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Purdue University Global Review [2024] A Review of PUG Online

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Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global, or just Purdue Global, is a separate institution that operates under the larger umbrella of the Purdue University system. Those who enroll in Purdue Global will enjoy the benefits of having an accredited university experience that comes with the backing of a prestigious university. It has become one of the largest online schools in the US and a leader in online education.

Purdue Global operates as a public-benefit nonprofit corporation. This means the institution has a state charter and has an organizational structure that allows it to operate for public benefit, as opposed to for narrow profit.

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Is Purdue University Global a Good School?

So is Purdue Global legit? Purdue University Global is a good school to attend for many reasons. The online arm of Purdue University would acquire Kaplan University, a formerly for profit online university, to become Purdue Global in 2007. Once acquired, Purdue University transformed the online course program into a fully accredited and viable academic path for those who want to pursue their degree online.

Purdue Global bills itself as an educational institution specifically for working adults. The school wants those people who have a need for higher education but may also have barriers to that education in the form of life and work.

Applicants can apply for Purdue Global programs knowing that the school offers something of real benefit to their lives. They won’t have to guess if the school will tolerate the fact they have to work, maintain a home, or pursue other responsibilities.

Purdue Global’s Most Popular Programs

Purdue Global attracts many students working in healthcare who want to level up their career with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. Other popular programs include business and computer science.

Program of StudyAssociateBachelorMasterDoctorate
Business Administration6171,129832N/A
Computer Sciences270328213N/A
Health Professions3851,7061,04351
National Center for Education Statistics most popular degree programs.

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Is Purdue Global Accredited?

Purdue Global is accredited, and it holds accreditation status separate from the main Purdue University. Global holds regional accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission. That’s the same accreditation most universities hold in the region that allows them to operate with the standards set by the CHEA. For transferrable credits and financial aid, choose an accredited institution.

However, online schools tend to have more programmatic accreditations for their individual course offerings. The programmatic accreditations come from accrediting bodies that include leaders and movers from a particular industry. This means the education offered by a particular program will adhere to the modern standards and expectations of the actual industry.

This becomes important for those who are trying to break into or advance within a particular field. Purdue Global has several programmatic accreditations from some of the most widely respected accrediting bodies in their respective fields.

For example, the business and technology tracks have accreditation from ABET, which is the group to look for when seeking such educational programs. Much of the school’s other offerings also have accreditation from distinguished accrediting bodies.

What is the Purdue University Global Acceptance Rate?

Purdue University Global has a high acceptance rate. Many places report a 100% acceptance rate. As it’s a public online university and a public-benefit school, it has an acceptance rate that reflects those facts. However, for those who would research this themselves, it’s important not to mix up the Purdue University acceptance rates with those of Purdue Global.

Purdue Global accepts all applicants as part of their mission to provide higher education opportunities for working adults. Purdue Global is dedicated to helping students who have work and life obligations get the professional development they need.

Top Careers for Purdue Global Graduates

The highest-paying careers for Purdue Global graduates are in engineering – mechanical, software, project management, and electrical. These are careers that make much higher salaries with an online master’s degree.

Job TitleSalary RangeAverage Salary
Mechanical Engineer$64k – $104k$79,818
Software Engineer$68k – $130k$87,220
Project Manager$56k – $106k$81,167
Project Engineer$58k – $105k$74,233
Electrical Engineer$65k – $114k$85,738
Purdue University Top Jobs by Salary

What Does a Purdue Global Diploma Look Like?

Because Purdue Global offers an online experience, some may wonder what their diplomas will look like. Purdue Global offers a graduation ceremony for those who would want to attend. However, attendance isn’t necessary to receive a physical diploma. A Purdue Global degree is a real degree!

The diplomas arrive by mail. So, applicant’s do not need to fear they may have some sort of digital-only diploma. A Purdue Global diploma will look like any other, so it’s possible to frame it, hang it up, or display it however someone may choose.

Because they accept all students, Purdue Global’s graduation rates vary widely. For associate’s and bachelor’s online degree programs, around a quarter of students graduate within 6 years, but the numbers go up much higher for master’s programs and certificates. That should come as no surprise – students looking for a graduate degree or graduate certificate tend to be working professionals who are motivated to get a credential for career advancement and who already know their field.

With more than 175 programs, Purdue Global does everything possible to help students achieve their goals. Purdue Global advisors will also work with applicants to get them credits for their work experience, military service, professional certifications, and other schooling. The Alternate Credit Center also allows students to earn credits through standardized exams and open learning courses.

What Are the Purdue Global GPA Requirements?

Purdue Global doesn’t list a GPA requirement for online learning undergraduates. Instead, applicants must have a high school diploma, GED, or some other equivalent. Applicants must also take a scored entrance exam. GPA requirements occur for graduate courses and can differ depending on the course in question. Additionally, some program or state requirements can become necessary to meet for certain programs, such as nursing.

What Do Students Say about Purdue University Global?

Purdue University Global reviews veer toward favorable. The school’s website shows that 92% of first-year students and 94% of seniors rate their experience with online classes as excellent. A nearly equivalent number of students say they would definitely or probably attend the school again.

However, places like GradReports show that of those who submitted reviews to them, 39% of Purdue Global students say their degree improved their career prospects but 71% said they would recommend the online school to others. Niche shows the favorable reviews far outnumber the less-than-favorable ones.

Can Purdue Global Graduates Pay Back Their Student Loans?

Purdue Global has an excellent student loan default rate – 0% as of 2020. Statistics like this show that Purdue graduates are getting jobs and making the money they need to pay back their federal student aid and other loans.

PUG Fiscal Year202020192018
Default rate0%2.8%9.5%
Number in default05902,252
Number in repayment18,24820,77823,608
National Center for Education Statistics default rates.

How Does Purdue University Global Rank?

The rankings for Purdue University Global tend to represent its individual programs more than the overall institution itself. Like other online colleges, many of Purdue’s individual programs are recognized as especially strong. For example, Purdue Global’s online economics programs tend to rank very highly. Sites like Niche have several rankings for Purdue Global, which places it mostly in the mid-range when compared nationally.

Purdue University Global Pros and Cons

There are so many online schools and degrees that it may be hard to determine which school and program is right for you. One way to concentrate your search for the perfect program is to create a “Pros and Cons” list. We’ve started one and encourage you to add to it as you search.


  • Regionally and program accreditation
  • Associate, Bachelor, Master, & Doctoral degrees
  • 93-94% of students would attend PUG again
  • Average enrollment length is 1.6-1.9 years, depending on degree
  • Reasonable tuition/Financial Aid available


  • Not all programs are 100% online
  • 27:1 student-faculty ratio
  • 32-38% graduation rate
  • Diversity issues

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