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Preparing for College as a 10th Grader

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You have a year of high school under your belt! This year should be a year of finding out what your passions are. This is also the year when you start doing prep for tests you need to take to get into college. You have 3 years left of school with high school now feeling like a routine. 10th grade may go by quicker than any other year!

Important things to Remember

  1. It is time to figure out what schools made your top list. Research the school’s website and getting familiar with their admissions counselors should be done this year.
  2. You can never take enough practice tests! It’s time to prep for tests like the SAT/ACT. Local areas should have SAT/ACT prep classes and practice tests. You can take your PSAT as early as October!
  3. You should start  narrowing the clubs/extra curricular activities you are involved with and see which ones you want to invest leadership in. You may be able to step into leadership this year, but this is a good time to start preparing yourself to possible step into those roles your Junior year.

2nd Year Myths

  1. It’s too early to think about standardized testing. PSATS don’t matter.
  2. It’s too early to visit a campus.

A lot of my peers in High School thought that taking SAT prep or PSATs during your Sophomore year was too early. However, by the time you start your Junior year you should already be signing up to take the real deal. The same goes with selecting a school. You want to be applying to colleges sometime during your Junior year so the visitations you make during your 2nd year will help you select schools that make your top list. You are never too early.

What You Can Start Doing Today

  1. Start seeing your college counselor. They will help you get connected with the
  2. Sign up for your PSATs. Slots can fill up quick so it’s best you book a spot sooner than later.
  3. Start collecting and organizing the information you receive from schools (pamphlets, brochures, etc.) They will start coming in fast so the sooner the better.

Extra Credit

If you aren’t already doing so, I suggest you start reading during your free time. Besides making you a better communicator and thinker, reading now will help you prepare for things like the SAT. The more classics you read

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?