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Susan A. Kemppainen has been a freelance writer and researcher for nearly 10 years, following a career with a large healthcare system of 10,000 employees, where she developed and coordinated continuing clinical education programs for physicians, nurses, and ancillary staff. She also has significant experience working with students and administration in a university setting. A graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Susan is as a lifelong learner and avid researcher with interests covering a wide range of subjects. Among her hobbies are theatre, exploring the trails and history of the Great Smoky Mountains, and keeping her small, somewhat demonic dog, Toof, in line.

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Top US Medical Colleges Ranked

This is a good time for medical school applicants. The best medical schools are beefing up their diversity programs and are seeing record numbers of women and minority applicants. Understanding Medical School Admissions We’re glad to be part of your search and have provided information on 50 of the Best Medical Schools in the country. . . .
December 12, 2023

50 Best Medical Schools for 2024

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Starting a career in law enforcement provides a wide range of opportunities for advancement and stable employment that is unlikely to go away in the near future. There are 808,700 people who are currently employed in law enforcement in the U.S., so there are a broad range of jobs that you can choose from in . . .
December 20, 2023

10 Best Degrees to Get for a Career in Law En­force­ment

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What to study for a career in the Central In­tel­li­gence Agency

If you want a career that contributes to the national security of the United States, a job with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) might be for you. The world’s most well-known foreign intelligence agency, the CIA analyzes foreign intelligence and conducts covert operations. The President and Congress use the information to make decisions about policy. . . .
December 20, 2023

10 Best Degrees for the CIA

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What to study if you want to be a software developer

In recent years, the digital age has become a reality with the introduction of a broad range of devices and applications that are now considered essential to daily living. Whenever new applications are introduced, a large team of software developers is usually needed to create and optimize the code that powers the functionality behind the . . .
December 24, 2023

10 Best Degrees for a Career in Software De­vel­op­ment