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ACBSP, Higher Learning Commission

Indiana Wesleyan University’s DeVoe School of Business is full of character and integrity and is committed to innovative academia, exploratory thinking, a global mindset, service, and leadership centered around Christ and God’s call on the life of every student. They are also “committed to transforming the global marketplace through life-shaping preparation.” Most of the business programs are accredited by the ACBSP. The school is named after Mr. James DeVoe, a successful founder, and owner of used car dealerships because he provided a generous financial gift to the university.


Undergraduate students can earn an Associates degree in Accounting, Business, or Computer Information Technology. Bachelor students can major in Accounting, Business Administration with an optional specialization in Financial Planning, Business Information Systems, Healthcare Administration, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, Management, or Marketing. Graduate students can earn a Masters in Accounting, Human Resource Management, Management, or Business Administration. MBA students have the option to specialize in Personal Financial Planning, Project Management, Healthcare Administration, or School Administration. A Doctor of Business Administration is also available with concentrations in Healthcare Administration, Accounting, and Management.

Student Life

The Chapel, student organizations, intramural sports, three-day worship summits, Friday Night Live comedy show, the Spotted Cow Weekend music festival, and Wildcat football games are all ways business students can get involved in the campus, grow in faith, and serve others. Many resources are provided to enhance the educational experience. The Center for Student Success provides every support needed to earn a degree successfully. The University President, David Wright, wrote a book entitled, “How God Makes the World a Better Place.” It is an excellent resource for DeVoe students to learn how best to live out one’s faith in the professional world. Another great resource is the White Papers that were created by the DeVoe School of Business in partnership with the Sagamore Institute. They were written in honor of the late Mr. Jim DeVoe and in response to David Wright’s book. The White Papers consists of three individual papers entitled: The Virtuous Business, Financial Stewardship: A Matter of the Heart, and Educational Innovation. The idea of changing the world and impacting it for God is the heart of the university. The Society of World Changers was created to recognize one person each year who has lived out this calling. The Hall of Honor displays each inductee to inspire and motivate the faculty and students to follow suit.

Online Programs

Online degree options are vital to the working professional and people who have commitments that keep them from attending class on campus. DeVoe offers many fully online degree programs. The online undergraduate degrees offered are the same as those offered on campus plus an Associates degree in Public Service & Management for military personnel. The online graduate degrees are all the same as on-campus plus a Masters in Organizational Leadership, Master of Public Administration in Public Management, and a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership.

Ready to start your journey?

Ready to start your journey?