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Best Jobs for Students in College

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Going to college can be exciting, but let’s face it – college costs are rising. Many college students are in a position where they are at school living on grants, loans, and prayer. That means college students need more money to pay for classes and living expenses without the assistance of their parents. While the objective of going to college is to study and do well to get a great job in the future, there are a lot of instances where college students can’t concentrate because they are worried about some expense that’s coming up and they don’t have all the money. All that just adds stress to an already stressful college experience.

There is a solution. With remote work being so popular, some of the best jobs for college students can be done in their dorm room or apartment. Online activity is huge, and there are so many ways to create a side hustle, but there are a lot of people in the same position. College students must be strategic, utilizing their skills the right way. A good job for a college student shouldn’t take away from their studies, and ideally should help them develop skills they will use and connections they can use to get a full-time job after college. This opens the doors of opportunity and can help maintain a viable income throughout college.

What Are Some of the Best Part-Time Jobs for Students in College?

Managing finances can be difficult, but students must tap into their creative sides and make things work. Truthfully, most students have side hustles going on because they realize how expensive things are and they really don’t want to call home and ask for money. It’s so much easier to feel like an adult when making their own money anyway. College is the perfect place to spread their wings and see if they can really do it on their own.

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For students that need a lot of cash to make ends meet, some of the best paying jobs for students in college are jobs that provide experiences that may lead to an offer of employment. These are also some of the best jobs for college graduates with no experience. A great way to find these jobs is by using a temp agency that caters to college students. Working as an office clerk or data entry specialist helps students gain insight while giving them a job that pays a little more than the norm. Students who have schedules flexible enough where they can go to an office in the morning or afternoon to work can be beneficial. The only drawback with these jobs is that they are usually expected to work at least four days a week, which could interfere with their studies.

Medical Office Receptionist

College students looking to work in the medical field can gain a lot of knowledge by working as a medical office receptionist. They gain hands-on experience of working with charts, understanding how to deal with patients, medical coding, and more. Even if they graduate and decide to take a different route, they can take medical coding classes while still in school and have a lucrative side hustle that pays a lot of money. They will already have the connections and experience and can work that into their own private gig. Or, go on to earn a degree in healthcare management and administration to make it your career.

Bank Teller

There are quite a few college students who work at the local bank or credit union. This is one of the best jobs for college students in the summer (other than paid internships at large corporations). Working in a bank helps gain a deeper appreciation for money and budgeting while putting cash in their pocket. They can move up in time to do other things and this could be a great career choice for someone who is considering working in finance.

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College students can be found working as hosts and hostesses in restaurants all the time. While some students don’t want to wait tables, working as a host or hostess in a fancy restaurant can be advantageous because they get to network with people, dress up for work every day and in most cases, get free food.


Working in a retail store is the go-to for most college students. They learn the ins and outs of the retail space and learn how to work well with others and take directions and criticism. College students like working these types of jobs because they are flexible enough to work around their schedules when they need to study for exams with no pressure. In the grand scheme of things, this is a great way to make money while focusing on studies.

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Truthfully speaking, when wondering what are the best jobs for college students, the answer really depends on what the student likes to do. There is no one size fits all, but there are many opportunities for college students to broaden their horizons and do something different. It’s a perfect time to start their side hustle, even if it’s just baking cookies and cakes for students around campus. If they are delicious, word will get around, and guess what? That’s a business.  

What About Entrepreneurship?

College is the one place where entrepreneurship can really pay off. Students who have specialized skills like cooking, braiding, doing nails, and cutting hair have a knack for making a lot of cash without seeking additional employment. Students have started lucrative t-shirt companies from their dorm rooms or apartments with a Cricut, heat press, and printer.

One of the quickest ways to earn money if a student has a car or access to one is by driving Uber or Lyft. These can be done between classes or on the weekends. Early morning classes? Drive in the afternoons and evenings. Late classes? Drive in the morning. There is always someone needing a ride in the city and the qualifications are easy to meet if the student has a clean driving record and an acceptable automobile. Instacart is also a great way to make money, especially with so many people opting to order in rather than going into a store. If a student knows how to grocery shop and can follow a list, Instacart is a piece of cake.


Students who are thinking about becoming a CPA should try and gain experience as a bookkeeper for a small or large firm. After gaining some experience, they can switch hats and become their own boss. There are many small businesses that need the assistance of a bookkeeper and are afraid to take the plunge because of the costs. A college student can get clients at a lower rate until they have a lot of experience and slowly increase their rates. With so much emphasis on people learning how to get good with money, and small businesses realizing they need accurate documents in order to scale, a college student can help point them in the right direction.

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Tax Preparation

One of the best times of year for college students is the tax season. This is when all the small tax firms recruit people and teach them how to use the system while they have a ton of forms to file. There’s nothing crazier than the tax season, but for a struggling college student, it could be well worth it. There will be tax services and accountants on the lookout for as much help as they can get. College students work long hours during this time, but if they have the space in their schedules, they can make a lot of money doing taxes or working in the tax office.


Students working as tutors on campus get paid, but college students who start their own private tutoring service online can make a lot of extra money. With online access being so easy, college students can tutor or teach students from anywhere in the world. This is a great start for someone who is going into the teaching field, or for someone who enjoys working with others and sharing knowledge. Parents like hiring college students to tutor their children because the rates are a little more reasonable than working with a seasoned professional. To get started, they can create a website or YouTube Channel and get to work. There are also tutoring groups that teach people how to start their own tutoring businesses that are doing very well. College students that put their own spin on developing a niche can start a business where they end up employing other college students to assist, creating streams of income for others.


Although people don’t mention it often, there’s nothing better than having detailed notes to follow – especially in a difficult class. Students can make a lot of money by taking notes for students or even professors who need their lectures transcribed into easily digestible information for students. The better the notes, the higher the price. It’s a great way to make a name for themselves and establish a business that results in cash.

Mystery Shopping

Who doesn’t want free food? There are TONS of mystery shopping organizations that provide money and a meal just for evaluating a restaurant or store and their customer service. Shopping isn’t just for food – there are many retail establishments that have gotten bad marks from someone who was mystery shopping to determine how they treated their customers. The more a student does for the company, the higher jobs start trickling their way in.

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Notary Services

Becoming a notary really comes in handy. Putting up a quick webpage, getting into the Google directory, and handing out a few business cards can create cash very quickly. Mobile notaries are growing in popularity because most people don’t know they need one until the very last minute. Having at-your-service convenience screams professionalism and dedication to the craft. People like things “right now” and this is a great way to give them what they want.

Massage Therapy

Again, in this “right now” and the at-your-service environment we live in, people don’t want to go to the spa anymore – they want the spa coming to them. Getting a certificate as a massage therapist isn’t a bad idea because they command top dollar. After passing the class, they can set their own hours and work to their heart’s content. This is also a good opportunity to partner with local businesses and set up weekly massage sessions for the staff.

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Making Online Dollars Make Sense

Online entrepreneurship is one of the best ways college students can thrive. Registering a business on Fiverr to do voiceovers, data entry, graphic design, write articles, and other tasks can add up. Fiverr has also changed its parameters so it’s not about $5 anymore, but in creating packages where students can utilize their skills and make the money they want without limitations.

It’s not uncommon to see students advertising their services on Instagram, either. These students have mastered the art of networking and making a name for themselves with social media. Starting a virtual assistant business is also one of the best jobs for college students online. The best part? They can get enough business and hire other students to work as virtual assistants too!

College students can also spin their entrepreneurship into a writing business. What most people don’t know is that there is an entire world of people who need writing services. There are also quite a few writing hubs that hire people to write for major organizations. Get plugged into one of those and start building a portfolio that will work wonders throughout college and beyond.

There are also companies that hire college students as work-at-home customer service representatives, and other companies that hire students to do online surveys and other projects using social media that pay very well. With so many companies offering remote work as an option, getting a job with a major firm isn’t too far-fetched. Businesses are hiring remote workers for insurance, telemedicine, and a host of other roles. A smart move for any college student starting a side hustle is to register themselves as a business, get an EIN number, and using their expenses as tax write-offs.

YouTube How-To

One of the most popular options out there is YouTube. College students stay on social media and this platform and creating videos or how-to’s on how to do certain things will get views and keep the cash flow going. There are tons of students teaching others how to master certain subjects, how to skateboard, craft, and more. There is money to be made. There are even influencer sites where college students can get hired to do videos and posts for companies and small businesses.

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Here are a few other ideas:

Get on Etsy

Etsy can quickly become a financial avalanche (in a good way) for a college student. Students who craft can set up a shop and sell their stuff. They can also sell digital products that help others. Crafty students who know how to use Canva or Photoshop can create templates and have people download them, or partner with a few teachers and create templates for them to use with their students.

Take Pictures

This generation is one that functions on social media. There are many small businesses that need lifestyle photographers that can take monthly photos of them for their online presence. College students that are good with a camera or video camera can make a lot of money just by helping these businesses learn how to position themselves as an authority through content. Good photographers are also needed for students who are graduating and want photos taken as keepsakes. Once the news is out that the student has a good eye and takes great photos, it can become quite lucrative.

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Those are just a few of the best jobs for college students, but what about those students who are in their final years and have some experience and more responsibility? These are the students who are focused on getting their work done and making more money in their spare time. These are also the students who may have already moved out of the dorm and into their own apartment with real bills. These students work at higher levels of budgeting and look for jobs that pay more and can give them a foothold in the work environment.

What is the Best job for a College Student?

The best job for a college student is one where they can be themselves and learn at the same time. One of the best things a college student can do when searching for a great job or ways to make money is to consider the things they like to do. If they like talking to people, working at a radio station or in retail is a good choice. If they like driving, then Uber or Lyft would be a good fit. If they love working with their hands, then crafting is a solution.

Harnessing the power of the online market is a way to create a lucrative opportunity without worrying about whether they will get hired for the job. With the power of social media done right, college students have a world of options in front of them waiting for them to decide which way they want to go.


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