those willing to travel, Florida, Massachusetts and Texas How’s the most jobs available in psychology, according to the US Bureau of Labor statistics.

Educational psychology jobs are among those that are in demand continuously. This is good news for students who would like to obtain career counselor jobs at local schools, community colleges and universities.

What jobs require a psychology degree? It’s not just school psychologist near me postings that require a psychology degree. Alternative careers for psychology majors include becoming college professors and market research analysts, according to the BLS.

Types of Psychology Degree

There are many options for pursuing an education in psychology. Students can get their associates degree and then move on to a four-year institution for their bachelor’s degree. Depending on students’ career goals, a master’s or doctoral degree may be in their future as well.

Associate’s in Psychology

Many universities offer an online associates degree in psychology. The online psychology associates degree was created for those who work but want to continue their education. Fully online classes allow students to complete the degree part-time or full-time and study when it’s convenient for them. For those who can’t attend classes in person, online courses provide the right vehicle to get an associate’s degree. Graduates of an online degree learn the fundamentals of human development, ethics and psychopathology.

Getting an online psychology associates degree is a great steppingstone for students who would like to go on to get their bachelor’s degree. Career opportunities are limited for students who only obtain their associate’s degree.

Bachelor’s in Psychology

Getting a psychology degree online allows students to study from the comfort of their own home or anywhere else that’s convenient for them. There are many schools that offer fully online four-year degrees. Many students attend part-time or full-time as their schedule permits.

Many schools offer an online bachelor’s of psychology degree with several concentrations available. Those pursuing an online bachelor’s in psychology degree can major in social psychology or mental health. Others who get a psychology degree online from the school choose concentrations in forensic psychology or industrial-organizational psychology. The school also offers a bachelor’s in psychology online degree for those who want to specialize in child and adolescent development.

A psychology degree online covers the same spectrum of topics that students attending classes in person learn. It’s important to choose an online bachelors in psychology degree from an accredited University, especially if you plan to attend postgraduate programs or stand out among other job candidates with similar backgrounds.

With an online bachelors in psychology degree, students often roll into a master’s program. Just as many students now choose to get their bachelors in psychology online degree, many master’s degree programs are available in the same format. Keep reading to learn more about a master’s degree in psychology as well as other degree choices.

Master’s in Psychology

For students who would like to obtain more in-depth knowledge of their specialization in psychology, an online masters program in psychology provides the most convenient way to further their education without disrupting their lives. When choosing the best college with a masters in psychology online degree, students are no longer limited by geography.

A masters degree in psychology online is essential for those who wish to work in social service, education, nonprofits, therapeutic settings and government agencies. Students who already have jobs in psychology can advance further in their field and ask for higher salaries after they complete an online masters of psychology degree.

One option is a master’s degree in psychology online with a concentration in mental health and wellness. Applicants do not have to submit GRE scores for many MPCAC-accredited program. This degree prepare students to work with people of all backgrounds. Typically, students go on to obtain their license to practice psychology in their state and then seek employment as professional counselors.

Other schools with an online masters of psychology degree will confers a Master of Arts in psychology. Most students complete their classes within 18 months and either advance on to a career in psychology or go on to get their doctorate.

Online masters programs in psychology hold the same benefits as attending classes in person. This is because most universities are accredited and use the same professors for online classes and in person classes. This is great news for those who would rather study on their own and prefer to avoid attending classes in person. There are a variety of reasons people choose to attend classes online. No matter what your reasoning is, you can find dozens of reputable masters in psychology online degree programs.

After completing a masters degree in psychology online, ambitious students go on to attain the terminal degree in psychology, a Ph.D., which can also be completed online.

Doctoral Degrees in Psychology

Students who wish to practice clinical psychology need an advanced degree in psychology. With a psychology PhD online, Students can set their own pace for learning and obtained a degree without disrupting work or family life.

The best online psychology PhD programs help students grow and fill in the knowledge gaps to help them attain their career goals. A doctoral degree in psychology is the terminal degree, meaning that it’s the highest level of educational achievement that students can attain. Those who complete their doctoral degrees gain respect from clients, peers and their employers.

Accreditation for Psychology Programs

Students should always choose online or brick and mortar colleges that have the appropriate national and regional accreditations. Students can check on the credentials of their perspective schools by looking them up on the Department of Education’s accreditation database.

The APA Commission on Accreditation is the national accrediting authority for psychology. APA accreditation ensures that schools meet the academic requirements of this rigorous accrediting body. CACREP deals with masters and doctoral programs. A CACREP accredited school confers degrees respected by employers and other universities. Choose online psychology degree accredited by APA for undergraduate programs.

A psychology accreditation for master’s and doctoral level schools should include the appropriate regional and national accrediting bodies. Select from CACREP accredited colleges and universities With specializations that appeal to you.

APA accredited online programs have passed the rigorous standard set by this professional organization, and only accredited psychology programs Are eligible for student financial aid. APA accreditation is also a standard considered by perspective employers for clinical, teaching and other psychology jobs. So, we recommend applying only to APA accredited online programs.

Psychology accreditation should also be a factor for students looking for certifications in psychology. An online psychology degree accredited by APA stands out at reputable institutions with accredited psychology programs.


You can find many certifications in psychology that are available online. Getting a psychology certification may be required by certain employees. All 50 states require licensure in the field of psychology. Getting certifications in psychology may help students prepare to take their state boards. A psychology certification does not hold the same weight as a formal degree.

Scholarships for Psychology Students

Students can find many university-based and private scholarships for psychology online. Scholarships for psychology majors vary greatly and have different criteria based on the type of degree you’re pursuing.

Scholarships for psychology can be used for traditional and online programs. Applying for scholarships in psychology can alleviate the burden on parents, and scholarships for psychology majors allow students to graduate with lower student debt.

College Consensus is a great place to begin your search for scholarships that apply to your situation. Googling “scholarships for psychology” will bring up many more. In general, you should apply to scholarships where you feel your skills or background are a good fit. This can help you save time and frustration.


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