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Online Masters in Hospitality Tourism Management

Whether it’s a seven-day cruise to an exotic location, corporate dinner, trip to a sporting event, or a weekend escape, trained professionals in the ever-expanding field of hospitality and tourism management direct and oversee all the details that create satisfied customers. This field can create fun and excitement, not just for customers, but for employees as well. This is why an Online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management has become a very sought after degree program.

Tourism, Hotel, and Hospitality Management

Tourism management deals with the activities associated with planning travel. Hospitality management is the oversight of activities in a venue where people meet, such as a shopping mall, restaurant, casino, theme park, or convention center. Hotel management, as the name states, involves the day to day managing operations of a hotel or resort.

Tourism and travel are some of the world’s largest and most lucrative industries. They comprise nearly 10 percent of the global Gross Domestic Product each year, with over a billion tourists visiting destinations by sea, land, and air. Hotels bring in over half a trillion dollars in annual revenue worldwide. There are plenty of specialty fields and opportunities, as the industry is a broad one. Some managers in this field wish to work in highly visible roles while others feel more comfortable working behind the scenes.

Hospitality Job Market

One in five new job positions in the current world economy is related to tourism and hospitality. Hospitality and tourism include attractions management, sales, convention planning, travel, customer service, gaming, event planning, and foodservice. Finding a satisfying position in tourism and hospitality management has never been more accessible with excellent resources available to working professionals, including the Online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management.

Hotels, airlines, activity providers, restaurants, transportation companies, travel agencies, tourist services, convention centers, casinos, and sports teams all make up a part of the dynamic industry that will always need skilled employees. While you may find a job in hospitality and tourism without a degree, promotion into management almost always requires a graduate degree in management. We’ve put together our ranking of online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management to help you find the right program for you.


To find the best online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management degree programs, schools offering hybrid or online master’s degrees in the areas of tourism, hospitality, hotel, and leisure management were examined. These degrees were ranked upon their reputation, convenience, and affordability.


To find the overall reputation and prestige of the degrees, data was combined from US News and World Report, The Princeton Review, and each school’s College Consensus Score. This data was averaged and placed on a 100-point scale for the Reputation Score, which attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


The convenience of each online degree program is based on if it can be completed in a 100% online format, and if the GRE/GMAT test score requirement is waived or omitted during the application process. This Convenience Score attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.


The base tuition was calculated for each online master’s program. All financial data was collected from each university’s website. The tuition was then inverted and placed on a 100-point scale. This became the Affordability Score, and it attributes to 33% of the final ranking score.

The Rosen College of Hospitality Management at the University of Central Florida provides an online Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. The tourism, hospitality, and event industries are continually evolving and expanding. A graduate in hospitality management will allow working professionals to stay at the forefront of this exciting area of business. Through UCF’s Rosen College of Hospitality Management, distance learners will join one of the largest and most prolific hospitality colleges in the world while deepening their knowledge and practical experience. The online master’s degree in tourism and hospitality management has been crafted to prepare students to lead the way in financial analysis, strategic marketing, and solving critical issues within the field. Distance learners can pursue a thesis or a nonthesis track, which allows them to follow the path that suits their professional goals best. Students enrolled in the degree can expect to engage in experiential, hands-on learning that will build on their strengths and interests within hospitality and tourism. The two-year degree costs just over $10,000 in tuition.

The University of Alabama offers an online Master of Science in Hospitality Management at the College of Human Environmental Sciences. Working professionals within the hospitality or tourism field who hold an undergraduate degree will want to consider this unique 30-credit hour program. The format is especially flexible for these students as many work night and weekend hours. Employees who plan to transition into the field of hospitality management will also want to see all the benefits of this program. These professionals can complete the program within their current work schedule since they do not have to worry about going to campus. Program designers have crafted a distance program that allows students to sharpen the skills that will help them move into management. The excellent online Master of Science in Human Environmental Sciences with an emphasis in Restaurant & Hospitality Management may be the perfect choice for the serious business leader. The tuition rate, which falls just between $10,000 and $15,000, makes this stellar program the second-most affordable degree within this entire ranking.

The Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management at the University of Houston offers an online Executive Master of Hospitality Management. Delivered through a 100% online format, the Executive Master in Hospitality Management is a unique online degree designed to shape and refine the academic and professional skills of its graduates by giving them a competitive edge to excel and lead in the demanding world of hospitality and tourism management. The program’s 30-credit hour curriculum offers graduate students at the executive level a wealth of advanced industry knowledge. Holders of this degree should expect to be able to expand their professional leadership skills and management abilities. An integral component of the degree is its immediate workplace application. Before graduating, distance learners are required to complete an industry-focused research project that is relevant to current issues within a hospitality environment. The University of Houston has priced this exemplary degree at just hundreds over $15,000.

An online Master of Sustainable Tourism is provided at Arizona State University’s Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions. Graduate students enrolled in the online program receive a comprehensive education with a concentration on the social, environmental, and economic aspects of tourism management. Graduates are equipped with crucial leadership skills needed to create sustainable and pioneering development solutions to the struggles facing tourism today. The tuition cost of just over $15,000 means that distance learners get a lot of bang for the academic buck. The Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions’ holistic curriculum centers on integrating all three pillars of sustainability into its existing tourism concepts and theories. The program equips future sustainable tourism professionals to meet the evolving demand for trained personnel in sustainability practices and the application of principles in tourism. Many of the nation’s large hotel chains, attractions, companies, airlines, and convention centers have instituted sustainability practices. This online degree helps working professionals get the tools they need for being decision-makers in tourism management.

The College of Health and Human Sciences at Purdue University offers an online Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Program designers have constructed the online program to aid managers in solving the real daily issues of working at an advanced level in the niche market of hospitality and tourism. The curriculum provides the leadership, executive management, and analytical skills graduate students need to advance their careers within the industry. Enrolled distance learners can expect to gain knowledge with other professionals, apply new knowledge in real-time to their current position, and get noticed as a leader with the qualifications to take the next step in their career. Courses include Leadership in Hospitality and Tourism, Hospitality Business Law and Risk Management, Advanced Service Management for Hospitality and Tourism, and Economics of Travel and Tourism. The project-orientated experiential curriculum has been explicitly tailored to HTM managers with at least three years of professional experience and centers on the business side of hospitality and tourism. The program capstone project includes an experience derived from a real-world HTM situation. The 34-credit hour program features a price tag of under $25,000.

An online Master of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management program is currently available at the College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences at Clemson University. The remarkable 30-credit hour degree is possible as an entirely online graduate program with a focus on the student who is already a field practitioner or interested in making a career change. The College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences degree is committed to giving the distance learner a solid foundation of the theoretical concepts of the field while also developing the graduate student’s practical management and administrative skills. A thesis is not required of students enrolled in the online program. The PRTM is made up of 30 credit hours of online coursework divided between seven core courses and two concentration courses. All students are required to complete a three-credit-hour capstone experience. The price of this stellar online program in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management sits at well under $25,000.

An online Master of Science in Recreation, Sport & Tourism is provided at the College of Applied Health Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. The University offers this degree in hopes of providing graduate students a highly accessible and top-quality education that ensures that working professionals are prepared to meet the evolving requirements of the tourism, recreation, and sports industries. Consisting of thirty-six credit hours, this high-ranking program allows distance learners to complete all program requirements in as few as 18 months. Working professionals will find the 36-credit hour program very cost-effective compared to similar online programs. There are zero campus visits required, and the tuition rate advertised is just over $25,000. Incoming students are not required to report GRE or GMAT scores when applying to the College of Applied Health Sciences, and no background in RST is needed. Students interested in federal financial aid will find its availability a welcomed component of this degree.

An online Master’s in Tourism Management is offered at Colorado State University’s Warner College of Natural Resources. The 30-credit hour program from Colorado State has been formulated to help distance learners develop their business management acumen, enhance their knowledge of industry practices, and understand the environmental and social impacts of global tourism. The result of this program is for working professionals to be able to live the lifestyle they love while working to offer positive experiences to others. The College of Natural Resources faculty instructs using a “whole system” philosophy to sustainable tourism management. The approach recognizes the value of resources and people as much as it does the need for profit. Graduates of this online degree will be prepared to step into the industry with a unique and valuable perspective. The curriculum for this degree shows students how to lead a financially sound organization, develop strong leadership skills, and use the information to gain insight to guide decisions.

The College of Business Administration at the University of New Orleans currently provides an online Master of Science in Hospitality & Tourism Management. The 30-39-credit hour Executive Online degree is customized to fit the unique needs of working professionals already active in the tourism and hospitality industry. Program designers have hard-working professionals ready to advance to the next level in their careers in mind with this program. The College of Business Administration acts as the conduit throughout the Executive Online degree. Its goal is to connect students to opportunity and be the catalyst that sparks ideas into action. Distance learners enrolled in the program will engage in a condensed one-year online curriculum that includes ten classes. Courses within the program include Survey of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Special Topics in Hospitality and Tourism Management, Marketing Applications for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Hospitality and Tourism Finance and Revenue Management, Tourism Destination Development, and Technology for Hospitality and Tourism Management.

North Carolina State University provides an online Master in Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management at the College of Natural Resources. Graduate students enrolled in this top-notch program have the chance to complete one of the nation’s leading master’s programs in just 24 months. Distance learners within the online Master in Parks, Recreation, Tourism, and Sport Management have the unique opportunity to expand their professional opportunities and take just one course at a time if it best fits their professional and personal schedules. Over 90% of students enrolled in the degree satisfy all program requirements in just two years. The semester terms for the degree are only seven weeks long. Program candidates with at least two years of professional work experience can waive the GMAT or GRE requirement during the application process. The program’s flexible learning environment suits the demands of full-time employees. The modern instructional methods of the degree center on group discussions, frequent engagement with the faculty, and meaningful assignments that offer valuable knowledge and skills.

The College of Business at Slippery Rock University features an online Master of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Graduates of this degree will enjoy the accomplishment of being equipped with decision-making, critical thinking, and analytical skills that are crucial for success in today’s rapidly evolving and challenging hospitality and tourism industry. The College of Business’ MSHTM program will serve to help meet the demands of the growingly complex and intrinsically global tourism and hospitality industry, while simultaneously enabling personal growth. Some of this program’s incredible highlights include a 100% online format, a 24-month time period for completion, an emphasis on the “business side” of food, beverage, hotels, events, and resorts, and a stellar curriculum that has been designed in consultation with HT industry leaders. The curriculum balances both theory and practical application and provides a competitive advantage in a developing industry. There are two start times each year. The tuition rate of Slippery Rock’s online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management sits just over $15,000.

The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management at Temple University offers an online Master of Science in Travel and Tourism. This stellar online degree has been designed for those working professionals wanting to accelerate their careers or make their first big move into the tourism and travel industry. The program is divided into 10, three-credit classes, and students have the chance to take one at a time over a five-week time period, which equates to three courses per semester. The course structure allows most full-time working professionals to satisfy all program requirements in as few at 13 months. Graduate students are able to create an ideal work-life balance as 100% of the program’s curriculum is delivered online. The School of Sport, Tourism and Hospitality Management also offers three travel and tourism graduate certificates, including the topics of Global Tourism, Tourism Analytics, and Destination Management. Credits earned in the three certificate programs can be transferred to a Master of Science in Travel and Tourism.

The College of Merchandising, Hospitality & Tourism at the University of North Texas provides an online Master of Science in Hospitality Management. Graduate students pursuing the online Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management see themselves as global employees who possess the core competencies and a global perspective needed for effective business interactions. This stellar 36 credit-hour Master of Science degree in Hospitality Management provides an integrated program of study focused on the management of experiences, products, and services within a consumer-driven global market. All courses are taught by supportive and knowledgeable faculty members who are involved in research involving global consumer issues, hospitality operations, information technology, legal and regulatory aspects, curriculum development, marketing of hospitality services, and sustainability issues impacting the hospitality industry. Tomorrow’s effective leaders are equipped through core competencies, including solving complex issues, generating new data, communicating well, and creating new business and product strategies. There are no residencies required within this program, and the tuition rate is just north of $20,000.

An online Master of Science in Hospitality and Event Management is currently available at the Graduate & Professional Studies at Lasell University. Lasell’s 33-credit hour degree includes a multifaceted understanding of event and hospitality management. Subjects addressed in the Hospitality and Event Management specialization include managing complex revenue structures and diverse teams, marketing, delivering best-in-class customer service, and managing effective brands. The faculty members responsible for delivering Lasell’s M.S. in Hospitality and Event Management are industry professionals who are committed to preparing graduate students for success in whatever field they pursue. Skills like strategizing for growth, employing data analytics to fulfill evolving consumer demands, and anticipating and reacting to seasonal trends are just a few of the concepts covered within this 100% online program. The tuition rate for the degree is less than $20,000. The admissions office at Lasell University does not require graduate school candidates to submit a GMAT test score when applying for this degree.

Johnson & Wales University offers an Online Master’s in Hospitality Management at the College of Hospitality Management. The University is well-known in the hospitality world for equipping its students for successful professional careers in the industry. Johnson & Wales University is committed to helping working professionals achieve leadership skills they need to reach their career goals through a stellar online master’s in hospitality management. The major courses that explain all aspects of the field include financial management, strategic marketing, and organizational behavior. Additionally, graduate students have the chance to choose elective courses that sync up with their career objectives and equip them for various industry-respected certifications after they graduate. Upon completing all program requirements, students will be competent in demonstrating advanced presentation and communication skills, differentiating cultural norms in domestic and global business interactions to best lead teams, and critically analyzing and critiquing research, financial, and strategic plans.

The William F. Harrah College of Hospitality at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, provides an online Master of Hospitality Administration. Program architects have thoughtfully designed this 100% online degree as a 30-credit advanced program designed specifically for mid-level professionals who may choose an emphasis on either gaming management or hospitality management. Offered entirely online with no campus visits, the MHA degree allows graduate students the flexibility and convenience they need to balance their work and personal lives with substantial academic responsibilities. Students will realize and enjoy benefits from day one as they become immersed in hospitality cases, learning from the best practices of professors, and addressing their professional challenges through the coursework. Distance learners are free to study anywhere and start the program at any time throughout the calendar year. The 30-credit online degree runs in eight-week sessions with two sessions in the Fall and Spring semesters and one session in the Summer.

The School of Business at George Washington University delivers an online Master of Tourism Administration. George Washington’s business school produces some of the industry’s next great leaders by fusing field-based and classroom learning with exceptional access to career development, jobs, internships, and networking opportunities found exclusively in Washington, D.C. Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Tourism Administration program are equipped for international roles in event and meeting management, sustainable tourism management, and hospitality management. Master of Tourism Administration distance learners will complete a total of 30 credits spread among core, elective, and concentration courses. The number of available specialization and elective course credits will often vary depending on a candidate’s selected focus or pursuit of individualized study. All MTA students are required to complete the program’s core curriculum, which consists of 12 credit hours. Sustainable Destination Management, Applied Quantitative Methods, Research Methods and Applications, and Organizations and Human Capital are the four courses included in the program’s core curriculum.

An online Master of Science in Entrepreneurship degree with a major in Hospitality is available at the Jim Moran College of Entrepreneurship and the Dedman School of Hospitality at Florida State University. Program builders have constructed the degree as an online program that focuses on real-world issues in a growing industry. Whether graduate students aspire to start their venture or join an established organization, they will have the chance to acquire and apply the tools needed to succeed in a wide range of environments. The partnering program between the College of Entrepreneurship and the Dedman School of Hospitality provides an advanced curriculum that emphasizes the importance of innovative thinking and leadership. Program graduates will be fully prepared to take on positions in the public and private sectors, including academic and government professions. Admission to the graduate program at Florida State University is a two-fold process. The Office of Admissions first determines a candidate’s eligibility for admission to the University; then, the academic department determines admissibility into the degree program.

The University of Florida’s College of Health & Human Performance offers an online Master of Science in Tourism and Recreation Management. A 100% online format with no campus visits makes this excellent degree one to take note of by graduate students. It prepares already working and aspiring professionals to become equipped with strong marketing and analytical skills, management knowledge, and in-depth awareness of social and environmental concerns so they can move freely up the career ladder. The Tourism and Recreation Management curriculum has been created to meet the many needs of the tourism and hospitality industry while effectively giving students the fundamental management perspective of private and public sector destinations. Real data is used within the project-based coursework from an industry partnership the College of Health & Human Performance maintains with the Eric Friedheim Tourism Institute. The Institute is a leading research facility in one of the most visited states in the United States. It is committed to contributing to the long-term sustainability of communities throughout the world.

The School of Applied Sciences at the University of Mississippi features an online Master of Science in Hospitality Management. Course designers have created a curriculum that prepares management-level working professionals for the advancement of skills and knowledge in hospitality management. The 100% online degree aims to provide distance learners with the opportunity to develop more effective analytical and operational expertise while preparing graduates for leadership roles and career advancement in operations management or new positions in teaching and research. Mississippi’s online M.S. in Hospitality Management is structured as a 36-credit hour program that can be completed in just two years of study. An award-winning comprehensive curriculum is presented by a faculty with extensive industry know-how and research experience. The program’s industry-driven coursework equips students with the skills they will need to take on leadership positions. An attractive tuition rate of just over $15,000 will be a welcomed sight for the budget-minded graduate student.

Kansas State University provides an online Master of Science in Hospitality Administration at the College of Health and Human Services. Program designers have meticulously crafted this stellar program to give distance learners the research and theoretical base to become prepared experts in research, managerial, and educational positions in hospitality and foodservice management organizations. Reports by the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that job growth rates for hospitality industry managers are slated to exceed the national average of all management occupation job growth rates. The College understands that experience is vital to success in the industry. Managers within the hospitality industry will continue to encourage and support their managers and employees to pursue a graduate degree. Kansas State’s online program has been designed to meet the current and future needs of the hospitality industry by allowing graduate students to complete the degree while maintaining full-time roles in the hospitality or foodservice industries. The tuition for this degree is well below $20,000.

The L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at San Diego State University features an online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Designed to be completed in as few as 18 months, this stellar degree is the perfect fit for individuals in mid-level management with five to 15 years of experience and who want to advance their careers. Graduates of this program can consider applying for positions as directors, general managers, or CEOs within hospitality, tourism, or recreation organizations or agencies. Experienced working professionals who want to continue their educations while maintaining their current role within an organization will also benefit from this program. The online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management is presented by informed instructors with years of high-level education and experience in the hospitality industry. The L. Robert Payne School of Hospitality & Tourism Management faculty is dedicated to turning its classrooms into communities. Students have the opportunity to connect and network with their classmates and instructors regularly.

The College of Health and Human Services at the University of Toledo delivers an online Master of Arts in Recreation and Leisure. Featuring a particular focus in recreation administration, this 36-37-credit hour degree is the only program of its kind in the state of Ohio that is offered entirely online. The tuition rate shared by the College of Health and Human Services is between $20,000 and $25,000. The program has been tailored by school officials to fit the lifestyle of the active working professional. Elective classes allow students to develop highly individualized courses of study customized to their professional needs and interests. The online program is designed to be completed in just three semesters. Toledo’s exemplary master’s degree in recreation and leisure administration is a balanced blend of core courses and recreation and tourism classes. Many courses incorporate experiential learning exercises that reflect real-world professional employment experiences and responsibilities. Students have the choice of completing their online master’s degree by culminating in a graduate internship, project, or thesis.

The College of Human Sciences at Auburn University features an online Master of Science in Nutrition with a focus in Hotel and Restaurant Management. The non-thesis online track with an option in HRMT is very similar to the traditional campus-based program. To satisfy all requirements of this degree, students must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours. Instead of a thesis, an industry-based research experience approved by the student’s committee will be assigned. Graduate students will be granted five credits under NTRI 7986 (Non-Thesis Research) for their work on the project. After its completion, the project will be presented in a scholarly manner to the student’s advisory committee. Video recordings of traditional classes on Auburn’s campus are provided in the same semester and are delivered online or emailed to distance learning students enrolled in the program. The tuition advertised with this degree is just between $15,000 and $20,000. Auburn provides many student services to assist individuals in course activities.

An online Master of Science in Hospitality Management is delivered by the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management at Florida International University. The University considers this degree to be the MBA for the hospitality industry. Featuring 33-credit hours, the online program in Hospitality Management is presented as an applied business degree that gives distance learners the flexibility to learn in their own space and at their own pace. Graduate students will gain specific managerial expertise to prepare them to work on the business management side of a multibillion-dollar international organization. Courses throughout the program are centered on finance, globalization, human resources, marketing, and law. Competitive methods for multinational brands and leadership are also high priorities for this curriculum. Graduates of the Chaplin School of Hospitality & Tourism Management become sought-after working professionals due to this relevant and high-quality and education. The price tag for this degree is less than $25,000, and there is a GMAT waiver for qualified applicants.

If the thought of managing a ski resort in Aspen, Colorado, heading up the food and beverage department at a Michelin Star award-winning restaurant in France, or traveling the globe on a luxury ship as the cruise director gets your heart racing, then you may be the perfect candidate to become a tourism and hospitality manager. There are so many reasons why a career in the tourism and hospitality industry is so attractive. This sector often comes with the chance to live in or travel to some of the most beautiful regions of the world. Managers do not only get to visit these locations, but they also get to enjoy them all while dreaming up and creating unforgettable experiences for other tourists and explorers. But why would a professional study hospitality and tourism management, and what exactly are the benefits of a degree in the field? Glad you asked.

An online master’s in tourism and hospitality management has so many benefits to so many types of people. First off, because the degree is online, it allows working professionals the chance to stay in their current positions while taking courses on weekends and during the evenings. Secondly, students have access to incredible programs that are offered all over the country, but the graduate students do not have to move to be near a college campus. Current hospitality professionals will also enjoy being able to apply the principles and procedures they learn in their degree to the organization that employs them. It is no wonder that many corporations highly recommend that their workforce remains in continuing education while working. Online master’s degree holders have an advantage to other employees in the field of tourism and hospitality as they work hard to become more effective managers and leaders. The curriculums of these programs teach on the topics of marketing, accounting, finance, problem-solving, strategy, and more. In today’s competitive marketplace, a graduate degree can help an applicant stand out from the pack while also increasing their earning potential, broaden their industry knowledge, and sharpen analytical skills while also building their professional network.

Why Should I Pursue a Hospitality and Tourism Career?

Unprecedented growth has been fueling the travel and tourism industry over the past ten years. Like in many other areas of business, technology continues to drive the way people consider and explore the world. Consider the current state of society. In the last decade we have seen the rise of hotel and airline booking apps, the genesis of online review websites, the rise of Instagram and other social media apps, the dawn of ride-sharing entities like Uber and home-sharing services like Air-BNB, and a growing tendency for people who hunger for “experiences” over the possession of things.

As more people than ever feel the call of wanderlust, the business world has opened up many professional opportunities in the global job market. Currently, travel is among the leading ten industries in the United States when considering employment.

The tourism and hospitality industries depend on a vast number of different types of jobs to keep them running smoothly. Many of the career choices in tourism and hospitality require a diverse set of skills, often spanning the areas of customer service to business operations and finance. Masters-level degrees can be beneficial for all professionals pursuing careers in these fields. Programs allow students to build expertise in these areas and provide opportunities for networking with others who work in hospitality and tourism. A quick look at just a few potential careers that can be bolstered by an online Master’s in Hospitality and Tourism Management include, Hotel/Restaurant Sales Manager, Hotel Revenue Manager, Director of Resort Facilities, Convention Sales/Management, Restaurant Manager, Banquet Manager, Global Insights Manager, Head of Food and Beverage, Director of Events, Event Planners, Director of Guest Services, Cruise Director, Hospitality Advertising and Marketing Professionals, Gaming and Casino Management, Operations Management, Planning Analyst, and many, many more.

Why Should Someone Study Tourism and Hospitality Management?

While tourism and hospitality careers can vary significantly in their specific responsibilities, many will share an overlap in talents and skills. First and foremost, those who work in hospitality tend to love working with people and strive to provide their customers’ experiences that exceed their expectations. Whether it’s a convention that attendees cannot stop raving about, a delicious meal at a renowned restaurant, or just a seamless check-in service at a hotel, hospitality managers want to see their customers happy.

A wide range of responsibilities can fall to professionals in hospitality and tourism management, including duties like revenue management, crisis management, business analytics, advertising, sales, technology, and human resources. Managers in the field are also responsible for leading teams of employees that could number into the thousands. While it may be easy to get caught up in the daily customer service aspects of these roles, professionals should also have a working knowledge of the travel and hospitality industry at large to help their organization evolve and influence profits. An online graduate degree centered on Hospitality and Tourism Management will provide the groundwork for this kind of big-picture thinking. The degree also helps to fine-tune other skills and abilities that combine to drive career advancement. These skills include leadership, communication, analytical skills, attention to detail, ability to multitask, excelling at operating under pressure, crisis management skills, quantitative research skills, strategic planning abilities, and the ability to use evaluation tools.

These days, hospitality is a sector of business that is continually changing and reacting to consumer trends. Consider the cultural shifts in recent years that have left their mark on hotels, cruise ships, airlines, restaurants, and many other players in the game of hospitality and tourism. Environmentalism has made consumer-based businesses, like hotels, rethink everything from single-use plastics and laundering procedures to how they consider alternative energy options like solar panels. Health and wellness are becoming synonymous with travel as many hotels now provide “run concierges,” cruise ships feature climbing walls and outdoor tracks, and restaurants offer vegan and gluten-free options.

The tourism and hospitality industries are exciting fields with much growth potential. It is no wonder why so many business professionals steer their careers in these directions. One of the best choices a working professional in tourism and hospitality can make is to consider a high-quality program like the online master’s in hospitality and tourism management.

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